Chapter 347: You Are Overthinking Things

    Chapter 347: You Are Overthinking Things

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    Outside the house.


    The young fox demoness landed and glared at the distant Mr. Fu and Young Master Meilun. She coldly snarled, "What do you humans want?"

    "Little Fox Demoness," said Mr. Fu with a smile. "It's best you surrender and submit to us without a fuss. Otherwise, I will kill that cripple and his mother."

    "Surrender and submit?" The young fox demoness's eyes turned fervent. "Even if I did, wouldn't you still bully my husband and make him suffer?"

    Young Master Meilun scoffed. "I only learned today that that fool, Hu Si, actually managed to get a fox demoness as his wife. He sure has luck in love."

    "Submit and surrender." Mr. Fu's tone turned cold. "If not, don't blame me for being heartless."

    "Do you think the two of you have what it takes to kill my husband and mother-in-law?" The young fox demoness's face became covered in a coat of fur as her eyes turned more seductive. Her teeth became much sharper as well. When she opened her mouth, a frost beam flew out, shooting straight at Mr. Fu because he posed the greatest threat to her! Furthermore, she pounced over as she flailed her large bushy tail, causing the surroundings to distort.

    Mr. Fu flicked his sleeve, sending out black beams. A total of twelve black beams interlaced with each other as they clashed with the frost beam that the young fox demoness had produced, sending it tumbling backward. It revealed itself to be a very tiny flying sword.

    Following that, the twelve black beams began attacking the young fox demoness from all angles.

    "Perfect. She's perfect."

    Young Master Meilun was taken in by the illusions and looked spellbound.

    "Shouldn't you be waking up?" Mr. Fu rebuked as his voice boomed in Young Master Meilun's ears. It jolted him awake to the scene in front of him.

    The young fox demoness was in an abject situation after being attacked by the twelve black beams. "Bam!" A black chain struck the young fox demoness's waist with oppressive force. It slammed her to the ground as she spewed a mouthful of blood that sprayed on the muddy ground. The color drained from her face and her eyes were filled with despair and resentment. It was tough for her to withstand the twelve black beams and eventually, she had failed to block them.

    "This young fox demoness's illusionary techniques are so powerful that even I fell for it." Young Master Meilun was astonished and furious.

    "In cultivation, tempering your Dao heart is also very important," said Mr. Fu. "Young Master Meilun, you have to focus on that aspect."

    "I understand, Mr. Fu. Quickly seal her strength and hand her over to me," said Young Master Meilun eagerly.

    "Don't worry. I didn't even need to use the array formation to deal with this young fox demoness."

    While Mr. Fu controlled the twelve black beams, he also released a rope Dharma treasure that whipped the young fox demoness to the ground.

    The young fox demoness tried to defend herself but against the attacks of the twelve black beams, she very quickly got hit and fell to the ground. The rope was now rapidly coiling around her.

    "No-" The young fox demoness looked at the house behind her. She didn't even dare to cry out too loudly.

    She was afraid that she would awaken her husband.

    Her crippled husband would only put himself in danger and be of no help.

    "Darling, I long knew that I would one day be exposed in a human city. But I never expected it to be this soon! Goodbye, Darling!"

    "Perhaps you still do not know that I was that young white fox from back then."

    "I really wanted to be with you forever..."

    The young fox demoness looked into the house with tears streaming down her eyes.

    But then, Mr. Fu suddenly had a change in expression. "What's happening?"

    He sensed that his twelve black chain Dharma artifacts were stuck in midair and no longer under his control.

    "Why aren't you taking action?" Young Master Meilun was puzzled to the side.

    Mr. Fu stared into the distance with a pale expression.

    In the darkness of the night, a man with disheveled hair and a sword by his waist walked over. Although he was a distance away, he closed that distance in just two steps. He looked calmly at Mr. Fu, "Have you ever thought of the retribution that might follow from doing all these sordid deeds for the Chu family?"

    "She's a demoness! A demoness!" Mr. Fu said immediately.

    "She is a demoness but she's still cleaner than you." Qin Yun looked at him.

    The young fox demoness watched everything play out in front of her in a daze.

