Chapter 362: Hes a Sore Sight

    Chapter 362: He's a Sore Sight

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    Even as Tiemo Tu controlled the array formation, he felt extremely wary. "He cracked the troops' array just now. Yet, he remains so arrogant... He probably has something backing him! I'll let my subordinates test him first. I'll have greater confidence once I know how strong he actually is."

    "Seven Stewards, set up the Seven Kills Array and kill him!" ordered Tiemo Tu coldly.

    The seven stewards that stood among the fiendish cultivators and fiendish demons in front of the hall were taken aback. They cursed inwardly.

    "The enemy is already this provocative; yet, Tiemo Tu puts up with it. He even wants us to attack first?"

    "Tiemo Tu is truly cunning."

    The seven stewards exchanged looks but, as they had no options, they attacked collectively.

    But suddenly-

    "I was giving you a chance to attack first! Yet, you still hide behind your subordinates?" Qin Yun sneered. "In that case, don't even worry about making a move."


    Qin Yun moved.

    With a whoosh, an afterimage rushed straight for Tiemo Tu.

    "He's fast!" The surrounding fiendish cultivators and demons, as well as Lady Meiqing, were astounded. Just his speed alone exceeded that of everyone present, including City Lord Tiemo Tu!

    "Oh?" Tiemo Tu's expression changed. His hand extended and a staff appeared. He struck out with both hands forward.

    As he did, the grayish cloud in the sky filled with lightning!

    The lightning bolts combined with Tiemo Tu's staff to strike at Qin Yun.

    "A comparison of strength?"

    With a scoff, Qin Yun extended his hand in the form of an afterimage, grabbing the staff. Everyone was shocked! As for the lightning coming down from the sky... a black wind swirled around Qin Yun's body and dissipated the lightning bolts as they struck uselessly against it. The lightning bolts failed to do anything to Qin Yun.

    With lightning and black winds covering his body, Qin Yun held the staff with his right hand while staring coldly at Tiemo Tu.

    "What?" Tiemo Tu had used all his strength when he brandished the staff. He had also cultivated in a Fiendbody, so he had a lot of strength to use. One strike from him could probably annihilate half of City Lord Manor. But at that moment, Qin Yun was confidently holding his staff. Tiemo Tu was unable to easily fling him off.

    "This... This..."

    "How is it possible!?"

    The spectating fiendish cultivators and demons were dumbstruck.

    After the lightning was dissipated, with black winds gushing across his body, Qin Yun held the staff firm while staring at Tiemo Tu. He sneered.

    "Boom!" With a sudden exertion of strength, Qin Yun slammed the staff down to the ground, bringing Tiemo Tu along with it! Tiemo Tu released his grip on the staff in fear.

    But the moment he released his grip, the staff suddenly turned around and swept at him!


    As the staff swept at Tiemo Tu, he instantly phased away as an afterimage to fly backward before he slammed into the hall's columns. One column after another collapsed loudly in his wake until he crashed into a solid wall. He left a huge crater in it and his body was left embedded inside the wall. His body was covered with blood and a red trickle trailed down his chin.

    "Go!" Qin Yun threw the staff he was holding.

    The staff transformed into a stream of light.

    Tiemo Tu, whose mind was still in shock while being embedded in the wall, sensed his Dharma treasure rapidly flying to him. He immediately looked up and widened his eyes, hoping to make it halt.

    However, Qin Yun had imbued too much strength into the staff! His fiendish Dharmic powers were weak at controlling Dharma treasures...


    The staff pierced through Tiemo Tu's chest, boring a huge hole in it. Tiemo Tu's heart instantly shattered as much of the rest of his innards were pulverized by the ensuring shockwaves.

    Tiemo Tu's head drooped down, his eyes still wide open. However, he did not make another sound.

    The fiendish cultivators and demons outside the hall could not help but feel trepidations in their hearts when they saw all that happened, especially when it ended in Tiemo Tu's corpse having his own staff embedded in his body, pinning him to the wall.

    "This is no second Firmament Connate realm. He's no doubt a third Firmament Connate expert!"

    "In addition, he must have cultivated in a Fiendbody! He is just too strong and with the immense physical strength he has... he far surpasses Tiemo Tu."

    The fiends were terrified.

    Qin Yun was too powerful.

    "Greetings City Lord, we are your subordinates." The white-dressed man was the first to lead the bow.

    "Greetings City Lord, we are your subordinates."

    Immediately, all the surrounding fiendish cultivators and demons, including Lady Meiqing, bowed extremely reverently.

    Qin Yun swept his glance across the fiends.

