Chapter 359: Arriving in the Great Chu World

    Chapter 359: Arriving in the Great Chu World

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    Divine Firmament Chapter.

    Ancestral Master Zhang sat cross-legged, wearing his tall headdress, in a hidden hall. There were eight figures sitting cross-legged around him, each with forbidding auras. One of them was the Other Realm Skyfiend corpse that Qin Yun had discovered in the Ancient Skydragon Palace.

    "The ninth one." Ancestral Master Zhang waved his hand as an incomplete Grand Magus corpse appeared in front of him. He frowned slightly, "Unfortunately, it is very damaged. It needs mending. That's fine, I'll be able to restore it in three years by spending some treasures."

    "I just need to think of a way to find another three. Then, once the refinement is done, the Massive Twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Array will finally be completed."

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked forward to it.

    "I never expected to obtain two Capital Heaven Godfiends from Qin Yun." Ancestral Master Zhang closed his eyes. Purple lightning sparked around him and the eight Capital Heaven Godfiend corpses, forming a mystical array. A purple bolt of lightning constantly surged into the Grand Magus corpse and began refining it.

    The Massive Twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Array was very famous even in the Three Realms.

    Some used their blood essence to cultivate it to refine a Godfiend avatar.

    Others used the wraith aura of the world to cultivate it.

    There were also some who cast it together with twelve mighty experts.

    However, Ancestral Master Zhang had fused it with a Dharmic formulation that the Dao Ancestor had imparted, as well as his self-created Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma, making it so that he could fuse himself into the Massive Twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Array. It was what gave him his present-day capabilities.


    Qin Yun was rather touched over the past few days.

    This was because Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, Patriarch Bai, and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa were giving him special guidance and helping him to the best of their abilities!

    In a blink of an eye, it was the nineteenth day since Qin Yun obtained the treasures from Immortal Cloudgrace's cave abode.

    "You have learned all the various Dharmic formulations you should need. You now know what you need to know to embark on this journey." Ancestral Master Zhang and the other three looked at him. "This is all we can do. The rest depends on you."

    "Qin Yun." Patriarch Bai was a plump elder with a charming smile. He chuckled and said, "You have to remember that enemies are everywhere in the Great Chu world. Therefore, survival is of utmost importance! Hope only exists as long as you survive. You must not be rash. Wait for another opportunity even if you have to give one up! Do not do things forcefully."

    Human Emperor and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa smiled at Qin Yun.

    "Thank you, Seniors," said Qin Yun gratefully.

    These four people were the strongest humans in the Great Chang world. Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa led the Buddhists and was most benevolent. Human Emperor was the strongest existence of the Godfiend lineage. His true body was permanently suppressing the greatest catastrophe of the Great Chang world, giving him boundless merit. Patriarch Bai was the oldest. He had lived since the Dao Ancestor imparted the Dao in ancient times. Ancestral Master Zhang was even more stunning. He had become the Dao Ancestor's personal disciple.

    The four of them... also treated Qin Yun as someone who would one day equal them.

    "Although the Dharmic formulation I cultivated can hide my treasure halos, I have too many treasures. I cannot conceal them completely," said Qin Yun. "Just like my Eye of Lightning was able to see some of the treasure halos coming from the Other Realm beast. I cannot bring too many treasures there with me."

    With that said, Qin Yun took out a Cosmic Bag and handed it to Ancestral Master Zhang. "Senior Zhang, please help me safeguard my Numinous treasures."

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded and opened it. Inside were the Cosmic Bangles, Heart Stirring Bell, the Space-shattering Halberd, and even pieces of the Empyrean Lord Divine Armor. There was also a few rare items.

    "You are leaving all this with me?" Ancestral Master Zhang was astonished. They were the most valuable treasures Qin Yun had.

    "On my trip, I must not benefit those fiendcelestials even if I were to lose my life." Qin Yun chuckled.

    He asked Ancestral Master Zhang to safeguard his most precious treasures.

    Some of his treasures were also left in Qin Manor.

    After all, if he really did fail to return, overly valuable treasures at the Numinous treasure level would only invite trouble for the Qin family.

    There was no worry for him with Ancestral Master Zhang safekeeping them. After all, it was impossible for him to take Qin Yun's treasures as his own. To take such astounding treasures from a mortal like Qin Yun would incur huge karma! As a Dao Ancestor disciple, there was no way he would ruin his bright future for some treasures.

