Chapter 405: Departure

    Chapter 405: Departure

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    A flying boat flew through the layers of clouds in the Effulgent Great World. When it passed through the sixth layer of clouds, with billions of electric bolts sparking around, the sight of a massive planet hanging in the distant horizon could be seen.

    A white-dressed young monk sat cross-legged on the boat's bow. Behind him was an old monk in loose robes holding a thin fan. The old monk chuckled and said, "We have finally arrived in the Ancient Augury World. Tenside, a treasure pagoda has appeared in the Ancient Augury World. There are many Numinous treasures on that pagoda! It's such a rare opportunity that I had to thicken my skin and request your help despite being your master. You might not care about Numinous treasures, but I'm lacking them. Your Uncle-Masters are also going through a shortage."

    "I got it. If we can make it in time, I will definitely do my best to vie for them." The white-dressed monk opened his eyes, they were extremely calm like the endless starry cosmos. "But Master, these things are only worldly possessions that cause strife. We Buddhists have potent divine powers, and if we dedicate ourselves to cultivating these divine powers, wouldn't we end up stronger than if we spend our time vying for Numinous treasures? Abbot, didn't you once say that Numinous treasures are ultimately refined by people? Even if it is refined into one's heart, it will be far inferior to Intrinsic Dharma Treasures or Intrinsic Divine Powers."

    "Yes, yes, yes. What you say is true," said the old monk immediately. "But Tenside, we still need Dharma treasures to aid in our travels around the world! As for cultivating strong divine powers? It's difficult to get even a basic grasp of them and it's even harder to have much success! They're not so easily cultivated! As for Intrinsic Dharma Treasures, they are rarer than Dharmic formulations. It's much faster to seek out external Dharma treasures."

    The white-dressed monk nodded and did not say another word.


    Although the old monk had rushed there with all his strength, it would still take him more than an hour to arrive at the planet where the Ancient Augury World was.

    There was a palatial complex at the entrance of the Ancient Augury World. Inside it were outposts of many top sects.

    However, there was quite a stir at the moment. Many Skyimmortals, Bodhisattvas, Skygods, Grand Magi, and Skyfiends were gathered there in tiny groups.

    "Look, it's Thunderclap Monastery's Arhat Tenside."

    "Arhat Tenside is here too?"

    "Arhat Tenside is said to be one of the best Essence Souls in the entire Effulgent Great World."

    A group of Skygods, Bodhisattvas, and Grand Magi were conversing.

    "Haha..." A monk dressed in loose robes descended with a white-dressed young monk. He said with a smile, "My Thunderclap Monastery still has some spots. Tenside, enter quickly."


    The white-dressed monk took out a Transference Token and instantly triggered it.

    With a whoosh, he vanished.

    "Reverend Miracle Nothingness, why is your luck so good? You went to some small crappy temple and found such a disciple," a Skydragon in golden-scaled armor said with a smile.

    "With just an ordinary Dharma Lotus Sutra, he managed to temper his body into an Arhat Gold Body. When was that ever possible with the Dharma Lotus Sutra?"

    "If Arhat Tenside had not chosen to cultivate in the divine power, 'Buddhist Nation in Palm,' he would have long reached the Bodhisattva realm."

    Everyone heaped praises on him.

    The Effulgent Great World was a vast world full of countless beings. It was also a gathering point for people from Small Worlds that ascended. It was only natural that there were many cultivation geniuses.

    And Arhat Tenside was one of the best in Thunderclap Monastery. He cultivated in Gautama Buddha's powerful divine power-Buddhist Nation in Palm! It was extremely difficult to grasp this divine power. One needed to forge their foundations from the very beginning. Although Thunderclap Monastery had many powerful divine powers in its heritage, Arhat Tenside had set his sights on the Buddhist Nation in Palm. He dedicated himself to cultivating it and had already had considerable attainments from it.

