Chapter 352: Grand Magus Corpse?

    Chapter 352: Grand Magus Corpse?

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    "Bodies that are extremely powerful or contain special bloodlines have many uses." Qin Yun gazed at all the corpses beneath him. "However, these corpses appear to have very ordinary bloodlines. Nor have they cultivated their bodies to any special level. Their value is only ordinary. The way I would typically deal with them would be to grind them to nothingness and let them return to the land."

    "Why would Immortal Cloudgrace place all of them here?"

    "Is there something special about these corpses that I cannot deduce?"

    "Or was it some weird hobby of his? Perhaps he did it as a way to showcase his spoils of war?"

    Qin Yun made some guesses.

    There were many people who enjoyed collecting spoils of war! The enemy's corpse was proof of their conquest!

    "Immortal Cloudgrace was only at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm! It would be impossible for him to kill so many powerful Other Realm experts, not to mention this corpse that seems to be a Skygod or Skyfiend," thought Qin Yun. "I'll guess that it's a special hobby."

    "With such strength, he cultivated for tens of thousands of years but chose not to spend time guiding disciples or establishing a sect. Instead, he enjoyed adventuring in the Other Realms. He even liked to collect the corpses of races from Other Realms?" Qin Yun pondered over it. With such a strange hobby, Immortal Cloudgrace's character was indeed quite unique.

    He took a stride and flew to the side of an incomplete but massive corpse. The corpse was humanoid but was about a hundred feet tall. It was ridden with injuries and there were a few large holes in its chest. It also only had one arm left! Its skin appeared to be made of metal as it suffused a yellowish-bronze glow.

    "It doesn't look like a fiend or god. It also doesn't resemble the Daoist's Physical Establishing Sage... A magus? The legendary Grand Magus?" Qin Yun muttered softly.

    Qin Yun had been gathering intelligence over the past fifteen years. He had also learned a lot from the reincarnated immortal, Hong Lingtong. He naturally had gained a span of unique knowledge.

    He knew that someone from the magus lineage would gain the rank of Grand Magus when they attained the level of a Skygod or Skyimmortal.

    With a Grand Magus presiding over the magus lineage, the lineage would prosper.

    In Qin Yun's homeworld, the magus lineage had Grand Magi in ancient times when it thrived. There were also different schools of thought when it came to Grand Magi. There were those that were adept in Gu arts, hex arts, or array formations. There were also others that tempered their bodies for combat.

    And the corpse in front of Qin Yun looked like a Grand Magus that was adept in combat.


    There was a faint rumble coming from far away.

    Qin Yun turned to take a look. "That Old Master Chu is constantly forcing his way in. It's as though nothing can stop him. Yes, I should store away all the treasures in the final treasure repository of this cave abode quickly."

    Without the time to carefully study the items, he flipped his hand and produced the Two World Picture.


    Under the Two World Picture's powers, the Other Realm expert corpses flew up and whizzed into the Two World Picture. They shrank as they went in and were fully contained within a few moments.

    "I'll study them more carefully when I have the time. Perhaps there is a secret I have not discovered." Qin Yun immediately flew off towards the hall that kept the treasures.

    The treasure repository was a huge building.

    Qin Yun could not help but marvel when he flew in. There were mountains of natural treasures, of every type and variety. There were many things that Qin Yun had never seen or even heard of before. They were likely sourced from the Other Realms.

    The items were arranged neatly.

    Some were completely crimson red in color while others were snow-white. And they all had different types of auras.

    Just looking at them was a joy!

    "This Immortal Cloudgrace must have been a collector. Not only did he like collecting the corpses of Other Realm experts, he even collected the various natural treasures he obtained from the Other Realms here." Qin Yun smiled. "He could have just left these treasures in a Cosmic Bag for juniors. But no, he had to place them neatly in a treasure repository. Perhaps he would come here and enjoy the sight of them whenever he had nothing better to do."

    Qin Yun traveled the world and had seen what the mortal world had to offer. Some people would hold onto plates of gold bars when they had nothing else. They would count them one by one or count a huge stack of bills again and again.

