Chapter 332: The Dragon races Origins

    Chapter 332: The Dragon race's Origins

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    Even Qin Yun felt the scorching energy inundate him. The high temperatures caused him to gather his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers on his body's surface so as to withstand it.

    "Why is it so hot?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    The withered grass at his feet even ignited. The lake water just three feet from Yi Xiao was boiling.

    "Xiaoxiao! Xiaoxiao!" Qin Yun panicked. He quickly reached out to touch his wife's wrist, sending a wisp of Connate Golden Core Dharmic powers into her.


    Yi Xiao's body was like a burning furnace. Her terrifying Dharmic powers even managed to burn away Qin Yun's purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers.

    "Even my Dharmic powers have been repressed?" Qin Yun found it unbelievable. His Dharmic powers had failed to penetrate her body.


    Yi Xiao cried out softly in pain as she looked at Qin Yun. He could see the pain in her eyes. "Brother Yun, I'm in so much pain. It's so painful. Not only does my tummy hurt, my entire body hurts. It's so painful!" Her originally crystalline skin was now flushed red as heat waves endlessly surged out. Her entire body was like an infinitely hot furnace.

    "Xiaoxiao, what's going on? Why did this happen? Are you poisoned or something?" Qin Yun was quite a knowledgeable person but he still had no idea what was happening to his wife.

    "I don't know. I don't know," Yi Xiao said with great difficulty. Her eyes were already red.

    Following that, grinding sounds were heard as white dragon scales appeared on Yi Xiao's face. More and more scales were covering her. The exposed backs of her palms were also sprouting dragon scales.

    "Dragon scales?" Qin Yun was alarmed when he saw that. "Dragon scales! Yi Xiao's mother, Ao Xue, is a pure-blooded dragon. This has something to do with the Dragon race?"

    "When pure-blooded dragons have children with humans, their children will have a little dragon blood in them. If the dragon blood represses the human blood, they will, at the latest, be able to manifest as a flood dragon by eighteen." These thoughts surfaced in Qin Yun's mind. "Yi Xiao is in her thirties this year. Isn't it too late for her to transform into a flood dragon!? Furthermore, she's a Connate Golden Core cultivator. She even cultivates in the extremely overbearing Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma! It's impossible for dragon blood to repress the blood of a Connate Golden Core cultivator."

    Qin Yun shook his head.

    It was completely impossible. He had never heard of such an instance.

    Qin Yun isolated the area with his Dao domain, preventing others in the manor from discovering the situation.


    Suddenly, from Yi Xiao's hindquarters, a dragon tail covered in snow-white scales grew out. As she continued her painful grunts, Yi Xiao transformed entirely. She involuntarily transformed into a dragon with snow-white scales. However, the dragon was only about a hundred feet long. She continued writhing in pain even as a dragon.

    "Roar!" Yi Xiao let out a painful dragon roar. Clouds even gathered in the sky as large amounts of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies seeped into Yi Xiao's body.

    "Dragon Transformation?" Despite seeing his wife in such great pain, to the point of her transforming into a dragon, Qin Yun was unable to help her no matter how much he fretted. His anxiousness compelled him to directly contact the East Sea's Skydragon.

    A few days ago, he had given the Water race demon corpses he had obtained from the Ancient Skydragon Palace to the East Sea Dragon Palace so that they could be properly buried. He had also met the East Sea Skydragon.


    Through the Inspect Heavenly Token, the phantom of a black-haired male with dragon horns appeared. He looked rather handsome.

    He was the East Sea Skydragon!

    As the supreme leader of the Four Seas' Dragon race, his strength was unfathomable.

    "Senior Skydragon, my wife, Yi Xiao is a Connate Golden Core cultivator. Her mother is from the West Sea Dragon race. Her father is human. However, she suddenly experienced great pain and then transformed into a dragon today," said Qin Yun anxiously. He also projected Yi Xiao's appearance into the Inspect Heavenly Token.

    When the East Sea Skydragon looked over, his expression changed. "Qin Yun, try to help your wife bear with it. She must use all her strength. I'll be right over. If you have a Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill, give it to her to alleviate the pain temporarily."


    Qin Yun took out a bottle of pills the moment he heard that. Under the Dao domain's control, a Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill flew out. "Xiaoxiao, eat this Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill."

    Although Yi Xiao was in great pain, she still maintained her sense of reason. She might have transformed into a dragon, but she was still able to open her mouth and consume the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.

    Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills could be used by all mortals and immortals. It replenished the energy and vital essence of all kinds of bodies! For instance, those that failed a forced attempt to condense an Essence Soul would suffer damage to their soul. They could treat themselves using Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills. Powerful Essence Soul immortals would typically have a few Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills on them at all times.

    Although eating one Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill was equivalent to spending one second-grade Dharma treasure, it was still very worth it.

