Chapter 392: Rescue

    Chapter 392: Rescue

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    Qin Yun was very impressed by Lu Fan's reaction. He landed and said with a smile, "Brother Lu, I came in here to seek treasure. Rescuing her is just something to do in passing. Besides, the underground passageways here are dense and complex. It's still not a certainty that I'll bump into her."

    "You came in here to seek treasure?" Lu Fan was taken aback as he said immediately, "It's not that I'm looking down on you, but this place is too dangerous. Even a second Firmament Essence Soul might lose their life at any second. It's really not a suitable place for you to seek treasure."

    "Returning back the same way I came in isn't that easy either. There are the experts from three factions besieging the area," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Besides, since I'm already in here, I can just leave with the Transference Token if things go awry. Don't try to persuade me on this matter."

    Lu Fan had no choice but to nod, seeing as Qin Yun came to a decision.

    "Although Brother Qin is saying otherwise, he definitely has the intention of helping me and Junior Sister. Even if I must expend all that I have, I have to ensure his safety," thought Lu Fan.

    "Brother Qin, shall we?" Lu Fan asked.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.


    The duo traveled together and collectively used all sorts of methods to probe for danger. Of course, Qin Yun's Dao domain was not something Lu Fan, a newly-promoted second Firmament Essence Soul, could sense. The difference between them was just too great.


    The duo proceeded to search for ten minutes before Qin Yun saw a path that went deep into the caverns through his Eye of Lightning. In there was a familiar aura that made Qin Yun smile.

    "Brother Lu, congratulations," said Qin Yun.

    "Congratulations?" Lu Fan was taken aback as he could not help but look at Qin Yun with eyes filled with excitement. "Brother Qin, do you mean... you found..."

    "Yes, I used a Heavenly Eye technique and can see that, in the depths of another passageway, there are fiendcelestials forcing a few people to scout ahead. One of them is your junior sister," said Qin Yun.

    "She's found. She's finally found." Lu Fan muttered, looking at Qin Yun with moist eyes. "Thank you, Brother Qin."

    "What is most important now is to rescue her," said Qin Yun.

    "The five fiendcelestials escorting the scouts are peaked second Firmament fiendcelestials. I cannot match them," Lu Fan nodded and said solemnly. "However, I do not need to defeat them. I only need to rescue her! With my treasures, I am fifty percent confident I can save my junior sister. Brother Qin, there is no need for you to go with me. When the fiendcelestials attack, I will not be able to divert my attention to care for you in my bid to save her."

    To him, Qin Yun was only a mortal. Even with a Dao domain of fifteen kilometers, he was still not Lu Fan's match, much less the match of peaked second Firmament fiendcelestials.

    He did not find it odd that Qin Yun managed to rush into the nest of caves unharmed. After all, he was mortal! Fiendcelestials would not dare use too much strength to try and stop him. By catching them by surprise with his fifteen-kilometer Dao domain, he had a chance of charging into the mountains. After all, there were many passageways and entrances among the caves.

    "I shouldn't follow?" Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Alright then. However, you have to believe me on this. Bring this flying sword with you. When the time comes, perhaps it can help you a little."

    With that said, Qin Yun flipped his hand, producing a misty rain-like flying sword out of his fingertip. He handed the Misty Rain Sword to Lu Fan.

    "Flying sword?" Lu Fan hesitated slightly.

    Carrying the flying sword of a sword immortal with him? If Qin Yun had any intention of killing him, it would be problematic.

    The flying sword could easily rob him of his life at such close proximity!

    "I doubt I made a wrong judgment of character. At most, I'll expend the Stand-in Life Charm that Brother Wang gave me," thought Lu Fan. Following that, he took the Misty Rain Sword that Qin Yun handed to him. He said with a smile, "Alright. I'll carry it with me."

    He was a disciple with extremely great talent in the Scenic Jade Palace, having chanced upon many fortuitous encounters.

