Chapter 361: Lady Meiqing

    Chapter 361: Lady Meiqing

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    Tiemo City.

    "It truly is a dystopian society filled with fiends." Qin Yun thought as he walked on the streets. At his level, he could sense numerous cultivators and demons that had cultivated in the fiendcelestial Dharmic formulations! A large number of mortal servants accompanied these fiends. The ratio of cultivators in the Great Chu world was a lot higher than his homeworld.

    It mainly stemmed from the fact that the fiendcelestial Dharmic formulations were easier to cultivate! Many evil Dharmic formulations allowed one to easily embark on the path of cultivation.

    However, that was only true in the beginning. It became more difficult later on.

    "There are so many fiends. If this were my homeworld, I would have long wiped them out, probably the moment I discovered them. But now, I can only put up with it. I even have to act as one of them," thought Qin Yun. As he walked along, he soon saw the distant City Lord Manor. It was lofty and large, with powerful fiendish auras lingering around it.


    In a palatial City Lord Manor, Tiemo Tu was sitting on a throne. A petite beauty was lying in his embrace. "City Lord, have another drink." Tiemo Tu's large hand was wrapped around the beauty. His palm nearly covered half her body, not because she was that tiny but because he was that large. He was nearly ten feet tall. He had a thick beard and his eyes were fixated on the dance happening below him.

    There was a bevy of red-dressed dancers dancing beneath him. Their dance had a special charm to it. Every dance pose stirred a person's heart. If an ordinary mortal were to see it, they would likely be captivated, unable to maintain their clarity of mind.

    Tiemo Tu drank the wine offered by the beauty as he looked at the woman leading the dancers.

    She in particular exuded a natural charm, and the way her body moved was as clear and graceful as water. But it was really her eyes that captivated Tiemo Tu.

    "Lady Meiqing is getting prettier every day. Even I do not dare to give her a second look." A white-dressed man standing beside Tiemo Tu bowed slightly as he said with a smile.

    "She is a fiendsuccubus by nature. She's the Fiend Lady of Fiend Succubus Chapter's present generation," said Tiemo Tu smilingly with squinted eyes. "She has only cultivated to the peak of the Postnatal realm but she's already this charming. If she were to reach the Connate realm... that feeling..." Just the thought of it made Tiemo Tu's eyes narrow.

    The white-dressed man bent his back and smiled sycophantically.

    "Leave, all of you," ordered Tiemo Tu suddenly. "Meiqing, stay behind."

    "Yes," replied the white-dressed man with a bow. Following that, he swept his cold gaze at the surrounding people. Immediately, the beauties, dancers, musicians, and servants rapidly took their leave. The white-dressed man left as well. Soon, the huge hall only had Tiemo Tu and the enchanting Lady Meiqing in it.

    "Come over here," said Tiemo Tu with a smile as a glint flashed in his eyes. "Beauty, come."

    "Yes, City Lord." Meiqing smiled, her eyes shining brightly while she stepped forward.

    Tiemo Tu reached out his hand and immediately a long whip appeared in it. Meiqing's facial muscles twitched a little when she saw that.

    Tiemo Tu was truly ruthless.

    However, in order to survive, and for the entire Fiend Succubus Chapter to establish itself to continue living on, she had to get into the good graces of City Lord Tiemo Tu!


    "Tiemo Tu, come out and meet your maker!" A cold roar resounded through City Lord Manor, audible to most within Tiemo City.


    "Who dares challenge City Lord?"

    "This... This..."

    "Something huge is going to happen! He came especially for City Lord!"

    There were many people walking to and fro the surrounding streets originally but the moment they heard the angry roar, the pedestrians rapidly fled to safety. Many humans and demons hid. None of them dared to watch out in the open! When fiends fought in Great Chu world, they did not care about implicating the innocent. The farther they hid, the better.

    Many hid in their distant residences and looked secretly at City Lord Manor's entrance through their doors, windows, and crevices.

    A black-robed man was standing in front of the manor. He had a saber by his waist as he exuded a cold and forbidding aura.


    Immediately, a large number of troops came out of City Lord Manor. Even the guards at the door drew their weapons, looking at Qin Yun with trepidation. However, none of them dared to attack! This was because they knew that a person that dared to directly challenge City Lord Tiemo Tu was not someone ordinary soldiers like them could handle.

    Very soon.

    Hundreds of soldiers were gathered, and leading them was a gray-robed elder.

