Chapter 383: Inside the Ancient Augury World

    Chapter 383: Inside the Ancient Augury World

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    Qin Yun and company spent more than half an hour flying before arriving on the giant planet that could be seen from a distance.

    The Ancient Augury World was also a planet in and of itself. When they came close they realized that a massive array formation enveloped the entire planet.


    The silver-haired Skyimmortal led Qin Yun and company into a descent until they reached a spot in the middle of a palace complex.

    "This is the Transference Token." The silver-haired Skyimmortal waved his hands as twenty-eight beams of light flew towards the trial candidates. Each one of them reached out to grab their respective token. Qin Yun looked at his, it was a bronze token that looked extremely ordinary.

    "The entire Ancient Augury World is enclosed in an array formation. Just use your Dharmic powers activate the Transference Token. The first time it is activated, the Ancient Augury World's array formation will teleport you inside. The second time it is activated, it will teleport you out," said the silver-haired Skyimmortal indifferently. "Be it falling into a tiny Grotto-heaven or the freezing void itself, activating the Transference Token will allow you to immediately escape as long as you're in the Ancient Augury World! You will be teleported here every time."

    "However, your trial ends the moment you leave," said the Skyimmortal. "Therefore, be extremely prudent in your use of the Transference Token."

    Everyone present was cognizant of the situation.

    The opportunity to enter was rare, so who would easily leave?

    "You can spend at most three years in the Ancient Augury World," said the Skyimmortal. "Once those three years are up, the Ancient Augury World's array formation will teleport you out regardless of your wishes."


    "Although the Transference Token can be activated with a thought, there's always a chance you might be sneaked up on and fail to activate the Transference Token. It would be an unwarranted death," said the Skyimmortal indifferently. "Although there are numerous treasures in the Ancient Augury World's trial, there is a high chance you'll lose your lives. Be careful."

    "Elder, don't worry. The Transference Token can be activated with a thought. It's better than the even top life-preservation items. If one were to die with such a powerful item at their disposal, no one but them is to blame."

    "The world is dangerous everywhere. But the outside world does not have as many opportunities as the Ancient Augury World."

    Everyone spoke their mind.

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Even ordinary Void Transference treasures required time.

    As for the Transference Token, it borrowed the powers of the array that enveloped the Ancient Augury World. It activated with a thought, reducing the chance of death for the trial participants as much as possible. Without it, abject losses would be possible if large numbers of disciples from different sects fought inside.

    "If you come out early, come to Scenic Jade Garden to rest. It belongs to our Scenic Jade Palace." The silver-haired Skyimmortal pointed to a large garden behind him. It too had many buildings. "Alright, it's time for you to set off."

    As he spoke, he turned to walk towards the garden.

    "Brother Ye, it's really rare for you to escort the disciples for the Scenic Jade Palace yourself. Here, join me and have some drinks." Another voice came from a distant garden.

    "Alcoholic, you are here too?" The silver-haired Skyimmortal smiled as he walked over. He reached the entrance to the garden in one step, and with another step, he vanished from Qin Yun's line of sight.


    "Is that the Roll?"

    "I've long heard of it but this is the first time I'm seeing it."

    Qin Yun and the group of trial participants looked up at the clouds floating above them. There was text condensed beneath the clouds:

    1: Other Shore Monastery, Arhat Jueli

    2: Prime Numinous Valley, Daoist Dongxiu

    3: Nine Truths Temple, Immortal Zhenru


    100: Blood Fiend Tower, Fiendcelestial Fuyan

    "These are the people ranked in the top hundred in the Ancient Augury World's trial over hundreds of thousands of years. Anyone that can make it on that list is an impressive figure! I heard that Senior Zhenru could already slay Skyfiends at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm. Now, he is the Temple Lord of the Nine Truths Temple. He is one of the top existences of our Effulgent Great World."

    "Daoist Dongxiu, who is ranked second, is very impressive as well. Rumor has it that even the Heavenly Courts have sent someone to summon him to be an official there."

    "As for Arhat Jueli, who is ranked first, it appears as though he has vanished. There's no information about him."

    "Buddhists tend to keep a low profile."

    "I did hear rumors that Arhat Jueli joined a Buddha in cultivation."

    Upon seeing the roll, everyone began discussing.

    Qin Yun knew little so he mostly listened while he marveled inwardly.

