Chapter 376: Great Chang world, Here I Am!

    Chapter 376: Great Chang world, Here I Am!

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    Qin Yun was high up in the clouds, spying on the city below as he took the opportunity to understand the plot that was unfolding.

    Beneath him was Jing Fei, who was reeling in despair and clutching the wooden figurine in his hand. The wooden figurine's mouth began moving, spewing out human speech, "Do you not have any regrets?"

    "Haha, my life is worse than death. What's there to regret?" said Jing Fei crazily. "I want everyone in the Gan family to die. I also want all of the Sovereign Mountain Sect to perish."

    "The Gan family can be easily destroyed but the Sovereign Mountain Sect has been established for a thousand years. Its disciples are scattered all across the world. It's difficult to kill all of them. I can only promise you that I will flatten its territory," continued the wooden figurine.

    "Alright." Jing Fei nodded. "That would do."

    "Then let's begin," said the wooden figurine. At the same time, a rift slowly split open in the air above him as though curtains had been pulled. It revealed a figure in another world with fluttering, otherworldly-looking clothes. As it was night time and He Qian was casting his Dharma spells on the side to secretly conceal everything, no one from the Gan family or Sovereign Mountain Sect discovered the void rift despite being in the vicinity.

    "God." Jing Fei looked feverishly at the otherworldly figure.

    "You and I were connected by fate half a year ago. The more you offered, the more I helped. Since you are willing to offer your life this time, I will help avenge you," said the otherworldly figure. At the same time, with a gentle pointing of its finger, a stream of light tore through the void and entered Jing Fei's mind. "All you need to do is recite this hex incantation and you will completely offer up your life. Don't worry, it will not be painful in any way."


    Starving and thirsty, the despairing Jing Fei had a grotesque expression on his face. He began to recite the hex incantation.

    It began stirring his soul.

    Very soon, Jing Fei's soul left his physical body and the Heavenly Dao's circulation naturally led him towards Samsara.

    His body immediately slumped to the ground and no longer drew breath.

    "Hahaha..." He Qian took a step forward and appeared alongside the body. He looked up at the void rift with a smile. "It has finally succeeded. Moquan, congratulations!"

    "It's all thanks to you, Brother Wuha." By the side, the otherworldly figure rapidly transformed into a faint but evil fiendcelestial figure.

    "Quickly begin your reincarnation. I will watch the surroundings for you," said He Qian.

    "Alright," Moquan answered immediately.

    Following that, a black stream of light flew out from the fiendcelestial's forehead. It arduously tunneled through the void rift. This was a distance further than Qin Yun's trip from the Great Chang world to the Great Chu world! Furthermore, the black stream of light... was extremely weak! It was not even a soul. Instead, it was the vital essence that was produced when a fiendcelestial cast the Spell of Reincarnation. However, there was a layer of fiendcelestial powers that protected it on its trip over!


    The black stream of light finally tore through the distant void obstruction and descended into the world. Immediately, its appearance in the world caused a rumble in the sky.


    The black light instantly bore into Jing Fei's body, causing the tribulation clouds that were beginning to gather in the sky to dissipate.

    Jing Fei's eyes suddenly opened while the corners of his mouth curved into an excited smile, "Great Chang world, here I am!"

    He stood up.

    "Moquan, congratulations," said He Qian with a smile. "It was still faster doing it my way. You remained unsuccessful despite going through all that trouble for half a year. It took me just three days to force this human mortal to willingly give up his body."

    "There wasn't much I could do. I was in another world and could only entice this human from afar. I was unable to control other people either," said 'Jing Fei.' "Who knows how long it will have taken if I slowly enticed him? I had no choice but to seek your help. After all, you can easily control others. See, it was done in three days. I know you caused a huge stir in this world. The Skyimmortal and Skygod of this world wish to capture you. I heard that Sword Immortal Qin Yun hates you to the bone too. Don't worry, now that I'm here, all the trifling matters can be left to me. There's no need for you to appear anymore."

    "I've changed my aura and concealed myself from the heavens. It's impossible for them to find me! Even if they see me, they probably won't even recognize me." He Qian was



    People like Ancestral Master Zhang, Patriarch Bai, Human Emperor, and Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa would not scour the world for him, nor would they search around with the Heavenly Eye over and over again!

    Only Qin Yun would be crazy enough to do so because of his search for treasures, and for the sake of his wife and daughter.

    It was almost seventeen years... and he really found He Qian!


    High in the clouds, Qin Yun sneered silently while observing with the Eye of Lightning.

