Chapter 406: Identity

    Chapter 406: Identity

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    The entrance to the Ancient Augury World was home to many outposts of top sects. Due to the appearance of the pagoda, the place was in quite a stir. A group of Skygods and Skyimmortals were gathered there chatting while waiting.

    "Quick, take a look!"

    "There's a change in the Roll."

    A Skyimmortal happened to look up and saw the names condensing high in the clouds.

    The Roll listed the top hundred trial candidates over the past hundreds of thousands of years. However, with the passage of time, treasures became harder to obtain! After all, the low-hanging fruits had long been taken. It made it so that the Roll's rankings changed very slightly in recent years. Typically, there would only be changes at the back of the Roll. To have changes in the top ten was just too difficult.

    And there was no exception this time. The two new names that appeared on the Roll were also placed in the nineties.

    "As expected of Arhat Tenside. It didn't take long for him to make the Roll."

    "Hey, there's another person named Qin Yun. Scenic Jade Palace's Qin Yun?" The Bodhisattvas, Skygods, and Skyimmortals were perplexed. The name was unfamiliar to them.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

    Following that, many figures appeared.

    There were people like the white-dressed young monk, Arhat Tenside, Qin Yun and Meng Huan, as well as many powerful Essence Souls that had obtained a bountiful harvest.

    Many of them had rushed into the Ancient Augury World for the treasure pagoda! Since the contest for the pagoda was over, everyone teleported away.

    As for the Mt. Ape Fiend's current Ape Fiend Junior, he had not obtained anything after entering. Therefore, he remained inside as he was in no rush to leave.

    The fan-wielding Reverend Miracle Nothingness shouted immediately, "My dear disciple!" He had a rather pleased look after waiting in anticipation.

    Arhat Tenside looked at his master as the corner of his lips curled slightly upwards. He smiled before flying obediently over.

    "My dear disciple, heeding my advice proved to be a wise choice, isn't that so? The appearance of a treasure pagoda is a truly rare event. Just a brief trip and you obtained a powerful Numinous treasure." Reverend Miracle Nothingness smiled as he scanned his surroundings.

    "That Miracle Nothingness is feeling so smug that his beard seems to be flying up."

    "All he did was bring a good disciple. It's not like the success had anything to do with him."

    "If I had such a good disciple, I would also have obtained a powerful Numinous treasure."

    A group of old friends quipped.

    "Brother Ye, where's your Scenic Jade Palace's Qin Yun? He's ranked on the Roll, and not far from Thunderclap Monastery's Arhat Tenside."

    "That's right. Brother Ye, who is Qin Yun?"

    People inquired out of curiosity.

    The silver-haired Skyimmortal felt a little embarrassed, but he maintained a delighted look on the surface. At the same time, he swept his gaze and found the distant Qin Yun and Meng Huan.

    Scenic Jade Palace disciple?

    He knew very well that Qin Yun was an outsider that borrowed one of the Scenic Jade Palace's allocated spots. Of course, their Scenic Jade Palace gained some fame as a result, winning a spot on the Roll.

    "Qin Yun." The silver-haired Skyimmortal sent a voice transmission. "Go to Scenic Jade Garden and have a rest first. After all the disciples are out, I will bring all of you back to the Scenic Jade Palace. Of course, you can choose to leave alone but I cannot escort you if you do. Now that you have lots of treasures, it's best if a senior escorts you."

    Qin Yun turned to look into the distance.

    A silver-haired Skyimmortal was being surrounded by a cluster of Skygods and Skyimmortals.

    "Alright, I will think of a way to return," replied Qin Yun with a voice transmission.

    "Okay." The silver-haired Skyimmortal nodded and said with a voice transmission. "Don't be in a rush to leave the Ancient Augury World. We should have a good talk later in private."

    "Sure." Qin Yun replied. He also had many things to discuss with his son. He planned on returning to the Great Chang world after his chat.

    Qin Yun led Meng Huan to the Scenic Jade Garden.

    "Brother Ye, since the Roll has named your Scenic Jade Palace disciple, Qin Yun, he should be out now. Which one is he?" asked someone.

    "That's right. If you have such a capable disciple, he shouldn't be completely unheard of."

    "Let us meet him."

    "Haha... he hid quite well." The silver-haired Skyimmortal chuckled but he did not elaborate.


    Scenic Jade Garden was rather exquisite and there were quite a few residential buildings provided for disciples and escorting Elders to rest before and after going into the Ancient Augury World. There were ordinary outer-sect disciples there that were in charge of receiving them.

    In a particular compound, Qin Yun and Meng Huan sat around a stone table.

    "Dad, try this." Meng Huan took out some fine wine and cups before pouring a cup for Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun smiled as he watched his son pour him a cup. He was in a great mood.

    He raised the cup and took a sip.

