Chapter 380: Great World

    Chapter 380: Great World

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    Once again, Qin Yun plummeted deep into the West Sea and entered the Ancient Skydragon Palace. Familiar as he was with the place, he soon came to a corridor that led to the central palace. Suddenly, he sensed something and turned his head. Not far from him, the Guardian General had appeared out of thin air.

    "Human, you have come again," greeted the golden-armored Guardian General with a smile. "Have you had another breakthrough in strength?"

    "A little, so I'm going to make another attempt. I want to see if I can crack the array formation," said Qin Yun with a smile. Following that, he carefully observed the corridor entrance in front of him. There was an array formation at the entrance that barred him from entering.


    Qin Yun waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain shot out from his fingertip. A terrifying might burst outwards and surged towards the array formation seal that blocked the corridor entrance.


    The flying sword struck the array formation seal causing it to produce ripples.

    It followed up, leaving numerous afterimages as it struck at the seal again and again!

    The Dreamlike Sword's fifth move, Traveling in Solitude, did have the might to open a Grotto-heaven but the array formation that the ancient Skydragon had set up was indeed powerful. Despite repeated assaults by the Intrinsic Flying Sword, the array formation was only shaken.

    "Just my Intrinsic Flying Sword alone makes me extremely powerful among peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm existences. I'm still a distance away from a Skyimmortal. The ancient Skydragon has been dead for years and the array formation he set up... cannot be cracked by my Intrinsic Flying Sword." Qin Yun shook his head. Although his Dao realm was constantly improving, narrowing the gap between him and a Skyimmortal, the lack of a true breakthrough still indicated a difference no matter how narrow the gap was.

    Once he made that breakthrough... all his Sword Dao insights would form a perfect whole, making it truly flawless. One strike from his sword would form a Grotto-heaven.

    When that happened, his strength would also undergo a qualitative change.

    For example, Patriarch Yi, Patriarch Zhongli, and many peak third Firmament realm existences were stuck in the same place. They even feared to attempt the Heavenly Tribulations! Only when their insights into the Dao could reach perfection equal to that of the Skyimmortal realm would they have the confidence to attempt the Heavenly Tribulations to become a Skyimmortal!


    Although Qin Yun was powerful, he still failed to make that concrete step.

    "I still need to rely on the Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash." Qin Yun took out the bronze calabash that was already filled with Sword Qi after a year.


    He pulled out the calabash's stopper, aiming its mouth right at the corridor entrance in front of him.

    Whoosh! Countless Sword Qi formed a destructive cyclone that devastatingly struck the array formation seal at the corridor entrance. The seal instantly warped and began to shatter, producing cracking sounds! However, the seal was clearly multi-layered and needed to shatter on several levels.

    "Good, it is indeed stronger than before." Qin Yun watched with anticipation.


    Finally, the complicated array formation seal, with its twenty-six layers, was completely shattered. The entrance was unveiled.

    But the destructive cyclone continued in its destructive path. Under Qin Yun's control, it went straight to the central hall in the distance.

    In the middle of the central hall was the ancient Skydragon's corpse! Perhaps the Dharma treasures that the ancient Skydragon personally used were in there. There was even a chance of using it to gain all the treasures in the Ancient Skydragon Palace.

    "Hum!" As the relentless Sword Qi cyclone raged over, the central hall's surface projected layers of golden barriers, enveloping the entire hall, leaving no weak spot.

    Even though Qin Yun was watching from a distance, he could sense that the golden barrier was much stronger than the array formation seal at the corridor entrance.


    The destructive cyclone formed from the million Sword Qi surged towards the central hall.

    The layers of golden barriers that lined the central hall's surface shook.

    Bam! A golden barrier shattered.

    However, the million Sword Qi was getting weaker by the minute. After it cracked open a layer of the golden barrier, the remaining might was no longer sufficient to go any further. Although it continued its barrage for a moment longer, the million Sword Qi finally dissipated completely. During this process, the first golden layer that had been cracked open also gradually repaired itself.

    Even the array formation seal at the corridor entrance was gradually returning to normal.

