Chapter 354: Capture

    Chapter 354: Capture

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    The flying sword vanished in midair like a wisp of misty rain before appearing right beside the behemoth. Bam! The behemoth's long tail crossed the space like a phantom, managing to perfectly block the flying sword. The tail had boundless strength, sending the flying sword sailing backward.

    "Somewhat interesting. I have to avoid that tail as best as I can." Qin Yun furrowed his brows.

    The recoiling flying sword suddenly flashed, tunneling into the void and vanishing. It was already at the behemoth's abdomen when it appeared again! This was a spot that was unwieldy for a tail to block.


    The flying sword penetrated the behemoth's abdomen as though slicing through empty space, leaving behind a gruesome wound that nearly split the behemoth's body in two. Following that, the flying sword flew out from the behemoth's back, splattering blood across the skies.

    "Oe yours?" Qin Yun scoffed with a voice transmission.

    "They were originally treasures of my race. They eventually landed in your Great Chang world," replied the beast with a voice transmission. "What you have is only equivalent to a single transcendent-grade Dharma treasure. Hand it over to me and I will give you two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures. How about it?"

    "It looks like you did come from an Other Realm. Are you here only for the treasures or do you have other goals?" pressed Qin Yun. "What world in your homeworld? Is it related to the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons?"

    "Can't we just do the trade?" pressed the beast.

    "Why should we? It's not like you can escape," said Qin Yun calmly.


    The beast tried its best to escape while the brief exchange over voice transmissions happened, but he soon gave up on communicating with Qin Yun.

    The flying sword instantly appeared just two feet away from the beast. However, the beast's tail had now split into six tails. The six tails managed to defend him in an unfathomable manner, hindering the Intrinsic Flying Sword's momentum.

    "It seems to have weakened after becoming smaller," thought Qin Yun.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword flashed and vanished once again. It was by the beast's neck when it appeared this time. With a whoosh, it stabbed at the beast's body. However, the red flesh and skin were extremely robust. Qin Yun's flying sword was so extremely powerful that it could easily split space itself; yet, it failed to penetrate the beast's flesh.

    It barely left a foot-long scuff, and the blood froze after a few drops were splattered. The wound healed rapidly.

    "Although his strength has decreased, his body has become a lot more resilient. I can only cause him superficial injuries now. That was my strongest attack." Qin Yun frowned.

    The fourth move, Waning Waxing Moons, was extremely powerful.

    The strike from before had heavily injured the behemoth, frightening him into immediately shrinking. And now, all he received were superficial wounds.




    The flying sword moved at extreme speeds when producing the fourth move. It even created numerous afterimages as though more than ten flying swords were bombarding the beast. The misty rain-like flying sword appeared at different angles around the beast, striking him constantly! The beast could only focus on escaping while flailing his tail wantonly to defend against the attacks. However, he could only block one out of every two or three strikes.

    Under the relentless assault, the beast's body was instantly covered in numerous wounds. Blood spewed out constantly but the wounds also rapidly healed.


    The flying sword decisively struck, deliberately hitting the beast on its head.

    The beast became a lot weaker and even stumbled, but it managed to regain its stability fast enough to charge to the exit with full strength. However, it received a flogging from the flying sword!

    It got flogged, slashed, stabbed, and grazed... All sorts of sword moves were battering it consecutively.

    The beast held his anger and stumbled again and again before getting up to charge forward as best as it could.

    "Qin Yun, you win this time. I'll leave the treasures with you for the time being. I will take them all back soon, however." The beast's eyes were filled with rage but he could only endure! Although they were equal in strength, his strength was more balanced with an extremely strong body. Qin Yun might have had a weaker body but his attacks were terrifying! An Intrinsic Flying Sword was indomitable and oppressive! The flying sword moves were even more abstruse.

    "He's about to escape." Qin Yun watched from behind. "His body is too robust. Perhaps even my Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash would not be of any use against him. Whatever. The Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash needs a year to replenish its Sword Qi. I shouldn't waste it."

    Qin Yun had no choice but to use his flying sword to deliver a few attacks while in pursuit. Unfortunately, the beast remained unfazed by the attacks.

    "I'm almost out."

    The beast saw the cave abode's entrance and his eyes could not help but reveal a look of anticipation.

    Although the entrance was sealed, he struck out suddenly with a claw, forcibly cracking it open.


    The cave abode's entrance exploded.

    The beast looked at the splendid world outside, greeted by the Chu Manor that he was extremely familiar with. At the instant he rushed out of the cave abode, he saw a middle-aged man wearing a tall headdress.

    "Daoist Divine Firmament?" The beast's eyes widened instantly. His mouth contorted and the excitement of escaping the cave abode instantly transformed into horror and despair!

    The battle with Qin Yun could be described as infuriating and humiliating.

    But when he saw Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang, the beast lost his wits.

    "Return! Return!"

    The beast's body began phasing away in a bid to escape.

    "Are you still hoping to flee in front of me?" Ancestral Master Zhang stood there. Purple lightning manifested as a gigantic palm, grabbing the beast that was beginning to phase away! At the instant he was grabbed, the beast's strength was sealed. He immediately restored to going back to its black form as it was brought before Ancestral Master Zhang. It fell onto the cloud that Ancestral Master Zhang was standing on.

    He sprawled on the cloud and felt a boundless pressure bind him. There was no way for him to move.

    Ancestral Master Zhang shot him a glance as the beast's heart turned cold.

    "I'm doomed."


    Qin Yun flew out of the cave abode unhurriedly. When he saw the black beast sprawling obediently on the cloud in front of Ancestral Master Zhang and sensed its lack of bloodlust, Qin Yun secretly marveled. As expected of Ancestral Master Zhang! According to what he knew, the strongest being in the Great Chang world was once the East Sea's Skydragon. But Ancestral Master Zhang's present strength was likely not inferior to the East Sea Skydragon's.

    And without a doubt, with the passage of time, Ancestral Master Zhang would surpass the East Sea Skydragon. He might even become a famous figure in the Three Realms.

    After all, he had been taken in as a personal disciple of the Dao Ancestor... He was naturally extraordinary.

    "Thank you, Senior Zhang, for your help," said Qin Yun immediately. "He is indeed rather strong. He might have escaped if it was only me."

    The cave abode was another Grotto-heaven. He would be unable to continue monitoring Old Master Chu once he entered! Although Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode was very important, Old Master Chu was equally important. Before Qin Yun entered the cave abode, he had sent Hu Si back to his residence and contacted Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang. The Divine Firmament Chapter was in the Po Prefecture and was only a few thousand kilometers away. Ancestral Master Zhang arrived very quickly.

    Ancestral Master Zhang had been secretly observing everything.

    Qin Yun only felt he could probe the cave abode with ease after Ancestral Master Zhang arrived! So regardless of how the beast acted, the outcome was already fixed.
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