Chapter 385: Meng Huan

    Chapter 385: Meng Huan

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    Ox Demon's aura spread out as he released his Dao domain, pressing down on Qin Yun. He did not dare attack directly, for if he did he might frighten the 'weak' Qin Yun into activating his Transference Token to escape. It would be too late for regret if that happened!

    It was difficult for Connate Golden Cores to obtain treasures in the Ancient Augury World. The Eye of Lightning was the most powerful divine power that the Dao Ancestor's personal disciple, Ancestral Master Zhang, had chanced upon. In the Effulgent Great World, the number of Connate Golden Core cultivators that possessed an equivalent Heavenly Eye divine power was pathetically low. Most of the Connate Golden Cores in the Ancient Augury World could only see treasure light but the treasures that leaked treasure light would have long been found.

    Therefore, it was rather impressive for a Connate Golden Core to obtain two or three transcendent-grade Dharma treasures while inside the Ancient Augury World over a three-year period.

    "You have one advantage over me. Your Heavenly Eye divine power makes it much easier to find treasures," chuckled Ox Demon. "It's not worth it to give up the whole trial for a kilogram of supreme-grade Yin Metalrock."

    "Yes, it's not worth it." Qin Yun nodded.

    "So hand it over and I will spare you. We will then go our separate ways." Ox Demon held back his impatience as he urged, "That's already very benevolent on my behalf."

    "Benevolent?" Qin Yun smiled. "Alright, I'll be benevolent as well."

    "You will be benevolent as well?" Ox Demon was slightly taken aback as he had an ominous feeling.

    Qin Yun looked at him.


    A terrifying might emanated out suddenly with Qin Yun at its center. Instantly, the force overwhelmed Ox Demon's Dao domain and encompassed a large area, causing countless blades of wild grass to droop.

    "Dao domain?" Ox Demon was alarmed as the color drained from his face. He could sense the Heaven and Earth powers freeze around him. He could not help but say, "Fifteen kilometers?"

    His Dao domain was only five kilometers!

    This was a qualitative difference!

    "Yes, my Dao domain is fifteen kilometers." Qin Yun smiled at him. "Bigger than yours."

    Ox Demon's expression quickly changed into an embarrassed, sycophantic smile. "Impressive, I never expected Brother Qin to be this patient. You still haven't condensed an Essence Soul despite your Dao domain reaching fifteen kilometers. Brother Qin, Brother Qin. I was wrong. I was just too stupid. Just treat me as a fart and let me pass."

    "You are a great demon from the Golden Pinnacle Mountain. Why are you this shameless?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    "Shame is bull**," said Ox Demon said obsequiously. "Brother Qin, please spare me."

    "I already said I'm quite benevolent." Qin Yun looked at him. "Hand over the two supreme-grade Yin Metalrock you received. Oh, and that pair of axes you were using also looked pretty good. They are first-grade Dharma treasures, after all. Two Yin Metalrocks and the two axes. Hand them over and I'll spare you."

    Ox Demon could not help but say, "I only tried to take your Yin Metalrocks. But you want to extort me for two Dharma treasures?"

    "They don't even add up to a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure." Qin Yun shook his head. "I'm very benevolent and even gave you a choice. Either you hand them over, or you activate the Transference Token and get lost. Quickly make your choice. If you don't, I'll decide for you."

    Ox Demon clenched his teeth.

    "Three... two..." Qin Yun began counting. A flying sword was already slowly flying out from his fingertip.

    "I'll hand them over. I'll hand them over, alright?" Ox Demon shouted immediately.

    Although he felt indignant, he steeled his aching heart and threw the two pieces of supreme-grade Yin Metalrock and his beloved axes to Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun flipped his hand and produced the Two World Picture, instantly storing away the axes and the supreme-grade Yin Metalrock.

    "My Dharma treasures." Ox Demon's heart ached for his loss but there was nothing he could do.

    At the same time, he turned nervous.

    He was afraid, afraid that Qin Yun would continue pressing him after taking his treasures! That would be extremely shameless, but not impossible

    "Don't worry. I will not attack again," said Qin Yun as he left on a cloud.

    "Brother Qin." Ox Demon could not help but send a voice transmission when he saw Qin Yun start to leave. "If I had not taken action and we continued to travel together, would you have abandoned decorum at the end to snatch my treasures?"

    "I wouldn't," replied Qin Yun with a voice transmission.

    Ox Demon stood in his spot, dazed. As he watched Qin Yun get farther and farther away, he could not help but murmur through gritted teeth. "We did not have much of a relationship to begin with. How is it possible that he would not lose decorum with me once more treasure was up for grabs?"

    Ox Demon felt helpless. "This is terrible. I've lost so much. I have to quickly seek out more treasures. I hope I can get more treasures! I'll be able to answer to Master in that case."

    Eighty percent of the treasures he received would have to be handed over to his master.

    In order to gain an opportunity to enter the Ancient Augury World over numerous other great demons, he had thought of every mean possible.