    Were he not, an Essence Soul like him would not have been able to escape the ambush and pursuit of fiendcelestials while still being able to infiltrate the mountains.

    Stand-in Life Charms for Essence Souls were just too rare and extremely precious.

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    The duo continued proceeding forward and soon, they arrived at a crossroads.

    "Follow this path forward. The fiendcelestials are about twenty-five kilometers ahead," said Qin Yun. His Dao domain had long enveloped the area but it could only vanquish weaker beings. It was still far from sufficient when it came to dealing with a peaked second Firmament fiendcelestial. Even his Green Leaf Flying Sword was insufficient in that aspect. Only his Intrinsic Flying Sword could accomplish the feat of an instant kill.

    "Alright. Brother Qin, just wait here for me." Lu Fan nodded as he suppressed his agitated feelings. He departed immediately with a whoosh.

    Qin Yun watched it all happen quietly.

    He could not follow.

    "News of me has probably been transmitted by the fiendcelestials outside to the fiendcelestials inside here," thought Qin Yun. "Once they see me appear or sense my flying sword... they will probably flee instantly."

    Qin Yun had managed to slay a peaked second Firmament fiendcelestials in one strike. His strength had already been proven outside.

    Therefore, once the fiendcelestials inside sensed the arrival of the terrifying mortal sword immortal, they would naturally be scared out of their wits.

    "Since they are responsible for probing the area, they must have many exploratory divine powers, Dharma spells, and treasures," thought Qin Yun. "At the very least, I can see through my Eye of Lightning that the area fifteen kilometers away is being shrouded by a blurry light. I would be detected once I come within fifteen kilometers of them. And once they detect me... they will have plenty of time to kill the prisoners and flee with the Transference Tokens."

    Killing the prisoners and then escaping?

    Qin Yun did not wish to see such a scene. Regardless, Lu Fan and his two fellow disciples had lent a hand to help him. Although their help was unnecessary, it was the thought that counted. Qin Yun naturally would not sit idle when it came to rescuing someone.


    Qin Yun stopped in the crossroads while Lu Fan continued onward.

    Soon, he flew into the region encompassed by the blurry gray light.

    "Oh?" Fifteen kilometers ahead, the five fiendcelestials forced the prisoners forward to scout the area.

    One of the fiendcelestials that held a gray disk knitted his brows. He shouted through a voice transmission, "That Scenic Jade Palace disciple is here again."

    "Hehe, he sure doesn't give up. He actually pursued us this far."

    "For a punk that just entered the second Firmament, he sure has a lot of life-preserving items. He managed to escape several times." Two peak second Firmament fiendcelestials chuckled.

    "Leave him to us. We might reap great benefits by killing that punk."

    The fiendcelestials showed no fear towards Lu Fan. In fact, they looked forward to killing him and robbing him of his treasure.

    Lu Fan approached with a whoosh as he pushed his speed to its limits. The gap between them quickly contracted to just mere kilometers. With Lu Fan's acute eyesight, he instantly saw the prisoner that he was most worried about in front of the fiendcelestials.

    "Junior Sister Yan'er." Lu Fan's heart hung heavy in his chest.

    A blood-covered Yu Yan was slowly flying. Not long ago, she had been cut deeply by a stream of light. Thankfully, it was across her abdomen and not a critical part like her neck. She was instantly rescued by the fiendcelestials. Despite their cruelty, the fiendcelestials definitely would not let their prisoners die so easily. Even so, nearly half the prisoners had perished.

    "I can rest for another hour. Once the two ahead of me finish their probing, it will be my turn." Yu Yan's eyes flashed with a glint of hope. "Senior Brother, if I can survive this ordeal, I will definitely say what I have always wanted to say."

    "If I can survive another two hours, my chances of survival will greatly increase."

    Yu Yan still wished to live on.


    "Boom!" A loud explosion resounded from behind.

    Yu Yan turned to look.

    She saw a man dressed in tattered azure-colored clothes. Azure light flowed around him before surging towards the fiendcelestials.

