Chapter 336: This is the Price!

    Chapter 336: This is the Price!

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    Qin Yun was meeting with Palatial Lord Essence Charm.

    "I've been searching for a Connate Spirit Marrow for a very long time." Qin Yun grinned as he held a jade box.

    "Haha, I heard that you were looking for a Connate Spirit Marrow. I vaguely recalled that our sect had one and indeed, I found it when I searched for it," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm with a smile.

    "Thank you very much, Brother Essence Charm. I'm really grateful," said Qin Yun.

    "You're welcome. Although I must say, I think I got the better deal by obtaining this array talisman in exchange," remarked Palatial Lord Essence Charm.

    "Alright, I bid you farewell," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    After the two separated, Qin Yun streaked across the sky on his trip to Grand Dominance County.

    As he flew, he looked at the jade box. He could not help but smile happily as he held it. "This Connate Spirit Marrow can be used to build a foundation for my daughter while she's still in the womb."

    Following that, he happily placed the jade box into a Cosmic Bag.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun sensed something, and he flipped his hand to produce the Inspect Heavenly Token.

    A phantom hovered by the side. It was none other than the West Sea Dragon King.

    "Sword Immortal Qin," said Dragon King anxiously. "I'm sorry. Yi Xiao was kidnapped by that mysterious fiendish demon while she was inside the Dragon Pool."

    Qin Yun was stunned.

    His mind slipped into a daze instantly.

    "What did you say?" pressed Qin Yun immediately. "Yi Xiao was abducted while she was on your West Sea Dragon Palace's forbidden grounds?"

    "That mysterious fiendish demon used a powerful treasure to infiltrate my Dragon Palace's forbidden ground through Void Transference! Following that, he captured Yi Xiao and teleported away. Our pursuit has been fruitless," said Dragon King.

    "Void Transference twice? Yi Xiao has stepped into the True Dragon realm. He was able to teleport with Yi Xiao?" Qin Yun could not help but add, "Just the cost of teleporting twice is probably worth a Numinous treasure. Who would pay such a huge price just to abduct my wife? West Sea Dragon King, I find what you say hard to believe."

    "The mysterious fiendish demon is the same one from South Sea Prefecture." Dragon King pointed to his side and immediately, his Dharmic powers condensed into He Qian.

    "It's him?" Qin Yun became more anxious.

    Back then, He Qian had escaped into the World Entrance and retreated into a different world.

    However, Qin Yun, Ancestral Master Zhang, and the rest knew that he was a mortal fiendish demon, as well as having a body that belonged to the Great Chang world, so it would be very easy for him to come back to the Great Chang world.

    However, Qin Yun had never thought of him as a worthy opponent.

    "Why would he do that? Why would he pay such a huge price to abduct my wife?" Qin Yun turned increasingly flustered.

    "We were unable to do a thing either. Elder Ao Qiong is trying to think of a way to chase after them. Furthermore, we have informed the patriarch," said Dragon King.

    "Alright." Qin Yun responded tersely before cutting the transmission. "To the West Sea."

    "He teleported out of the West Sea Dragon Palace. He can't be that far from it." Qin Yun immediately had that idea as he cast Beam Transformation Art at full speed in the direction of the West Sea.


    Qin Yun put his all into flying. Unknowingly, he went almost thirty percent faster than usual.

    "Senior Zhang, it's me, Qin Yun." Qin Yun contacted Ancestral Master Zhang through the Inspect Heavenly Token. "Yi Xiao was abducted by that mysterious fiendish demon from the South Sea Prefecture while she was in the West Sea Dragon Palace..."

    "Your Majesty."

    Qin Yun contacted Human Emperor next.

    "Senior Skydragon."

    He finally called the East Sea Skydragon! After all, the West Sea Dragon race had likely already reported the matter to the East Sea Skydragon.


    Qin Yun sought out Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, and the East Sea Skydragon one after another. As for Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa and Patriarch Bai, Qin Yun did not have their transmission marks. Following that, he flew around aimlessly. After a while, he snapped to his senses and contacted Patriarch Yi.