    His most famous battle was the one in which he used one palm strike to imprison a Skyfiend in his palm. When he returned to Thunderclap Monastery, he threw the Skyfiend directly into the Fiend Sealing Pagoda.

    He became famous from just one battle! He was publicly recognized as one of the strongest Essence Souls in the Effulgent Great World.


    Inside the Ancient Augury World, around the pagoda.

    Many Essence Souls were gathered there because the top factions had set rules. Only disciples that attended the trials could vie for the treasures! Every hundred years, there would be a year of 'rest.' During this period, disciples were forbidden from entering! Also, many large sects would take the initiative to plant some ordinary treasures as they were the most commonly taken ones.

    At the same time, once the disciples had explored most of a certain perilous land, the Skygods, Skyimmortals, and Grand Magi would also attempt to venture in.

    The trial candidates entered at a different time from Skyimmortals and Skygods.

    At that moment-

    Although the pagoda had appeared, the Skyimmortals and Skygods were unable to enter to vie for treasures due to the rules.

    "The number of powerful experts is increasing."

    "There are some that just came to the Ancient Augury World."

    "However, the more experts there are, the faster the seals on the pagoda will be cracked. Now, there's only one floor left, leaving only three superior-grade Numinous treasures up for grabs."

    All the Essence Souls were discussing the matter.

    As for Qin Yun, he was with Meng Huan watching by the side.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Every party was attacking but, as it was the seal of the final floor, the array formation was the most stable and tricky one.

    "The number of experts is increasing." Qin Yun was very cautious. When the various large factions first learned about the pagoda, it took them time to send people! But with the passage of time, the most elite disciples from the various large factions gradually arrived. Besides Qin Yun, there were now seven Essence Souls that had the strength of a Skygod or Skyfiend!

    It also served as a demonstration of Effulgent Great World's deep heritage.

    Apart from the seven and Qin Yun, there was someone even stronger. She was none other than Fairy Redjade from the Scenic Jade Palace, who once defeated a Skyfiend head-on!

    "I obtained nine transcendent-grade Dharma treasures, two inferior-grade Numinous treasures, and one medial-grade Numinous treasure." Qin Yun looked at the flying boat, armor set, and golden seal. "The competition for the final superior-grade Numinous treasures is bound to be intense."

    Early on, there were relatively fewer experts. Qin Yun was, after all, one of the four with the combat strength of a Skyimmortal. He held a great advantage.

    Now, with more experts coming in...

    Qin Yun did not have much confidence in the final contention for the superior-grade Numinous treasures.

    Finally, under the combined efforts of all the Essence Souls, there was a deep, resonating hum.

    The flying boat, armor set, and golden seal that hung on the top floor of the pagoda's awning flew in different directions.

    "Superior-grade Numinous treasures."

    "It's mine."

    Everyone gave their all.

    There was a red divine bird's phantom behind Fairy Redjade. Flames emanated out as the terrifying inferno changed the expressions of the surrounding Essence Souls drastically! Amid the flames, a rope flew out and quickly wrapped around the superior-grade Numinous treasure that was closest to Fairy Redjade-the armor set. As the strongest Essence Soul present, no one fought her for the treasure.

    Sou! Sou!

    The contention for the flying boat and the golden seal were a lot more intense.

    As the golden seal flew in close proximity to Qin Yun, he joined in the battle for the golden seal.


    Dozens of feathers and lightning bolts clashed in the distance. Among the flurry of attacks, a wisp of misty rain tunneled out of the void, scooping up the golden seal instantly as it quickly fled.

    "Darn it."

    When a man with a bird's head and a gray-robed elder saw this, they immediately stopped fighting each other and attacked Qin Yun together.

    However, Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword was excellent when it came to defense. It managed to put up an impervious defense while rapidly carrying the golden seal to Qin Yun.

    "Hand over the treasure."

    "A mortal like you has no use for a superior-grade Numinous treasure." The bird-headed man and the gray-robed elder had combat strength that matched a Skygod or Skyfiend. They deployed various means to attack Qin Yun himself instead of the sword.

