Chapter 377: Daughter

    Chapter 377: Daughter

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    When He Qian saw this, he immediately said with an urgent voice transmission, "Split up!"

    "Alright!" answered 'Jing Fei.'

    Both of them knew that they would be wiped out all at once if they escaped together. Splitting up gave them at least a shred of hope.

    Sou! Sou!

    He Qian and 'Jing Fei' instantly shot into the sky, one heading south while the other headed north.

    At the same time, He Qian waved his hand.


    A black fiend dragon about two kilometers long condensed in midair. It roared as it forcibly tore through the surrounding area. The mountains and clouds in midair move to block it again and again. Although Qin Yun controlled them, and the Two World Array was sufficiently strong, the obstacles were eventually ripped apart by the black fiend dragon. However, its body turned translucent and very weak.

    Cracking an array required either great skill in array formations or brute force! He Qian no longer had the time to consider the item that had saved his life. He ignored everything in his bid to charge outside.

    "Rumble!" The array was torn apart as the clouds in midair dissipated, revealing a night sky.

    He Qian transformed into a purple beam of light as he flew rapidly away.

    'Jing Fei' had yet to cultivate any Dharmic powers but he still remained fast thanks to his Dao domain's speed.

    "Suppress!" As Qin Yun controlled his six Cosmic Bangles to continue pursuing He Qian, he also directed his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    The flying sword streaked across the sky as its might increased tremendously.


    The flying sword repressed the world itself, causing the surrounding fifty kilometers to freeze completely. The faint black fiend dragon whimpered from the suppression before dissipating completely.

    It was the Dreamlike Sword's fifth move, Traveling in Solitude.

    It was also Qin Yun's strongest attack. Just its repression of the void was already extremely powerful despite a lack of a direct strike.

    "Oh?" He Qian felt his body sink. He glanced at the suppression the world was undergoing and could not help but have a change in expression. "Why are this Qin Yun's flying sword arts so terrifying? It can even repress the void of an area. It feels like he isn't far from forming a Grotto-heaven."

    Whoosh! The six Cosmic Bangles came upon him. They floated in midair as a terrifying binding force began to suppress He Qian.

    "Oh?" He Qian's speed decreased drastically as he panicked in horror. "This bangle's might has increased that much?"

    As Qin Yun's grasp over the void deepened, he could naturally draw out more of the Cosmic Bangles' might.

    "Seal!" Qin Yun looked coldly at He Qian.

    Immediately, the hundred plus feet wide Cosmic Bangles shrank around He Qian.

    He Qian's body transformed into a stoneman as he struggled to become bigger. But with the Cosmic Bangles' encirclement, he was being repressed and found himself unable to grow! Nor could he escape the force.

    "Go!" He Qian took out a bamboo talisman and shattered it immediately.


    His body turned into bamboo leaves but under the six Cosmic Bangles' repression, the might of the bamboo leaves quickly drained. He Qian did not even manage to get very far. Although his arms had furiously struck out, the first Cosmic Bangle was imprisoning his body, with the second and third one following in succession. He immediately failed to struggle any further.

    "He wishes to capture me alive? It hasn't even been twenty years and his strength has increased so much?" He Qian reeled in despair and disbelief.

    He only had a mortal body. Once his body's strength was sealed, he no longer had any means of resistance.


    Qin Yun split off three Cosmic Bangles to pursue the distant 'Jing Fei.'

    He was still escaping with his Dao domain but he kept an eye on He Qian's situation as he escaped.

    "This Wuha wanted me to escape without even giving me any treasures." Jing Fei felt hate deep down. "Hmph, but he has tons of treasures given to him by Empyrean Lord! Whatever, that Qin Yun hates him to the bone. He will definitely capture him first. The longer he can stall for time... the higher my chances of escaping. What? He can't even fend off those black bangles?"

    Jing Fei watched the scene play out in despair. He had just flown out of the original city and only managed to cover slightly more than fifty kilometers.

    To an existence at their level, fifty plus kilometers was just too close for comfort.

    "Wuha, you sure are useless." Jing Fei felt indignant.

    "I just arrived in the Great Chang world and I'm already being captured? If I knew it would end like this, I would have just enticed that human slowly rather than let Wuha take action. He lured Sword Immortal Qin Yun here." Jing Fei was anxious and angry but there was nothing he could do.

