Chapter 401: Familiar Figure

    Chapter 401: Familiar Figure

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    Qin Yun attacked anxiously and hastily with his strongest sword move, the one he just created. The Dreamlike Sword's sixth move, First Lightning Encounter, was like a spring breeze that brought with it a light rain. It was extremely gentle and all its might was converged.


    A wisp of smoky rain tore through the chaotic battlefield in a flash. Many of the third Firmament Essence Souls from the various top factions barely noticed it as they were in a mad rush for treasures.

    "Daoist Yu, I'm better so these are mine." A young Daoist with a protruded mouth sent another Daoist cultivator retreating. By simply extending his hand, he made five blurry air columns condense in midair. They headed straight for a bunch of treasures that were flying away just a short distance away. But at that moment, Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword happened to fly past! In order to save Meng Huan, Qin Yun directed his Misty Rain Sword to take the shortest possible path.

    "Trying to snatch my treasures?" The young Daoist's expression changed when he saw the flying sword.

    For an unfamiliar expert to send a Dharma treasure flying so close, especially when treasure was within reach, made one think that it was deliberate move to take their treasure.

    Although Qin Yun's flying sword's strength was converged, the young Daoist could still sense its hidden threat. He naturally did not dare to lower his guard against it.


    As he diverted his attention to capture the treasure, he waved the whisk in his right hand.


    Thousands of threads from the whisk extended and stretched across the sky, many of them whistling over to intercept the Misty Rain Sword. The youth was confident in himself. "My whisk is a Numinous treasure and I have personally refined it for a thousand years. It's best at holding back and obstructing enemies."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun, who was flying closely behind, saw this scene. Immediately, a glimmer flashed in his eyes. The fiendcelestial was attacking Meng Huan and company at that very moment but this person was actually trying to hinder his flying sword?


    Qin Yun directed his mind.

    The gentle-looking wisp of misty rain had a sudden surge of strength, producing a deep boom that made all the hearts of the third Firmament Essence Souls present palpitate. A gigantic tear tore open in the void, and the severity of it... made everyone notice how powerful the attack was. The might of Qin Yun's flying sword was enough to make the youth's expression change.

    In the ensuing explosion, the thousands of threads from the whisk were blown to smithereens.

    Many of the threads flew back rapidly back towards the whisk.

    "What a terrifying flying sword! His strength is probably equivalent to a Skyimmortal's. Why would such a powerful expert suddenly appear here?" The youth turned apprehensive. "This cluster of treasures only number in the dozens. Does it really merit an expert of such power snatching it from me? With such strength, he should be right by the pagoda."

    The area closest to the pagoda was filled with the strongest figures.

    The closer one was, the more convenient it was to snatch the treasures.

    "At worst, I can just yield the treasures to him." The youth had no desire to fight the mysterious expert.


    The moment he had such a thought, the wisp of misty rain that had blasted through the whisk's threads flew far away with a whoosh, in the direction of the distant Meng Huan.

    The youth was slightly taken aback. Only then did he come to a realization. "So he wasn't trying to contend for my treasures."


    Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword as it crossed the entirety of the battlefield. The might it displayed in easily thwarting the whisk's threads made experts who had witnessed the situation take a mental note.

    However, the wisp of misty rain... was not heading towards the pagoda in the middle of the battlefield. Instead, it was charging straight towards the periphery of the battlefield.


    "What's happening?" The third Firmament Essence Souls saw the Misty Rain Sword fly towards them. Since it wasn't threatening their treasures, they were willing to make way for it. All of them had a vague idea of the strength of the flying sword's owner.

    The Misty Rain Sword indeed rapidly flew past them without attacking them at all.

    "Why is this flying sword going towards the periphery?"

    "Who is it trying to attack?"

    Everyone was puzzled.

    Just as this thought crossed the minds of this group of experts, the flying sword had arrived at its true target at the periphery.

    "We won't contend for the treasures. Let him have them." The woman in azure clothes, thin man, and Meng Huan had pale expressions and blood stains on the corner of their lips. The woman had rapidly made a decision and declared it through a voice transmission. They were giving up the batch of treasures!

    "Let's hope the fiendcelestial will stop attacking once he obtains the treasures."

    Meng Huan and company had such hopes in mind.

    They wished to stay in the Ancient Augury World a little longer so that they could gain more opportunities to obtain more treasure.

    Giving up the treasure in front of them was much better than being forced to leave with the Transference Tokens.

    "Hahaha." The stocky fiendcelestial finally grabbed the cluster of treasures in midair with his massive palm. His other hand continued cleaving downwards with the long pole, showing no mercy towards Meng Huan and company. "To think the likes of you three dared to fight me?"

    Firstly, he was displeased at the trio's struggle and secondly, fiendcelestials were accustomed to fighting Daoists. He would naturally attack without mercy if given the opportunity.