    A few days ago, Qin Yun had traded with Ancestral Master Zhang and had bought three bottles. The price was already equivalent to that of a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure.


    After Yi Xiao consumed the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill, the sudden changes to her body promptly drew from the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill's essence instead of her own energy. Yi Xiao felt a lot better and was able to regain a bit of control over her body. She transformed back into her human form.

    Although she was human again, the dragon horns on her head remained. Some of the dragon scales on her face were also still there.

    "Brother Yun, what happened to me?" Yi Xiao was puzzled. "I've long since cultivated to the Connate Golden Core realm. Why would I transform into a dragon?"

    "I do not know either. The East Sea Skydragon probably knows. He's on his way here now," said Qin Yun. With that thought, he immediately said, "Let me ask Ancestral Master Zhang too."

    His wife was a member of the Yi family, and a disciple of the Divine Firmament Chapter.

    Qin Yun was worried that the East Sea Skydragon had been perfunctory with him. It was best to ask Ancestral Master Zhang as well.


    Through the Inspect Heavenly Token, he contacted Ancestral Master Zhang who was still stationed at South Sea Prefecture's Mt. Torturous.

    "Qin Yun, what's the matter?" Ancestral Master Zhang grinned as he looked over. When he saw the dragon horns growing from Yi Xiao's head and snow-white dragon scales on her face, he could not help but ask, "Yi Xiao, what's this..."

    "Senior Zhang, just a moment ago, Xiaoxiao suffered uncontrollable pain. The powers in her body started boiling. Even my purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers could not repress it. She even fully transformed into a snow-white dragon. I had no choice but to ask Senior East Sea Skydragon. He told me to feed Yi Xiao a Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill. Now, she's a little better and Senior Skydragon is rushing here," explained Qin Yun.

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded. "I'm held up in South Sea Prefecture, so I won't be able to go there. Let's do this. I'll get Yi Yan to rush over. Yi Xiao is one of his descendants after all."

    "What happened to Xiaoxiao?" Qin Yun was puzzled. Yi Xiao also looked at Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Qin Yun," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Demons are mostly beings that originated from this world. However, the Dragon race comes from an Other Realm."

    "An Other Realm?" Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were astonished.

    Qin Yun recalled the first world in his dream of a hundred years. "That world was similar to an ancient period. It just had humans and Connate Godfiends that battled with the fiendish demons and fiendcelestials. I did not encounter any dragons."

    "Exactly." Ancestral Master Zhang explained, "The dragons are a very special race! All dragons, from every world, and even the courts of the Heavenly world of legend, can trace their lineage to the Ancestral Dragon. The Ancestral Dragon had nine sons. Later on, the dragons procreated generation after generation. The dragons could cultivate too, so they thrived. They sent branches of the dragon ancestral tree out, and they occupied the seas of the various worlds!"

    "As the Dragon race has an extremely strong heritage, nearly all the worlds that have a sea are likely occupied by the Dragon race," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were astonished when they heard that.

    All the worlds, and even the courts of the Heavenly world? The Dragon race stemmed from the Ancestral Dragon?

    Nearly every world with a sea was occupied by the Dragon race?

    "The Dragon race sure has an impressive background," exclaimed Qin Yun in awe.

    They also had a mighty backer.

    The Dragon race was related to an Other Realm! That's right, the Ancient Skydragon Palace's Skydragon's senior brother was from an Other Realm!

    "The most primordial branches of the Dragon race had extremely powerful bloodlines," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "For example, the Ancestral Dragon had nine sons. All of them were different. Each one of the nine was born into the Skydragon realm. Furthermore, they were the most terrifying existences at the Skydragon realm. The stronger members of the nine sons' offspring were born as Skydragons while the weaker ones were born at the third Firmament True Dragon realm. The children a True Dragon bears would mostly be ordinary mortal dragons. Mortal dragons are forbidden from having mixed children. But in fact, Skydragons and the Ancestral Dragon are not held to this rule."

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were enlightened.

    "This is for the ordinary bloodline heritage. But in fact, the Ancestral Dragon's descendants can proliferate for generations. Occasionally, there will be a bloodline awakening, the awakening of a particular ancestor's bloodline. For example, one can awaken a Skydragon's bloodline, or even any of the bloodlines of the Ancestral Dragon's nine sons," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "For Yi Xiao to transform into a dragon at this time, to the point of repressing Connate Golden Core Dharmic powers, it looks like her bloodline is awakening... into that of a True Dragon! Of course, there is a tiny chance that she will awaken to become a Skydragon."

    "Skydragon?" Qin Yun's eyes lit up. The Dragon race was simply ridiculous. One could soar in one step to become a Skydragon. Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao.

    "I'm just saying it might happen," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Bloodline awakenings are rare to begin with. A Skydragon awakening is probably the rarest across the various worlds. A Skydragon's children are typically only True Dragons."
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