Chapter 394: The Grotto-heavens Interior

    Chapter 394: The Grotto-heaven's Interior

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    Qin Yun listened carefully.

    After reaping a huge harvest from slaying three fiendcelestials, he became a lot more wary. He did not think it would be wise to probe the core areas of the perilous area he was in, but he could make more attempts in the periphery.

    "This Grotto-heaven is actually rather safe," said Yu Yan with a smile. "We were really nervous as we tried to probe it. However, none of us could open the Grotto-heaven's entrance! Naturally, there were no injuries or deaths. Even the two second Firmament fiendcelestials made an attempt but they failed to open the Grotto-heaven's entrance as well."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was surprised.

    "After exploring for so long, we only found these two spots to be special," said Yu Yan. "Of course, we have not gone into the core areas. If not for your help, the other prisoners and I would have probably perished while scouting."

    Qin Yun smiled and thought for a moment. He then took out a Transference Token. "This is a Transference Token I received from slaying the fiendcelestials! It's for you, so that you and Brother Lu can leave the Ancient Augury World at any time."

    "Thank you, Brother Qin. If not for this Transference Token, it would be quite troublesome for her to leave." Lu Fan was excited as well. Although he could escape with the Transference Token at any time, it was impossible for him to abandon her. Unfortunately, her Transference Token had long been snatched.

    Yu Yan took it excitedly. "Thank you, Brother Qin."

    Any sect's Transference Token... acted as a catalyst for the massive array formation that encompassed the Ancient Augury World. They all shared the same purpose, so anyone could use them.

    "I happened to kill three fiendcelestials and obtained an additional three. Having more than one is useless to me," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    He still had two left to spare after giving one to Yu Yan. However, there were six prisoners from before. They were complete strangers and there was no way for him to split two Transference Tokens among six; therefore, Qin Yun did not even mention it.

    "By the way, Miss Yu, please give me a map and label the spots of the Altar of the Magus and the Grotto-heaven," requested Qin Yun.

    Yu Yan and Lu Fan exchanged looks.

    "Senior Brother and I plan to stay in this nest for a few more days," Yu Yan said as she waved her hand. A map materialized in midair as she said helplessly, "The underground cavern has too many passageways, and so many of them are alike. It'll be easy to find the Altar of the Magus, but as for the Grotto-heaven... it's located in a unique spatial node in the void. It's not that easily found. I'll bring you there instead."

    "Sure." Qin Yun nodded. "I'm afraid I'll be troubling the two of you."

    "It won't take long." Yu Yan and Lu Fan were desperately thinking of ways to help Qin Yun. After all, they had no idea how to repay the gratitude they had for saving their lives.

    "Brother Qin, follow me." Yu Yan led the way forward.


    After several turns, they soon saw a massive Altar of the Magus.

    The Altar of the Magus was located to the side of a passageway. The rocks that concealed it had been blasted apart, revealing an altar inside a massive hall that was about two hundred feet tall. There were twelve columns on the altar, each densely engraved with magi runes. And a figure sat beside one of the columns. It leaned on the column motionless.

    Qin Yun opened his Eye of Lightning and observed carefully.

    "It's dead." Qin Yun could clearly tell that the hunchbacked elder's beard was a disheveled mess. The body was dessicated and the skin that was exposed had dense magi runes on it. Qin Yun felt a shudder simply from seeing the body with his naked eye. He even felt an invisible energy encroach upon him.

    "What a terrifying hex art. It retaliates simply from looking at his corpse." Qin Yun was alarmed but his Dao domain managed to defend against the invisible force.

    The hex arts its corpse exudes are still considered weak," explained Yu Yan. "But if you enter a hundred-foot radius around it, even more horrifying methods will be activated. We didn't even notice it before two prisoners that got too close died."

    "This is a Grand Magus that's skilled in hex arts. However, his body seems ordinary," thought Qin Yun.

    The magus lineage had many cultivation paths.

    Magi were humans that studied the natural order of the world and Godfiends until they gradually figured out some of their mysteries. Therefore, the true magus lineage had high proficiency in medicine, divination, body cultivation, array formations, etc. Gu arts and hex arts were only two of the paths. For instance, in Qin Yun's homeworld, the Great Chang world, the magus lineage had waned. Using the natural environment of the surrounding mountains to their advantage, the magi continued to spread hex and Gu arts. However, it was still in decline and there was only one Grand Magus in Magistress Mountain.

