Chapter 373: Passing by a World

    Chapter 373: Passing by a World

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    Qin Yun found a world close to the Great Chu world before tearing open the void rift. After producing a void passageway that could fit a mortal, he immediately went through it like fish in water, considering how good he was at controlling the void.


    Qin Yun tore through the spatial passageway and appeared in a courtyard. The first thing he noticed were flowering peach trees lining the courtyard.

    "Okay." Qin Yun nodded his head slightly once he reached the world. "This world's Heaven Earth Essence Qi is filled with vibrancy. The cultivators here should be more inclined to Daoism! However, in terms of richness, it's weaker than my homeworld. Cultivating here should be harder than it is at home."

    He heard sounds coming from around him.

    "Quick, to your positions! The enemy is here!"

    "Come to the grand hall. Quickly!"

    "Today is the day that determines whether our Thousand Feather Sect survives or not. If the sect is destroyed, none of us will escape the Fire Cloud Sect's ruthlessness."

    There were angry shouts everywhere.

    Qin Yun walked out of the courtyard rather perplexed. He saw figures of all sexes and ages flying forward. However, he only saw Postnatal realms at a glance. Qin Yun simply maintained his Divine Concealment Spell and walked out.

    "Heh heh." Qin Yun looked into the distance. He was situated high on a mountain. From afar, he could see the empty square in front of a grand hall. Large groups of disciples were gathered there and there was no lack of Connate realms.

    And in midair, there were three fiery-red battleships, each one filled with a large number of experts.

    The battleships' experts were clearly from the same faction.

    Gathered in front of the grand hall beneath him was another faction.

    Both factions were in a standoff, with battle imminent.

    "My luck isn't bad," thought Qin Yun. "Although I opened a random void passageway in a panic and dropped right into a sect, it's only a mortal sect! It doesn't even have an Essence Soul realm."

    If his luck was bad, he could have been sent straight into a Skyfiend's cave abode. That sure would be ironic.

    However, Qin Yun had come to this world because he sensed that it did not oppose him. To chance upon a Skyimmortal or Skyfiend's lair in such a huge world? That probability was extremely low.


    At that moment, both factions were nearly at each other's throats.

    "Your Thousand Feather Sect has only one choice now." Standing on the battleship in the middle, a red-robed elder's voice reverberated through the world. "That is to submit to my Fire Cloud Sect. If you are willing to do so, I will establish a hall branch especially for you! From then on, you would be my Fire Cloud Sect's Thousand Feather Hall. You can still enjoy comfort and riches. You will even have more than you presently have."

    "Fire Cloud Heretic Fiend, dream on." A plump bald elder standing ahead of the numerous disciples in front of the hall roared, "Me, let my Thousand Feather Sect associate with evil like your Fire Cloud Sect? When we die in the future, how would we face our sect ancestors?"

    "Fire Cloud Heretic Fiend, I urge you to repent. If not, with the Heavenly Dao's Samsara and the karmic implications, you will receive retribution one day," shouted another elder to the side.

    "My Thousand Feather Sect has been established for eight hundred years. How can we submit to a heretic fiend like you?"

    The upper echelons shouted such things angrily.

    Among the disciples, there were a few trembling disciples who had the thought of surrendering but they could only go with the crowd.

    "Old Fool Zhou, think through it carefully," said the red-robed elder with a scoff. "I hold great power in this world. I will not only vanquish one sect. If you insist on fighting, you will only drag the entire sect down with you. You old fogies might have lived long enough but those disciples of yours are young lads and petite young lasses. They are too young. If we really come to blows, you do know my temper. When the time comes, I will flatten the Thousand Feather Sect, leaving no stone unturned."

    "In destroying my Thousand Feather Sect, I believe quite a number of your Fire Cloud Sect would die as well," shouted the bald elder. "To destroy my Thousand Feather Sect, I estimate you will lose twenty percent of your experts. If you continue on to destroy five more sects, your Fire Cloud Sect would be finished."

    "There are many willing to submit to my Fire Cloud Sect. Besides, destroying your Thousand Feather Sect wouldn't lead to that many deaths." The red-robed elder looked to his side. "Light the incense."

    "Yes." A subordinate beside him lit an incense stick.

    "I'm giving you the time it takes for this incense stick to burn. Think through it carefully," said the red-robbed elder nonchalantly. His voice resounded above the Thousand Feather Sect. "If you do not submit to me in that time, your Thousand Feather Sect will end when the incense does."

    With that, the red-robed elder did not say another word.

    There was a stir among the disciples in front of the grand hall.

    "An incense stick to mark the time?"

    Qin Yun looked at the scene. He was just a passer-by in this world, only using it as a transfer point. He was returning to his homeworld almost immediately so he did not wish to involve himself in this situation. The battle between sects only led to mutual destruction. He could not be caught up in it.


    Qin Yun immediately flew up into the sky.