    As for the other experts?

    Apart from the flying boat, golden seal, and the armor set, the treasure pagoda that now sat motionless was also a precious superior-grade Numinous treasure.

    Fairy Redjade snatched the armor set.

    Qin Yun and the other two were contending for the golden seal.

    Two others were vying for the flying boat.

    Another three were vying for the treasure pagoda.

    "Those puny tricks of yours can't do a thing to me." Qin Yun also employed all means available to him. The Green Leaf Flying Sword cast the Cyclic Sword Flash and his new inferior-grade Numinous treasure, Smoky Five Elements Array, immediately enveloped the area. He even held a Dao talisman at the ready.

    Just stalling for that bit of time allowed for the Misty Rain Sword to carry the golden seal towards him.

    "Retrieve." Qin Yun immediately grabbed the superior-grade Numinous treasure golden seal. He infused his Dharmic powers into it and four words surfaced on it-Minor Empyrean Seal.

    Simultaneously, the Misty Rain Sword transformed into a Cyclic Sword Flash barrier that surrounded him with a thought. Qin Yun felt completely assured of his safety.

    "What?" The bird-headed man and the gray-robed elder were furious and anxious due to that turn of events. However, they had no choice. They immediately turned and headed for the pagoda.

    In just a short moment, the flying boat, armor set, and golden seal had all been claimed.

    Only the pagoda stood its ground, as though it was resistant to being taken.

    "Tenside, it's mine!" An angry bellow boomed.

    A hand covered in black fur extended from afar. It looked like a column that stretched across the sky, with it being about fifty kilometers long.

    "Naturally, this will be decided by skill." A chuckle sounded as a large, fair palm descended from the clouds. The skin on it appeared crystalline as though it was a Numinous treasure! A blurry world seemed to be contained within the palm.

    In the end, the giant, fair palm was faster.


    The other Essence Souls had failed to snatch the pagoda but when the fair palm landed, the runic patterns on the pagoda's surface stirred. With a creak, as though a carrot was being pulled up, the pagoda was plucked out from the mud.

    "It's Arhat Tenside and Mt. Ape Fiend's current Ape Fiend Junior!" people exclaimed.

    Arhat Tenside and Ape Fiend Junior were extremely famous.

    They were people who had been capable of surviving the Heavenly Tribulations a long time ago. However, they wanted their foundations to be totally robust due to their ambitious goals.

    "You were fast! The three of you have no right to own a superior-grade Numinous treasure." Accompanied by a resounding roar, two massive, furry arms hurtled towards Qin Yun and a certain lame Daoist. They had obtained the golden seal and flying boat respectively.

    "Oh?" The lame Daoist's expression changed. "Time to leave."

    He immediately activated his Transference Token without any hesitation. As the fluctuations descended upon him, it carried him away, causing him to vanish immediately.

    Qin Yun calmly looked at the massive, furry arm that came hurtling towards him. He urged immediately with a voice transmission, "Huan'er, let's go."

    "Yes, Dad." Meng Huan answered immediately. He immediately activated his Transference Token according to plans they had hatched earlier. He vanished after being transported away.


    The gigantic palm grabbed the Cyclic Sword Flash formed by the Misty Rain Sword. It warped and trembled but did not immediately crack.

    "If my Dharmic powers were at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm, and my Intrinsic Flying Sword was nurtured to its peak, I would be able to fight him," thought Qin Yun.

    "What? He blocked it?" The armor-plated ape retracted his arm. He was charging forward in a fiery stream of light.

    "Time to leave."

    Qin Yun gave him a glance before activating the Transference Token.


    He disappeared.

    And at that moment-

    The Ancient Augury World's Roll saw a change in rankings.

    The 92nd place changed to 'Thunderclap Monastery, Arhat Tenside.'

    The 99th place changed to 'Scenic Jade Palace, Qin Yun.'
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