Chapter 344: Half Year Limit

    Chapter 344: Half Year Limit

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    Qin Yun first felt shocked but after some thought he became excited.

    He had caught a big fish!

    For someone with such a heinous aura to constantly conceal his status despite being so strong probably meant a huge conspiracy! Since he had discovered it... it also meant that he had discovered a threat preemptively. It was naturally good for his world to nip potential threats in the bud!

    Old Master Chu was strong in a certain way, but that also meant treasures! Qin Yun was currently in desperate need of treasures!

    "To make me feel threatened at my strength and have such a mysterious origin... He probably has powerful and ancient treasures on him. Furthermore, I did catch a glimpse of his treasure haloes." Qin Yun nodded secretly. "However, now is not the time to vanquish him. I have to understand what he's conspiring to do by hiding here."

    If Qin Yun went for an all-out attack, it would be very difficult to understand what he was planning even after capturing him alive.

    "I'll monitor him in secret for awhile first."

    "Such a big fish is worth me spending so much time on him. I'll give myself half a year." Qin Yun decided on his plans. "During this half year, I'll monitor Old Master Chu's every move and see what he is planning. If I can't figure out after half a year... force comes to fore when the deception wears thin. I'll vanquish him."

    Qin Yun gave a mental command.


    His Dao domain spread out and enveloped the entirety of Li Mountain City.

    This time, he deliberately avoided the city's interior!

    Due to the threatening feeling Old Master Chu gave him, Qin Yun knew it was likely that Old Master Chu had sensed him during his earlier Dao domain probe.

    However, Old Master Chu indeed had a very brilliant method of converging his aura! When he probed with his Dao domain the first time, he did not discover anything special about Old Master Chu, leading him to think he was only an ordinary person. It was the Eye of Lightning divine power that found his secret. Therefore, Old Master Chu would likely continue concealing himself! What he observed through his Eye of Lightning proved this point.

    "My present Dao domain will monitor the area outside the City. If he decides to leave, I will immediately be alerted," thought Qin Yun. "It will just be a tough six months as I keep maintaining my Dao domain."

    Prolonged maintenance of his Dao domain meant not a moment's rest. However, at Qin Yun's realm, he could handle not sleeping or resting for half a year.


    Although Qin Yun had happened upon a huge catch, his original goal here in Li Mountain City was to seek out Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode. Therefore, he continued casting Eye of Lightning to search the city area by area.

    "Sect Lord, the beauty is inside," a man with monkey features said obsequiously.

    "Good! Take your leave first. I'll be enjoying myself with the beauty," instructed a stalwart man.

    "Yes." The monkey man immediately took his leave obediently.

    The stalwart man strode forward.

    "A demon with such rich sinful auras. He deserves death!" Qin Yun frowned as he discovered the stalwart man with his Eye of Lightning. Previously, he had discovered a few demons when his Dao domain enveloped Li Mountain City. However, he did not go and kill them straight out. Instead, he would kill them only after confirming that they were fiendish demons... After all, there were good demons too.

    For instance, Qin Yun had a good relationship with Skydemon Palace.

    The stalwart man was a bear demon! He had an extremely dense aura of sin.


    The stalwart man suddenly dissipated silently. Even his clothes and weapons were ground to dust, not leaving even a single drop of blood behind.

    During the past fifteen years of traveling the world, Qin Yun would often vanquish fiendish demons in passing when he discovered them.

    After spending more than five days scouring the city, Qin Yun finally observed the entirety of Li Mountain City with his Eye of Lightning. Unfortunately, Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode continued to elude him. Of course, Qin Yun had also killed five demons and spared three.


    Following that, Qin Yun bought a mansion in Li Mountain City and took up residence for the next half year.

    He brought his ancient tomes with him and spent his days time reading through them, scouring for clues. He also practiced his calligraphy as a way of cultivating his Sword Dao. However, no matter what he did, he would always pause to take the occasional look at Old Master Chu.

    Finally, a month later.

    "Stay guard here. Do not let anyone enter." Old Master Chu entered a yard in the Chu family manor.

