Chapter 368: Final Dharma treasure Gauntlet

    Chapter 368: Final Dharma treasure Gauntlet

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    Qin Yun looked at the two fiendcelestials corpses that resembled ice sculptures. His gaze came to a stop at Tantong's left hand, on which he wore a golden Dharma treasure gauntlet. The Heart-Protecting Mirror also reacted, confirming that this was what he was searching for.

    "Treasure acquired." Qin Yun smiled as he flipped his hand. With the Two World Picture in hand, the two fiendcelestial ice sculptures rapidly whizzed over and shrank into the Two World Picture.

    "Time to go."

    Without any hesitation, he took out the dark purple wooden tablet and cast Void Transference once again, arriving fifteen hundred kilometers away.

    The moment he left, his Dao domain vanished. The Connate experts that were repressed by the Dao domain felt the terrifying binding force dissipate but many of them remained nervous. They had already seen an explosion come from the palatial building in the center. There was rubble everywhere and nothing could be discerned in detail.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Figures rapidly flew to where the palatial building originally stood. However, it was already completely in ruins. There were terrifying spatial shockwaves still emanating out. The ground, buildings, and wreckage were frozen. Just a gentle touch would shatter them.

    "What happened?" All of them stared in shock.

    "Patriarch Fiendcelestial's transmission mark has dissipated." A core member of the Tantong family clan was one of the few members of the upper echelon that survived. Tantong had summoned him and given him his transmission mark.

    But this time, all the other clansmen's transmission marks were fine but their patriarch's mark was gone!

    This was not only limited to the few remaining members of the Tantong family clan. Even the upper echelons of the Yugu family clan not far away were horrified to see the transmission mark of their patriarch dissipate! It was like a bolt out of the blue!


    The two fiendcelestials knew many people. They even had contact with some Connate experts and the Myriad Temple.

    The moment their transmission marks vanished, the news naturally spread quickly!

    The two fiendcelestials, Tantong and Yugu, had died in Springmountain City and even their corpses had gone missing. The news shook Mt. Plumblossom. Monarch Plumblossom flew into a rage and immediately ordered an investigation.

    But despite all its efforts... the investigation failed to identify the murderer!

    Major factions around the world paid close attention to the happenings. They only knew that the murderer had the ability to freeze the surroundings, leaving behind extremely cold temperatures.


    After Qin Yun was fifteen hundred kilometers away, he rode a black wind at the speed of an ordinary Connate third Firmament expert. After traveling a thousand kilometers, he found an uninhabited mountain and landed.


    With a flip of his hand, he threw out the Two World Picture, encompassing the mountain.

    Following that, he released the two ice sculpture-like fiendcelestials. With a beckoning of his hand, the Dharma treasure gauntlet on Tantong's corpse was retrieved.

    "This is it." Qin Yun held the gauntlet and, as it resonated with the Heart-Protecting Mirror, he was certain. "I have obtained one of the two Dharma treasure gauntlets. There's only one left."

    "There's no rush. Let me see if these two fiendcelestials have any other good treasures. I might even find a Numinous treasure if I am lucky."

    Qin Yun first stuffed the gauntlet into a Cosmic Bag before he carefully probed the two corpses.

    He spent ten minutes searching them thoroughly.

    "How poor they are!"

    "And it's not your ordinary poverty! Perhaps there are too many fiendcelestials and they are not adept at refining Dharma treasures, causing them to have fewer treasures than Daoists or Buddhists of equal standing?" Qin Yun shook his head silently. One of them was at the peak second Firmament fiendcelestial realm while the other was at the second Firmament. But their treasures combined, excluding the gauntlet, were only comparable to Palatial Lord Black Dragon's and Fiend Sovereign Jadeface's. And those two were only at the level of the peak first Firmament Essence Soul realm.

    The Great Chu world had a lot more experts than Qin Yun's homeworld!

    But in terms of refined artifacts... the combined wealth of three Skyfiends under normal circumstances were incomparable to a Daoist Skyimmortal!

    For instance, Qin Yun's homeworld had very few Numinous treasures in ancient times.

