Chapter 407: Invitation

    Chapter 407: Invitation

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    As they flew down, they felt a terrifying aura.

    "Oh?" The goateed Daoist and fat Daoist turned their heads.

    The Bodhisattvas, Skyimmortals, and Skygods beneath them also turned their heads up to look east.

    A glaring red beam of light flew over from the east!

    It streaked across half the sky.

    "What powerful Sword Qi." The goateed Daoist had raised brows. This newcomer's strength was in no way weaker than his.

    "Who is it?" The Skyimmortals and Bodhisattvas beneath him were alarmed. The Sword Qi seemed to permeate tens of thousand of kilometers, leaving all the experts in the Ancient Augury World feeling repressed.


    The red light dispersed, revealing a figure above the Ancient Augury World. It was a black-robed man with piercing crimson brows as sharp as swords. His eyes scanned the area beneath him before he descended in the direction of Scenic Jade Garden. "It's here. I can sense the existence of an unfamiliar Sword Dao. For a mortal to cultivate to the level of a Skyimmortal as a Sword Dao cultivator, he must belong to my sword immortal lineage."

    "Brother Crimsonhero." The goateed Daoist flew over with the fat Daoist in tow.

    "Sect Master Jade Tripod." The crimson-browed man was somewhat astonished but he smiled and greeted them.

    "Brother Crimsonhero, why did you come to the Ancient Augury World?" The goateed Daoist appeared rather warm.

    Sword Immortal Crimsonhero was very famous. He was a sword immortal at the sixth Firmament Skyimmortal realm! The sword immortal lineage were naturally good at combat. They were known to be able to 'destroy all Dharma with a single sword.' With his Intrinsic Flying Swords... his strength was in no way inferior to other eighth or ninth Firmament Skyimmortals. Although Sect Master Jade Tripod held a high status, his strength was not much different from Crimsonhero's.

    Furthermore, it was well-known by many that it was best not to provoke the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage! Almost all of them were combative.

    It was very common for them to jump into a fight with someone levels stronger than them!

    "The Ancient Augury World is only a land of trials. It's also odd for the sect master of the Jade Tripod Sect to be here," said Crimsonhero with a smile. "Are you also here for Meng Yiqiu?"

    "Brother Crimsonhero, you sure are well-informed," said the goateed Daoist. "I am indeed here for him."

    "Then, shall we wait together?" Crimsonhero was rather confident.

    The sword cultivation line created by the Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor...

    It was the only sword immortal Dharmic formulation in the Three Realms. Crimsonhero was very confident that it would attract Meng Yiqiu's interest.

    As for the mortal-grade sword immortal Dharmic formulations, they were only for mortals, not something that could truly be deemed as a profound cultivation Dharmic formulation.

    "Alright." The goateed Daoist smiled and appeared rather calm.


    Moments later, Qin Yun and Meng Huan saw the few people standing outside the tiny compound.

    Although Meng Huan was a Jade Tripod Sect disciple, he had never seen the sect master before.

    "Qin Yun, this is Jade Tripod Sect's sect master. This is Sword Immortal Crimsonhero. This is Jade Tripod Sect's Hall Master Ge," introduced the silver-haired Skyimmortal.

    "Greetings Sect Master Jade Tripod, Sword Immortal Crimsonhero and Hall Master Ge." Qin Yun bowed, appearing neither overly humble or arrogant. He had met Puqu Dragonlord and even Amitabha Buddha, a person ranked in the top three of the Buddhist school of thought, before.

    "Greetings Sect Master." Meng Huan felt a little alarmed as he bowed immediately.

    He was a Jade Tripod Sect disciple after all!

    The goateed Daoist nodded at Meng Huan with a smile before looking back at Qin Yun. "Meng Yiqiu?"

    "I am Meng Yiqiu as well." Qin Yun nodded.