    Ox Demon immediately departed with a whoosh.


    Qin Yun rode the cloud and flew alone.

    "I originally planned on scouring the Ancient Augury World together with that ox demon, investigating while keeping a low profile. After a month or two of investigations, we could have separated and sought treasures by ourselves. I never expected the plan to change so quickly!" Qin Yun opened his Eye of Lightning and, as he flew, he observed the Ancient Augury World. He was in no hurry to venture into the most dangerous lands! Many placed had hundreds of thousands of years of history. A few months meant nothing in comparison.

    He had to get a thorough understanding of the world before deciding on a target to venture deep into!

    He needed to obtain three inferior-grade Numinous treasures!


    While Qin Yun began his lone search, three figures flying together above a desert on the other side of the Ancient Augury World.

    "The Ancient Augury World has been scoured numerous times over the past hundreds of thousands of years. It's getting more and more difficult to obtain Numinous treasures. It's been a year since we joined forces but we have not even seen an inferior-grade Numinous treasure. All we've found so far are some refinement materials, and some Dharma treasure fragments left behind from the original wars," said a lanky man with curled lips.

    A lady laughed in response. "Splitting the items we received over a year equally, each of us has about two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures. After three years... if everything goes smoothly, we can each get an inferior-grade Dharma treasure."

    The lanky man could not help but comment, "In order to gain this opportunity, I spent enough of my sect contribution points to equal the cost of half an inferior-grade Numinous treasure." He looked at an aloof, white-dressed youth beside him and said with a smile, "It's Junior Brother Meng Huan that's truly impressive. He ascended only a few years ago and already managed to win a spot in here at the sect's tournament."

    The white-dressed youth did not say a word.

    He was none other than Meng Huan.

    As someone who had ascended into this plane... especially one who came from a world with thin Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, he gained the attention of many sects at Ascension Platform. Later, he was directly recruited by the Effulgent Great World's top sect, Jade Tripod Sect. The Jade Tripod Sect went to great extents to groom him and, with him coming from a world with thin spiritual energies, Meng Huan, who had more than three centuries of cultivation, immediately underwent a quantum leap in strength after coming to the Great World with rich spiritual energies, as well as access to numerous cultivation techniques and Dharma treasures.

    In order to obtain enough treasures, he deliberately controlled his strength and won an entry into the Ancient Augury World at a second Firmament Essence Soul level sect tournament.

    "Junior Brother Meng Huan's homeworld has thin spiritual energies. They can only enter the Connate realm by grasping the Heavenly Dao's intent. After that, they can only reach the Connate Golden Core after stepping into the Dao." The lady in azure clothes clearly felt some affection towards Meng Huan as she said with a smile. "With such difficult conditions for cultivation, he would naturally soar in an environment like the Effulgent Great World."

    Those that could ascend in such conditions were naturally monstrous.

    Apart from Qin Yun... Meng Huan was already one of the rare figures that managed to ascend in his world's long history.

    Qin Yun had a lot of outside experiences to begin with. Meng Huan was a native of that world. Also, he only learned sword arts. The most brilliant one being the Sword of Heaven Earth that Qin Yun left behind. Meng Huan eventually attained the realm of shattering the void and was truly an impressive warrior.

    "I'm nothing. My father is ten times if not a hundred times better than me," said Meng Huan.

    "Junior Brother Meng Huan," said the lanky man with a shake of his head. "You always mention how powerful your father is. If he is that powerful, you should have long found him."

    "The Effulgent Great World is nearly boundless. There are countless Essence Souls here. Some even spend all their time in reclusive cultivation," said Meng Huan. "There is no way to seek out every Essence Soul in this world. After I leave the Ancient Augury World, I will have enough treasures. I'll definitely request Senior Old Man Eyeless's help in divining my father's location."

    "Didn't you try it once already? You paid the price of a first-grade Dharma treasure but nothing was figured out," said the lanky man.

    "Elder already mentioned that my father is still alive but he is being shrouded by the heavens so that even he cannot divine his location," said Meng Huan. "However, Elder said that if my father is in the Effulgent Great World, Old Man Eyeless would definitely have the capability to divine his whereabouts."

    The lady beside said with a smile, "Then, consider this me congratulating you on your reunion with your father. Your father is ten or even a hundred times stronger than you. Perhaps he might have had some huge opportunity."

    "Time in Junior Brother Meng Huan's homeworld passes too quickly. A day in our Effulgent Great World is three years there," said the lanky man. "It has only been a few years since Junior Brother Meng Huan's father ascended. Perhaps his strength is not much higher than Junior Brother Meng Huan's."

    Meng Huan did not say a word.

    The thing he wanted most when he ascended to the Effulgent Great World was to meet his father.

    It was the father he idolized the most! In his mind, his father was a peerless figure. He had always been proceeding forward to follow in his father's footsteps.

    "Father, once I exit the Ancient Augury World, I'll have enough treasures to seek Old Man Eyeless's help. I will definitely find you," thought Meng Huan to himself.
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