Chapter 384: Wise Choice

    Chapter 384: Wise Choice

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    "Brother Ox, this way," said Qin Yun with a voice transmission. He rapidly headed in the direction of the rising treasure aura.

    "You found some treasure?" Ox Demon's eyes lit up as he immediately followed.

    "There is a treasure aura slightly beyond hundred and fifty kilometers away," said Qin Yun.

    Ox Demon immediately marveled, "Brother Qin, your Heavenly Eye divine power sure is impressive. You can see treasure auras even from a distance of a hundred and fifty kilometers. This eyes of mine can only see treasure light but not treasure aura."

    Treasure light was blinding, making it naturally easy to see.

    But if the treasure light was obstructed, one would only see tiny bits of treasure aura that seeped into the surroundings. The difficulty of seeing treasure aura was clearly much higher.

    Sou! Sou!

    The both of them rode on different clouds as they flew over.

    They quickly traversed the hundred and fifty kilometers.

    "We are here. It's right below." Qin Yun stopped. Ox Demon stopped as well and stared down intently. There was a plain of wilderness covered in weeds. He saw nothing else.

    "The Ancient Augury World was once a thriving cultivation world. There were numerous sects that lived here." Ox Demon surveyed his surroundings carefully and said with a smile, "However, it experienced several large wars, and legends tell that the last great war was particularly devastating. It was said that many terrifying existences in the Effulgent Great World participated in it, reducing the Ancient Augury World to a ruin! Skygods, Skyimmortals, Skyfiends, and Grand Magi... many of them died. Later, this place was sealed and left as a trial for junior disciples. We have to be careful. There are dangerous places in the Ancient Augury World that even Skyimmortals might not dare to enter."

    "This world has been probed for hundreds of thousands of years. The most dangerous spots were probably already found," said Qin Yun.

    A war that ravaged the world until it was nothing but ruins.

    Over hundreds of thousands of years, generation after generation would be sent to the trials...

    Qin Yun always suspected that an extremely dangerous secret lied in the Ancient Augury World. It was the reason why disciples belonging to the Skyimmortal and Skygod realms were sent to probe it! They glorified this operation by calling it a 'trial.'

    After the disciples finished probing the majority of a dangerous area, the top sects would send Skyimmortals or Skygods to 'pluck the fruits.' After all, to large sects, existences at the Skyimmortal level were the most important members. They were not to take on risks easily. As for Essence Souls? Just the tribulations were enough to make many of them lose their lives. Besides, they were given Transference Tokens. The ratio of disciples that perished was within acceptable limits.

    "I see it. There are no ambushes around," said Ox Demon with a voice transmission. "Let's quickly get the treasure."

    "Yea." Qin Yun waved his hand.

    A flying sword that resembled a leaf flashed, streaking forward into the desolate plains.


    The flying sword was extremely sharp, leaving a deep ravine across the land. It revealed a sealing array formation that swirled with light. The array formation trembled after being struck. Immediately, lightning sparked wantonly and flames roared.

    Qin Yun secretly sighed upon seeing this. "From the looks of it, the treasures have been deliberately left behind by the top sects."

    After hundreds of thousands of years of searching, the amount of treasures in the Ancient Augury World would logically reduce! In order to maintain the 'challenge' of the trials, the top sects that sealed the Ancient Augury World deliberately hid some treasures. However, these treasures were most ordinary! Typically, they were treasures at least a grade below the Numinous treasure grade. They were just some inconsequential treasures that the top sects had on hand.

    However, these treasures were sufficient to attract the weaker Essence Souls.

    "Brother Qin, leave the cracking of the array to me." Ox Demon immediately felt confident after seeing the array formation's might. With a large ax in each hand, he charged forward.


    His body enlarged suddenly, rising to a height slightly more than a hundred feet. He looked like a towering hill as purple light swirled across his body. Despite the continued assaults from the fire and lightning, his skin showed no signs of damage.

    "What a powerful body." Qin Yun exclaimed inwardly. "It resembles the Primordial Chaos Sect's Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation of my homeworld."

    "Boom!" "Boom!" "Boom!" Ox Demon brandished his ax and slammed it against the array formation, striking it with a murderous bloodlust.

    Each strike turned more belligerent than the last as his powerful stance slowly increased.

    Finally, after more than ten strikes, the array formation cracked open.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    At the moment the array formation cracked, the treasures hidden beneath it immediately rose into the sky as streams of light. They all flew out in separate directions.