    "Qin Yun, Master has already informed me. I will do my best to help find her." Patriarch Yi consoled Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun next sought out Hong Lingtong.

    "Brother Hong, didn't you tell me that you are a reincarnated immortal and that your ability to divine the future is unparalleled? Help me find my wife, please," pleaded Qin Yun immediately.

    "His Majesty has already informed me. Brother Qin Yun, I'm investigating the matter now. However, the Heavenly Dao has been obscured. It's very difficult," answered Hong Lingtong immediately.


    Qin Yun reached the West Sea in less than an hour.

    The West Sea was so vast that Qin Yun had no idea where he was.

    "Why did this happen? Why?" Qin Yun felt his hands get clammy. His heart was ice cold.


    In a Grotto-heaven in the Boor Ancestral Sect, Sect Master Boor Ancestral and He Qian were standing reverently with a bounded, unconscious Yi Xiao beside them.


    A ripple emanated in the void in front of them, revealing an elder with cascading black hair on the other side.

    "Empyrean Lord."

    He Qian and Sect Master Boor Ancestral were extremely respectful. The person in front of them was the supreme leader of a massive world, the supreme Empyrean Lord.

    "Has she been caught?" The elder looked over through the spatial barriers.

    "Empyrean Lord, this Yi Xiao has reached the True Dragon realm. It's impossible to send her to our world," said He Qian. If she were a mortal cultivator, sending her to another world was not a difficult task! However, it was near impossible to send a True Dragon. The only way would be to open a World Entrance that was wide enough to let a first Firmament Essence Soul realm pass through.

    "Oh?" The elder knitted his brows slightly. "In that case, set up a Six World Isolation Skyarray in the Boor Ancestral Sect's Grotto-heaven. Imprison Yi Xiao there and isolate her from the Heavenly Dao's detection! The fact that she's alive must not be discovered."

    "Yes." He Qian and Sect Master Boor Ancestral responded reverently.

    "The appearance of two reincarnated immortals is something we couldn't account for," said the elder with a frown. "I'm guessing that some mighty figure has divined that there will be a huge catastrophe in the Great Chang world. Therefore, a group of reincarnated immortals were sent there!"

    "I have means to deal with reincarnated immortals. It's Qin Yun I'm worried about! A mortal sword immortal has gained such strength in simply fifty years... Perhaps in two or three centuries, he could possess a Skyimmortal's strength with a mortal body." The elder frowned. "If that happens, he would be more trouble than ten or even twenty reincarnated immortals. In terms of the level of threat, he is not inferior to the East Sea Skydragon, Great Chang's Human Emperor, Divine Firmament Ancestral Master, or Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa."

    "The matter with Yi Xiao must be taken very seriously," said the elder indifferently. "Boor Bull, do you have the treasures needed to set up the Six World Isolation Skyarray?"

    "I still lack three Isolation Skyrocks," replied Sect Master Boor Ancestral politely.


    The elder waved his hand.

    Three rocks that suffused gray auras tore through the void's obstruction and entered the Grotto-heaven.

    "Set it up quickly," instructed the elder. "Deal with Qin Yun according to plan! After all, it's too difficult to kill him by force. If we can finish him easily, all the better."

    "Understood," He Qian and Sect Master Boor Ancestral replied respectfully.

    Although the Empyrean Lord was powerful, only two lineages of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons submitted themselves to the Empyrean Lord's world. Those two lineages only had three peak third Firmament Essence Soul realms! These fiendish demons who obeyed the Other Realm Fiendcelestials were all very selfish. They would never sacrifice themselves to kill Qin Yun... Besides, even if they attacked him, killing Qin Yun was still uncertain. After all, his flying sword art was unyielding when it came to defense.

    Qin Yun was now a mortal sword immortal at the third Firmament Essence Soul realm. He also had an aegis of Merit Glow! He was very difficult to destroy.

    Furthermore, Qin Yun would only become harder to deal with over time. In the future, the threat he posed would not be any lesser than that of Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, and Skydemon.


