Chapter 363: Myriad Temples Second Invitation

    Chapter 363: Myriad Temple's Second Invitation

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    The blue-robed elder proceeded cautiously as he lead Qin Yun to a few palatial halls at the back of City Lord Manor.

    "City Lord." The blue-robed elder pointed ahead and said, "These few palatial halls are where Tiemo Tu used to reside and spend his time cultivating."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked over.

    There were a group of beauties already gathered ahead of him. Some were human, some demonesses, and there were even a few girls dressed as attendants.

    All of them were prostrating reverently. None of them dared to even lift their heads.

    "Two attendants stay. The rest can leave," ordered Qin Yun with a frown.

    The beauties and demonesses immediately felt uneasy. They could not help but look up at Qin Yun, making it a point to give a delicate face or have eyes filled with anticipation. They clearly wished they could be companions of the new city lord!

    "These two." Qin Yun chose two of the pretty and delicate attendants randomly. In terms of charm, the female attendants were naturally incomparable to the demoness beauties.

    "Yes," answered the blue-robed elder immediately. Following that, he bellowed in a hushed tone, "Why aren't all of you taking your leave yet?"

    "Leave quickly."

    A female steward quickly led the beauties away, leaving the two female attendants behind.

    They respectfully came to Qin Yun's side.

    "City Lord." The attendants' had soft voices, sounding extremely obedient. They were only afraid that they would infuriate the new city lord.

    Qin Yun suddenly felt something as he turned to look back.

    There was a charming woman dressed in red approaching. Her gait made the eyes of any man light up when they fell on her. She had a slim waist and perky hips and most of her long legs were exposed. The blue-robed elder took a glance and turned away, afraid to take another look. Her entire being was that of a paramount beauty, one filled with charm. Furthermore, her eyes seemed pure and clear.

    Qin Yun even felt affected by her charming body and pure eyes.

    "She actually has such powerful charms at the Postnatal realm," thought an alarmed Qin Yun.

    "I'm already using my 'Grand Mesmerize Succubus Dharma' to its fullest extent; yet, this new city lord is completely unaffected?" Meiqing could not help but be anxious when she saw how her charms were failing. Her greatest value... was her beauty. If she were to lose favor, the days ahead would prove difficult for the Fiend Succubus Chapter.

    "City Lord," said the blue-robed elder with a muffled smile. "She's the Fiend Lady of Fiend Succubus Chapter's present generation, Lady Meiqing. Although she's at the Postnatal realm, she is a fiendsuccubus by nature... She's truly a rare specimen. Perhaps there's no one prettier than her in the entire region of Windwolf City."

    "Greetings City Lord, I'm Meiqing," greeted Meiqing immediately with a bow. Her voice was more pleasant than even expertly-played music. As she raised her head slightly to look at Qin Yun, her eyes were as limpid as water.

    Qin Yun glanced at her before turning to head inside the hall. At the same time, he said indifferently, "I already mentioned that I want to rest. Unconcerned parties are to take their leave. Steward Yu, no one is permitted to disturb me unless it's something of importance."

    The two attendants departed with Qin Yun.

    "Yes," replied the blue-robed elder respectfully.

    The bowing Meiqing's face instantly turned pale. She wished to follow but the blue-robed elder instantly extended his hand to stop her. He softly but sternly said, "Lady Meiqing, City Lord was very clear. You should be aware of his temper."

    Although Meiqing was anxious, she said, "I understand. Steward Yu, thank you for helping me deal with the city lord up until now."

    "Lady Meiqing." The blue-robed elder no longer treated her warmly. He said indifferently, "Let me give you a reminder. This new city lord of ours... is incomparable to Tiemo Tu! He killed Tiemo Tu in a few strikes and would be considered rather powerful even among Connate third Firmament experts. This strength and status of his ensure that his horizons are wider than Tiemo Tu's. Lady Meiqing, your enchanting techniques might have worked on Tiemo Tu but they're unlikely to be effective against our new city lord."

    "Yes, I understand," answered Meiqing.

    "Alright, quickly take your leave. City Lord doesn't wish to be disturbed." As the elder glanced at Meiqing, he naturally had a desirous feeling towards her.


    He did not dare touch Meiqing before determining if the city lord had his sights on her.

    Meiqing bowed immediately and left. However, her eyes showed worry.


    The Fiend Succubus Chapter was located to the west of Windwolf City. It spanned a hundred acres and was considered a rather weak sect.

    "Your Highness."

    There were middle-aged women standing guard in the Fiend Succubus Chapter's periphery. When they saw Meiqing return, they greeted her reverently.

    She was after all the current generation's Fiend Lady, a standing just second to that of sect master. The survival of the Fiend Succubus Chapter in Windwolf City mainly relied on her.

    "Hmm," Meiqing answered tersely and continued heading in. However, her mind was wandering.

    "Sister Qing'er."

    "Sister Qing'er."

    There were girls inside the Fiend Succubus Chapter. The oldest was about thirteen and the youngest was about six. The twenty plus girls welcomed her excitedly.

    Meiqing smiled as she caressed the girls' heads. "Have you done your cultivation homework for the day?"

    "We just finished."

    "Sister Qing'er, we heard the resounding voice outside. It sounded like someone was challenging the city lord. Did something happen outside?"

    The girls asked one after another.

    "Qing'er, come over," requested a beautiful, purple-robed woman from afar.

