Chapter 372: Other Realm Daoist Lineage

    Chapter 372: Other Realm Daoist Lineage

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    At the instant Qin Yun obtained the last gauntlet while Fiendcelestial Jiwu's Essence Soul fled-

    Monarch Thousand Eyes had reported the matter to the Empyrean Lord.

    "Empyrean Lord, an Other Realm expert is pursuing one of my fiendcelestials, Jiwu. They are fighting in the region around Jiwu's cave abode." Monarch Thousand Eyes reported through a transmission. "And that Other Realm expert seems to be at the level of a Skyfiend."

    "He dares to come to my territory and kill a subject of mine?"

    A gigantic body of water surged.

    The body of water rapidly transformed into a silver-haired woman in a silver robe.

    She was the supreme leader of the Great Chu world-Empyrean Lord Yanshui. Her body was a massive lake and her strength was indisputably the greatest of all the Skyfiends in the Great Chu world! Just her strength alone was able to repress the combined efforts of the other Skyfiends. Therefore, all the other Skyfiends willingly submitted to her.

    In comparison, these Skyfiends were much poorer than the Great Chang world's Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, Daoist Divine Firmament, and Patriarch Bai! This was because the Daoists and Buddhists, and even the Dragon race, had seniors and masters that did their best to care for their juniors. They would bestow Dharmic formulations and also produce pills and artifacts to help them grow. As for Skyfiends, they rose from the ashes of slaughter. Most of them were incapable of refining pills or artifacts. It was not easy for them to even obtain a single Numinous treasure.

    For instance, although Monarch Thousand Eyes wished to save Jiwu, there was no way to immediately reach him! As for flying normally? It would take ten minutes. Jiwu would be long dead by then!

    As for Void Transference? A treasure that allowed a Skyfiend to undergo Void Transference would be worth a Numinous treasure even if it was a one-time consumable! Ordinary Skyfiends were not that extravagant. Even if they possessed such a treasure, they would use it to protect their own lives! They would not easily use it for the benefit of others.

    "An existence at the Skyfiend level? Such an existence causes an extremely strong repression to the void. There's no way of escaping." The silver-haired woman's eyes were cold. "He's dead because he came to my Great Chu world."

    She flipped her hand and took out a wooden tablet.

    As an Empyrean Lord, her accumulated treasures were greater than those of the average Daoist Skyimmortal or Buddhist Bodhisattva. After all, she lorded over an entire world.


    The wooden tablet shattered as the void warped to form a faint passageway. She took one stride forward.


    After Qin Yun obtained the gauntlet, he felt relieved as he watched Jiwu's Essence Soul escape into the distance.

    "He's a peak third Firmament Essence Soul fiendcelestial after all. Although he does not appear to have any Numinous treasures, all his treasures added up might be equivalent to one." As Qin Yun controlled the Sword Qi to continue pursuing Jiwu's Essence Soul, he waved his hand as well.


    A wisp of misty rain flew out.

    After his Intrinsic Flying Sword reached the transcendent grade, it had the might of a medial-grade Numinous treasure in Qin Yun's hands! This also made up for Qin Yun's lacking Dharmic powers. The wisp of misty rain instantly flew out at a speed much faster than that of the million Sword Qi, and it rapidly closed in on Jiwu's Essence Soul.

    Before the flying sword even reached Jiwu, the void began freezing. He also felt a biting cold that reached straight to his bone.

    The void froze as the temperature plummeted.

    Jiwu could sense that ice crystals were forming in his blood vessels and organs. Even his fiendish Dharmic powers were beginning to freeze. His speed immediately decreased to about half his original speed.

    It was the Dreamlike Sword's third move-Bright Moon Cold Nights! It slowed him down so that the million Sword Qi rapidly chased up to him.

    "T-This are... Daoist Dharmic powers?" Jiwu was alarmed. "This misty-rain like flying sword clearly has the aura of Daoist Dharmic powers. However, the Dharmic powers aren't that strong. It's not at a Skyimmortal's level. He should be an Essence Soul immortal. Furthermore, this flying sword is much weaker than that Sword Qi storm. It's about my equal. He's actually an Essence Soul immortal?"