    He Qian and Sect Master Boor Ancestral worked together to rapidly set up the array formation.

    Once the Six World Isolation Skyarray was done-


    The entire array enveloped an area that spanned half a kilometer, with Yi Xiao inside.

    Within the array's effective radius, the Heavenly Dao was completely isolated.

    At that moment-

    Patriarch Yi, Qin Yun, Ao Xue, and everyone else saw Yi Xiao's transmission mark vanish from their transmission treasures.


    Qin Yun was standing above the vast West Sea, momentarily at a loss as to where to go.

    He was holding the Inspect Heavenly Token. He had already sought the help of everyone he could.

    "Brother Hong should be able to divine Xiaoxiao's location. Should I ask him again? No... if I were to contact him now, I might disturb him. If Brother Hong gets any results from his divination, he would tell me immediately." All sorts of thoughts surfaced in Qin Yun's mind.


    Qin Yun was taken aback when he looked at the Inspect Heavenly Token in his hand. He was dazed by what he found.

    The mark that belonged to his wife Yi Xiao had dissipated!

    "The transmission mark has dissipated?"

    "Xiaoxiao is dead?"

    Instantly, all the thoughts in his mind vanished.

    His mind turned completely blank.

    There was not even sorrow or anger...

    It was entirely blank. It had been a long while since he had not had a single thought. All he did was stare at the Inspect Heavenly Token in his hand in a daze.


    Heaven and Earth powers that enveloped tens of thousands of kilometers stirred, producing a voice. Back when Qin Yun grasped Heaven Man Unity, he could control the Heaven and Earth powers to emit his voice throughout Grand Dominance City.

    But now, He Qian was controlling the Heaven and Earth powers that spanned tens of thousands of kilometers to emit his voice.

    The voice rumbled and resounded across numerous locales in the Great Chang empire.

    "Qin Yun, so you like to fight evil? This is the price!"

    "Remember, the person who killed your wife is me, He Qian! Haha..."

    The voice was still echoing throughout the world.

    Qin Yun, whose mind was still blank, suddenly turned his head. Through the Heaven and Earth powers, he rapidly cast out his perception. However, He Qian vanished using Void Transference after he delivered his words.


    He Qian's voice had resounded across more than half of the Great Chang empire.

    In the bustling human cities, deep forest mountains, great lakes... both humans and demons heard the resounding voice.

    "Nicely done!" In the deep forest mountains and lakes, there were demons lurking. "It's all because of this Qin Yun slaying the world's great fiendish demons that we've been forced into hiding. It feels so good hearing that his wife is dead. This He Qian sure is immensely powerful."

    "That Qin Yun has finally received his just deserts."

    "He can blame himself for constantly killing us fiendish demons. Now he is suffering from retribution." Demons that were lurking among humans cheered in secret.

    "What? Sword Immortal Qin's wife is dead? She was killed by a fiendish demon?"

    "How did that happen?"

    Many human cultivators found it unbelievable.

    Many cultivators thought very highly of Qin Yun because he was not afraid of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons. He had purged the world of fiendish demons through his strength alone. The lives of the common people had turned much better. But now, Qin Yun's wife had been killed by a fiendish demon in an act of revenge. It left many cultivators shaking their heads in disbelief.

    "That Qin Yun sure is dumb. All the other cultivators keep a low profile but you insist on charging forward just because you are powerful? You went too far in offending the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons! Now that you have received retribution, who can you blame but yourself?"

    "Cultivation is all about oneself. Why should you care about those mortal ants? This fellow Daoist Qin suffered such a calamity because he cared too much about those mortal ants."

    There were a number of cultivators that shook their heads secretly.

    Although they were impressed by Qin Yun, many of them did not agree with his actions! For instance, they would rather cultivate and focus on themselves.

    There were even vicious ones who secretly cheered. "The higher he is placed on a pedestal, the worse it is when he falls. Look at his wretched state now!"

    There were all kinds of humans in the world.

    It was also common for there to be vicious and extremely selfish people. After all, there were those that surrendered themselves to the fiendish demons.
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