    "Yes," answered Meiqing obediently. She gave the girls a smile before walking towards the purple-robed woman.

    They entered a hall together and took their seats.

    "Qing'er, I heard that Tiemo Tu is dead. The new city lord's name is Windwolf Yun?" asked the woman immediately. "What's the situation like in City Lord Manor? How strong is Windwolf Yun and what origins does he have?"

    "Master," said Meiqing immediately. "This Windwolf Yun is extremely powerful. He is no doubt a Connate third Firmament realm expert! Tiemo Tu lost his life after exchanging two or three strikes with him."

    The woman's eyes constricted as she said with a frown, "That powerful? How did he treat you?"

    Meiqing had a wry expression as she shook her head gently, "I tried to speak with him but he ignored me. I was ordered to leave."

    "What?" The woman immediately turned flustered. "You've had a fiendsuccubus body since birth. To treat you in such a manner...does he not like women?"

    "I have no idea." Meiqing shook her head.

    "Our Fiend Succubus Chapter has been on the run and only found safety under Tiemo Tu's protection after fleeing here," said the woman. "You and I are the only true core disciples remaining! With great difficulty we managed to find a few girls with potential... but they are all still young. They are still far from having success in their cultivation. My Fiend Succubus Chapter cannot suffer another setback."

    "I know." Meiqing nodded. "But towards me, the new city lord seems..."

    "You have to believe in yourself," said the woman immediately. "Every life in our Fiend Succubus Chapter is counting on you. Without a backer, we will be eaten clean."

    "Yes." Meiqing nodded and did not say another word.

    She was worried too.

    In this land, the weak Fiend Succubus Chapter would be in an extremely dire situation if it did not have a backer.

    She still remembered her days of seeking refuge back when she was thirteen.

    "This is our home, where many seniors and younger sisters rely on me." Meiqing was very worried but she lacked confidence.


    In a blink of an eye, it was the next day.

    Nearly everyone in Windwolf City knew that Tiemo Tu was dead. Now, the new city lord's name was Windwolf Yun. The city had also changed its name to Windwolf City. Many factions within fifty kilometers rushed to the city, making efforts to call on the new city lord.


    High in the sky, an old man and a young man stood on a black cloud.

    The elder overlooked Windwolf City's City Lord Manor. Soon, he saw a black-dressed man reading while drinking in a yard.

    "Grandfather, I heard this new Connate third Firmament expert's name is Windwolf Yun," said the youth with a smile. "A surname of Windwolf... tsk. It's obviously the surname of barbarians. It's quite surprising that a punk from a savage tribe could cultivate to this stage."

    "Since he has reached the Connate third Firmament, be more polite," said the elder.

    "Our Fuda family is a fiendcelestial family. So what if we aren't polite to someone like him?" The youth felt contempt.

    The elder chuckled and said, "In the imperial city, he naturally can't do a thing to you. But in the wilderness outside the city... killing a Connate first Firmament like you is no different from squashing a bug."

    The youth said in anger, "How dare he do that when he comes from some savage tribe..."

    "You've never left the imperial city in your life. Everyone around you treated you with respect. You have not even seen the world outside the city," said the elder. "You were made to undergo experiential training because you need to broaden your horizons. You have to understand that your strength is what matters."

    The elder looked down and, flipping his hand, produced a crystal.


    He threw it out.

    The crystal became a streaking stream of light, flying dozens of kilometers and into City Lord Manor. It reached its target, the reading black-dressed man.

    The black-dressed man reached out and grabbed it, immediately looking up at his surroundings.

    "Let's go." After throwing the crystal, the elder departed on a black cloud with the youth.


    In City Lord Manor, Qin Yun held the crystal. He could tell at a glance that this was what the Heaven Earth Essence Qi Crystals of this world looked like. He also sensed the imprint on it.

    "The Myriad Temple is here? I just killed Tiemo Tu yesterday and they are inviting me today? They are a lot more efficient than my homeworld's Myriad Temple," thought Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out a transmission token.

    Transferring the imprint on the crystal into the transmission token, he immediately began contacting the other party.


    A phantom projected in midair. In the background was an ancient hall. A fiendcelestial with horns on his head sat there. From the might it emitted, Qin Yun judged, "It's probably a second Firmament fiendcelestial."

    The fiendcelestial looked down at Qin Yun with a smile. He said, "I'm the Myriad Temple's ambassador. The Fiend Crystal you received is a tiny gift from my Myriad Temple."

    "Greetings, Senior Fiendcelestial." Qin Yun immediately stood up as he put on a puzzled expression. "About Myriad Temple... I'm quite knowledgeable but I have never heard of it."


    The fiendcelestial said with a laugh, "Only those with sufficient strength in this world will be invited by my Myriad Temple as a customer! Windwolf Yun, I can tell you that my Myriad Temple covers every corner of the world. The Monarchs and even the legendary Empyrean Lord keep good ties with my Myriad Temple."

    "Monarchs and Empyrean Lords?" Qin Yun gave a look of shock.

    Monarchs were Skyfiend existences!

    "My Myriad Temple believes in fair exchange. A person you wish to kill out of revenge, a treasure you covet, or a beauty of high status, you could even become the personal disciple of a Monarch or Empyrean Lord... As long as you pay the price, my Myriad Temple can help you accomplish it," said the fiendcelestial confidently.
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