    "Senior Brother!" Yu Yan was stunned. Tears flowed down her cheeks involuntarily. "Why are you so silly? Why?"

    "Anyone that gets in my way shall perish!"

    The man let out a frenetic, angry bellow. With a wave of his hand, a Dao talisman was set aflame.


    Azure-colored lightning blasted out as it struck the nearest fiendcelestial that was in his way. The fiendcelestial held a shield in one hand and a huge ax in the other. The shield rapidly increased in size, blocking the entire passageway.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The lightning's might was extremely potent. Under its barrage of attacks, the shield-holding fiendcelestial was sent retreating hundreds of feet.

    "Hahaha. Punk, you do have many treasures." The fiendcelestial quickly found his footing amid rapturous laughter.

    "I'll risk it." Lu Fan clenched his teeth. He did not hold any hopes of killing the peak second Firmament fiendcelestial! It was just too difficult at his level.

    However, he believed he could take a calculated risk to rescue Yu Yan, even if he was only fifty percent sure of that.


    He instantly lit up another Dao talisman with flames as he transformed into a black bolt of lightning. With a flash, his speed reached that of a peak third Firmament Essence Soul.

    "So fast!"

    "Thankfully, this passageway isn't too big. Trap him." The two fiendcelestials focused their attention on him.

    "Either I die or I rescue Yan'er!" Lu Fan had a crazy look in his eyes. Both his hands clutched three Dao talismans!

    As long as he broke through the blockade of the two peak second Firmament fiendcelestials, he had a chance of rescuing his junior sister.

    If he failed to overcome the blockade?

    In that case, death awaited him!

    "Senior Brother!" The white-dressed Yu Yan was already covered in tears as she helplessly watched this scene.

    "Haha, he's here to save his junior sister. What a man of passion." The other fiendcelestials watched in amusement. "He sure has a lot of treasures. When we kill him, our two senior brothers will enjoy most of the perks but we should reap some of the rewards."

    "I implore the heavens. I'm willing to give up everything as long as my senior brother survives." Yu Yan prayed silently.

    At that moment-

    A flying sword beam flew out of Lu Fan's sleeve. It blended in with the numerous azure-colored streams of light.

    It traversed the thousand plus feet that separated the two parties in an instant, appearing right in front of the fiendcelestial that held the shield and ax. Despite the shield having the bulk of a tiny hill-


    The flying sword vanished into the void right before it hit the shield. When it appeared again, it was already in front of the fiendcelestial's chest. With a boom, it blasted open a gigantic wound, naturally pulverizing the heart within.

    When the other second Firmament fiendcelestial saw this, he only felt the area around him tremble. A huge hole had blasted open in his companion, right in front of him. Boring out of the body was a misty rain-like flying sword that was now coming for him!

    Out of pure instinct, his legs turned limp. "Junior Brother is dead?"

    "Escape!" The second Firmament fiendcelestial immediately triggered his Transference Token with a thought.


    An imposing spatial fluctuation enveloped him, tearing apart the void and transporting him away.

    The flying sword flashed at an extremely fast speed, quickly shifting directions to fly straight at the other three first Firmament fiendcelestials.

    "A flying sword?"

    The three first Firmament fiendcelestials instantly recalled the news they had received from their companions outside when they saw the flying sword.

    "It's that terrifying mortal sword immortal."

    "He's here too."

    "His strength is apparently that of a reincarnated Skyimmortal."

    The three first Firmament fiendcelestials did not hesitate to leave. They instantly triggered their Transference Tokens and vanished amid spatial fluctuations.


    Lu Fan was still hysterically charging, still holding the three Dao talismans in his hands. Before he could risk everything in an all-out attack, he saw the peak second Firmament fiendcelestial holding the shield perish instantly. The other four fiendcelestials did not hesitate to escape right after that.

    "Whoosh." The misty rain-like flying sword carved out a trajectory before stopping in midair.

    Lu Fan looked at the floating flying sword in a daze.
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