    "I happened to chance upon Brother Crimsonhero. We came to the Ancient Augury World for you," said the goateed Daoist with a smile. "By the way, you are unlikely a reincarnated Skyimmortal, am I right? A reincarnated Skyimmortal would not be foolish enough to choose the sword immortal lineage unless you were from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage in your previous life."

    If Qin Yun was a reincarnated Skyimmortal, it would mean that he had not cultivated to Skyimmortal-level strength in his mortal lifetime. Instead, his apparent talent would have actually been the result of the foundations he laid in his previous life. That would mean that they did not need to waste their efforts on him.

    After all, there were many ordinary Skyimmortals in the Three Realms.

    "I'm not a reincarnated Skyimmortal," replied Qin Yun.

    "Mortals have five hundred years to live. How long have you been cultivating?" asked Crimsonhero.

    Qin Yun hesitated for a moment before saying, "A hundred plus years."

    It was a hundred plus years if he included the dream of a hundred years.

    "A hundred plus years?" The goateed Daoist and Crimsonhero were alarmed. It was shorter than they expected because they knew that Meng Yiqiu had a son! And his son had even ascended.

    "There's no point in lying. It is a simple feat to investigate your background," said the goateed Daoist.

    "Why would I lie?" Qin Yun was puzzled.

    Crimsonhero smiled with a nod. "According to what I know, you are not a disciple of any major sect. I wonder if you are willing to become a sword immortal of the Grand Supreme line? If you are willing to, I will bring your name up to my master. Once your background has been investigated and verified to be true, you can become a disciple of the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage."

    "Why even bother cultivating as a sword immortal?" said the goateed Daoist immediately. "The sword immortal lineage was casually created by Grand Supreme Dao Ancestor and it's certainly no Great Dao! If you are willing to join my Primordial Beginning lineage, you will naturally cultivate in my Primordial Beginning's Great Dao!"

    "Sect Master Jade Tripod, our sword immortal lineage is nearly invincible against an opponent at the same level," said an irritated Crimsonhero.

    "My Primordial Beginning has numerous Great Dao, many of which are more profound than the sword immortal lineage," said the goateed Daoist confidently. "Even my Jade Tripod lineage's Eight Nine Mystic Technique is above the sword immortal lineage."

    "Perfected Jade Tripod was one of the twelve Golden Immortals under the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning at the creation of the Universe. He has been cultivating for a very long period of time," said Crimsonhero with growing irritation. "Our sword immortal lineage might have come into existence later but the truth of who is stronger when comparing Master and Uncle-Master to Perfected Jade Tripod is still unknown! Besides, with time, my sword immortal lineage will only become more powerful. And how many have mastered your Jade Tripod lineage's Eight Nine Mystic Technique, exactly? You have not mastered it even as a eighth Firmament Skyimmortal, right?"

    The goateed Daoist brushed off the slight as he said with a smile, "Flexibility is best. My perception is still lacking so naturally my attainments are limited. However, my Primordial Beginning lineage has many Dharmic formulations. There is bound to be one that suits our young friend Qin Yun. By joining my Primordial Beginning lineage, the Great Dao will bow before him!"

    The silver-haired Skyimmortal by the side could not help but feel envious.

    Two big shots were actually here for Qin Yun.

    And the main reason for that was Qin Yun had demonstrated sufficiently stunning talent. For him to enter the Skyimmortal realm in such a short period of time meant that he had limitless promise.

    "Amazing." Meng Huan was feeling both astounded and happy as he watched from the side. "Back when I ascended, I had to undergo several tests just to join the Jade Tripod Sect as an ordinary disciple. But Dad... is now being fought over by Sect Master and another mysterious Grand Supreme lineage sword immortal."


    Qin Yun immediately stopped the duo.

    Sect Master Jade Tripod and Crimsonhero looked at Qin Yun hopefully.

    "To be honest, I come from the Great Chang world," said Qin Yun. "My Great Chang world is a Small World and Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor had once descended using his avatar to preach the Dao in my Great Chang world."