    He did not even have a single Dharma treasure on him, nor did he have any Dharmic powers.

    Although he flew beyond fifty kilometers, escaping the void suppression range of Qin Yun's flying sword, he did not have any Void Transference treasures, Dharmic powers, or Dharma treasures. His soul was still weak as well. He could not tear open the void to leave the Great Chang world.

    It went like this because Qin Yun had watched everything play out from the beginning. He knew that this fiendcelestial had only just descended and was at his weakest! He Qian did not give him any treasure so Qin Yun paid little attention to him. His Intrinsic Flying Sword and Cosmic Bangles were better used to deal with He Qian.


    The three Cosmic Bangles rapidly flew over.

    "I'm doomed." Jing Fei looked at the three Cosmic Bangles with despair filling his eyes.

    The Cosmic Bangles encircled him! Jing Fei was unable to put up a single ounce of resistance and could only close his eyes.

    What grievance...

    He was captured moments after descending upon this world!


    When Qin Yun appeared to deal with He Qian and Jing Fei, he had released his Two World Picture. He also thought that He Qian and Jing Fei might engage in an intense battle inside the array chart; therefore, he used his Dao domain to send the ordinary citizens in the vicinity to a distant street. Those that were sleeping or showering were lifted up and sent out of their houses.

    Some were wrapped in blankets or clothes. There were even some people drinking alcohol barefooted.

    "Hey! Hey! Hey!"

    "Why am I flying?"

    "I'm flying!"

    The large group of people in the vicinity flew up from everywhere. Even the searching pursuers from the Gan family and Sovereign Mountain Sect flew up.

    Flying? It was not easy even for Connate False Cores, much less the flight of thousands of people simultaneously. Each one of them knew that something major was happening. There were clouds in the distance that hid the battle from the residents.

    "Are immortals battling fiendcelestials?" Each one of them looked curiously.


    The clouds soon dissipated and peace was restored. Where were the immortals and fiendcelestials? There was nothing at all.

    "Those houses collapsed."

    "Many houses have been destroyed."

    The residential region was in ruins. Some areas were reduced to dust while others only suffered structural collapses. The Two World array had been forcibly cracked, causing collateral damage to the residential areas within the array formation.

    "My home is gone."

    "My house!"


    Many people wrapped in blankets or walking on bare feet turned anxious.



    On a cloud, Qin Yun held a rope that bound He Qian and Jing Fei behind him. Their strength and souls had been completely sealed. It was impossible for them to even commit suicide. And even if it wasn't, the two fiendcelestials would not choose suicide so easily. They had very strong inclinations to live.

    "Qin Yun here." Qin Yun held the Inspect Heavenly Token and contacted the Inspector Heavenly Alliance.

    "Elder Qin." A man in a Daoist robe from the Inspector Heavenly Alliance greeted politely. Qin Yun was now one of the Elders of the Inspector Heavenly Alliance.

    "I just took action in Mt. Yu County City, implicating some residents," instructed Qin Yun. "Quickly arrange for them to be compensated and relocated."

    "You took action and implicated the residents? Might I know how many people are injured or dead?" asked the Daoist-robed man. If Sword Immortal Qin had taken action that damaged the surroundings, who knew how many casualties there would be?

    "Don't worry. There are no casualties," said Qin Yun. "See to it overnight."

    "Yes," replied the Daoist-robed man as he heaved a sigh of relief.

    Following that, Qin Yun severed the transmission.

    Putting the transmission token away, he looked at He Qian and Jing Fei.

    "He Qian." Qin Yun turned to glare at him. "You do know that I have many ways to make you wish you were dead."

    He Qian's eyes constricted as he sneered. "Oh? Would you still spare me after I killed your wife?"


    Qin Yun's heart jolted but he continued sneering on the surface. "Alright, now that it's gotten to this point, there's no need to continue lying. I got an expert to divine that my wife is still alive a long time ago."

    He Qian was secretly alarmed.

    Had it been divined? Although their methods were very powerful, was there any lack of experts in the Three Realms? It was possible that Qin Yun had indeed found one such expert.

    "As long as you cooperate obediently," said Qin Yun. "If you do so, letting me save my wife and my daughter, I can promise you to let you go, alive! If you do not cooperate... hmph. You should be able to guess the means that are at my disposal."

    "By the way, how is my daughter now?" asked Qin Yun.
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