    But in the present day, a typical peak third Firmament Essence Soul would have one Numinous treasure in hand. As for those on the level of Human Emperor, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Patriarch Bai, all of them had even more treasures.

    "I cannot be too greedy. After all, the gauntlet is now in my hand." Qin Yun picked up the Cosmic Bag and with a whoosh, he stored away all the treasures in front of him. However, he could not help but grumble, "It's true that fiendcelestials are rather poor."

    After putting away the Two World Picture, Qin Yun quickly changed his appearance to that of Windwolf Yun before taking off on a black wind.

    "The remaining gauntlet will be relatively more troublesome. Its owner is a third Firmament fiendcelestial after all," thought Qin Yun. He took on the easier task before the difficult one. He had approached this simple task by luring Tantong out before killing him instantly. It was entirely easy and he had even vanquished another fiendcelestial in passing.

    "A third Firmament Connate fiendcelestial might be weaker than me, but to kill it, ordinary means of murder will probably take too much time. If I take too much time, there will be enemies everywhere since I'm in the Great Chu world. If a Skyfiend were to arrive, I'd be doomed."

    Qin Yun understood this point.

    "I have to be quick."

    "Thankfully, I have the Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash. With it, I'm confident that I can kill him in a short period of time," thought Qin Yun. "Although it takes a year to fill the Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash with enough Sword Qi to use it once, it is extremely powerful! It can be very effective at a critical moment. Ancestral Master Zhang sold it to me at the price of a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure. I really got it cheap. Its real value is definitely no less than a Numinous treasure."

    "However, Ancestral Master Zhang previously mentioned that it's not worth that price since it can only be used by sword immortals."

    "On that thought, who is the one that refined such a Dharma treasure that can only be used by sword immortals?"

    Speculations filled Qin Yun's mind.


    Qin Yun flew all the way

    After flying more than 10,000 kilometers.

    "Quzhong City?" Qin Yun stood on a black wind as a vertical eye opened between his brows. He saw Quzhong City from more than five hundred kilometers away. The last gauntlet was in Fiendcelestial Quzhong's hands. According to the information in the intelligence provided by Myriad Temple, Quzhong spent most of his time living in Quzhong City."

    The Eye of Lightning looked into the distance.

    Quzhong City was also an ancient city with a populace of five million. Although only one fiendcelestial family clan ruled over the city, Fiendcelestial Quzhong was a third Firmament fiendcelestial! He still possessed a certain level of threat.

    "I see him."

    Qin Yun smiled. He clearly 'saw' that in a hidden cultivation chamber in the large city, a fiendcelestial was sitting cross-legged. He had three silver horns and a surging fiend aura. Qin Yun had obtained information on all the fiendcelestials in the world from Myriad Temple, so he readily identified Quzhong.

    "Great." There's only Fiendcelestial Quzhong in the city. There will not be any other fiendcelestials interferring with my mission." Qin Yun nodded inwardly. "With the Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash, I can slay him in a short period of time!


    An hour later.

    A simply-dressed man with sprawling black hair and a companion saber by his waist appeared in a secluded alley. He smiled when he looked at his reflection before walking out. He was physically very close to Quzhong's hidden cultivation chamber.

    "The distance is less than five kilometers. Why do I not sense anything from the Heart Protecting Mirror?" Qin Yun felt a little surprised. "Is there interference because the gauntlet is being stored somewhere? But even if the gauntlet is hiding inside a Grotto-heaven, I should still be able to sense it."

    Qin Yun made his approach without halting.

    Five kilometers, four kilometers, two kilometers...

    Soon, Qin Yun arrived on a street across the luxurious manor. This spot was about five hundred meters away from Quzhong's cultivation chamber.

    "I can't sense it." Qin Yun's grimaced.

    As he walked without much thought, he unknowingly circled the huge Quzhong manor once.


    The Heart-Protecting Mirror still failed to detect anything.

    "Might it be possible that the last gauntlet is not with him?" Qin Yun felt disheartened. "Is there a mistake in Myriad Temple's intelligence?"
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