    "It's best to stay away from a Grand Magus that's adept at hex arts." Qin Yun made the decision.


    After visiting the Altar of the Magus, the trio continued forward and finally arrived in a cavernous passageway.

    Yu Yan came to a stop beside an ordinary-looking wall in the passageway.

    "It's here." Yu Yan waved her hand as her Dharmic powers manifested as a blade flash that struck the passageway's wall. Amid trembles, a huge door revealed its faint presence before it quickly concealed itself.

    "The Grotto-heaven hides in the void. This is the entrance," said Yu Yan. "However, the fiendcelestials from before have already tried. They were unable to open the entrance."

    Yu Yan and Lu Fan exchanged looks.

    "Brother Qin, since you now know the location of the two places," said Lu Fan with a smile. "We shall bid you farewell."

    "Alright. If I discover that the blockade outside is gone, I will inform you through the messaging mark," said Qin Yun.

    "Thank you, Brother Qin." Lu Fan and Yu Yan left together with that.

    Both of them knew that they would only be a burden if they stayed with Qin Yun. The storming of perilous lands? Qin Yun could protect himself, but that did not mean they could do the same for themselves. Qin Yun would need to divert his attention to help them. If they encountered demons, he would have to pay them even more attention.

    Hence, it was best to separate as soon as possible.

    Qin Yun watched their departing figures and could not help but smile. "Soon. I should soon amass the three inferior-grade Numinous treasures I need in the Ancient Augury World. When that time comes... Xiaoxiao and I can reunite, and I can meet my daughter."

    Turning to look at the wall, he sent out a sword flash from his fingertip.

    The Misty Rain Sword flew into midair.


    The surrounding void trembled, naturally affecting the Grotto-heaven's void, finally revealing its entrance once it succumbed to the pressure.

    The entrance was about a hundred feet tall and looked old and unsophisticated.


    Qin Yun directed the sword with his mind.


    The Misty Rain Sword tore through the void, ripping open a black void rift. With massive might, it struck the Grotto-heaven's door. The door that had easily withstood the attacks of the fiendcelestials exploded apart after one strike from Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword! After all, Qin Yun was a lot more powerful than them.

    The Grotto-heaven's door was in shambles, with several huge holes in it. Qin Yun immediately opened his Eye of Lightning, allowing him to understand the general situation within.

    "Time to enter." Qin Yun flew straight into the Grotto-heaven with the Misty Rain Sword ahead of him while he was enveloped in sword flashes.

    The Grotto-heaven entrance that had been damaged gradually healed and finally turned whole once again. Then, it concealed itself and disappeared.



    Qin Yun landed on a granite-paved road.

    The granite path winded around a forest of peach blossom trees. There was a compound in the distance and Qin Yun saw treasure light rising from it through his Eye of Lightning.

    "There's treasure. From the treasure light, it's worth at least two inferior-grade Numinous treasures." Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised. "This place really lives up to being a land of trials controlled by the top sects of the Effulgent Great World! Treasures that are found in an ancient battlefield, even just a little... are enough to be astounding."

    Regardless if it was the Grotto-heaven he entered or the Altar of the Magus, they were clearly not core to the massive land of peril.

    The source of the intertwining passageways was probably the most dangerous spot.

    However, Qin Yun no longer bothered to probe further.

    "Once I obtain the treasures in this Grotto-heaven, I will have gathered ten inferior-grade Numinous treasures. I can then get Puqu Dragonlord to save Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun's heart raced. The moment he had been waiting for was approaching.

    "I must not be careless."

    "I can't fail at the final moment."

    Qin Yun carefully explored. Due to an array formation, he could not see the details of the tiny compound. He could only judge from the aura his Eye of Lightning could see. "This Grotto-heaven is not huge, perhaps about five kilometers wide! It's mostly filled with peach blossom trees and right in the middle of the forest is this tiny compound. The treasures are in there but it also has a cadaveric aura. There is likely an expert's corpse inside. Based on the aura, it should be a Skyimmortal's corpse."
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