Chapter 375: God, I Promise You

    Chapter 375: God, I Promise You

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    He Qian was the fiendish demon that had opened the world passageway years ago. The two reincarnated immortals, Eighth Zhu and Ninth Hong, failed to stop him despite their collective efforts. Eventually, Qin Yun came to their aid and sent He Qian retreating in panic.

    Later on, He Qian came back, entering the West Sea Dragon Palace under orders to abduct Qin Yun's wife, Yi Xiao. He even announced to the world that he had killed Yi Xiao, deeming it punishment for Qin Yun's decimation of fiendish demons!

    "You changed your looks and even your vital aura. But do you think you can fool me?" Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning stared intently at the lanky white-robed man hundreds of kilometers away. "I can tell at a glance that your body is really that of a mountain! How many people in this world are at the Connate Golden Core realm while having a mountain body? Besides, I can see the karma ties between us very clearly!"

    While Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning carefully observed the man, he noticed that there were many karma ties between them. However, those ties only extended out to three feet. Beyond that range, they turned into an indiscernible blur.

    Clearly, there was a Dharmic formulation or treasure concealing the karma.

    If the karma ties were not concealed, powerful experts could trace him from Qin Yun's end of the karma ties! If one pursued the karma tie of his wife's abduction, one could find the enemy. However, once it was concealed, there was no way to track him down.

    "That blood-colored karma tie." Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning instantly noticed that one of the karma ties was related to him.

    When he looked carefully, there were various scenes in the karma tie. It was scenes of He Qian and Qin Yun that were filled with hate.

    "Qin Yun, how dare you wreck my plans!"

    "Hahaha, I will separate you from your wife and child!"

    "And that's only the beginning. Wait and see. I will let you know what it means to feel pain and despair!" He Qian's expression looked grotesque and frenzied in one particular scene.

    There was also scenes of Qin Yun.

    "There will come a day when I will capture you by my own hand. I will make you wish you were dead!"

    "He Qian! I will definitely find you. Definitely!"



    The hate they shared was contained in the karma ties.

    "It's been almost seventeen years."

    "The Heavens have eyes, allowing me to finally find him," thought Qin Yun.

    "Xiaoxiao, as long as I capture him alive and interrogate him, I will have a chance of rescuing you. We will then be reunited. And I can finally meet my daughter too." Qin Yun was feeling uneasy at that moment because he had no idea about the current state of his wife and daughter. He did not even know if his daughter had been born safely.

    Qin Yun retrieved a purple jade Dao talisman from his Cosmic Bag.

    The Dao talisman was the most precious Dao talisman in Qin Yun's possession! The moment he activated it, it would freeze the void within the surrounding hundred and fifty kilometers. The enemy would be prevented from using Void Transference nor could they tear open a void passageway to escape.

    Back when Qin Yun exchanged the Other Realm Skyfiend's corpse as an inferior-grade Numinous treasure, he benefited greatly from Ancestral Master Zhang. For example, he got many Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills, Void Transference talismans, Void Freezing talismans, Divine Firmament Escape talismans, treasures needed to nurture his flying sword, and protective arrays. Although he had already used a number of them, he still had many of it in his possession.

    "Regardless of what happens, I cannot let him escape," thought Qin Yun. "But the third move of my Dreamlike Sword, Bright Moon Cold Nights is able to freeze the void. Unless utterly necessary, I do not need to use this Dao talisman."


    Qin Yun flew towards the city in the clouds. His Eye of Lightning was constantly fixated on He Qian. He did not dare move his eye away from He Qian for even one second, afraid that he would escape and be lost forever!


    Mt. Yu County City.

    A disguised He Qian was standing in front of the patriarch of Mt. Yu County City's largest family clan, Patriarch Gan. They sat down and were having a casual chat over tea.

    "Brother Gan, have you captured that Jing fellow?" asked He Qian.

    "Not yet. He ended up escaping. But Elder Qu mentioned that he has been inflicted with a fatal poison. Even if he doesn't die, he will be crippled. A cripple poses no threat to my Gan family. There is no need for us to continue targeting him." Patriarch Gan could not help but say, "To be honest, we went a bit too far by using his parents' life to coerce him and having his entire family wiped out! Sigh, why did I pass the command back then? I probably lost my mind in my rage."

    He Qian smiled the moment he heard that. "Brother Gan, what sort of things are truly impossible in the cultivation world? He might recover his strength one day. I think there's no need to be softhearted. You have to get rid of the problem at its roots."