    "Yes." The old servant stood watch by the door.

    Old Master Chu could enter any spot in Chu manor on his strolls but others were prohibited from entering his territory without his permission.

    There was a wing-room in the yard.


    Old Master Chu pushed the door open and entered. The instant he entered, his face transformed into that of a cold sinister elder. His eyes suffused a dark red glow.

    "What are you going to do?" There was a woman sitting in the room. When she saw the elder enter, she could not help but turn horrified.

    "What do you think I'm doing?" chuckled the elder. His eyes were filled with a terrifying bloodlust.

    The girl immediately said in horror, "Old Master Chu hates any kind of misdeed. As a member of the Chu family, Old Master Chu will not spare you if he learns of this."

    "Our old master is a good person. Unfortunately, he can't save you," said the elder with a chuckle as he pounced on her.

    "No!" The woman let out a shrill.

    However, there was an array formation set up in the Chu manor. The yard had been isolated so no noise escaped the room.

    An hour later.

    The elder walked out the room happily. And inside the room lay a woman clasping a blanket. She was covered in wounds and she remained motionless in her dazed state.

    "That felt great." The elder smiled as his face changed into that of Old Master Chu.

    "I have always been careful in this world, afraid of being discovered. Holding back my urges sure is hard. Unfortunately, these female human mortals can't withstand much. If I didn't need to abate my sins, I would have long killed her." Old Master Chu's eyes were filled with bloodlust but he returned to his normal demeanor once he came to the yard. He calmly instructed the old servant beside him. "Same old rules. Give the person inside to the servants. Let them share in my joy."

    "Understood," replied the old servant with a smile.

    "Bam!" They heard loud knocks coming from inside.

    Old Master Chu knitted his brows and gestured for the old servant to investigate. The old servant ran in to check before coming out with a rather ugly expression. He whispered, "She committed suicide by slamming herself into a column."

    "What?" Old Master Chu scowled. "People are so afraid of death; yet, she actually committed suicide?"

    Having entrenched himself here covertly all this time, Old Master Chu needed to relieve his urges from time to time.

    However, to abate his sins, he would make use of his servants, letting them enjoy the kidnapped maniacally until she died. That way, the servants would bear most of the karma while he would only receive a tiny burden! As he had done numerous good deeds publicly, and actively abated his wrongdoings, he kept his sinful aura quite low.

    The stronger one was, the better they were at withstanding the tribulations.

    For instance, taking even the most ordinary mortal life had strong implications on karma but even that was still limited.

    Only when it came to people like Qin Yun, a mortal that had truly great merits and the blessings from providence were things different... It meant that the death of a hundred thousand ordinary mortals was inferior to the death of one Qin Yun. This made immortals afraid of provoking him. As for the frail woman, she was ordinary. Even if Old Master Chu had killed her personally, he was strong enough to bear the burden of the karma, much less that of her suicide.

    Although the karma was relatively minor for suicide, the karma incurred was still greater than if his servants killed her!

    Old Master Chu felt rather displeased.

    "Clean it properly." Old Master Chu walked away with a grim expression. "How unlucky."

    All humans sought to live.

    Therefore, it was rather rare for victims of rape to commit suicide immediately.


    Qin Yun could not constantly monitor Old Master Chu all day. Instead, he probed him in intervals.

    And this time, it was already too late when Qin Yun noticed it.

    When the woman committed suicide, her eyes were filled with a determination to die. Qin Yun sighed but did not try to stop her.

    "Unfortunately, I didn't discover it earlier. If I had, I could have immediately implemented my second plan to save her." Qin Yun sighed secretly as he continued staring at Old Master Chu. Although he burned with pangs of fury, he continued tolerating it. He knew very well that for such a terrifying existence to spend such a long time keeping a low profile, his conspiracy against the Great Chang world could threaten billions of lives.

    As for Old Master Chu, he was feeling extremely unhappy.

    That afternoon, he left the manor with his servant in a carriage.

    "He has finally left the manor after more than a month." Qin Yun watched from afar.
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