    "Oh?" No one in the area had moved except Qin Yun who flew out of the Thousand Feather Sect. Therefore, he immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

    "Who is that man? Why is he flying out of our Thousand Feather Sect?"

    "We don't know him. He's not a member of our sect. Senior Sister, is he here to rob out sect? Should we apprehend him?"

    "We don't even know if we will survive this day. Since he's only a stranger, forget it."

    "Yes, Senior Sister."

    Two core disciples who were standing closer to the front lines communicated through a voice transmission.


    When Fire Cloud Sect Master saw this, he frowned slightly. Immediately, with his battleship as the center, an array formation activated, producing a gigantic fiery-red cloud that enveloped the entire airspace above the Thousand Feather Sect.

    "If you do not submit to me, not a single one of you can even think about escaping. Not even a cat or dog can escape me, much less a person," said Fire Cloud Sect Master coldly. His voice reverberated through the area.

    "Sect Master, that person isn't from the Thousand Feather Sect." A youth whispered in a fawning manner beside him.

    "He's not from the Thousand Feather Sect?" Fire Cloud Sect Master frowned slightly. "Then, there's no need for him to be alive."


    The massive fiery-red cloud descended upon like an inferno, sweeping straight at Qin Yun.

    Standing in midair, Qin Yun shot a glance at the red-robed elder, Fire Cloud Sect Master. Instantly, a third eye opened in Qin Yun's glabella.

    The instant the Eye of Lightning opened, the flames that surged towards Qin Yun froze in midair.

    "A Heavenly Eye divine power?" Fire Cloud Sect Master's expression changed instantly.

    "Fellow Daoist, might I ask which sect you hail from? I'm Fire Cloud. Sorry for any offense. Please do not fault me. I was only anxious to settle my problem with the Thousand Feather Sect. Once this matter is over, I will be sure to send gifts to apologize to you." Fire Cloud Sect Master said loudly. Someone who had mastered a Heavenly Eye divine power was naturally not to be trifled with.

    Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning took him in.

    The black sinful aura around Fire Cloud Sect Master was frightening. He even had a sliver of a sanguine glow. The subordinates beside him were also covered in sinful auras. The ones with less sinful auras on the battleship numbered less than twenty.

    "He has nearly reached the point of a Sinful Sanguine Halo?" Qin Yun was appalled. "What did he do to amass so much sin?"


    Qin Yun naturally could not be bothered to pursue the matter.

    Since the person wanted to kill him without any discrimination and his sins were astounding, Qin Yun naturally showed no mercy. He extended his hand and struck out into the distance.

    "Boom!" A gigantic palm condensed in midair and, upon striking, it left Fire Cloud Sect Master and the subordinates around him trembling in fear.

    "Aren't you afraid of the tribulations?" roared Fire Cloud Sect Master.

    "I'm a Thousand Feather Sect disciple!" shouted a youth standing beside Fire Cloud Sect Master.


    The gigantic palm delivered its strike, pulverizing Fire Cloud Sect Master and the surrounding nineteen people.

    All of them perished instantly.

    "I'm really not afraid of the tribulations," muttered Qin Yun softly. He did not care about the matters of this world to begin with. But since they had tried to stop him and his Eye of Lightning saw such sinfulness on them, he might as well vanquish such a heinous fiend!

    The surrounding Fire Cloud Sect experts, as well as the disciples of the Thousand Feather Sect, were astounded. All of them were dumbstruck!

    "Time to leave."


    Qin Yun smiled and transformed into a stream of light. With a flash, he disappeared across the horizon.

    As for the Thousand Feather Sect and Fire Cloud Sect, they were left in somewhat of a daze.

    "Sect Master is dead! Deputy Sect Master is dead! The Grand Protectors are dead too!"

    "Quickly flee!"

    "Quick, flee!"

    With the top powerhouses destroyed, the three battleships immediately began escaping.

    The Thousand Feather Sect instantly boiled over in excitement.

    "He destroyed the heretic fiends of the Fire Cloud Sect with a flip of his hand." The bald elder took out a calabash and could not help but take two swigs from it. He shook his head and marveled, "Impressive. He's probably a cultivation expert that has already stepped into the Dao."

    "An expert that has stepped into the Dao?"

    "Furthermore, the Dao he has stepped into is at an extremely high realm. He probably has a chance of condensing an Essence Soul to have eternal life." Three elders heaped praises on Qin Yun. The difficulty of condensing an Essence Soul in this world was much harder than in Qin Yun's homeworld.

    The disciples behind them were in rapturous joy.

    After all, the huge calamity that was bearing down on them was over.

    "Senior Sister, thankfully we did not apprehend him."

    "I didn't even think about capturing him. I even stopped you. You really thought that the senior was a thief."

    "I'm in charge of discipline after all."

    The duo discussed over a voice transmission. However, their eyes were filled with envy. When would they cultivate to a stage that allowed them to vanquish Fire Cloud Heretic Fiend with a flip of a hand?
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