Chapter 402: Congratulations, Junior Brother Meng

    Chapter 402: Congratulations, Junior Brother Meng

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    Qin Yun naturally did not stop after severely injuring the stocky fiendcelestial and snatching his pole.

    The Misty Rain Sword continued its assault on the weaponless fiendcelestial.

    Although his hands were rapidly recovering, the fiendcelestial continued his retreat while using his bloody palms to summon a shield to withstand the incoming attacks of the Misty Rain Sword.

    "Boom." The shield slammed into the fiendcelestial's body after receiving a blow. It left him stumbling backwards in midair.

    "Sword Immortal, Sword Immortal!"

    The stocky fiendcelestial immediately sent a voice transmission and smiled obsequiously. "I don't know you, nor did I snatch any of your treasures. All I took were a few natural treasures. That doesn't deserve your relentless pursuit, right? Is there some misunderstanding between us?"

    Although he had lost his pole, it was an acceptable loss. He did not wish to be forced out of the Ancient Augury World by the mysterious mortal sword immortal, especially when the pagoda had only let loose its bottom-floor treasures.

    "Misunderstanding? There wasn't any!" Qin Yun snorted coldly while the Misty Rain Sword showed no signs of abating.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The wisp of misty rain kept tunneling through the void and, with the casting of Waning Waxing Moons, attacked the fiendcelestial from different angles like an angry specter.

    He could defend better back when he had his pole! It was the weapon he had spent most of his time with but now, all he had was a shield. It was actually a little cumbersome! Every cultivator had one Dharma treasure weapon that they were best with. Qin Yun was best with his flying sword while the fiendcelestial was best at poles.

    "Stop!" A third Firmament fiendcelestial roared from a distance away. He planned to provide reinforcement since the loss of every peak third Firmament fiendcelestial would reduce the total strength of the fiendcelestials on the battlefield.

    "What? You think of me as nothing but a wooden block? Are you ignoring me?" A third Firmament Essence Soul Daoist expert beside the fiendcelestial attacked to restrain him.

    There were five third Firmament fiendcelestials that moved to provide aid but nearly all of them were held back.

    Only one of them released a stream of light as an attempt at attacking from afar.

    However, Qin Yun and company were located in the periphery. Any aid would take time to reach them. Enough time for an existence like Qin Yun to deliver more than ten strikes.

    The Misty Rain Sword left gaping wounds on the stocky fiendcelestial's body but he remained alive! He clearly knew the situations in which he could put up a resistance and the ones that he could not afford to.

    "Oh no."

    Due to his grievous injuries, the loss of an arm created a flaw in the fiendcelestial's defense. The Misty Rain Sword shot straight for his chest with a flash.

    "Darn it. I'm leaving!"

    Indecision invariably leads to trouble.

    The stocky fiendcelestial had survived to this day because he was decisive. When he sensed the impending death presented by the flying sword, he immediately activated the Transference Token.


    A spatial fluctuation descended upon him, wrapping him up and forcefully pulling him through the void. He was transported away.

    A peak third Firmament fiendcelestial was actually forced to flee the Ancient Augury World.

    These fiendcelestials... were in no way the likes of Old Master Chu who Qin Yun had previously fought. Instead, they were disciples of the top factions in the Effulgent Great World. The Dharmic formulations they cultivated in and the Dharma treasures they wielded were all extremely impressive! Qin Yun could only suppress his opponents after his Sword Dao reached the Skyimmortal realm. He would not be that much different in strength compared to the fiendcelestials before his breakthrough.

    "Whoosh." The stream of light finally flew over from afar. Before it even arrived, the stocky fiendcelestial had been forced to escape.

    Qin Yun turned to look.

    The stream of light came to a halt. It was a dark red projectile that almost immediately returned from where it came.

    "Hmph." Qin Yun did not continue pursuing the matter. There were too few third Firmament Essence Souls on the battlefield that posed him any threat. Back when he observed the battle, he only found three Essence Souls near the pagoda that had strength matching Skygods or Skyfiends. They were roughly as strong as he was.


    It may have taken some time to describe, but the battle between Qin Yun and the stocky fiendcelestial actually played out extremely quickly. It was over in a blink of an eye.

    As such, Meng Huan was still immersed in his excitement.

    "Junior Brothers, let's thank this senior quickly. We must not slight him in any way." The woman in azure clothes sent a voice transmission to her junior brothers.

    "Yes. Come on Junior Brother Meng, let's go over quickly," said the thin man with a voice transmission.

    Meng Huan looked at Qin Yun's figure and muttered softly, "Dad?"

