Chapter 411: Stars Like Rain

    Chapter 411: Stars Like Rain

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    "Xiaoxiao." A trembling, hoarse voice came out of Qin Yun as he looked at his wife. He had been waiting for this day for nineteen years.

    Yi Xiao looked at him in a daze, afraid that he was just a hallucination born from her despair. She muttered, "Brother Yun, is that really you?"

    Qin Yun's eyes were filled with tears as he nodded immediately. Simultaneously, he walked over.


    In another spot of the Grotto-heaven, someone reacted to Qin Yun entering the Six World Isolation Skyarray using the Major Void Transference Dao talisman that Puqu Dragonlord had given him.

    There was a long series of buildings where many Boor Ancestral Sect disciples cultivated.

    After all, the Grotto-heaven had existed for a very, very long time.

    "Oh?" The mysterious fiendcelestial, Huangchong, resided in one of the buildings. He instantly sensed Qin Yun's entry into the Six World Isolation Skyarray.

    "What happened? How has an outsider entered the Six World Isolation Skyarray?"

    Huangchong had yellow fur on his face with a high nose bridge. His cold eyes were looking alarmingly into the distance.

    He was now responsible for watching Yi Xiao and controlling the Six World Isolation Skyarray! He could sense the moment anyone even touched the array. So he naturally sensed two living beings in the array. One more person apart from Yi Xiao had appeared.

    "The Six World Isolation Skyarray can even hide from the Great Chang world's Heavenly Dao! How is it possible for anyone to infiltrate the array?" Huangchong found it unbelievable.


    Although he was reeling in disbelief, he spread out a pair of black wings on his back. With a flap, he whizzed towards a desolate plain in the distance.

    An array formation enveloped the deep depths of the desolate plains and had been demarcated as a forbidden land! The Boor Ancestral Sect disciples did not dare trespass.


    Huangchong looked at the forbidden land while soaring through the air. With a thought, the array formation naturally opened up for him.

    It revealed the Six World Isolation Skyarray on the desolate plains. Enveloped by the six-colored streams of light were a man and woman walking towards each other.

    The man's appearance made even the yellow fur on Huangchong's face tremble. His eyes widened. "Qin Yun?"

    He could obviously recognize Qin Yun!

    Qin Yun was definitely one of the most important targets the fiendcelestials had to deal with in order to conquer the Great Chang world.

    And at that moment-

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao walked up to each other. Although Qin Yun had noticed the winged fiendcelestial with a rather strong aura in the corner of his eyes, he continued looking at his wife. Even as he moved to embrace her, a wisp of misty rain silently flew out from his sleeve. With a whoosh, Sword Qi whistled, destroying the Six World Isolation Skyarray from within in an instant! The six-colored stream of lights collapsed.

    Following that, the wisp of misty rain headed straight for the yellow-furred fiendcelestial.

    "No good!" When Huangchong saw Qin Yun release the Misty Rain Sword, he did not hesitate to flap his wings to escape in the form of a stream of light. In addition, he crushed a black wooden token in his hand.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    The wooden token shattered and bells rang deep in the Grotto-heaven, where many Boor Ancestral Sect disciples were secluded in cultivation! The alarm's ring reverberated throughout the Grotto-heaven!

    It was not just limited to the Grotto-heaven's interior, either.

    Even outside... The Boor Ancestral Sect's lair had undulating mountains. As an ancient faction that had been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years, it had many internal divisions. There were numerous fiendish demons and quite a number of fiendcelestials! In terms of heritage and backing, the Boor Ancestral Sect was ranked in the top three of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons. The fiendcelestial world that backed it was extremely powerful.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    Bells were ringing in the Boor Ancestral Sect's lair.

    "No good." The oldest being of the Boor Ancestral Sect, Patriarch Monkey, who was also the best at divination in the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons, felt his heart palpitate with an ominous sensation when he heard the bells.

    Patriarch Monkey was massive in size, like a tiny mountain. He had a waning air about him and he had not stood up in a very long time. The last time he stood up was when the Great Chang empire was just established.

    But now, he suddenly stood up.

    His wizened face was filled with shock. Just a rough divination made him feel endless horror and danger.

    "A calamity! A huge calamity is befalling my Boor Ancestral Sect!" Patriarch Monkey had disbelief in his eyes as he immediately took a step forward. His massive body instantly traversed several kilometers as he rushed to find the sect master.

    "What happened?"

    "What's happening?"

    "The bell has rung. Something major must have happened."

    Many fiends in the Boor Ancestral Sect lair rushed to the sect's grand hall in puzzlement.


    And inside the Grotto-heaven.