    "Reincarnation of an Other Realm Fiendcelestial?" Qin Yun was perplexed. "The hardest thing about reincarnating into another world is to find a body that is completely compatible with one's soul. He Qian successfully reincarnated, and now there's another fiendcelestial reincarnating? How can it be a coincidence?"

    Reincarnation was not possession.

    Possession... left a person's realm intact. For example, a peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm fiendcelestial could possess a body, allowing him to remain a peak third Firmament Essence Soul entity.

    Furthermore, possession of bodies did not have any stringent requirements! In tense situations, any body could be possessed and used.

    But reincarnation, that was equivalent to a rebirth into another life! One had to sacrifice all the strength of their previous body. Even one's soul would only be left with an essential soul beam that retained one's memories! The soul beam would have to enter a completely compatible body. Apart from memories, everything else had to start from scratch! By cultivating from scratch, one could cultivate to the Essence Soul realm once again in the future.

    Just like He Qian, he stopped cultivating after reaching the peak Connate Golden Core realm. To the Heavenly Dao, he was only mortal because he lacked an Essence Soul!

    "I heard that it is only possible to find a perfectly compatible body in other worlds," thought Qin Yun. "In one's own world, it's impossible to find a body that is completely compatible with one's spirit."

    A world did not have two identical leaves.

    Similarly, there were no two bodies that were perfectly compatible with the same soul in the same world.

    However, in other worlds... there was a chance of finding a body that was compatible with one's soul. However, the actual search was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

    "Two fiendcelestials have consecutively reincarnated into my Great Chang world. Is it a coincidence? Or is there some other reason?" thought Qin Yun.


    In the quiet residence.

    "This body of mine is too weak. It's only mortal and lacks Dharmic powers." 'Jing Fei' shook his head as he said, "My soul is currently weak too. I can barely cast a Dao domain. Even the Dao domain is affected by my soul and its strength is greatly weakened... I am at my weakest now. Wuha, I'll be counting on you during this period of time. I need to focus on cultivation to raise my strength."

    "Don't worry. I'll escort you off soon. Cultivate in peace for now," said He Qian with a smile. "Now that you are here, I have a companion. The task that Empyrean Lord gave me will be a lot easier with you helping me."

    "After I cultivate for about half a month, I still have to wipe out the Gan family and flatten the Sovereign Mountain Sect," said 'Jing Fei.' "I promised the owner of this body. The karma of the body has to be returned or I might not be able to cultivate to the Connate realm."

    He Qian nodded slightly.

    Even if he had not reached the Connate realm, a Dao domain could easily wipe out the Gan family and flatten the Sovereign Mountain Sect.

    "Time to leave," said He Qian as he took a look at his surroundings.


    A cold voice reverberated through the silent night sky. "He Qian, you can forget about leaving!"

    A cotton-clothed youth flew down from the night sky as he looked over the surroundings with a cold gaze.

    He Qian and 'Jing Fei' looked up.

    "Qin Yun?" He Qian's expression changed drastically into one of extreme horror. He immediately took out a black token.

    "Sou." A misty rain-like sword flash flew out from Qin Yun's fingertip.

    The moment the sword flash appeared, the surrounding void froze. Frost even formed in midair as the surrounding temperatures dropped rapidly. At the moment the Intrinsic Flying Sword was released, Qin Yun waved his hand, sending a scroll flying out to fuse into the world.

    "I can't use Void Transference?" He Qian held the now-useless black token as his expression could not help but change. He was reeling in complete horror.

    "Wuha, do you have any ideas?" 'Jing Fei' asked through a Dao domain voice transmission anxiously.

    "Why did I bump into him now of all times? How did he recognize me?" He Qian found it unbelievable. He still did not know that Qin Yun could cast Eye of Lightning.

    "Follow me." He Qian grabbed 'Jing Fei' and immediately transformed into a purple beam of light.


    A mountain appeared right in front of them. He Qian, with 'Jing Fei' in tow, slammed into the mountain that had suddenly appeared. They were forced to stop and they looked around in alarm. The surroundings had long changed. They were now amid undulating mountains and clouds. They found it difficult to get their bearings.

    It was the Dharma treasure, Two World Picture.

    "It's an array formation. We have been trapped." He Qian and 'Jing Fei' turned even more anxious. The array formation was clearly powerful. After all, it was a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure array chart. As fiendcelestials, they were not adept at array formations.

    "He Qian, there will be no escape for you today." Qin Yun's eyes were filled with coldness. He had waited too long for this day. With a wave of his hand, the six Cosmic Bangles instantly flew out from his wrist and directly surrounded the distant He Qian.
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