Chapter 404: Vying

    Chapter 404: Vying

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    Meng Yuxiang was his younger sister in that world. Gong Yan'er was his son, Meng Huan's, birth mother.

    Although his relationships with them were not as close as the one with his son, he did develop some affection for them after frequently spending fifty years with them.

    "Dad, Mom and Aunt went peacefully. They left no regrets behind," said Meng Huan.

    "Yes. Life, illness, and death are common." Qin Yun nodded. "Only by shattering the void and ascending can a person detach themselves from that. Few can do that, however. By the way, what happened to those three grandchildren of mine?"

    "There's five now."


    Qin Yun was taken aback.

    Back when he ascended, Meng Huan only had three children. But now he had five?

    "Dad, I had another two after your ascension." Meng Huan smiled before he continued, "The fifth one has the highest talent. Before I ascended, he finally stepped into the Dao after cultivating for slightly more than two hundred years. With our Meng family's teachings, he is fully able to support the family going forward. Only after knowing that was I at ease with shattering the void and ascending."

    "What about the rest?" asked Qin Yun.


    The father and son had a casual chat.

    They talked about many people, including the disciples that Qin Yun took in back then. Qin Yun was also rather concerned about the fates of his senior brother, Zuo Tang, as well as his good friends.

    Before they could finish their conversation, the three disciples from the Jade Tripod Sect flew over. They looked rather anxious. "Daoist Yiqiu."

    Qin Yun immediately understood the reason. He shot a glance at the distant pagoda. The array formation that sealed the fourth floor was already in shambles and was unlikely to last much longer.

    "We have to rush over quickly. If we delay any further, all the treasures will be snatched clean," said Pei Chao with a voice transmission.

    "I understand. Huan'er, follow me. As for your two fellow disciples, they can join you." Qin Yun glanced at the woman in azure clothes and the thin man.

    "Thank you, Senior." The woman and man were immediately delighted. If Qin Yun only brought his son with him, it would be problematic for them to form a combat formation with only the two of them.


    Xue Yun, Bai Yigu, and Pei Chao followed without a word.

    The group rapidly flew towards the pagoda.

    Many Essence Souls from the various top sects looked over. Although it was easier to get treasures the closer one was to the pagoda, it was also more dangerous!

    "The Jade Tripod Sect sure got lucky."

    "To think they found such a helper."

    "I wonder what he experienced for him to be this strong."

    Many warriors mumbled inwardly.

    Qin Yun and company rapidly flew towards the pagoda, causing the group of Essence Souls nearest to the pagoda to desperately attack the array seals.

    "Rumble!" The pagoda quivered with a rumbling boom. The Dharma treasures hanging from the fourth floor's awnings transformed into streams of light that flew in every direction. All of them were transcendent-grade Dharma treasures.


    Magus God Jian wielded a spear that he threw to snatch the treasures. Although the magi lineage was relatively weak, Jian had a strength that matched that of a Skygod or Skyfiend. He naturally could hold his own when it came to snatching treasures.

    And the other two experts with Skyimmortal or Skyfiend strength had many companions. All of them frantically took action.


    Xue Yun, Bai Yigu, and Pei Chao were alarmed.

    But they were just a little too slow.

    "Go." Qin Yun waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain flew out from his fingertip. Instantly, it tunneled into the void and vanished. When it appeared again, it swept up two streams of Dharma treasure light before sweeping forward for a third.

    "Help Daoist Yiqiu." Xue Yun and company immediately employed their techniques.

    Qin Yun hid a Dao talisman and the Green Leaf Flying Sword in his sleeve.

    After his Sword Dao reached the Skyimmortal realm, the might of the Green Leaf Flying Sword increased massively. Just the casting of the Cyclic Sword Flash was enough to fend off figures like Jian or Jade Fiendlord. He was rather confident in that.

    As for forcing Qin Yun to defend with his Intrinsic Flying Sword? No one present was qualified!


    It was not easy for Qin Yun to obtain even one inferior-grade Numinous treasure in the Ancient Augury World. Therefore, he definitely needed to do his best to grab the numerous treasures in the pagoda.

    Once he finished gathering treasures, Qin Yun planned on returning to the Great Chang world.

    After all, he had gathered enough treasures! Xiaoxiao's situation was still an unknown. It was more dangerous the longer he delayed. Furthermore, he had seen his son in the Ancient Augury World. He was already very satisfied.