    They were respectfully lowering their heads while their hearts were trembling. None of them dared to raise their heads.

    "Okay." Qin Yun tersely responded.

    "From this day forth, Tiemo City shall be renamed Windwolf City!" Qin Yun's voice was cold. "And I, Windwolf Yun, will be Windwolf City's city lord! Also, I know that Tiemo City has two deputy city lords."

    "Yes, yes, yes," answered the white-dressed man. "Both of them are out of town."

    "Get them to return immediately," instructed Qin Yun.

    "Definitely. City Lord, now that you are the new owner of the surrounding hundred and fifty kilometers, the deputy city lords and the factions within the area will have to come pay their respects to you," said the white-dressed man sycophantically.

    "Tiemo Tu truly bit off more than he could chew. How dare he fight you, City Lord. What a joke."

    "City Lord, you managed to kill Tiemo Tu in two or three strikes. If your strength is made known, it will definitely astound the world. I believe other cities would submit to you."

    "That's right! With City Lord's strength, the land he rules over will definitely not be limited to a hundred and fifty kilometers."

    Everyone took turns flattering Qin Yun.

    This was because their new city lord was too powerful. None of them dared to have thoughts of disobedience.

    Qin Yun swept them with a gaze.

    He had gathered intelligence prior to this, so he could guess the identities of the fiendish cultivators and demons.

    "This white-dressed man's name is Bai Chan. He's vicious and sinister. He was a lackey of Tiemo Tu that helped him engage in the sordid acts of snatching treasures and beauties. He also knew how to fawn over Tiemo Tu the best. He was Tiemo Tu's best henchman." Qin Yun knew some of the stories of the white-dressed man and could already barely tolerate him.

    Humans in the Great Chu world also cultivated in the fiendish way, so it was common to see sinister acts.

    However, Bai Chan's evilness truly stood atop the rest of the fiends.

    "Tiemo Tu deserved death," said Bai Chan sycophantically. "However, he gathered quite a lot of treasure, and most of it is on him. There are other things elsewhere... I know where they are located. I'm willing to do my best for you, City Lord. I'll find the treasures and hand them over to you."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked at Bai Chan.

    In response, he smiled in an even more toady manner.

    A black wind suddenly surged from Qin Yun's body as it swept towards Bai Chan's body. He was horrified but he failed to withstand any of it. The black wind rapidly ground him to nothingness as he returned to the land.

    Instantly, all the fiendish cultivators and demons that were trying to be obsequious towards Qin Yun were dumbstruck.

    Bai Chan died just like that?

    "Don't worry. I'm still quite amenable." Qin Yun looked at the trembling fiends. They turned increasingly uneasy, afraid that Qin Yun would kill them at any time.

    "I killed him only because I found him a sore sight. As for the rest of you, I guess all of you barely make the cut," said Qin Yun. He casually pointed at a blue-robed elder. "You."

    "Yes, my lord," answered the elder nervously.

    "Quickly make the necessary arrangements. I want to have some rest," instructed Qin Yun. "Also, there are many things that need sorting in Windwolf City. Report to me tomorrow."

    "Yes." The blue-robed elder's eyes lit up as he hurriedly answered, "City Lord, please come with me."

    With that said, the blue-robed elder led the way.

    "Alright," answered Qin Yun tersely as he followed. As he walked, he casually waved his hand, sending out a gust of black wind that flew towards Tiemo Tu's hanging corpse. The wind swept up the Dharma treasure and Cosmic Bag and carried them back to Qin Yun.

    After Qin Yun left, all the fiendish cultivators and demons in front of the hall heaved a collective sigh of relief.

    "Bai Chan died just like that?"

    "Just because this City Lord Windwolf finds him a sore sight?"

    "This new city lord of ours needs to be waited upon carefully."

    They felt that their new city lord had a capricious mood. It only struck deeper fear into them.

    Although Tiemo Tu was oppressive and cunning, he was considered quite normal. However, Windwolf Yun was subjected to changing moods and did as he pleased! Subordinates feared such superiors the most.

    "Did you notice it? The new city lord's name is Windwolf Yun. Our city has also changed its name to Windwolf City. Does everyone still remember? Three decades ago... There was a tribe called the Windwolf clan in the Blacktiger Forest. They offended Tiemo Tu and were slaughtered."

    "The Windwolf tribe?"

    "Could our new city lord be a member of the old Windwolf tribe?"

    "I'm only making a passing remark. Perhaps he's not related."

    As the fiends discussed, Lady Meiqing headed off to follow Qin Yun.
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