    "If you do not return, what should I do with these treasures?" asked Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "First, I wish for Senior Zhang to protect my Qin family," said Qin Yun. "Second, I wish for you to attempt to save my wife and perhaps my daughter who might still be alive if it's within your power. If there is truly nothing you can do, then forget it."

    "I understand." Ancestral Master Zhang nodded.

    "Qin Yun, you have to return alive. I have never made a wrong judgment with these eyes of mine," said Patriarch Bai smilingly with narrowed eyes.

    Qin Yun nodded with a smile.

    "The location of the Great Chu world in the void has been determined based on the intelligence obtained from interrogating the Other Realm beast and my sense of the distant void," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "I will send you there now. As for your return trip... You can use this Void Altar. You will constantly be able to sense the location of our homeworld. With you being capable of shattering the void, you are completely able to return by yourself."

    "Yes." Qin Yun looked at a golden altar about ten feet wide to his side.

    Qin Yun had refined the golden altar according to Ancestral Master Zhang's instructions. It had been infused with his blood and was even nourished by his soul.

    He could sense it clearly despite the distance.

    "Let's begin." Ancestral Master Zhang said as he waved his hand.


    With a flash of purple lightning, the space in the hall distorted as though a curtain had been pulled apart, revealing a rift. Through the void rift, one could sense a distant world. The world's aura was a lot darker.

    "Go," said Ancestral Master Zhang.


    Qin Yun gave Ancestral Master Zhang and company a final glance. Following that, wrapped in Sword Qi, he took a step and tunneled through the void rift.

    The void rift's passageway was very weak but it could easily withstand a mortal like Qin Yun. Furthermore, with Qin Yun being especially adept at controlling the void, he could rapidly proceed forward even with the void's fluctuating power.


    Qin Yun vanished into the void rift as it slowly closed.

    Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, Patriarch Bai, and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa watched this scene quietly.

    "Let's hope that there are no accidents," said Human Emperor.

    "Brother Zhang, you have to be careful. Entry into this hall should be forbidden from this day forth. This Void Altar has to be protected well," warned Patriarch Bai. "If the Void Altar were to be destroyed, it would be very difficult for Qin Yun to find the location of our homeworld through the void. He would very likely get lost."

    "Don't worry," Ancestral Master Zhang said.

    The four of them were a little worried but none of them could do a thing. Qin Yun was now on his own.


    Black clouds billowed in the Great Chu world's sky. A void rift appeared amid a contiguous mountain range.


    A figure descended, it was Qin Yun dressed in a black robe. He had a companion saber by his waist and he looked a lot colder.

    "I'm truly being targeted." Qin Yun could immediately sense the discrimination of the world's Heaven Earth Essence Qi. He felt out of place but he quickly cast his Dharmic formulation to hide from the heavens while changing his aura.


    Qin Yun's aura rapidly transformed into one that cultivated in a Fiendbody Dharmic formulation. He now exuded a dark and sinister aura. Immediately, the rejection of the Heaven Earth Essence Qi vanished. After all, he was mortal. The rejection he received was very slight to begin with. With a change of his aura, there was no more rejection.


    Qin Yun opened the Eye of Lightning at his glabella.

    With his Eye of Lightning, he could clearly see the Heaven Earth Essence Qi! If the Heaven Earth Essence Qi in Qin Yun's homeworld appeared light green through his Eye of Lightning, being filled with vibrant vitality, then the Great Chu world's Heaven Earth Essence Qi appeared like a thin black fog. It was oppressive, turbid, and filled with a bloodlust.

    Scanning his surroundings carefully, he nodded slightly. "There are some tribes within fifty kilometers. The strongest is barely at the Connate realm. The strongest ones in a hundred and fifty kilometers can be barely considered to be at the Connate Golden Core. It's impossible for them to notice the spatial fluctuations here."

    Since he had not been exposed, there was no need for him to engage in Void Transference.

    Qin Yun had brought a Void Transference Dao talisman with him on his trip to the Great Chu world! It was quite easy for a mortal sword immortal like him to engage in Void Transference. Even so, the cost of just one Void Transference was about one first-grade Dharma treasure.

    In fact, with Qin Yun's realm, only a Skyfiend's Dao domain could fool him. And the places he could teleport to were specially selected by Ancestral Master Zhang. The chances of a Skyfiend being nearby? Very unlikely.


    With the help of a pair of third-grade Dharma treasure combat boots, he instantly produced a black wind.

    He looked impressive riding it as he flew in the direction the sun rose.
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