Chapter 364: Departure

    Chapter 364: Departure

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    "I can have any beauty I want? I can become a personal disciple of the Empyrean Lord?" Qin Yun wore a fake look of shock. "Is that for real?"

    "Of course, as long as you can pay the price," said the fiendcelestial with a smile.

    "Then, what is the price of becoming Monarch Plumblossom's disciple?" inquired Qin Yun.

    "A transcendent-grade Dharma treasure," said the fiendcelestial, its smile growing. "By becoming a Monarch's personal disciple, you will ensure that you obtain cultivation Dharmic formulations. If your talent is sufficiently high, the Monarch will also nurture you. Furthermore, your status will be forever changed. At least in Monarch Plumblossom's dominion, you could pretty much do anything you want."

    "Forget it. I can't afford a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure." Qin Yun shook his head before saying, "Senior Fiendcelestial, the world is large and filled with experts. I wish to purchase all details regarding the world's experts."

    "I have the complete information of all the countries, large family clans in the world, and even all of its Connate experts and even fiendcelestials... I can even give you a discounted price if you were to buy them all at once," replied the fiendcelestial.


    Purchasing information was a very common act.

    Be it Qin Yun's homeworld or the Great Chu world, one would have the urge to purchase information on all the experts in the world once they reached a certain level of strength. By doing so, they would know who was not to be offended! In a life-and-death battle, having detailed information on the enemy gave one a higher chance of winning.


    "City Lord, this is the intelligence I spent all night gathering. It includes all the information we have about the factions in a hundred-and-fifty-kilometer radius around Windwolf City." The blue-robed elder sought an audience and handed over a thick tome respectfully with both hands.

    A female attendant received it and brought it to Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun, who was drinking, appeared drunk. He flipped through the tome and read it.

    Although he had received some intelligence from killing the bandit leader when he first arrived in the Great Chu world, it was clearly incomparable to the tome. Qin Yun only had a general understanding the area around him. Now, he was learning many of the deep, dark secrets of the people around him.

    "Fiend Succubus Chapter?" Qin Yun reached a particular page.

    The Fiend Succubus Chapter had sought refuge in the city six years ago.

    Back then, a master-and-disciple duo along with a few female guards gained Tiemo Tu's protection, allowing them to safely settle down and reestablish the Fiend Succubus Chapter. They also began taking in new disciples.

    "The Fiend Succubus Chapter not only has enemies outside. Many people in the city covet their beauty as well," thought Qin Yun. "They were able to survive this long because of Tiemo Tu's protection in the past. It's no wonder that woman named Meiqing kept insisting on speaking with me."


    Qin Yun sighed inwardly.

    "Fiendcelestials rule the Great Chu world. It's survival of the fittest and the weaklings always lead tragic lives. The Fiend Succubus Chapter is beautiful but weak. Their fate is obvious..." Qin Yun continued reading the tome. It wasn't long before he finished.

    "City Lord, the two deputy city lords and envoys of various factions have arrived in Windwolf City. They can meet you at any moment," said the blue-robed elder immediately. "City Lord, when do you plan on meeting them?"

    "Since they are here, let's do it tonight," said Qin Yun. "I'll host a banquet in City Lord Manor. I'll leave the details to you."

    "Yes," replied the blue-robed elder respectfully.

    "Also..." said Qin Yun. "That Meiqing from the Fiend Succubus Chapter, summon her here. In the future, she will be my personal attendant."

    The blue-robed elder's pupils constricted slightly. He had been coveting her! He even had his sights on the current Fiend Succubus Chapter sect master. But with Qin Yun giving such an order... the blue-robed elder had to be more cautious.

    "Yes, I'll send for her immediately," said the blue-robed elder in a fawning manner.

    "Take your leave then." Qin Yun nodded.

    The blue-robed elder bowed and took his leave. As he left, he grumbled inwardly, "The wonders of a fiendsuccubus body. She has really enticed the new city lord. Hmph, looks like she found a new backer after all."


    Fiend Succubus Chapter.

    "Qing'er, this is a girl I bought three days ago. Her name is Muyu. She has great talent in the cultivation of our Fiend Succubus Chapter's Dharmic formulations. Her talent is only second to yours," said a purple-robed woman to Lady Meiqing as they stood outside a building while she looked inside. There, a young girl was being taught how to read.

    "Her talent is only second to mine?" Meiqing was pleasantly surprised.

    "I was also pleasantly surprised by her. She made me hope that our Fiend Succubus Chapter will be ushering in better days. I even believed that we would have a chance of prospering," said the purple-robed woman with a sigh. "But now, with a change of city lords, it is hard to determine the fate of our Fiend Succubus Chapter. Everything depends on the new city lord's will. Without his backing, even the two deputy city lords are unlikely to be able to completely protect our Fiend Succubus Chapter."