    "What audacity for you to come to City Lord Manor to cause trouble," sneered the gray-robed elder. He held an array flag that billowed with fiendish aura. "Set up the array!"

    The hundreds of soldiers immediately split up into five groups as though they were five snakes surrounding a target.

    At the same time, City Lord Manor turned pitch-black. The array formation had been activated!

    This was Tiemo Tu's turf after all. Powerful array formations were naturally set up. If he could escape from the hands of a Connate third Firmament expert outside, then he had a chance of matching a Connate third Firmament expert inside City Lord Manor.



    It was pitch black and the naked eye could only see a distance of a few hundred feet. There were war cries everywhere.

    However, Qin Yun stood his ground.

    "What a fool. I don't know where this punk came from. He probably thinks he is accomplished in his cultivation and got it into his head to challenge City Lord." The gray-robed elder held the array flag and rallied the troops. "But now he won't be able to escape while inside the array formation. This was set up at a great cost to City Lord... Weaker Connate second Firmament experts would die inside the array formation, not even getting a chance to meet City Lord."

    The gray-robed sneered confidently.

    Qin Yun stood motionlessly as though he was sensing the operations of the surrounding array formation.


    Suddenly, Qin Yun drew his saber.

    The saber by his waist was instantly unsheathed! A saber beam that contained an evil fiendish aura instantly streaked out for hundreds of feet, slashing past the gray-robed elder's body. However, the gray-robed elder could not dodge in time. His body was split into two and he died instantaneously.

    Without him powering the array formation, the surrounding pitch black fog dissipated. Hundreds of soldiers came into view as they looked at their surroundings in shock.

    "The array formation has been cracked?"

    "Steward is dead."

    None of the soldiers dared to advance. They were powerful within the array formation, but without it? They would only be sending themselves to their deaths!

    "Shwing." Qin Yun sheathed his saber and swept his gaze across the soldiers coldly. Then, he walked towards the interior of City Lord Manor. The soldiers quickly made way for him as they gazed upon him in fear.

    Very soon.

    Qin Yun walked in the direction of the powerful aura and came before a huge hall.

    There was already a group of fiendish cultivators standing in front of the hall. There were even powerful fiendish demons. And soon, two figures walked out of the hall. Leading the way was a stalwart man about ten feet tall. Beside him was a seductive, red-dressed woman. Her eyes looked pure as she curiously took in Qin Yun.

    "He's strong."

    "He actually managed to destroy the array and kill Steward Gu."

    "Since this person came here just to challenge City Lord, he likely has what it takes." The fiendish demons and fiendish cultivators standing in front of the hall murmured in discussion. Very few of them were really loyal to Tiemo Tu. Most of them chose to submit to him only because of his strength.

    It was very normal.

    People submitted to the strong and were ruled by the strong.

    "Are you the one that thinks he can deal with me?" Tiemo Tu walked out as he looked at Qin Yun with interest.

    "Tiemo Tu." Qin Yun looked at him with eyes filled with killing intent. He naturally guessed that the man before him was Tiemo Tu after his intelligence gathering.

    "You are quite strong. It would be a pity if you died," said Tiemo Tu with a loud laugh. "Why don't you work for me? Here, there are lots of treasures and women for you to enjoy! There's no need for all this wanton killing and destruction."

    Qin Yun said coldly, "If I were to submit to you, you would have first dibs in the ruling of Tiemo City, not to mention the treasures and women. I will only get a chance to pick at what you don't want, isn't that so?"

    Tiemo Tu was taken aback as he laughed. "No, no, no. You still need to prove that you are stronger than them." As Tiemo Tu spoke, he pointed at the crowd of fiendish cultivators and fiendish demons. "If you are stronger than them, you are the second strongest person in Tiemo City.

    "Once I kill you, they will naturally listen to me obediently." Qin Yun's eyes had a hint of contempt. "Make your move before you lose the chance to do so."

    Tiemo Tu's expression sank.


    City Lord Manor suddenly boomed as a gray fog gathered, forming a huge vortex above them. Tiemo Tu was clearly going to use all his strength. He immediately activated the array formation of City Lord Manor! Although the array formation could be powered by the other stewards, the true owner of the array formation was Tiemo Tu.

    "An array formation?" Qin Yun shot a glance at the gray vortex as he continued standing there calmly.

    The crowd of fiendish cultivators, fiendish demons, and Lady Meiqing watched everything carefully. Meiqing had her curiosity greatly piqued.
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