Chapter 403: Reporting the Matter

    Chapter 403: Reporting the Matter

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    "Xue Yun, Yigu, you might not understand Junior Brother Meng's situation but I'm quite aware of it." Pei Chao sent a voice transmission to his fellow disciples. "His homeworld has low amounts of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies and it's impossible to condense an Essence Soul. He only joined our Jade Tripod Sect a few years ago after his ascension. Furthermore, he requested the help of our sect's Skyimmortal to divine his father's location. According to him, his father had ascended himself and it had only happened several years ago."

    Xue Yun and Bai Yigu were alarmed. "He ascended just years ago?"

    "Yes, he only ascended years ago. I believe the both of you know what that means," said Pei Chao in his voice transmission.

    "He has such strength after such a short period of time?" Xue Yun found it unbelievable.

    "That's terrifying." Bai Yigu shuddered.

    "He can match a Skyimmortal in such a short period of time. It's almost certain that he can reach the fourth Firmament Skyimmortal realm! It's even possible for him to reach the seventh Firmament Skyimmortal realm," said Pei Chao with a voice transmission.

    "Yes." Xue Yun and Bai Yigu were both astounded.

    The nine Firmaments of the Skyimmortal realm were demarcated into three major sub-realms. Every third Firmament was a huge step up.

    The first three Firmaments were the most commonly seen. Ninety-nine percent of Skyimmortals were in the first three Firmaments. But to reach the fourth Firmament Skyimmortal realm, the difficulty was in no way less than how a Connate Golden Core reached the Essence Soul realm! As for the fourth to sixth Firmaments, they were relatively easy. All it took was time and effort.

    For a sixth Firmament Skyimmortal to reach the seventh Firmament, it was extremely difficult as well. The difficulty was in no way less than an Essence Soul surviving the Heavenly Tribulation to become a Skyimmortal.

    Those third Firmaments were huge barriers to entry.

    For instance, as a top sect in the Effulgent Great World, the Jade Tripod Sect had thousands of Skyimmortals. But the only ones that reached the seventh Firmament Skyimmortal realm were Sect Master Jade Tripod and its Dao Protector.

    The seventh Firmament Skyimmortal realm...

    It was sufficient to make one a hegemon of an area! Even in the Three Realms, one that wreaked havoc would be a powerful fiend. For instance, some might grasp particularly powerful divine powers or have powerful Connate Numinous treasures. They posed serious threats. Exalted Immortal Nine Raven, who died in the Ancient Augury World, had relied on his Connate Numinous treasure to match Golden Immortals and Buddhas. It would be difficult for the Heavenly Courts even if they wanted to send heavenly generals and soldiers to slay the fiends and rid evil.

    As for Golden Immortals? Buddhas? Ancestral Dragons? Ancestral Magi? Existences at the mighty figure levels?

    The magus lineage might be weaker than the Buddhist and Daoist schools of thought, but it was a heritage that proliferated the Three Realms. There were a total of ten who had reached the Ancestral Magus realm! They were labeled the Ten Magi.

    As for the dragons, they were an extremely powerful species in every corner of the endless cosmos of the Three Realms. They occupied the oceans of countless worlds, but no more than ten had reached the Ancestral Dragon realm!

    It was evident how rare mighty figures were!

    There were just too few of them!

    For many Skyimmortals, it would be quite a feat to meet a single Golden Immortal throughout their entire lives.

    Xue Yun, Bai Yigu, and Pei Chao did not dare imagine Qin Yun as a Golden Immortal! But if he reached the seventh Firmament Skyimmortal realm, he could become an overlord! He would also gain the chance of being recruited as an official of the Heavenly Courts. Perhaps, he might be able to attend the teachings of the Dao Ancestor or Buddhist Ancestor. Even in a Great World... he could become the leader of a top sect.

    An existence at such a level was enough to make the trio look up to him instantly.

    The way they looked at Qin Yun naturally turned fervent. He might become a huge powerhouse that shook the Three Realms in the future! It was naturally best to build ties with him.

    "Daoist Yiqiu," a blue-robed Xue Yun said with a smile. "You came just in time. Although the Ancient Augury World has many treasures, it is also very dangerous. It's not easy obtaining a good number of Numinous treasures. So this treasure pagoda appearing is an exceedingly rare opportunity. If we can crack the pagoda's seal, we can obtain many treasures. With your strength, and the three of us to complement you, we might obtain a lot of treasures."

    "Yes," echoed Pei Chao immediately. "There are three other Essence Souls present with strength that matches the Skyimmortal realm apart from yourself. They are Senior Brother Yu from the Golden Light Sect, Magus God Jian from the Magus Gate, and the Illusion Fiend Sect's Jade Fiendlord. Senior Brother Yu is also a Daoist so we can join forces. That way, we can obtain more treasures."

    "Yes, yes. Daoist Yiqiu, you will be the core and we will naturally work with you by complimenting you," said Bai Yigu.

