Chapter 410: Yi Xiao

    Chapter 410: Yi Xiao

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    The entrance to the Grotto-heaven was inside the Boor Ancestral Sect, making it naturally secure.

    Inside the Grotto-heaven.

    In the Six World Isolation Skyarray that enveloped a region only half a kilometer wide, Yi Xiao sat alone on a grass patch. She looked up at the six-colored streams of light in the sky.

    The six-colored lights enveloped a tiny, separated world that spanned half a kilometer that also prevented her from leaving.

    "I'm unable to crack open the array formation even in my dragon form." Yi Xiao looked silently with her head raised. "Daughter, are you still okay?"

    "Which world are you in now?"

    "Are you being bullied?"

    "Are you still alive?"

    Yi Xiao was filled with worried thoughts.

    She had finally given birth to her daughter two years into her imprisonment. However, her Dharmic powers had long been sealed. And due to her bloodline awakening and the lack of Dragon Pool energy to absorb, she suffered the pain of transforming into a dragon daily! After her daughter was born, He Qian easily took her away. Yi Xiao had no chance of stopping him with her sealed Dharmic powers.

    Yi Xiao watched with her very own eyes as a world rift opened in the Grotto-heaven. He Qian then tossed her baby daughter to another world.

    "Yi Xiao, we originally planned on sending you out of the Great Chang world! But we never expected you to reach the True Dragon realm through a bloodline awakening! Sending you away is just too difficult now. We could only pay the considerable price to set up this massive array. However, your daughter is only a mortal newborn baby. Sending her elsewhere is simple." He Qian had laughed as he said this back then.

    Yi Xiao had no way to stop him.

    Without the Dragon Pool providing her energy for her bloodline awakening, all she could do was absorb the surrounding Heaven and Earth spiritual energies through great effort. Her awakening slowed down dramatically and the pain was excruciating.

    After seven years of imprisonment, her awakening finally ended, with her reaching the second Firmament True Dragon realm.

    Over the years, she had wept for her daughter again and again, so much so that her eyes nearly dried from losing all their tears.

    "I'm a useless mother. I could not protect you." Yi Xiao could never forget the scene of He Qian snatching her daughter away from her.

    "But your father is very powerful. He has avenged the both of us," muttered Yi Xiao. "That He Qian is already dead."

    More than a year ago, a mysterious fiendcelestial came to her.

    "Your man Qin Yun is rather powerful. He actually managed to kill two fiendcelestials, Wuha and Moquan."

    "Who are you? Where's He Qian?"

    "He Qian is Wuha! Now that Wuha is dead, I'll be responsible for watching you from now on. Hahaha, remember my name. It's Huangchong! I'm not as foolish as that Wuha. I just need to hide and Qin Yun will never be able to find us." Huangchong scoffed. "When everything is ready, and we have sufficient power in this world, our plans will finally come to fruition. Once Qin Yun knows that you are alive, he will definitely come rescue you. When that happens, the two of you can die together!"

    Huangchong did not mind Yi Xiao knowing their plans.

    She had no way to leak the secret.

    The day she reunited with Qin Yun was the day they would kill Qin Yun.


    Yi Xiao recalled everything.

    "My daughter and I will be used against Brother Yun?"

    "It would be better for me to die. Then they will not be able to use me," thought Yi Xiao. She had once thought of dying but her strength had been sealed. And with her vitality as a True Dragon, she was incapable of suicide.

    She had attempted every mean possible to no avail.

    "Brother Yun, you should know very clearly that it's a trap if I'm still alive after being caught by fiendcelestials," muttered Yi Xiao. "You can't be that silly when you know full well it's a trap, right?"

    However, she knew that Qin Yun would still take action despite knowing it was a trap.

    He would say it's because some people needed rescuing, even at the cost of risking one's life.

    "I couldn't protect my daughter and will even endanger my husband by being alive." Yi Xiao's eyes welled with tears. She looked up into the sky. The six-colored streams of light continued enveloping the tiny pocket world where she was all alone.


    At that moment, in Divine Firmament Chapter.

    The top existences in the Great Chang world were gathered.

    Daoist Divine Firmament Ancestral Master Zhang, Qin Yun, Patriarch Bai, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, East Sea Skydragon, Skydemoness Palatial Lord, and Human Emperor. Of course, Human Emperor's true body was still suppressing the greatest calamity somewhere else. He was only present as an avatar.


    Ancestral Master Zhang pointed at a projection floating in midair in front of him. "This is the Boor Ancestral Sect. As you know, it has existed since ancient times, giving it deep heritage. Extremely powerful Other Realm Fiendcelestials back it! Their defensive array formation has been perfected over hundreds of thousands of years. Although it's very powerful, it's still possible for us to crack it if we risked everything. However, there are massive numbers of mortals living inside the array formation."

    "These mortals are comprised of the Boor Ancestral Sect's disciples and bloodline successors, as well as innocent mortals."

    "If we were to attack, causing a battle in which large numbers of mortals would perish, Heavenly Tribulation would immediately befall us."

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked at Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, you will attack from within. Do your best to destroy the array formation. Once the array formation is sufficiently weak, we will be confident in cracking the array while still ensuring the safety of the mortals."

    "Yes, we will be in charge of secretly watching from outside. The success of this will depend on Qin Yun." Patriarch Bai smiled as he looked at Qin Yun. "Without anyone even realizing it, a young punk like you has already come this far. In the future, you could very well be stronger than us."

    "To reach the Skyimmortal realm after just decades of cultivation. His achievements will naturally be above ours," said Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa with a smile.

    "The Boor Ancestral Sect has deep roots so you have to be extremely vigilant." East Sea Skydragon looked at Qin Yun seriously.

    "Sword Immortal Qin." The purple-robed Skydemoness looked at Qin Yun. Having cultivated to the Nine-Tailed realm, her charms were extremely bewitching. She was gazing at Qin Yun intently. "After you enter the Boor Ancestral Sect, you will be facing the enemy alone. Although the destruction of the Boor Ancestral Sect is important, you have to protect your wife well. Some people will be gone forever if they are lost."

    "I understand." Qin Yun nodded.

    He had been separated from his wife for nineteen years.

    He had been suffering the pain of being separated for the past nineteen years so he naturally cherished this opportunity to find her.

    "Qin Yun, you can set off immediately. We will also head for the Boor Ancestral Sect. With my speed, we will reach it very soon," said Ancestral Master Zhang. His flying speed was extremely fast.


    Qin Yun held his breath as he held the purple Dao talisman.

    When he triggered the Dao talisman by injecting his Dharmic powers into it, Qin Yun's heart began to race.


    A spatial fluctuation enveloped Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun vanished.

    "Let's go!" Ancestral Master Zhang shouted immediately.

    "Qin Yun is a sword immortal. We will definitely destroy the Boor Ancestral Sect by coordinating out attacks from within and without." Patriarch Bai was filled with fighting spirit.

    "Let's go!" The fiery mark in between Skydemoness's brows turned brighter.

    Purple lightning carried them as they streaked across the sky straight for Cloud Prefecture's Boor Ancestral Sect.


    In the Grotto-heaven inside Boor Ancestral Sect.

    Yi Xiao sat there alone. She was already accustomed to her solitude.


    Suddenly, a spatial fluctuation descended into the Six World Isolation Skyarray. A figure appeared from the void.

    Yi Xiao turned her head in bewilderment when she sensed it. There in front of her was a gray-robed man with tears in his eyes.

    Their gazes met.
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