    After all...

    Qin Yun had only forcibly cracked it open, but failed to destroy the array formation's core! As long as it gathered enough Heaven and Earth powers, it could naturally restore itself to normal.

    "Although the Grotto-heaven Sword Calabash is extremely powerful, it is only a one-time use item." Qin Yun shook his head gently before he turned to leave.

    "Haha, Human. You have already cracked open one layer of the array formation in the central hall," said the spectating Guardian General with a smile. "With the speed at which your strength is increasing, I believe the Ancient Skydragon Palace will eventually fall into your hands."

    "Thank you, I'll count on your blessings," replied Qin Yun before he left.

    The Guardian General watched Qin Yun leave as he mumbled, "If he were to eventually obtain the entire Ancient Skydragon Palace, wouldn't that mean he would become my master?"

    The Guardian General stood there in a daze for a moment before he finally shook his head and dematerialized.


    Qin Yun encountered another obstacle at the Ancient Skydragon Palace. Although he came mentally prepared for the possibility of failure, he still felt a sense of anticipation when he successfully cracked open the array formation seal at the corridor entrance and when he struck the central hall for the first time.

    However, the protection around the central hall was clearly much stronger than that of the corridor entrance.

    "Perhaps I really must attain insights into the Skyimmortal realm before I can crack that open." Qin Yun flew all the way to the Divine Firmament Chapter.

    "If I can't obtain the Ancient Skydragon Palace's treasures, how am I to amass ten inferior-grade Numinous treasures? I can only head to other worlds." Qin Yun had already made that decision a year ago.

    If he could not amass the required Numinous treasures in his world, he would head to other worlds!

    He would risk his life visiting one world after another.

    As a mortal... he could rely on deception! The experts of the other worlds did not know him and would only think of him as an ordinary mortal Connate Golden Core.


    After arriving in the Divine Firmament Chapter, he went straight to the hall that held the Void Altar.

    "Qin Yun, are you planning on heading to another world?" Ancestral Master Zhang appeared and frowned slightly.


    Qin Yun nodded. With that said, he took out a Cosmic Bag. "I still need you to help me by tending to my Numinous treasures. After all, my treasure halo is too blinding. It would expose me."

    With Qin Yun's strength, he could tear open a void rift passageway alone and head to other worlds.

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded and said, "Fine. Since you have made your decision, wait a moment. I'll get the East Sea Skydragon to come."

    "East Sea Skydragon?" Qin Yun was perplexed.

    "You will know what I mean shortly," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Moments later, a black-haired male dragon descended into the Divine Firmament Chapter. Soon, he entered the hall.

    "Senior Skydragon." Qin Yun bowed.

    "Are you really planning on heading to other worlds? Are you going to seek out treasures by blindly visiting worlds?" said East Sea Skydragon with a frown.

    "If I head to enough worlds, I will ultimately find something," said Qin Yun.

    Ancestral Master Zhang added, "Brother Ao, Qin Yun's mind is set."

    East Sea Skydragon looked at Qin Yun and said with a light sigh, "Speaking of which, that lass Yi Xiao was abducted while she was in my Dragon race's territory. We, the dragons, give you our deepest apologizes."

    "No one could have expected it," said Qin Yun.

    "Since you really plan on heading to other worlds," said East Sea Skydragon. "I have heard some news in casual conversations with other dragons of the Three Realms. I learned of a place that I believe is suitable for you to seek treasure."

    "What place is it?" Qin Yun's eyes lit up.

    "That world's name is the Ancient Augury World," said East Sea Skydragon. "You should be aware that the Three Realms are boundless, and in that endless space there are Great Worlds and Small Worlds."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    He knew that back when he dreamed for a hundred years, he had once shattered the void and ascended, heading towards a massive planet. Later on, Qin Yun gathered information and learned that cultivators of Small Worlds would eventually ascend into Great Worlds.

    That massive planet... was likely a Great World! However, Qin Yun did not know that the massive planet's name was Effulgent World, the world that his son from the dream, Meng Huan, had headed to.
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