    Every generation, powerful figures from all over the Effulgent Great World would come here to partake in the trial. It was naturally impressive to be ranked in the top hundred based on the treasures collected. The ranking... was also a type of competition among the top sects in the Effulgent Great World.

    "Only one person from our Scenic Jade Palace is ranked on it. I wonder when the name of a second Scenic Jade Palace disciple will appear on it."

    "We have Senior Sister Redjade here this time, her strength will likely allow her to rank."

    "That's right. Senior Sister Redjade has defeated a Skyfiend before."

    The Scenic Jade Palace disciples fawned over her.

    Qin Yun looked at the red-robed woman in surprise. This third Firmament Essence Soul woman managed to defeat a Skyfiend?

    The best elite disciples of top sects in the Effulgent Great World were truly impressive.

    "To rank on the roll is not that easy. Both strength and luck are required," said the red-robed woman indifferently. "Alright, make haste and enter."


    Immediately, the group of disciples replied. Clearly, they willingly abided their Senior Sister Redjade.


    The twenty-eight trial candidates held their Transference Token and activated them with their Dharmic powers.


    With Qin Yun's present realm, his grasp of the void was extremely keen. He discovered that the Transference Token he activated was only a catalyst. The array formation that enveloped the entire planet immediately produced energy that wrapped him and, with a whoosh, he rapidly experienced Void Transference. He forcibly tore through the void at an extremely fast speed.

    "Typical Void Transference uses the fluctuations of the void to ease travel. But this forcibly penetrates the void. It's really overbearing. That's right, it is an array formation that envelops an entire world after all." Qin Yun felt the scene in front of him change as he appeared above a desolate valley.

    The valley was filled with wildflowers that exuded a flowery fragrance.

    All twenty-eight people had been teleported there.

    "Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters, the trial begins now." Senior Sister Redjade swept her gaze and said nonchalantly. "All of you, be careful."

    With that said, she took a stride and flashed as a blurry red flame before vanishing into the distant horizon.

    "How fast. It's even faster than my Beam Transformation Art," thought Qin Yun.

    "Time to split up."

    "Let's go!"

    "You five outsiders, if you encounter other sects, don't you embarrass us. After all, you are holding our Scenic Jade Palace's tokens. You represent the Scenic Jade Palace."

    The Scenic Jade Palace disciples were already prepared. They either traveled alone or in small groups. They rapidly flew off, leaving the outsiders behind.

    The five outsiders quickly separated as well.

    Qin Yun and Ox Demon were the only two Connate Golden Cores among the outsiders. They temporarily chose to travel together.


    Qin Yun and Ox Demon exchanged the intelligence they possessed of the Ancient Augury World.

    "Your intelligence is not bad. It's rather detailed," said Ox Demon with a chuckle.

    "Yours is pretty good as well," replied Qin Yun with a smile. "Brother Ox, where do you plan on heading now?"

    The man and demon were above a forest.

    "We are mortals. Those Essence Souls will not attack us," said Ox Demon with a smile. "Our opponents are the other mortals. Also, the Ancient Augury World itself poses some danger. As long as we do not venture into somewhere too dangerous, anywhere would do. Brother Qin, where do you think is good?"

    "Let's head south first." Qin Yun pointed to the south.

    "Alright, it's your call." Ox Demon nodded.


    Both of them rode a cloud.

    "Let's agree beforehand. When the time comes, we will split the treasures based on our individual capabilities," said Ox Demon.

    "Sure, we will leave it to our own capabilities," said Qin Yun with a smile. He was just familiarizing himself with the Ancient Augury World and keeping a low profile. Once he knew enough, he could act alone.

    "Heh heh." Ox Demon laughed in delight as his eyes suffused a blue light. He looked around him, clearly activating a unique divine power. Qin Yun smiled as well and, with a thought, a third eye opened at his glabella. He surveyed his surroundings with his Eye of Lightning.

    "Heavenly Eye?" Ox Demon exclaimed when he saw it. "Impressive, I have always wanted to cultivate a Heavenly Eye divine power but have not been able to find one."

    "I also only obtained it by chance." Qin Yun did not elaborate.

    Ox Demon looked at Qin Yun and pondered, "He is able to cast a Heavenly Eye divine power? From the looks of it, he's better at searching for treasures. I can follow him for a period of time."

    The two flew through the endless Ancient Augury World in search of treasures.

    A few days later.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning noticed a treasure aura rising in a desolate plain more than hundred and fifty kilometers away.
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