    "Get rid of the problem at its roots." Patriarch Gan's eyes began turning turbid.

    "He has to be captured at all costs. If this drags out, it would be difficult to capture him once he escapes," said He Qian.

    "Captured at all costs..." Patriarch Gan muttered softly.

    He Qian smiled faintly.

    Patriarch Gan's eyes gradually turned limpid again.

    "Brother Gan, it will be troublesome if he escapes," said He Qian.

    "How can we let him escape?" Patriarch Gan's eyes immediately flared with bloodlust. He said, "This scourge has to be ripped out at the roots!"


    Patriarch Gan immediately gave the order.

    Soon after, the Gan family's men and the Sovereign Mountain Sect that the Gan family controlled immediately began a widespread search inside and outside the city under the orders of Patriarch Gan.


    He Qian leisurely bade farewell to Patriarch Gan. In Mt. Yu City, he quickly found a gray-dressed youth hiding in a remote residence. He was poisoned and his clothes were dirty. He looked wretched and he was starving.

    "Open the door!"

    The Gan family's men were searching the residences one by one.

    "They came all the way here?" The youth's expression turned pale as his eyes were filled with pain and hatred. "Gan family. I'm already crippled and my entire family has been wiped out, leaving me as the only person barely alive. Yet, you still aren't sparing me? I did so many things for your Gan family and could be considered a good slave. You treated me so ruthlessly just moments after I chanced upon a rare encounter!"

    "This is going too far!" The youth escaped from the back door as he carefully dodged his pursuers.

    The men from Gan family were searching but for some unknown reason... they would always narrowly brush past the gray-dressed youth.

    "Heh heh." He Qian watched in secret as he orchestrated everything. He had the means to easily influence these foolish mortals.


    "Strange." High in the clouds, about five kilometers away, Qin Yun was watching all of this with his Eye of Lightning. He secretly frowned. "He Qian first used a Dharmic formulation that spellbinds that Patriarch Gan to influence him. Then he deliberately allows the pursuers to find the gray-dressed youth but also helps him escape time and time again? Is he deliberately toying with the youth?"

    "From what I heard, the gray-dressed youth's name is Jing Fei, formerly a servant of the Gan family. He had luckily knocked open the gate of immortality to become a cultivator," thought Qin Yun. "Why would He Qian, a powerful fiendish demon, spend this much effort on someone like him?"

    He Qian was once a peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm fiendcelestial! He could be used in even more ways after infiltrating the Great Chang world.

    Logically speaking, he should have been very careful, afraid of being exposed.

    But at that moment, he was scheming against a very ordinary mortal youth, one that was even crippled. It appeared very peculiar.


    The sky darkened.

    The gray-dressed youth wandered around for most of the day like a lost mongrel before he escaped into a poor neighborhood.

    "That betrayer, Jing Fei, is right in front of us!"

    "He must be in this region. Seek him out!"

    Large numbers of people began searching.

    Jing Fei fled into a rundown temple in panic. There was a broken water jar in the temple. Jing Fei was starving and thirsty so he rushed straight to the water jar to scoop up some of the remnant water in it. However, he paused when he saw his reflection in the water.

    "Is this me?" Jing Fei looked at himself.

    He was dirty and disheveled. His eyes looked exhausted.

    He had become a cripple and could not even be compared to an ordinary human being. He was now starving and thirsty. People were pursuing him too. He did not have any relatives either as his entire family was wiped out. At that moment, the final straw broke the camel's back!

    "Hahaha. Hahaha! The Gan family wishes me dead? Haha! Fine, fine!" Jing Fei said with tears streaming down his face. "It's you who forced me!"

    He was a person that was mortally afraid of death to begin with.

    As long as there was a sliver of a chance for survival, he would continue his abject existence.

    But he no longer had a way out.

    Jing Fei took out a tiny wooden figurine.

    "God! I promise you but I have a request. I want every member of the Gan family to die," said Jing Fei to the wooden figurine in his hand.

    He Qian stood on a rooftop far away but people seemed oblivious to his existence. He Qian looked at the wooden figurine and could not help but smile. "It's finally here."

    And high in the clouds, Qin Yun saw it all with his Eye of Lightning. His heart tightened when he saw the situation develop to this point. At the same time, he was perplexed. "God, I promise you? Calling a wooden figurine God? What is He Qian scheming?"
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