    There were a large number of Boor Ancestral Sect disciples that had flown out of their abodes, feeling extremely perplexed.

    "Flee quickly!" Huangchong, who was flapping his wings wildly, bellowed with a voice transmission while fleeing with all his might. He tried to reach the entrance of the Grotto-heaven as soon as possible.

    However, a wisp of misty rain caught up to him.


    The wisp of misty rain appeared ordinary and did not seem to pose any threat, but Huangchong flapped his wings in a bid to dodge it. Although the way he dodged was sudden and unpredictable, the wisp of misty rain easily penetrated his body.

    Huangchong's body jolted as it paused in midair. A huge bloody hole had been torn through his chest.

    "Is the gap between us so huge? I can't even take one strike of his?" Huangchong's eyes were filled with indignation. Following that, he plummeted to the ground completely enervated and breathless.

    The scene caught the large group of distant flying Boor Ancestral Sect disciples by surprise. Although they did not know the background of the fiendcelestial, they at least knew that he was an extremely powerful one! He was definitely the strongest inside the Grotto-heaven.

    There were two other ordinary Boor Ancestral Sect fiendcelestials in the Grotto-heaven. They were first and second Firmament fiendcelestials.

    "He is an Other Realm Fiendcelestial, with the strength of a third Firmament fiendcelestial. He can't even withstand one strike?" Their hearts thumped in fear.

    "Flee quickly!"


    As they shouted with panicked voice transmissions, they fled frantically.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh... There was chaos as the fiendish disciples fled.


    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao looked at each other while holding hands, their eyes welling with tears.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao still felt like she was in a dream. She could not die even if she wanted to previously, afraid that she would implicate her husband. And now, her husband had just appeared inside the mysterious array formation? She found it hard to believe.

    "Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun tightened his grip on his wife's hand.

    It had been nineteen years.

    Every day of the past nineteen years, or even every moment, had been torturous for him. The pain, worry, self-blame, horror, anguish, longing... All of that had finally come to an end today. And the final outcome was not the eternal separation that he was most afraid of, but a reunion! His wife was now standing alive in front of him!

    He had repressed his emotions for nineteen years!

    Now those emotions were erupting like a long-dormant volcano. At that moment, his heart was shaking and roaring.


    "Flee quickly." Among the distant fiends, ninety percent of them were demons and the rest were humans that had pledged allegiance to the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    All of them were now escaping in panic.

    And with Qin Yun's present emotions, the Misty Rain Sword's move changed after slaying Huangchong.

    It erupted fully in sync with his eruptions.


    The Misty Rain Sword instantly transformed into a dazzling meteor that streaked across the sky, sending plumes of fiery streams of light crashing down!

    The massive number of fiery streams resembled shooting stars that swept across the Boor Ancestral Sect disciples. They were burned into nothingness the moment they made contact with the fiery light.

    "Ahhhh!" All of them cried out tragically before vanishing.

    Under the meteor storm, all the Boor Ancestral Sect's disciples perished.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao could not help but look at the beautiful meteor storm above them. In the sky, the Misty Rain Sword had transformed into a meteor that streaked across the sky, sending countless meteors of different colors down.

    "Brother Yun, I feel as though all of this is a dream." Yi Xiao looked at the 'meteor storm.'

    "I also feel like I have been in a very, very long dream," said Qin Yun. "It's as though I fell into a nightmare the moment you were captured by the fiendcelestials. And today is the day I wake up from that nightmare. And this move, I will call it Stars Like Rain, is the seventh move of the Dreamlike Sword. It is also its final one!"

    "With me waking up from my dream, the Dreamlike Sword is completed." Qin Yun looked at his wife. He had struggled in despair for nineteen years and finally, he had escaped it.

    Yi Xiao caressed Qin Yun's face. She could sense the changes that her husband had gone through. When she last saw him, Qin Yun was filled with confidence, every bit the image of a peerless Sword Dao genius. He had been conferred nobility by Human Emperor and his wife became pregnant. He was at the highest point in his life but the torturous nineteen years had a great effect on him.

    Nineteen years of being alone.

    The longing and worry for his family.

    He had repeatedly comforted himself by telling himself that his wife was definitely still alive, holding firmly to that belief. Qin Yun did not even dare imagine what he would do if Puqu Dragonlord had told him that his wife was already dead.

    "The heavens have been good to me, allowing Brother Yun to return to my side." Yi Xiao's heart winced for her husband.

    "By the way, Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun's thoughts shifted as he gradually calmed down from the excitement of being reunited with his wife. He immediately asked, "Is our daughter born? Where is she?"
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