Chapter 393: More than Half Gathered

    Chapter 393: More than Half Gathered

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    "Brother Qin, who exactly are you?" Lu Fan looked at the Misty Rain Sword floating in front of him, his mind momentarily set adrift.

    He was not a fool. By now, he naturally knew that Brother Qin Yun was an extremely powerful existence!

    "Senior Brother!" An agitated voice rang out as the white-dressed Yu Yan flew to him excitedly, her eyes brimming with tears.

    Lu Fan looked over.

    "Junior Sister." Lu Fan did not have the time to bother with Qin Yun as he excitedly flew to meet her.

    The couple met in midair and could not help but embrace each other.

    "Senior Brother."

    "Junior Sister."

    They found it hard to curb their emotions. Them being together after experiencing such a calamity felt like a dream.


    Qin Yun cast his Beam Transformation Art and quickly appeared somewhere nearby. He landed and looked at the embracing couple from a distance away.

    Qin Yun watched silently as he could not help recall the lovely days he spent with Xiaoxiao.

    "May all lovers be united in matrimonial harmony," whispered Qin Yun. "Yes, it has to end in matrimonial harmony."

    With a beckon, the Misty Rain Sword carried the remnant treasures of the dead fiendcelestial to Qin Yun's side.

    Qin Yun stored the flying sword away before looking through the treasures left behind by the fiendcelestial.

    "Not bad. This shield and ax are both transcendent-grade Dharma treasures." After Qin Yun put them away, he searched through the Cosmic Bag. "This fiendcelestial had a little more than the two peak second Firmament fiendcelestials from before."

    "It's said that it's easier to find treasure in the Ancient Augury World. But in fact, killing enemies to rob them of treasure is the faster way," thought Qin Yun. "These fiendcelestials will go through painstaking means to accumulate treasure in the Ancient Augury World, as well as the treasures they obtained over their long periods of cultivation... but they will all be mine after they are slain."

    "In less than half a day, the two outside and the one inside puts my kills at three peak second Firmament fiendcelestials. Their treasures add up to approximately one and a half inferior-grade Numinous treasures. Adding in the ones I received previously, I have already amassed two inferior-grade Numinous treasures after coming to the Ancient Augury World."

    Qin Yun felt a little excited.

    He needed to obtain at least three inferior-grade Numinous treasures from his trip to the Ancient Augury World!

    He originally felt pressured, but after finishing three peak second Firmament fiendcelestials he had reaped a rather huge harvest. He had already reached over half his goal of three inferior-grade Numinous treasures!

    "I just need to kill another two or three fiendcelestials and I should have enough treasures," thought Qin Yun. "However, since I took action so publicly this time, the news of a mortal sword immortal in the Ancient Augury World with strength approaching that of a Skyimmortal will probably spread quickly. It will become more and more difficult for me to kill powerful fiendcelestials by surprise. After all, as long as their guard is up, they can instantly trigger the Transference Token to escape."

    Qin Yun looked over after checking his spoils of war.

    The distant Lu Fan and Yu Yan were still hugging each other.

    They also confessed their feelings after experiencing the harrowing calamity.

    "Junior Sister, from this moment forth, you are my wife. I will report this to Master when we leave this place," said Lu Fan.

    "Okay." Yu Yan's face blushed as she snuggled into Lu Fan's embrace. Then, her eyes happened to find Qin Yun who was standing a distance away.

    "Qin Yun?" Yu Yan said in surprise. "Senior Brother, why is Brother Qin here?"

    Lu Fan was taken aback as he immediately turned his head.

    "Feel free to continue. I'm in no rush," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Brother Qin." Lu Fan flew over excitedly with Yu Yan in tow. "Junior Sister, it's all thanks to Brother Qin that we were able to survive this calamity. Quickly bow and thank him."

    With that said, Lu Fan tugged at Yu Yan as he gave a deep bow.

    Yu Yan was still feeling a little baffled but she believed Lu Fan. She gave a deep bow together with him.

    "It's alright. It was just something I did in passing," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "It might be something in passing to you, but for a married couple like us, you have given us new life," said Lu Fan excitedly. He looked at Yu Yan. "Junior Sister, Brother Qin risked his life and ignored the blockade of the experts outside. He stormed right in to help me save you. That flying sword from before... was Brother Qin's flying sword! It was what slew the peak second Firmament fiendcelestial in one strike and scared the other fiendcelestials out of their wits into retreating."