    "Those are mine." Ox Demon had volunteered to charge forward and crack the array so as to grab the treasures easily. Flipping his hands to put away his axes, he stretched out his hands as fast as lightning. His arms were very long and his palms were huge as well. With a lightning-fast grab, he caught two streams of light.

    But ten streams of light had risen into the sky. They were very fast and their trajectories unpredictable.

    After all, they were deliberately left behind by the top sects... there was naturally going to be a test.

    "Oh?" Ox Demon looked up and was shocked by what he saw.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    Streams of threadlike light appeared in the surrounding area. Threads that resembled spider webs rapidly wrapped around the streams of light. The final thread flashed and quickly caught up to the final stream of light.

    All the eight streams of light were being bound by the threads.

    Following that, the bound eight streams of light were brought in front of Qin Yun. He extended his hand to grab them.

    "What?" Ox Demon turned a little anxious.

    Qin Yun put away his transcendent-grade Green Leaf Flying Sword and looked at the black rocks floating in front of him. He could sense a chill from them.

    "Supreme-grade Yin Metalrock." Qin Yun extended his hand, which was protected with Dharmic powers. He weighed the rock in his hand and nodded slightly. A faint smile formed. "A kilogram."

    Transcendent-grade Yin Metalrocks were precious refinement materials. Half a kilogram of Yin Metalrocks was equal in value to a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure.

    Following that, he took out his Cosmic Bag and threw the kilogram of supreme-grade Yin Metalrock inside.

    "A kilogram means it's equivalent to two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures. I never expected to receive two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures in the first few days. If my luck remains this good, I could easily be able to amass three or four inferior-grade Numinous treasures." Qin Yun chuckled inwardly. "However, it's obvious that things like this will not keep happening."

    To find a treasure spot every few days? And one so easily obtainable?

    How was that possible?

    The top sects were definitely not that generous.

    "I never expected that, despite charging ahead to crack the array, all I would get for it were two portions of the supreme-grade Yin Metalrock. He received eight?" Ox Demon was secretly envious. "Judging from the size, eight portions will weigh about a kilogram."

    A transcendent-grade Dharma treasure would still make Connate Golden Cores turn envious even if they were the leftovers from large factions.

    "Let's leave quickly. The commotion from just now might attract others here," said Qin Yun.

    "Yes, let's leave quickly," said Ox Demon immediately.

    They departed on clouds.

    As they flew off, Ox Demon said with a laugh. "Brother Qin, you sure are impressive. Your flying sword managed to bind the eight streams of light in just a moment. What move was that?"

    "Oh, it's called Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart. It's strength is ordinary but it's quite fast," replied Qin Yun with a smile.

    The Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art was a flying sword art that Qin Yun cultivated in just after he entered the Connate realm. Now that he was temporarily keeping a low profile in the Ancient Augury World, he had used that strike to hide his true strength. Of course, at his present realm, the might of the Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart was rapidly approaching the Connate Paramount realm. Its speed was even more ludicrous as a result.

    Ox Demon said with a smile, "Brother Qin, I charged ahead just now and fended off the fire and lightning to crack the array. However, I only received two of the ten supreme-grade Yin Metalrock... Isn't that a little too unfair?"

    "Unfair?" Qin Yun was taken aback. He looked at the Ox Demon and was immediately enlightened. He sighed secretly. "That's right. This ox demon is only a demon at the Connate Golden Core realm. Two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures are not something he can just let go. Back in my homeworld, I received the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, Golden Core Cauldron, in the Scenic Yang Cave Abode. Just a mere transcendent-grade Dharma treasure had caused such a stir."

    Qin Yun naturally found one or two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures very common by this point in his journeys.

    But to true Connate Golden Cores or even a first Firmament Essence Soul, a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure was simply too enticing!

    "Brother Ox, we agreed previously that the treasures would be distributed based on our capabilities," said Qin Yun.

    "That's right, based on our capabilities." Ox Demon grinned.


    A horrifying repressive force spread out in the surrounding five kilometers as it enveloped Qin Yun. Ox Demon stared at Qin Yun. "I'm more capable than you. All your treasures should belong to me."

    "Dao domain?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    "Yes, a Dao domain!" Ox Demon's stance was extremely mighty. He looked at Qin Yun and said, "After I stepped into the Dao, I was in no rush to condense an Essence Soul. It was all to enter this Ancient Augury World. After all, I'm safer in the Ancient Augury World as a mortal. Those Essence Souls will not casually attack a mortal."

    "Alright, if you do not want to be teleported out now, hand over the supreme-grade Yin Metalrock." Ox Demon looked at Qin Yun. "I believe you will make the wise choice."
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