    The contention for treasures in the Ancient Augury World continued.

    In the Jade Tripod Sect.

    The sect was created by Perfected Jade Tripod, one of the twelve Golden Immortals under Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning of the Daoist Three Pure Ones.

    The twelve Golden Immortals were extremely famous in the Three Realms. They also held high levels of seniority, such as Perfected Primordial Unity, Daoist Benevolence, Perfected Kindred... Furthermore, they also studied the Buddhist way, making them extremely impressive throughout the Three Realms. Although Perfected Jade Tripod kept a low profile, his combat strength was frightening! They even thought nothing of the Heavenly Courts. After all, they were personal disciples that Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning took in before anyone else. Back when they were known by all in the Three Realms, the Heavenly Courts had yet to be established! Only from the third-generation did disciples of the Primordial Beginning lineage take up positions in the Heavenly Courts! Many of them were generals that held a lot of power in the Heavenly Courts!

    "Senior Brother Sect Master." A fat, big-eared Daoist stepped across the void and arrived at the side of a lotus pond.

    In the middle of the pond, a tiny man lay sound asleep on a lotus leaf.

    "Senior Brother Sect Master, wake up!" The fat Daoist shouted loudly. His voice generated shockwaves that radiated outwards.


    The tiny man, who was about the size of a finger, got up in shock. When he saw the fat Daoist a distance away, he took a step, causing his body to rapidly enlarge to the size of a normal person. He was a goateed Daoist. As he walked to the pondside, he said, "Junior Brother, if you don't have something extremely important to tell me, I'll definitely not spare you for disturbing my dream cultivation."

    "Dream cultivation?" The fat Daoist curled his lips. "To think you have the shame to call it cultivation. Who knows what things are going on in your dreams?"

    "What do you know about cultivating in a dream?" snorted the goateed Daoist.

    "You are an eighth Firmament Skyimmortal while I'm only at the sixth level. You can say anything you want," said the fat Daoist. "Oh right, let's talk about something more pressing."

    "Go ahead." The goateed Daoist sat cross-legged and, with a flip of his hand, made two flasks of gourmet wine appear. He threw one flask to the fat Daoist and drank the other.

    "Thank you." The fat Daoist lifted the alcohol flask delightfully. He opened his mouth as the alcohol flew out of the flask's mouth into his. As he drank it happily, he shook his head and said, "I have news sent to us by our disciples. They were going on about a mortal sword immortal among the cultivators in the Ancient Augury World trial. He has strength that reaches the Skyimmortal realm."

    "A mortal sword immortal that matches a Skyimmortal?" The goateed Daoist was puzzled. "Is he from the Grand Supreme lineage of sword immortals?"

    "He's not from the Grand Supreme lineage," said the fat Daoist. "That person denied it personally."


    The goateed Daoist was baffled. "A reincarnated Skyimmortal? That's impossible! Skyimmortals have eternal youth. If they choose to reincarnate, a senior from his sect or a good friend would be in charge of guiding them. It would be impossible for him to choose a sword immortal Dharmic formulation."

    "The person's name is Meng Yiqiu. His homeworld has thin Heaven and Earth spiritual energies which makes it impossible to condense an Essence Soul," added the fat Daoist. "Just years after his ascension, his strength has reached that of a Skyimmortal's. Such a rate of cultivation is completely unprecedented. If he is not from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage, perhaps he really made a mistake and chose to cultivate the sword immortal Dharmic formulation. I think that with his talent, we should definitely take him into our Primordial Beginning lineage."

    "Although he can't convert his cultivation, he can definitely be reincarnated! Senior Brother, you can personally guide him and allow him to recall the memories of his previous life before he begins cultivation," said the fat Daoist.

    "His talent is that high?" The goateed Daoist was astounded.

    "The Three Realms are so vast. What sort of figures does it not have?" asked the fat Daoist. "Many of the mighty figures throughout history were already heaven-defying while they were still children."

    The goateed Daoist nodded. "Alright, I'll take a look. If he catches my eye, I'll get the Heavenly Courts to delve into his background. If there are no problems with his origins, I can report this to Master and get him to mark him."

    The major factions of the Three Realms would often vie for powerful cultivators.

    There was internal strife for talent even among the Daoist's Three Pure Ones.

    The Daoists would compete with the Buddhists! So would the Heavenly Courts! Of course, the Fiendcelestial lineage did it too.
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