    "How is it?" Meng Huan looked at his father in anticipation. It was a fine wine that he had prepared for this occasion a long time ago.

    "Great wine," said Qin Yun with a smile. A fine wine only made his drinking mood better!

    "Huan'er, it wasn't suitable for me to tell you in detail while we were vying for treasures in the Ancient Augury World," said Qin Yun. "But are you puzzled as to why I cultivate in a sword immortal Dharmic formulation?"

    Meng Huan nodded immediately.

    Meng Huan, who appeared rather aloof in front of most people, was extremely obedient in front of Qin Yun.

    "That's because I'm actually a cultivator from another world," said Qin Yun.

    Meng Huan was taken aback.

    "What do you call your homeworld?" Qin Yun followed up with a question.

    "The Effulgent Great World has no records of it, perhaps because there are too few who ascend from it. I call it the Frost World," said Meng Huan.

    "Frost World?" Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu...

    "Dad, what do you mean you are a cultivator from another world?" pressed Meng Huan.

    "Yes." Qin Yun nodded. "I'm a cultivator from the Great Chang world. It's a Small World similar to the Frost World. However, its Heaven and Earth spiritual energies are richer and there are more cultivation Dharmic formulations. We also have people at the Skyimmortal and Skygod level. As for me, I was originally an itinerant cultivator that cultivated in a sword immortal Dharmic formulation! Later, I obtained an opportunity to dream for a hundred years. In that dream, I reincarnated into two worlds. I spent several decades in the Frost World as a result."

    "Therefore, Meng Yiqiu is one of my reincarnated identities." Qin Yun looked at his son.

    "Reincarnated?" Meng Huan was enlightened.

    "One's memories remain buried upon reincarnation; therefore, the cultivation speed is relatively slow. Later on, I got poisoned, awakening my memories," said Qin Yun with a smile. "This awakening healed me of my poison and from then on, I improved by leaps and bounds! By practicing the Frost Sword, my Sword Dao also improved greatly. As for my shattering the void and ascension, it is because my opportunity to dream a hundred years allowed me to grow stronger and return to the Great Chang world."

    Qin Yun deliberately concealed certain parts of his experience.

    In fact, he had descended at the moment Meng Yiqiu was on the brink of dying from the poison.

    However, he used the explanation of reincarnation to make it easier for his son to understand.


    Strictly speaking, Meng Huan was Qin Yun's adopted son! But although he was adopted, he had taught him since he was a baby. Over that fifty years, their relationship grew extremely deep.

    If Qin Yun did not reveal the truth of his dream, no one would know the secret!

    In that case, there was no need for him to mention it.

    "It's no wonder." Meng Huan was enlightened. "Countless people praise you for your achievements in our homeworld. When your biography was made, it mentioned how you were only considered an ordinary genius before your poisoning. However, it was as though you had remade yourself after the poison, with nothing stopping you. You rose from just entering the Connate realm to being first on the God roll. You even shattered the void and ascended in just a few decades."

    "Even if there was a setback, such a sudden improvement is indeed unfathomable. So it's because you regained your past life's memories."

    He could fully understand the circumstances after his ascension.

    It was not easy for reincarnated immortals to regain their memories. Many would lead mediocre lives, never to awaken. They would lose themselves in Samsara. Only extremely powerful ones or those that were greatly stimulated could awaken.

    Of course, some Skyimmortals could request powerful existences to help awaken them.

    Why would Skyimmortals request the help of seniors and good friends?

    That was because without guidance, it was very possible that the reincarnated Skyimmortals would never awaken.

    "That's right." Qin Yun nodded. "Because of the dream of a hundred years, I returned to my body in the Great Chang world! And since I'm unable to change my sword immortal Dharmic formulation, I'm still a sword immortal."

    "Then what should you do? Mortals only have a five-hundred-year lifespan. Father, how long have you lived? How many years do you have left?" asked Meng Huan worriedly. If his father's remaining lifespan was short, it would be problematic.

    From his point of view, his father's strength matched that of a Skyimmortal. It was likely that he had lived for too long a period of time.

    "If I do not count the dream of a hundred years, a few decades. There's still a lot of time," said Qin Yun.

    "A few decades?" Meng Huan gasped and was secretly alarmed. His father's talent was indeed tens, if not a hundred times, higher than his!


    As the father and son chatted, two figures appeared above the Ancient Augury World.

    "Senior Brother Sect Master, I have already inquired with a voice transmission. Meng Huan and his father, Meng Yiqiu have transported out of the Ancient Augury World. They are currently in the Scenic Jade Palace's outpost, Scenic Jade Garden," said a fat Daoist.

    A goateed Daoist nodded slightly. "That's Scenic Jade Garden. Let's meet Meng Yiqiu."

    The two rapidly flew downwards.
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