    As Jiwu commanded the black chain from a distance to block the million Sword Qi, he also released three blood receptacles.

    They were rather abstruse and could barely fend off Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword. But the might of the freezing void was decreased.

    "Brother Quzhong, help me fend him off." Jiwu's Essence Soul flew very quickly, its speed more than enough to chase up to Quzhong.

    "Brother Jiwu, don't you bring harm to me!" Quzhong panicked.

    "This Quzhong can probably buy me time if he struggles before dying. Perhaps I might survive as a result." Jiwu did not care about Quzhong's life at all.

    And a distance away.

    "This Jiwu is indeed a fiendcelestial adept at refining pills. But he has rather abstruse means." Qin Yu's flying sword was unable to gain an advantage over the three blood receptacles for the time being. Instead, he took a stride and appeared in the alchemy chamber and took the alchemical cauldron! It was a cauldron used by Jiwu to refine pills. It was also a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure so Qin Yun obviously took it.

    "This Sword Qi is less than half its original strength. It's still weakening. Killing Jiwu would probably take several seconds. I can't risk it anymore. I have to leave now." Qin Yun waved his hand after storing the alchemical cauldron.


    The distant misty rain-like flying sword rapidly flew back to him. Extending his hand, he stored the Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    "Time to go."

    Qin Yun held the dark purple wooden tablet and activated it. Upon activating it, the void distorted as Qin Yun vanished after taking a step forward.

    "He's gone?" Jiwu's Essence Soul fled to a distant place and saw the million Sword Qi no longer moving as if commanded, but instead proceed in a straight path. He could not help but feel relieved.

    "Brother Jiwu, you actually managed to escape death." Quzhong stopped trying to escape but instead rapidly approached Jiwu.

    "Haha, Brother Quzhong, just now..." Jiwu's Essence Soul laughed as he willed the chain and three blood receptacles to return to him quickly.

    However, Quzhong suddenly opened his mouth.


    Three-colored flames spewed out.

    It was Quzhong's Nine Tunes Divine Fire that allowed him to rule over an area. Jiwu's Essence Soul panicked, "Quzhong, how dare you..." At the same time, he released an even weaker white bone sword. However, the Dharma treasure was only toxic and not meant for defense! It could not ensure his wellbeing! The billowing Nine Tunes Divine Fire surged over and rapidly enveloped Jiwu's Essence Soul as it struggled maniacally amid the flames.

    "Die, all your treasures are now mine." Quzhong laughed hideously.

    Just as the three blood receptacles flew over, their momentum weakened.

    It was because Jiwu's Essence Soul had been burned to nothingness.

    Jiwu's death was indeed quite unwarranted.

    As a fiendcelestial, the strongest thing about him was his body! Next were the chain and the three blood receptacles.

    With his body mostly destroyed and his powerful Dharma treasures a distance away... he had fallen at Quzhong's hands.

    "Retrieve." Quzhong quickly put away the treasures. He had long spread his Dao domain, warping the surroundings and preventing anyone from seeing what had happened.

    "Hehehe, Jiwu... oh Jiwu. You were always the one ordering me around. You probably never expected to die by my hand." Quzhong was excited.

    Just as Quzhong reveled in excitement, space distorted in midair a distance away.

    A terrifying force descended.

    "Oh?" Quzhong immediately turned his head and saw a silver-haired woman step out of the void.

    "Empyrean Lord." Quzhong immediately bowed reverently.

    "Where's the Other Realm expert?" inquired the woman.

    "He has fled," answered Quzhong immediately. "However, I discovered that the person is a legendary Daoist cultivator. Furthermore, he is only at the Essence Soul realm."

    "He's not a Skyimmortal, but at the Essence Soul realm?" The silver-haired woman frowned.

    "Yes," replied Quzhong immediately. "I saw him controlling a flying sword Dharma treasure as well. It's unmistakable that he has Daoist Dharmic powers. Furthermore, the Dharma treasure he used was equivalent to the Dharma treasure that Jiwu used! If not for the countless Sword Qi, Jiwu would not have been killed."

