Chapter 342: Fifteen Years Later

    Chapter 342: Fifteen Years Later

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    Time passed and, in a blink of an eye, Qin Yun had been traveling the world for fifteen years.

    A figure flew through the clouds as he looked into the distance.

    He was wearing plain clothes and his hair was disheveled. He was none other than Qin Yun.

    "Li Mountain City."

    Qin Yun looked at the ancient and bustling city from a distance. "In order to seek out Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode, I spent three years just eliminating the other two spots! As such, it is very likely that the region around Li Mountain City is where Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode is hidden."


    As he activated his Dharmic powers, a vertical eye opened in his glabella. It suffused lightning bolts.

    Qin Yun opened his Eye of Lightning and scanned Li Mountain City from afar. Even though he was more than fifty kilometers away, he could clearly see everything in Li Mountain City. He could see the famous buildings, rivers, and even the mountain ranges outside the city.

    "I do not see anything special. Then again, it's unlikely that I can discover Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode simply by using the Eye of Lightning from a distance. It's best I enter Li Mountain City and search the area properly." Qin Yun whizzed through the sky in a stream of light. In a flash, he arrived at Li Mountain City.


    Li Mountain City was a provincial city in Po Prefecture. However, Li Mountain City had a large populace that numbered three hundred thousand people. It was considered rather large for a provincial city. That was also because Li Mountain City had its own second-rate cultivation sect, the Li Mountain Sect. With a sect presiding over Li Mountain City, the city naturally flourished.

    Qin Yun sat down by the window of a restaurant in the city. He ordered two dishes and a flask of alcohol.

    "It's been fifteen years." He poured himself a cup of alcohol and looked at the turbid drink. "All the treasures that I read about in the histories have been mostly found in the past five years. The rest have very few leads. It's very difficult to seek them out."

    "Immortal Cloudgrace is a very special immortal that I discovered in the books. Although he only reached the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm, he never established a sect. Instead, he enjoyed visiting Other Realms. Before his death, he only left records of his cave abode and heritage in a book. However, it's been nearly a hundred thousand years. Although the book was made of an extraordinary material, it was somewhat damaged. All I found was a remnant copy."

    Qin Yun shook his head.

    "He is an immortal that enjoys visiting Other Realms and I can confirm that he had at least one Numinous treasure... His cave abode must be extraordinary." Qin Yun pondered. He could not help but take out the three ancient books and flip through them again. They provided the most important information about Immortal Cloudgrace. Qin Yun often studied the texts one by one, hoping to find new clues. He had already read the remnant copies enough times to wear them out further.

    "Sister Chu, after you."

    A gentlemanly scion led a very beautiful girl into the restaurant.

    Servants followed behind the duo.

    "What restaurant is this? It looks really old. Brother Yu, let's leave." The girl frowned, clearly disliking the place at first glance.

    The scion immediately said, "This restaurant has the best scenic view of Crescent Lake. I happened to chance upon it. Sister Chu, please bear with it for a while."

    "Don't you see what sort of people are in here?" The girl held her handkerchief to her nose with a look of disgust. She swept the area with her eyes. Most of the patrons of the restaurant were commoners since the portions here were good value for money.

    The girl looked at the surroundings with contempt, and her eyes fell upon Qin Yun. She was similarly very derisive towards him.

    She was a daughter of the Chu family, the largest family clan in Li Mountain City! As for Qin Yun's current appearance... He had an ordinary sword hanging by his waist and he was dressed in the plainest of clothes. His hair was disheveled and he looked wild. He looked like a downtrodden member of the pugilistic world! Such riffraff was commonly seen. Many mercenaries of that sort worked for her Chu family.

    "Hmph." Not only was the girl contemptuous of the place, even her maidservants held their handkerchiefs to their noses, showing their looks of disgust.

    "Bear with it. Bear with it a little longer." The scion smiled sycophantically as he coaxed the girl upstairs.

    Only when they were upstairs did all sorts of discussions rupture on the first floor.

    "That's the third daughter of the Chu family, right?"

    "Why would a daughter of such noble birth come here?"

    "It's no wonder the second floor has been closed off. If she's so disgusted by this place, then don't come!"

    "Mind your words. Second Liu on East Street once derided her and ended up having his tongue cut out."

    The voices in the restaurant clearly lowered in volume after that remark.

    The Chu family's daughter had what it took to be domineering in Li Mountain City. This was because, among the sect master and Elders of the Li Mountain Sect, three out of the five Connate experts were from the Chu family!


    Qin Yun read the three ancient books and soon finished his flask of alcohol. He flipped through the books thoroughly once again. Although he was reading very carefully, he finished quickly due to his high realm.

    "I can't find any new clues."

    "I'll do the same as usual. I'll first investigate the area thoroughly with my Dao domain."


    With a thought, Qin Yun's Dao domain emanated outwards and enveloped Li Mountain City. It even covered the mountain range outside Li Mountain City.

    After it had enveloped all, he began probing carefully.

    Within his range was the second-rate sect, the Li Mountain Sect, the various streets and rivers, the residences, the deep depths underground, the mountains, inside the caves...

    He searched every spot thoroughly.

    "I still haven't discovered anything special. I'm certain that Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode is in the vicinity of Li Mountain City." Qin Yun frowned. "With my Dao domain, I've already enveloped a really large area. Could it be that the cave abode is beyond the range of my Dao domain? Or could it be that it is hidden so extremely well that my Dao domain can't probe it?"

    "I'll try my second method." Qin Yun placed some silver fragments on the table before he left the restaurant.


    Meanwhile, as Qin Yun's Dao domain enveloped the entire Li Mountain City...

    Li Mountain City's Chu family.

    The Chu family's elderly master was 110 years old. He was only at the Qi Refinement realm but his son was powerful! His only son was presently the Li Mountain Sect's sect master, the only Connate True Core realm expert in the Li Mountain Sect! Furthermore, there were two juniors from the Chu family that reached the Connate False Core realm. His son was filial and actively sought treasures to keep his father in good health. It was likely that he could live to 150 years.

    Due to his son, the elderly master of the Chu family enjoyed a high status.

    He reveled in fun daily by reading literature, writing calligraphy, or listening to songs.

    "You sang really well."

    Old Master Chu was swaying his head as he gently rapped his fingers to a beat. He was listening to a young girl singing beyond the curtains.

    But at the instant Qin Yun's Dao domain swept through Li Mountain City-

    The songstress naturally continued singing.

    After all, with Qin Yun's present realm, his Dao domain was something even the average immortal could not detect.

    However, Old Master Chu's lightly rapping fingers came to a slight pause. But immediately following that, as though he did not notice anything, he continued tapping to the music's rhythm.

    Old Master Chu's expression remained the same but he was slightly shocked. "Oh? Another Essence Soul has passed through my Li Mountain City? However, the power of his Dao domain is not inferior to mine! From the looks of it, he must be a peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm existence. And there are not many in this Great Chang world that have reached that realm."

    "Whatever. He's probably just passing through! Over the past ten thousand years, I have occasionally encountered powerful immortals passing through my city. It's likely he will leave soon."

    Old Master Chu continued enjoying the music until it was done. Then he shouted, "Nice, well sang. Tip her!"

    "Yes, Old Master." A person outside immediately tipped the young songstress.
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