    She was already wallowing in despair.

    But Mr. Qin who had came earlier in the day was actually here?

    "Senior, I only plan on capturing her. I have no plans of killing her," answered Mr. Fu immediately.

    "I already said that, even as a demoness, she is cleaner than you. Look at yourself. A body stained with sin... The black aura around you is so dense that even I can't stand it." Qin Yun shook his head. "Evil will eventually suffer retribution. If the punishment is not forthcoming, it is because the time has not yet come. However, it's time for retribution to befall you now that you have met me!"


    Mr. Fu was just about to say something when he dematerialized silently and instantly. He was reduced to dust as he returned to the earth.

    "By returning to the earth, you can replenish it a little," said Qin Yun. With Qin Yun's knowledge, he knew that the world produced the myriad beings. The more it produced, the more damaged it incurred. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies would even thin sometimes as a result. However, if one were to return to the earth, it was a form of replenishing the world itself.

    The world itself was a huge cycle of Samsara.

    There was creation as well as the final annihilation.

    He extended the world's lifespan by pulverizing Mr. Fu and returning him to the world.

    "This Mr. Qin is really powerful. That cultivator died from just one look of his?" The young fox demoness was astounded.

    "This..." Young Master Meilun's face turned pale from shock.

    For a cultivator to disintegrate along with his clothes and treasures, with Qin Yun muttering words like 'by returning to the earth, you can replenish it a little,' it horrified Young Master Meilun even more.

    "Don't kill me! Don't kill me!"

    Young Master Meilun said immediately. "I do not have any ill intentions. I only came here to watch. I'm just a passer-by."

    Qin Yun looked at him. Similarly, Young Master Meilun's sinful aura was extremely thick. He had stained his hands with blood many times.

    "Being lustful is a common human trait," said Qin Yun. "However, you have harmed too many lives because of your lust. I naturally will not spare you."

    "You can't kill me. My father is Chu Chengyi, an Elder of the Li Mountain Sect. My grandfather is Chu Hongqing, the sect master of the Li Mountain Sect," said Young Master Meilun immediately.

    "So what?" Qin Yun looked at Young Master Meilun as he was disintegrated in his horror, turning to nothing.

    Lust and danger were just two sides of the same coin!

    Since time immemorial, be it heroes or scum, many had lost their lives due to lust.

    The Chu family's Chu Meilun was just another example.


    A middle-aged man sat cross-legged in a cultivation chamber of the Li Mountain Sect filled with incense fragrance. At the instant Qin Yun killed Chu Meilun, he opened his eyes immediately.

    "The protective Dao talisman on Meilun has shattered?" The middle-aged man was alarmed and furious.

    "Who dares touch my son?"

    "Who dares touch my son in Li Mountain City?"

    He was worried about his son and extremely furious.

    He immediately got up and left the cultivation chamber, rushing straight for the last known location of the protective Dao talisman.


    After Qin Yun killed Mr. Fu and Chu Meilun, the young fox demoness looked nervously at Qin Yun.

    "Senior Qin." The young fox demoness looked at Qin Yun. "Thank you for saving me."

    "A young demoness like you sure is gutsy. Not only did you dare enter a human city, you even washed and delivered clothes daily, going out in public every day. Did you really think no human would see through you?" asked Qin Yun.

    The young fox demoness could not help but say, "Senior Qin, you live in the western part of the city, East Sixwave Bridge. How did you know the two had attacked? Senior, have you been secretly watching us all this while?"

    Qin Yun was taken aback.

    "Senior Qin, you were willing to help my husband and pay him to watch over your house. You even secretly watched our residence at night and saved me. What is it about my Hu family that caught your eye to make you go through such great efforts?" The young fox demoness stared at Qin Yun. "My husband is a cripple and my mother-in-law is an old woman with terrible health. Are you doing all this for me? I know that many of you humans like to catch us fox demoness as playthings."

    "I know that I can't resist. I just hope that you will treat my husband and my mother-in-law well..." The young fox demoness said with reddened eyes.

    Qin Yun was rendered speechless as he could not help but say, "Little Fox Demoness, you are overthinking things."
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