    He had always wished to see his father, but now that the time had actually come he was left rooted where he stood.

    "What did you just say?" The thin man widened his eyes. "Junior Brother Meng, what did you just say?"

    "Dad?" The woman looked at Meng Huan in astonishment. "Junior Brother Meng, are you calling out for your father?"

    Meng Huan's eyes were still on Qin Yun.

    He stared at his father. The look in his eyes and his temperament were still identical to what they were in the past! After all, he knew his father very well! But it was also for this reason that Meng Huan was able to faintly feel the sorrow buried deep in his father's heart.

    At this point in time, there was no need to look at one's looks or temperament. Just the feelings that stemmed from the kinship they shared... was enough for him to determine that the person before him was his father.

    "Dad seems to have experienced some changes in recent years?" thought Meng Huan. He was very certain that the person before him was his father. He believed that his father must have experienced something traumatic, causing the hint of sorrow that wasn't there when he ascended.

    Qin Yun watched the distant projectile fly back before he turned his head to look at Meng Huan.

    Meng Huan also looked back at his father.

    At that moment-

    Their gazes met.

    Qin Yun smiled as he said, "Huan'er!"

    "Dad!" Meng Huan's eyes turned red.

    "It's really him!" The woman and man beside widened their eyes.

    "The father that Junior Brother Meng Huan has always been searching for is this mysterious sword immortal?" The woman found it unbelievable.

    The man immediately said with a voice transmission, "Senior Sister, that's not right. The passage of time in Junior Brother Meng Huan's homeworld is much faster than our own. By a quick estimate, his father has only spent a few years in our Effulgent Great World after his ascension. He is able to match a Skyimmortal after only a few years? Junior Brother Meng Huan was specially groomed by our Jade Tripod Sect after his ascension and all he has reached is the peak second Firmament."

    "Didn't he say that his father's talent is much higher than his?" The woman watched the duo. "He still maintains his mortality but has strength that matches that of a Skyimmortal. This father of our junior brother... is just too mysterious."


    "Dad, where did you go after you ascended to the Effulgent Great World?" asked Meng Huan anxiously. "I inquired at the Ascension Platform but could not find you. I searched for news about all the powerful Essence Souls in the world but to no avail. I even requested the help of my sect's Skyimmortal to divine your location but you could not be found."

    Qin Yun looked at Meng Huan and secretly felt ashamed.

    Back then, he had told his son that they could meet again after his son ascended as a form of encouragement.

    But in fact, he had returned to the Great Chang world.

    "I will explain everything after we leave this place," said Qin Yun.

    "Alright." Meng Huan nodded. He was obviously very obedient towards his father.

    "By the way, this is my senior brother and senior sister from my Jade Tripod Sect." Meng Huan immediately introduced the man and woman beside him. The two immediately bowed. "Greetings, Senior."

    Their junior brother's mysterious father... had strength that matched that of a Skyimmortal after only a few years of ascension. What else could he accomplish in the future?

    Basically, he was an existence that they could only look up to.

    "Junior Brother Meng Huan's talent is a lot higher than ours. He has an even more terrifying father. He will definitely be eminent in the future. Sigh, why don't I have such a powerful father?" thought the man.

    Meanwhile, by this point in time, many of the battles on the battlefield had ceased.

    The batch of natural treasures had all been snatched clean.


    Three streams of light flew over from afar. They were three third Firmament Essence Souls from the Jade Tripod Sect.

    "Greetings fellow Daoist, I'm Jade Tripod Sect's Xue Yun (Bai Yigu, Pei Chao)." The trio was very cordial and they looked at Qin Yun with eyes full of kind intentions. After all, they had already seen that his strength matched that of a Skyimmortal. He was stronger than them.

    "Greetings, fellow Daoists from the Jade Tripod Sect, I'm Meng Yiqiu." Qin Yun looked at Meng Huan and said, "Meng Huan is my son. I only learned that he entered the Jade Tripod Sect today."

    "Haha, we have often heard how much he wished to find his father," said an azure-robed man with a laugh. His smile towards Meng Huan also turned more genial.

    "Congratulations, Junior Brother Meng," Xue Yun and Bai Yigu said with a smile as well.

    Meng Huan felt overly flattered.

    All three of them were among the best third Firmament Essence Soul disciples in the Jade Tripod Sect. They had a chance of surviving the Heavenly Tribulations to become Skyimmortals if they continued cultivating well.

    Therefore, typical Essence Soul disciples only looked up to them.

    The three of them had never paid him much attention in the past!
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