    The Fiend Succubus Chapter was coveted by many.

    They naturally could not secure the sect if they lacked the strength.

    "Master, our Fiend Succubus Chapter will keep seeing better days," said Meiqing instantly.

    "Yea." The purple-robed woman turned and departed.

    Meiqing stood outside the building and watched. Soon, the middle-aged woman inside the room was done teaching and brought the little girl out. She immediately bowed when she saw Meiqing, "Your Highness."

    "Hmm." Meiqing looked at the young girl. "Your name is Muyu?"

    "Sister Meiqing," greeted the girl with a bow.

    "Where are you from?" asked Meiqing.

    "I grew up in Tiemo... Windwolf City." The girl appeared a little apprehensive.

    "How about your family?" asked Meiqing.

    "My parents and uncle are dead," said the girl softly. "My younger brother and I were sent into the slave market but he died from an illness. I was later chosen by Master."

    Meiqing caressed the young girl's head gently when she heard that. She was no stranger to such backgrounds. Her story was even worse. She said softly, "Muyu, from this day forth, Fiend Succubus Chapter is your family. If there's anything you need, just look for me."

    "Okay." The girl nodded immediately. Her eyes lit up. To a girl that had been sent into the slave market, entering the Fiend Succubus Chapter was truly a blessing.

    "Go with her," instructed Meiqing.

    "Yes, Your Highness." The middle-aged woman left with the girl.

    Meiqing stood alone as she watched the girl depart.

    The entire Fiend Succubus Chapter was relying on her.

    She was exhausted as well.

    She really wished to protect her 'family.' She wanted to protect this group of younger sisters but all she could do was rely on her beauty and body.

    "Qing'er, quick. Someone from City Lord Manor is here." Fiend Succubus Chapter's sect master's voice sounded in Meiqing's ears.

    "Someone from City Lord Manor?" Meiqing was astounded as she rushed to the main entrance.

    The entire Fiend Succubus Chapter gathered by the main entrance.

    A few horseback men were there and leading them was a blue-armored soldier. The moment he saw Fiend Succubus Chapter's sect master and Meiqing approach with a few middle-aged women, he immediately dismounted.

    "Greetings, Lady Meiqing," greeted the soldier with a respectful smile. "The City Lord has decreed that you are to be his personal attendant from this day forth. Please make your preparations quickly and follow us to City Lord Manor."

    "Personal attendant?"

    The purple-robed woman and the middle-aged women behind Meiqing felt relieved. They even revealed looks of excitement.

    "Qing'er, what are you waiting for?" The purple-robed woman asked excitedly. At the same time, she sent a voice transmission: "By being a personal attendant, you will be by his side at all times. You have to treat the new city lord well. He is much stronger than Tiemo Tu. With him here, our Fiend Succubus Chapter will be safe for centuries. It will give us enough time to rise up again."

    "Yes." Meiqing was equally excited.


    Meiqing arrived at City Lord Manor moments later.

    "Greetings City Lord, I'm Meiqing." Meiqing bowed respectfully as she looked at Qin Yun with warm feelings.

    Regardless, the new city lord, Windwolf Yun, was a Connate third Firmament realm expert. He was strong, young, and handsome. She felt sweet joy knowing that she would be serving him constantly.

    "Alright." Qin Yun took a look and said, "Remember, when you are here with me... you have to be obedient. Do not make decisions on your own."

    "I understand," said Meiqing reverently.


    That night, City Lord Manor hosted a banquet and invited people from all over the region.

    As the new city lord was strong, with the strength to wipe out any alliance formed by the factions in Windwolf City, no one dared to cause trouble! Even the two deputy city lords were extremely respectful! Everyone knew that during Tiemo Tu's reign, the two deputy city lords retained some of their arrogance.

    "I will be entering seclusion for a few days. Meiqing, Steward Yu, you are not to disturb me unless it's something important," commanded Qin Yun.


    The blue-robed elder and Meiqing bowed and replied reverently.

    "Alright." Following that, Qin Yun began his seclusion. It was common for experts at the Connate third Firmament realm to enter seclusion for a decade or two.

    Qin Yun activated an array formation inside the chamber. After he secured the array formation, he secretly left Windwolf City.


    He rode a black wind the entire way as he flew amid the clouds, heading straight for Springmountain City that was five thousand kilometers away.

    "According to the intelligence I received from Myriad Temple, one of the two Dharma treasure gauntlets is in the hands of Fiendcelestial Tantong. And other than secluding himself in Mt. Plumblossom, Fiendcelestial Tantong typically resides in Springmountain City," thought Qin Yun. "I'll first think of a way to kill him before snatching the gauntlet."
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