Chapter 365: Tantong Family Clan

    Chapter 365: Tantong Family Clan

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    Qin Yun landed on a mountain and, with a flash of his body, his appearance changed.

    His black robes turned white! His hair was also made stark white. His facial appearance shifted slightly as the saber by his waist turned into a sword. Most importantly, his aura experienced a change. To ordinary Connate experts, changing their vital aura was a very difficult task... But when one had the strength of a third Firmament Essence Soul, learning a Dharmic formulation that faked one's aura was not difficult.

    Old Master Chu had managed to do so. Therefore Qin Yun was easily able to do so after obtaining the Dharmic formulation.

    His entire being had undergone a complete change.

    "Open." A third eye opened in between his brows.

    The Eye of Lightning swept the surrounding area.

    "According to my intelligence, there are no Skyfiends around for hundreds of kilometers out. The closest Skyfiend is Monarch Plumblossom of Mt. Plumblossom, and he's fifty-five hundred kilometers away." Qin Yun observed the area. "Yes, I wouldn't dare make a bold claim but I have already scanned the area up to a hundred and fifty kilometers out. There isn't even a fiendcelestial, much less a Skyfiend."

    "Let me look at Springmountain City now."

    Qin Yun peered at Springmountain City.

    The mountain he was on was more than five hundred kilometers away from Springmountain City. However, with Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning, he could still clearly see the city. He could even hone in on any single living being inside the city.

    "What a large city. It probably has a population of ten million." Qin Yun was surprised at seeing this. "Humans are indeed tenacious creatures. Back when this Great Chu world was first overrun by fiendcelestials, the world was transformed... Humans nearly died out. The remaining humans were forced to adapt to the new environment. They submitted themselves to fiendcelestials and began procreating until they occupied thirty percent of the Great Chu world."

    "Fiendcelestial Tantong's family clan is in Springmountain City. He occasionally takes up permanent residence here." Qin Yun observed carefully.

    Through the Eye of Lightning, he first found the Tantong family clan's manor.

    He observed carefully...

    The Eye of Lightning could easily see the intensity of auras! A fiendcelestial's aura was very different from a mortal's, akin to a gigantic fireball amid a swath of fireflies. Just as Qin Yun managed to easily sweep a hundred and fifty kilometers of his surroundings and confirm that there were no fiendcelestials, he quickly made a thorough probe of Springmountain City despite its high population count.

    "There's nothing. The Tantong family clan's manor doesn't have any fiendcelestials in it."

    "In fact, the entire Springmountain City... only has one fiendcelestial." Qin Yun quickly found the fiendcelestial thanks to its sufficiently strong aura. As he observed carefully with the Eye of Lightning, he saw that the fiendcelestial was fornicating with beauties. "He's only at the second firmament Fiendcelestial realm."

    "Does this mean that Tantong is currently cultivating in Mt. Plumblossom?" Qin Yun frowned. "That's a place with a Skyfiend."

    "Is Tantong carrying the Dharma treasure gauntlet with him or has he left it in his family manor?" Qin Yun had that sudden thought. "I'll first visit Springmountain City."


    After dispelling his Eye of Lightning, Qin Yun rode the black wind. Although he did not fly fast, he arrived at Springmountain City an hour later.

    Springmountain City was an ancient and majestic city. Its populace exceeded ten million. It was rather famous in the Great Chu world because it was home to three fiendcelestial family clans! The three family clans jointly ruled over the city and other cities hundreds of kilometers away.

    "Let me see if the Dharma treasure gauntlet is in Springmountain City. If it's in the city, things will be much simpler." Qin Yun silently landed in the city and used the Heart-Protecting Mirror to seek out the gauntlet.

    Out of all the parts of the Empyrean Lord Divine Armor, he had only brought the Heart-Protecting Mirror to the Great Chu world.

    This was because the Heart-Protecting Mirror was the core of the Empyrean Lord Divine Armor. With it, he could sense the other parts. Of course, the condition was that he had to be sufficiently close, within a range of approximately five kilometers.

    At the same time, the Heart-Protecting Mirror gave Qin Yun immense strength! The Empyrean Lord Divine Armor could augment the strength of a physical body. The Heart-Protecting Mirror was key to that augmentation. Now, although it was only an individual item, it could still give Qin Yun's physical body powers to match those of a first Firmament fiendcelestial! Previously, he had relied solely on his strength to easily kill Tiemo Tu.


    Inside Springmountain City.

    It was a bustling land filled with experts. Many factions had their headquarters stationed in the city.

    "Springmountain City is truly lively, much more than in the sect." Amid the bustling crowd, a young couple was looking excitedly at their surroundings.

    "I pleaded with Dad for a long time before he permitted us to join this excursion outside," said the man with a smile. "Remember, don't cause trouble."

    "Don't worry," said the woman.

    "Quick make way."

    "Quick, quick! Quick make way."

    "It's Young Master Qi of the Tantong family clan."

    On the wide streets, there were many passers-by that quickly made way by moving to the sides. All of them were extremely obedient.