    Immortal Cloudgrace was not much different from those who liked counting gold bars and bills.

    "I actually do not recognize most of these treasures. I'll have to seek Ancestral Master Zhang's help in identifying them. Perhaps there may be some that he needs," thought Qin Yun. Following that, he flipped his hand and took out the Two World Picture.


    Whoosh! The treasures in the treasure repository flew up and into the Two World Picture. Instantly, they were all stored away.

    At that moment, all the treasures in the cave abode were in Qin Yun's hands.

    This was also the greatest harvest he had obtained in the past fifteen years!


    "Hmph, there are actually so many array formations." Old Master Chu looked at the thick white fog emanating, as well as a lustrous glow circulating in the white fog in front of him. The red glow in his eyes deepened as he waved his hand.

    His arm expanded rapidly!

    A black skin layer suffused his palm as he struck it out like a small hill.

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    He forced out a series of fierce strikes. His Dao domain had long probed and discovered the setup of the array formations. All he needed to do was strike out at the important nodes of the array formation. His huge palms were sweeping through the thick mist without hindrance.

    Boom! The corridor was reduced to smithereens. The palace hall collapsed from the strike as well. The nodes in the array formations were forcibly destroyed and soon, the array formation deactivated. The white fog began dispersing, revealing a ruined palace complex.

    "You have already been dead for years. Yet you still wish to stop me with an array formation? Hmph, all of these can be destroyed by the simple application of strength." Old Master Chu proceeded forward. All sorts of array formations directly attacked him but Old Master Chu left a wake of destruction behind him. Although it took him time, none of the array formations managed to stop him.

    "There are really a lot of array formations. What a hindrance."

    Old Master Chu constantly proceeded forward but he still felt irritated.

    There were dark red chains ahead of him that flailed before they struck at him. Although Old Master Chu struck out with his arms, causing the dark red chains to fly backward under his massive palms' might, the six chains remained undamaged. They continued their attack.

    "This array formation is somewhat troublesome."

    Old Master Chu frowned as he opened his mouth.


    A glaring red beam spewed out of Old Master Chu's mouth. It quickly fanned out and became a wave. The red beam flew out with indomitable force, quickly destroying the array formation's nodes. As the array formation began to collapse, the six dark red chains shattered and dissipated. But the red beams that were spewed from Old Master Chu's mouth were so strong that even the collapse was pulverized. The rockery and trees were ground to dust. Nothing was spared for about fifteen hundred meters.

    And at that moment, Qin Yun came flying over. He saw the red beams destroy a huge region and looked at Old Master Chu with some astonishment.

    Although the elder looked mortal, the might he revealed left Qin Yun astounded.

    He was truly powerful!

    "Connate Golden Core?"

    Old Master Chu stopped and looked at Qin Yun with a hint of amusement.


    Old Master Chu emitted a terrifying aura. It was evil, burning, and oppressive! It spread to a distance that spanned a few kilometers. It naturally came bearing down on Qin Yun as well. Qin Yun judged that Old Master Chu's might was even more terrifying than the fiendish demon He Qian! Old Master Chu's body was suffusing a faint red glow! Clearly, he was no longer converging his aura.

    "Which sect or faction is a junior like you from?" Old Master Chu said casually. Clearly, he felt assured of his success.

    "I'm not from any sect or faction." Qin Yun said as he landed.

    Old Master Chu frowned and nodded. "A Golden Core itinerant cultivator like you can actually remain standing firmly in front of my aura instead of kneeling. That's quite impressive."

    "Might I know what your background is?" asked Qin Yun. "I have never heard of an immortal or fiendcelestial like you."

    "It's unsurprising that you do not know of me. You are just a mere Connate Golden Core. What could you know? There are many experts in the world that you do not know of."

    Old Master Chu said indifferently, "I'm in a good mood today. I can't be bothered to squabble with a junior like you, so I'll give you a chance. Hand over all the treasures you obtained from this cave abode to me. I can let you leave and also give you an opportunity!"
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