    He did not really lie.

    If not for the million Sword Qi, he would not have had the chance to kill Jiwu.

    "Essence Soul realm? He could produce strength at the Skyimmortal realm with a Dharma treasure?" The woman's eyes lit up. Her psyche perception enveloped every spot of the Great Chu world but many places had isolated themselves from psyche probing.

    "Since he is at the Essence Soul realm, he will not be able to go too far even with Void Transference Dharma treasures. He should be within twenty-five hundred kilometers. There's no way he can exceed five thousand kilometers."

    The woman knew this very well.

    The further one teleported through a Void Transference Dharma treasure, the greater the price. Teleporting a mortal, an Essence Soul, or a Skyimmortal had different costs.

    Dharma treasures that teleported Essence Souls... typically only went up to fifteen hundred kilometers. Twenty-five hundred kilometers was quite rare. As for five thousand kilometers, it was seriously not worth it.


    The woman's Essence Soul was too terrifying as her psyche instigated the Heaven and Earth powers, forcibly repressing the array formations of some sects to proceed with her investigations.

    As for the few fiendcelestials with powerful array formations that she could not repress due to the distance, she immediately ordered through a voice transmission, "Deactivate your array formation! Do not resist!"

    An order by the Empyrean Lord was not something the various fiendcelestials dared to disobey.


    The silver-haired woman quickly discovered a spot within twenty-five hundred kilometers. It was being isolated by a Dao domain and had ignored her voice transmission.

    "There is only one spot within twenty-five hundred kilometers that dares to disobey my order." A cold glint flashed in her eyes. "There he is."


    Qin Yun was attempting to sense the exact location of his homeworld's Void Altar over the great distance in a bid to open a void passageway. A passageway that could accommodate a mortal was relatively simple to find. However, the distance between the Great Chang world and Great Chu world was rather far. He could not open a void passageway in one stroke like Ancestral Master Zhang.


    A powerful psyche was beginning to eclipse him. Qin Yun's Dao domain only enveloped five kilometers around him but was able to easily withstand the psyche's probe.

    "Deactivate your array formation! Do not resist!" A terrifying transmission rang out. For the fiendcelestials of the Great Chu world, they naturally knew it was the Empyrean Lord.

    "Oh no."

    Qin Yun was alarmed.

    "I have to leave this Great Chu world now." With Qin Yun's grasp of the void, he could sense a few nearby worlds. He directly locked onto one of them. "I'll make a transfer in this world first."

    "Time to go."

    Since it was a short distance, opening a void passageway was much easier.


    He tore apart a void rift that directly connected to another world. A passageway that could accommodate a mortal formed.

    Qin Yun took a step forward and rapidly entered. After he entered, the powerful psyche filled the area without the Dao domain's resistance. It quickly enveloped the void rift.

    "A void passageway?"

    The silver-haired woman who was about to cast a second round of Void Transference stopped. She grimaced. "How is it possible? How is it possible to create a void passageway to accommodate a third Firmament Essence Soul in such a short amount of time?"

    Mortals were just one step away from the Essence Soul realm but it meant a world of difference.

    A first Firmament Essence Soul would cause a huge burden to a void passageway if they wanted to go from one world to another, much less a third Firmament who had matched Fiendcelestial Jiwu.

    "Impossible. Only mortals can escape through a void passageway so easily in this world. But how can a mortal's strength match that of Jiwu? He even used a treasure to produce the strength of a Skyimmortal?" The silver-haired woman frowned. "Could it be a reincarnated Other Realm Daoist lineage Skyimmortal? In that case, he could travel the various worlds with a mortal body to plunder treasures..."

    "Skyimmortals already have eternal life. Yet, he reincarnates? It appears as though there's a huge conspiracy at play."

    The silver-haired woman's eyes were cold. "A reincarnated Skyimmortal from an Other Realm Daoist lineage. A mortal who uses a flying sword. And he has a mysterious treasure that can release countless Sword Qi? Hmph, pray that I'm unable to learn your identity..."
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