    The trio could be considered only ordinary among the numerous third Firmament Essence Souls across the many factions. After all, everyone that came to the Ancient Augury World was an elite of a top faction.

    The most conspicuous ones were Senior Brother Yu and Magus God Jian, as well as Jade Fiendlord.

    Now, there was an additional Skyimmortal combat force! Naturally, more treasures could be obtained as a result.

    "Sure." Qin Yun nodded with a smile.

    He naturally would not give up the chance to get treasures.

    "Since I've just met Huan'er, let me have a chat with him," said Qin Yun.

    "No rush." Xue Yun smiled as he looked at the distant treasure pagoda. A group of Essence Souls were striking it repeatedly in a bid to crack the higher levels of the pagoda as soon as possible. "They will need at least five minutes to crack it."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    "Dad, you ascended earlier than me. Why did you convert your cultivation to a sword immortal Dharmic formulation?" Meng Huan could not help but ask. "I've heard that it is impossible for sword immortal Dharmic formulations to condense an Essence Soul."

    "Haha, Junior Brother Meng you know little, which is expected since it's been a short time since you've ascended," said Pei Chao with a smile. "It's indeed widespread knowledge that sword immortal Dharmic formulations reach their limit at the Connate Golden Core realm. But in fact, legends speak of a sword immortal heritage that was created by one of our Daoist's Three Pure Ones, Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor. That is a heritage that can truly be considered to destroy all Dharma with a single sword! However, to train under the direct sword cultivation line of the Grand Supreme lineage is extremely difficult. However, with Daoist Yiqiu's talent, he must have obtained that heritage." As he spoke, he gave Qin Yun a fawning smile.

    From his point of view, a person who ascended to their world would never convert their cultivation to the sword immortal Dharmic formulation that lacked potential. One would only convert after obtaining the Dharmic formulations of the Grand Supreme lineage.

    Besides, Qin Yun's talent was exceedingly monstrous.

    "I'm not from the Grand Supreme lineage," said Qin Yun. He had no intention of hiding the truth.

    "Not..." The trio was taken aback.

    "There is no need to delve into the details." As Qin Yun spoke, he brought Meng Huan to the side. He even isolated the two of them with his Dao domain before speaking with his son.


    Pei Chao and company were puzzled.

    "He's not from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage?" Pei Chao was baffled. "Then, why did he cultivate to be a sword immortal?"

    "He's naturally no fool, considering how he has the strength of a Skyimmortal. There must be more to it," said Xue Yun.

    "It might be a huge secret," said Bai Yigu.

    "We have to report the situation regarding Meng Yiqiu to the sect," said Pei Chao through a voice transmission. "After all, he matches a Skyimmortal just years after his ascension. If he didn't get recruited into the Grand Supreme lineage, our Primordial Beginning lineage should recruit him. If we succeed, we would be rewarded as well."

    "Oh?" Xue Yun and Bai Yigu's eyes lit up as they nodded immediately.

    Immediately, they began contacting their sect through their transmission treasures to report the matter in detail.


    Qin Yun and Meng Huan were isolated within his Dao domain.

    Meng Huan could not help but say, "Dad, our homeworld's Heaven and Earth spiritual energies are thin and our cultivation Dharmic formulations are extremely weak. Without Dharmic formulations to cultivate talisman amulets or Dharma spells, or any Dharma treasure refinements available, it's very easy for us to convert our crude cultivation Dharmic formulations. Why did you convert to a sword immortal Dharmic formulation? Did an expert pass you his teachings?"

    Qin Yun looked at his son.

    The second homeworld he experienced in the dream of a hundred years was indeed very weak.

    They fought with melee weapons in close combat! Dharma treasures? Talisman amulets? Flying swords and sword immortals? There were no such things!

    They did not even have any Dharmic formulations that were considered powerful. Although the Dharmic powers were weak, they still had a chance of reaching the Connate Golden Core realm! But even so, one had to step into the Dao just to condense the most ordinary Connate Golden Core in that world. As for a purplish-gold Golden Core, that was impossible even in one's wildest dreams!


    It was a double-edged sword.

    It was because that world's Dharmic formulations were so weak that one was easily able to convert their cultivations to that of a top Dharmic formulation after their ascension. Meng Huan entered the Jade Tripod Sect and naturally converted to the top Dharmic formulation the Jade Tripod Sect provided.

    As for Qin Yun, his sword immortal Dharmic powers were extremely pure, making it impossible to convert his cultivation.

    "There are too many people here. It's not appropriate to go into detail now. I'll tell you more after we leave the Ancient Augury World." Qin Yun immediately asked, "By the way, tell me what happened in the years that followed after my ascension."

    "Yes." Meng Huan nodded. "Mother and Aunt passed away a few decades after you ascended since they did not reach the Connate realm."

    "Yuxiang and Yan'er?" Qin Yun felt mixed emotions.
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