    Two black snakes flew as they drew a luxurious carriage along the streets. There were a large group of guards surrounding the carriage! And sitting on the carriage was a man in a gorgeous red robe. Leaning on him were two enchanting beauties.

    "It's Young Master Qi."

    "Lower your heads."

    The surrounding humans and demons turned nervous.

    The three great fiendcelestial family clans ruled the surrounding area, their dominion spanning hundreds of kilometers. No faction dared to offend the three fiendcelestial family clans.

    "Hmph." Tantong Qi sat elevated on his carriage. As he swept the area beneath him, the corners of his lips suffused a smile.

    Suddenly, Tantong Qi saw a woman dressed in beast hide amid the passers-by a distance away. Although he could not determine her figure as it was covered by the thick beast hide, he could guess that she was rather petite. Even though her head was lowered, his heart was still stirred. She was the type he fancied.

    "Go, bring me that woman dressed in gray beast hide." Tantong Qi instructed the guards beside him. There were six guards standing on the carriage as well. All of them were at the Connate realm. Their leader was even at the peak Connate second Firmament realm.

    "Yes, Young Master." Two of the guards traced his gaze and quickly found their target. They flew over immediately.

    "Oh?" The couple still had their heads lowered but from the corner of their eyes, they could see two figures flying towards them.

    The couple could not help but look up.

    One of the guards grabbed the woman and instantly sealed off her strength. Then, he dragged her away.

    "Let me go!" The woman could not help but shout when she was lifted up. "Darling, save me! Save me!"

    "Let go of my wife." The man leapt up in worry. Two other figures jumped up as well and grabbed him, "Senior Brother, don't go over!"


    A guard grabbed the woman while the other guard bellowed coldly, "You are courting death!" He then waved his hand as numerous black beams flew out.

    The man and the two companions behind him immediately tried to block.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The two companions were weaker. The black beam penetrated their guard, killing them instantly. The man with the scimitar managed to barely withstand the beam.

    "A Postnatal punk actually managed to withstand a strike of mine?" The guard smiled hideously.

    "Please, I beg of you. Let my wife off-" The man with the scimitar struggled with great difficulty as he pleaded.

    Suddenly, a figure flew over from afar.

    A blood beam flashed.

    The scimitar-wielding man's body jolted as he turned, only to see a white-haired elder.

    The man widened his eyes as a red mark appeared by his glabella. Following that, he collapsed to the ground and stopped breathing.

    "To dare defy Young Master Qi, your death really doesn't merit any pity," said the white-haired elder with a sneer.

    The guard looked at the white-haired elder in astonishment. Following that, he smiled and beckoned for the return of the Dharma treasure that emitted black beams. With a tap of his foot, he flew back to the carriage.

    The woman fell into a daze when she saw her husband killed. The white-haired elder's eyes met the woman's but hers looked lifeless.

    "Go." Tantong Qi pulled the woman into his embrace as the carriage continued proceeding forward.

    After the Tantong family clan's carriage departed, the streets turned noisy once again.

    However, there were three corpses on the ground. The passers-by avoided them but there was one group of people standing right next to them. They were led by the white-haired elder.

    "Elder." The others looked at the white-haired elder.

    The white-haired elder squatted down and looked at the man's corpse and its widened, lifeless eyes.

    "Dao'er." The white-haired elder looked at the corpse and whispered, "I'm useless as a father. I was powerless but I had no other solution. Your anxiousness caused the deaths of your fellow disciples. If the situation went further, Young Master Qi could order our entire sect to be wiped out. I really had no choice. I'm useless as a father. I'm sorry."

    The white-haired elder immediately stood up. His tears had already evaporated.

    "The corpses are sullying the streets. Quickly clear them," ordered the white-haired elder. Immediately, a person beside him began taking care of the corpses.

    The white-haired elder looked at his two disciples' corpses and then his son's corpse with a blank expression.

    And amid the crowd, Qin Yun had watched this scene play out. "Such cruelty happens every day in Springmountain City, no, in every city in this Great Chu world."

    If this had happened in the Great Chang world, it would be considered a tragedy. The imperial government could still administer justice on such matters.

    But in the Great Chu world, worse tragedies were commonplace.

    Qin Yun continued walking again.

    The Heart-Protecting Mirror could sense up to five kilometers out. Therefore, he made a simple round and arrived outside the Tantong family clan's manor.

    "I can't sense it! I have roughly covered all of Springmountain City's interior but the heart-protecting mirror did not sense anything," thought Qin Yun. "It appears that the Dharma treasure gauntlet is worn by Tantong at all times. Now that he's cultivating in Mt. Plumblossom... I can only force him out since I do not have a death wish."

    "Tantong family clan?"

    Qin Yun looked at the Tantong Manor in the distance as he thought. "The upper echelons of the Tantong family clan enjoy immense power. Their sins are terrifyingly heinous. There's not even a single good person in the whole group. Hmph, whatever. I'll kill them all! Once the upper echelons of the Tantong family are wiped out, Tantong himself will definitely return to Springmountain City to investigate."
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