Chapter 366: Vanquishment with a Thought

    Chapter 366: Vanquishment with a Thought

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    Following that, Qin Yun left. He chose a nearby restaurant and ordered a few dishes and alcohol. He waited for the best moment to strike as he enjoyed his meal. Most of the Tantong family clansmen were not in the manor as it was still daytime.

    Just moments later, the abducted woman in the beast hide was brought into the Tantong household.

    "Watch her well. She's Young Master Qi's woman."

    "None of you are to touch her."


    "We wouldn't dare even if we were ten times bolder."

    There were servants responsible for escorting and watching her.

    Since her strength was completely sealed, her eyes were filled with despair.

    In the distant restaurant, Qin Yun watched the woman in beast hide being brought into the manor through a window.

    "Fiendcelestials rule the world. It's an extremely cruel world with survival of the fittest being the rule of the day. But it's because of this that the creation of experts is easier here," thought Qin Yun. "The weak live abject lives. To change their fates, they have to become strong! For revenge, they need to become strong! In short, there are countless living beings in this world who hold a fervent wish of becoming strong. Because of this, they have more experts."

    "In comparison, most of my homeworld's commoners live in peace. Their thirst for power is much more subdued compared to the Great Chu world's." Qin Yun thought as he took a swig of his alcohol. "However, I still prefer my homeworld. I prefer peaceful worlds."

    Qin Yun had no way to change the fate of the Great Chu world.

    In the boundless Three Realms, there were many schools of thought-immortals, Buddhas, fiends, Godfiends, magi, dragons. The fiendcelestial lineage was considered very powerful and there were quite a number of mighty figures that hailed from it.


    Night fell.

    Tantong Qi returned home on his carriage, reeking of alcohol.

    "Young Master Qi, I'll be returning first," said the guard leader who stood beside him on the carriage.

    "Brother Yi, go ahead. I'll probably not be leaving the manor for the next three days! If I need to leave, I'll send someone to request your service." Tantong Qi said with a chuckle. He was rather polite since Yi Lou was the guard leader that protected him. Furthermore, Yi Lou had reached the peak Connate second Firmament after cultivating for about thirty plus years. He was not far from the next breakthrough. The Tantong family also thought highly of the loyal and talented Yi Lou.

    Yi Lou nodded and leaped off the carriage before leaving.

    Tantong Qi dismounted the carriage as well. He entered the manor with a bright glint in his eyes. "Babe, I'll be spending the next three days with you."

    Yi Lou soon returned to his residence in Springmountain City. As someone who was being painstakingly nurtured, Yi Lou naturally enjoyed great treatment. He was given an acre of land and some servants, all his own.



    The servants greeted Yi Lou respectfully.

    "Darling." A young woman came to him. There was a boy beside her as he immediately greeted, "Dad."

    "Darling, Yu'er." Yi Lou laughed as he hugged the boy.

    Yi Lou accompanied his wife into a hall.

    "I cooked this myself." The young woman served a bowl of thick soup to her husband from the wooden tray a maidservant carried.

    Yi Lou smiled as he finished it quickly with a spoon.

    The young woman waved her hand and all the maidservants took their leave. Even the boy was carried away.

    "What is it? Is there something wrong?" asked Yi Lou.

    "Darling, the sect came to us today," whispered the woman. "They wish for you to save someone! Sigh, this sect seeks our help every few days. You are practically busier than your sect master. Darling... I think you should refuse them more. Don't agree to everything. Back when you were in the sect, you were not valued at all and did not receive any major rewards. You only became accomplished by adventuring outside on your own. You got to this state by working for the Tantong family clan."

    Yi Lou nodded. "Don't worry. I know that. I cannot abide by their every wish."

    "That's what you say but you still help them every time." The woman was somewhat vexed.

    "Without Master, I wouldn't be what I am today. I can't just reject them outright. Alright, I know how to deal with it," said Yi Lou. Following that, he smiled, "Oh right, I can spend the next three days at home with the both of you."

    The woman revealed a delighted look. "Oh? Is Young Master Qi staying at home the next three days?"

    "Yes." Yi Lou nodded but he recalled the pitiful woman in beast hide.

    He sighed inwardly.

    "For the sect and my family, and for my wife, I can only continue down this path." Yi Lou's state of mind quickly settled. He had many responsibilities. By reminding himself what was most important, it allowed him to be like a fish in water!


    The night continued.

    The restaurant finally closed for the day and so Qin Yun left it.

    He looked at Tantong Manor which occupied a massive area in front of him. It had many guards and there was an array formation enveloping it. The security was tight.


    With a step, Qin Yun traversed more than a thousand feet and entered Tantong Manor.

    He had triggered the array formation the moment he forced his entry. Standing above a lake in the manor, his Dao domain instantly enveloped Tantong Manor with a boom, destroying the Tantong Manor's array formation.

    "Die, all of you." Qin Yun's eyes were cold and merciless. His third eye, the Eye of Lightning opened at his glabella.

    He commanded with a thought.

    There were many members of the Tantong family's upper echelon in the massive Tantong Manor.

    There were experts in seclusion who instantly vaporized as they returned to the land.

    Some disintegrated in their sleep, vanishing into nothingness.

    There were others who were hosting parties with friends. Dancers were dancing in front of the seats of honor, when the Tantong family clansman disintegrated and disappeared.


    Tantong Qi was soaking inside a massive pool of hot water. Steam billowed around him and his many beauties.

    "Bring that babe from today to me," instructed Tantong Qi.

    "Yes, Young Master."

    Soon, the woman in beast hide was brought over. When she entered the room with the pool, her eyes turned red when she saw Tantong Qi. Unfortunately, her strength was sealed. She could not even commit suicide.

    "Strip her." Tantong Qi's eyes shimmered as he shouted directly.

    Just as his voice faded-

    Tantong Qi's expression froze. His body silently disintegrated and turned into nothingness, vanishing from the world.

    The beauties tending to him and the woman in beast hide were dumbstruck.

    His body disintegrated before he vanished completely?

    "Is he dead? Is he dead?" murmured the woman. Her agitated eyes were welling with tears.


    Without so much as a stir, all the members of the Tantong family upper echelon were killed.

    "Time to leave." Qin Yun instantly took out a dark purple wooden tablet.

    He immediately triggered it.

    Space warped, and Qin Yun took a step into the anomaly and vanished.

    He appeared in a mountain range fifteen hundred kilometers away.

    "This treasure was refined by Divine Firmament's Ancestral Master Zhang. It allows a mortal sword immortal like me to perform Void Transference ten times. It will be completely expended after the tenth time. This is the first time!" Qin Yun looked at the wooden tablet in his hand. It was worth a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure. This was the first time Qin Yun was using it.

    Springmountain City was a city with three fiendcelestial family clans after all. The array formation that fortified the city was also extremely profound. There was also an existence at the second Firmament Fiendcelestial realm there.

    After killing so many, casting Void Transference immediately was the best way to remain hidden.

    "I have vanquished nearly every member of the Tantong family's upper echelon. Only a small number escaped because they were outside." Qin Yun looked in the direction of Springmountain City. "Their transmission marks vanished the moment they were killed... I believe Springmountain City will instantly react."

    "With nearly every member of the upper echelon vanquished, Tantong will definitely return to investigate the matter." Qin Yun looked forward to the outcome. "I'll wait for your return!"
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