    Yu Yan was secretly alarmed.

    Killing a peak second Firmament fiendcelestial in one strike?

    "Senior Brother, what background does this Qin Yun have?" Yu Yan could not help but send a voice transmission.

    "He might be something like a reincarnated Skyimmortal. Whatever he is, he is much stronger than us," said Lu Fan through a voice transmission. "Regardless, he is our benefactor."

    Yu Yan nodded slightly.

    "Brother Qin, thank you for saving my life." Yu Yan bowed once again.


    At that moment, the rest of the prisoners flew over.

    These prisoners were captured by the fiendcelestials just like Yu Yan, forced to scout ahead. They had all clearly seen Qin Yun take the mighty flying sword and put it away. Their savior was obviously this mysterious mortal expert.

    "Senior, you caused the fiendcelestial to flee at the mere sight of your presence. We are lucky to be alive." The prisoners bowed one by one. There were humans, demons, and even dragons. All of them were at the first Firmament Essence Soul realm.

    "The fiendcelestials were so lost in fear that they did not even make time to kill us." A demon prisoner forced out a black poison needle from his glabella.

    "This poison needle was stabbed into our Essence Souls. If they triggered it, our Essence Souls would dissipate."

    "If they had escaped any slower, they might have been killed by Senior's flying sword."

    The prisoners were rejoicing.

    "Poison needle?" Lu Fan looked nervously at Yu Yan.

    "It's fine. They are already gone. Without the owner around to trigger it, I can quickly force it out," said Yu Yan.

    Qin Yun looked at the prisoners and said, "All of you lack Transference Tokens, so returning along the same path will only lead to death. After all, there are more powerful fiendcelestials outside. It's best you find a spot in this underground nest to hide in. Hide for a month or two and I believe the fiendcelestials outside will give up and leave. Once it's safe, you can then leave."

    "Yes, Senior." The prisoners nodded in unison.

    "Let's do this." Qin Yun pondered for a moment as he took out six black jade tokens from his Cosmic Bag and threw them to the prisoners. "These are transmission tokens. I will leave my transmission mark on them. Once I determine that there's no danger outside, I'll send all of you a voice transmission. You can all leave when that happens."

    "Thank you, Senior." The prisoners accepted them gratefully.

    Although it was possible that everyone outside would leave after they stayed hidden for a month or two, there was still the faint possibility that the fiendcelestials would remain! They would only exit to their deaths!

    With Qin Yun giving them transmission tokens, it ensured greater safety for them.

    "Senior, we will not disturb you any further." The prisoners bowed before dispersing quickly.


    Lu Fan and Yu Yan were in no rush to leave.

    While Yu Yan slowly forced out the poison needle in her Essence Soul, Lu Fan asked "Brother Qin, what do you plan on doing now?"

    "There's no rush. We can talk details after Miss Yu forces out the poison needle," said Qin Yun.

    Lu Fan was enlightened.

    Moments later.

    Yu Yan had forced out her poison needle as well.

    "The Thousand Saber Fiend Sect's Soul Repressing Needle." Lu Fan's eyes turned chilly when he saw that.

    "Miss Yu, those fiendcelestials forced all of you to scout the entire way to this point. Did you find anything of note?" asked Qin Yun. "Did you find any spots with treasure?"

    Yu Yan nodded. "We discovered two spots, both extremely dangerous. One of them was an Altar of the Magus and the other was a Grotto-heaven. We were unable to probe the two spots."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's heart stirred. "Please tell me in detail about these two spots."

    "The Altar of the Magus was extremely strange," said Yu Yan. "We could see a corpse sitting cross-legged on the altar. It is likely a Grand Magus corpse. When we found it, the fiendcelestials sent two prisoners to investigate. They only got a hundred feet away from the altar before they died instantly. The fiendcelestials did not dare make another attempt due to the shock."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    The magus lineage... was good at hex arts and Gu arts. Many of their lethal techniques were indeed strange.

    Even in death, the Grand Magus had left behind techniques that were not easily dealt with.

    "The fiendcelestials did not dare attempt again. Following that, we proceeded forward and found a Grotto-heaven," said Yu Yan.
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