    "He got the treasures and still refuses to leave!" The trio turned anxious.

    "Are we giving up just like that? Do we have to leave the Ancient Augury World now?" thought Meng Huan. "But if I do not gather the treasures I need, I can't hire Old Man Eyeless. Without his help, when will I be able to find my father?"



    The strike that had been constantly battering their barrier changed trajectories with a whoosh so as to block something in front of the stocky fiendcelestial. He no longer had his arrogance from before, and instead looked extremely serious.

    "He's actually attacking me?" The stocky fiendcelestial had been secretly paying attention to the terrifying flying sword. He never expected that it had been coming for him.

    He grabbed his pole with both hands and he attempted to deflect the flying sword to the side as though he was stirring the oceans.


    But at the instant the pole met the flying sword, it felt like a massive world was crashing into it. The stocky fiendcelestial had no way of deflecting it! With a deep boom, the void shattered, causing the stocky fiendcelestial's giant body to stumble more than ten steps back in the void. As for the Misty Rain Sword, it vanished into the void in a flash.


    When it appeared again, it was behind the stocky fiendcelestial.

    The fourth move of the Dreamlike Sword-Waning Waxing Moons! Ever since Qin Yun's Sword Dao reached the realms of a Skyimmortal, all his previous sword moves experienced a natural metamorphosis. They were more harmonious and profound, with much greater strength. It was a lot easier and natural delivering those attacks.

    "Pole arts-Splashing Winds!" The pole the stocky fiendcelestial wielded instantly transformed into a tempestuous wind that enveloped his body. He was not that easily dealt with, considering how he was a peak third Firmament fiendcelestial after all.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The Misty Rain Sword was untraceable as it attacked from every conceivable angle. Even though the stocky fiendcelestial was defending with all he had, his body was left with deep lacerations, his blood splattering everywhere. He only lived because he had an extremely powerful body. If his body was any weaker, he might have died from the first strike.


    Qin Yun finally approached.

    The Misty Rain Sword changed its attack.

    The third move of the Dreamlike Sword-Bright Moon Cold Nights.

    This move could freeze the void as well as bodies of the living. Qin Yun's grasp of the void was turning more profound; therefore, the strike was even more unfathomable. The stocky fiendcelestial could feel that every drop of blood in his body begin to freeze. As the blood flow slowed, ice crystals began forming his muscles and bones. His speed was drastically reduced.

    "Kill!" Following that, the Misty Rain Sword changed its method of assault once again!

    It went from Bright Moon Cold Nights to the strongest attack-First Lightning Encounter.

    Like a gentle wind with a thin drizzle, the flying sword went straight for the fiendcelestial's chest.

    "This is bad!" Although the fiendcelestial's speed immediately went back to normal, the flying sword was heading towards his chest at a blazing speed. All he could do was grit his teeth and have a savage look. Blood began seeping from his teeth as he brandished his pole with full strength. However, he was clearly one beat slower. All he could do was give up the pole and use his hands to block his chest. His palms were equivalent to a first-grade Dharma treasure.

    However, what looked like a gentle strike created a tumultuous blast.

    His arms exploded apart, sending blood splattering. The fiendcelestial flew backward but his chest remained intact. The injuries his arms had suffered were grievous but the flesh and blood were constantly growing back again.

    "What?" The Essence Souls that were paying attention to the battle were secretly alarmed. Just slightly more than ten strikes was enough to severely injure a peak third Firmament fiendcelestial? This was the strength of a Skygod or Skyfiend!

    Qin Yun had already arrived as he stared coldly at the fiendcelestial. With a wave of his hand, Sword Qi wrapped around the reddish-bronze pole and pulled it towards him.

    "Who is he?" The woman in azure clothes looked at Qin Yun puzzled. "He looks like a mortal sword immortal but his strength matches that of a Skyimmortal. When did such a terrifying mortal sword immortal appear in our Effulgent Great World?"

    "He must be a reincarnated Skyimmortal." The thin man looked at Qin Yun in excitement.

    As for Meng Huan, he was looking at the figure in a daze.

    That figure was extremely familiar to him. It was the very figure that had brought him up. This man guided him in the practice of the sword, every morning and evening, be it rain or shine, regardless of the season... This man had always patiently taught him, guiding him onto the path of being a swordsman.

    This man was his father, the person he idolized the most.

    His father was the strongest in the world, a peerless swordsman unprecedented in history. He shattered the void and ascended after only cultivating for a few decades. His talent was tens, if not hundreds of times, higher than his.

    "Dad?" Meng Huan looked at the figure and muttered.

    He found it somewhat unbelievable.

    The father he had yearned to meet all this time had appeared in front of him just like that.
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