    "Ah." Sect Master Jade Tripod and Crimsonhero were taken aback.

    "There are countless Small Worlds. Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor's avatar actually preached the Dao in the Great Chang world?" Sect Master Jade Tripod felt a little disappointed.

    Although Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor was well known to be indiscriminate in his teachings, and had sent a large number of avatars to preach the Dao in numerous Small Worlds, there were just too many Small Worlds. There were still a large number of Small Worlds that he had yet to visit!

    "What a coincidence." Crimsonhero frowned. "If Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor had preached the Dao, it means that the Great Chang world is from the Numinous Treasure lineage."

    Sect Master Jade Tripod felt a headache as well.

    Crimsonhero took out a wooden talisman and handed it to Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, this is my contact talisman! When your life comes to an end and you wish to be reincarnated, seek me out. My Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage can directly guide you! Although you are from the Numinous Treasure lineage in this life, that karma will be severed after reincarnation. You will then be unrelated to the Numinous Treasure lineage. When that time comes, you can join my Grand Supreme lineage."

    "That's right. But you could also consider joining my Primordial Beginning lineage," said Sect Master Jade Tripod with a chuckle. He also handed Qin Yun a bronze talisman. "This is my contact talisman. With my strength, I can find you while you are still a baby. I can even help you recall the memories of your past life."

    Qin Yun took the two contact talismans. "Thank you, Seniors."


    Sect Master Jade Tripod and Sword Immortal Crimsonhero then quickly departed. Qin Yun also handed the Transference Token back to the silver-haired Skyimmortal.

    Finally, Qin Yun also began to bid farewell to his son.

    "Huan'er, I'll be returning to the Great Chang world. If you wish to find me, just trigger this contact talisman." Qin Yun looked at his son. He had reached the Skyimmortal realm and a single strike of his could create a Grotto-heaven. His grasp of the void had reached a brand new state, not much inferior to that of East Sea Skydragon and the rest. Just a contact talisman as a spatial label was enough for him to sense the distant Effulgent Great World.

    "Okay." Meng Huan nodded. "Dad, when can you come again?"

    "Almost anytime," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Alright, you have already embarked onto the path of cultivation. Is there anything you still can't leave behind?"

    Meng Huan gave a gentle nod.

    Meng Huan also felt relieved after learning his father's situation.


    In the tiny yard, a wisp of misty sword beam streaked across the void from Qin Yun's fingertip.


    With the enhancement of his Dao realm, there was no need for him to use a Void Altar. Just the Dharma treasures he had left in the Qin family manor were enough for him to sense his homeworld.

    "Rumble." A void passageway tore apart as Qin Yun constantly unleashed his sword arts to open it up wider.

    The silver-haired Skyimmortal watched nearby.

    As the Great Effulgent World was very far from his homeworld, it took Qin Yun quite a while for him to stabilize the void passageway with his present strength.

    "I'm leaving." Qin Yun smiled at Meng Huan.

    "Okay." Meng Huan watched as his father's figure vanished into the void passageway. He could not help but feel a little downtrodden. He watched in a daze for a long while.

    "It's not like you will never meet again," said the silver-haired Skyimmortal.

    "Yes. Elder Ye, you are right. I'll be returning for now." Meng Huan bowed immediately and left the Scenic Jade Garden and returned to his Jade Tripod Sect's outpost.


    Qin Yun proceeded through the void passageway a lot easier this time. Although it constantly narrowed, he was able to continue forward steadily with his newfound strength as he opened it further to stabilize it. This was the benefit of having sufficient strength.



    Qin Yun came through the void passageway and entered a world. The familiar Heaven Earth Essence Qi fluctuations told Qin Yun that he had returned to his homeworld, the Great Chang world.

    "Xiaoxiao, just wait a little longer. I will be saving you very soon." Qin Yun was greatly looking forward to saving his wife, Yi Xiao.
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