Chapter 414: Ox Fiend Body

    Chapter 414: Ox Fiend Body

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    Qin Yun withstood the Boor Ancestral Sect's Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array by casting the Cyclic Sword Flash with the inferior-grade Numinous treasure, Heavy Water Sword.

    While holding his wife's hand, Qin Yun looked at the grand hall of the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    "Go again."

    He controlled the Misty Rain Sword once more, this time casting the fifth move of the Dreamlike Sword, Traveling in Solitude.

    Qin Yun was gaining new experience with every clash. Once he had reached a certain level of insight, perfecting Traveling in Solitude became easy. The might of every strike would be increased!


    It was like an ax that split open a world!

    The Misty Rain Sword cleaved the black barrier of light layers with a blinding sword flash.

    This time, the sixth layer collapsed for an instant, allowing the remnant might of the Misty Rain Sword to penetrate the hall. The hall trembled as array charts suffused across its surface. However, they were also quivering as though they would crumble at any moment.

    "The might of his sword arts is increasing with every strike." Aged Fiend Goat Horn could not help but notice. "Is his strength constantly increasing while we fight him? How can such fast improvement be possible?"

    "The Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array won't be able to do a thing to him." Patriarch Monkey turned anxious as well.

    "This Qin Yun... has only cultivated for decades to achieve such power." The single-horned ox fiend stood up and said with a deep voice. "Brother Goat, do your best to hold out and protect the hall. Brother Monkey, let's join forces... to kill Qin Yun!"

    "Be careful, Sect Master," said Patriarch Monkey and Aged Fiend Goat Horn in unison.

    "Don't worry. I might not be Qin Yun's match outside, but in the Boor Ancestral Sect I can hold my own against anyone in the Great Chang world that isn't Daoist Divine Firmament!" The ox fiend took a step and strode out the hall.

    The fiendcelestials and disciples in the hall felt a rising anticipation.

    Qin Yun was just too strong. He was suppressing their Boor Ancestral Sect by himself!

    "Qin Yun."

    The moment the ox fiend appeared, his voice rumbled like thunder. Purple light suffused the peaks of the surrounding mountains as purple clouds rose up.

    As for the ox fiend's body, it shifted into a massive body about half a kilometer tall. The muscles of his mountain-like body were like layers of rock. Dense runic patterns appeared on the surface of his body, flashing in cadence with the purple light that permeated the Boor Ancestral Sect. At that moment, the ox fiend seemed to be the lord of the world, or at least the surrounding fifty kilometers.

    Boundless strength from the purple clouds gathered over and swirled around the ox fiend's massive body. With every breath, purple clouds spewed out of his nostrils before being sucked back in.

    "Sect Master Boor Ancestral is an ox fiend," Qin Yun said with a smile to Yi Xiao. "He cultivates in the Great Strength Ox Fiendbody. Therefore, the Boor Ancestral Sect spared no cost to set up an Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array that complements him greatly. Sect Master Boor Ancestral is able to augment his body with the array formation's powers, raising his strength to an even higher level. This is also the Boor Ancestral Sect's strongest array formation."

    Yi Xiao nodded in enlightenment. She also felt a lot more relieved seeing her husband's confidence.

    "Qin Yun, you know quite a lot." The ox fiend sneered from a distance. "Try this strike of mine."

    The massive, half-kilometer-tall ox fiend suddenly stepped forward and, with a whoosh, transformed into a stream of light to fly into the sky.

    He raised an equally massive ax and, with widened eyes, cleaved down with all his strength as he came crashing down!


    Qin Yun had been directing the Misty Rain Sword to repeatedly attack the sect's hall. Aged Fiend Goat Horn was doing his best to control the array formation and was even using treasures as a final bid to protect the hall. After all, the hall contained the most important core members of the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    "Swoosh." The Misty Rain Sword immediately transformed into a stream of light and rapidly returned when it failed to make any headway.

    Although the ox fiend's massive body was hurtling down towards Qin Yun, the Misty Rain Sword's speed was naturally a lot faster! By the time the ox fiend was close enough to strike and raised his ax, the Misty Rain Sword had already reached Qin Yun.


    The Misty Rain Sword headed straight for the attack without any qualms.


    The blinding sword flash clashed with the gigantic ax in midair.

    The Misty Rain Sword was sent backward from the strike while the ax only paused slightly. However, the ox fiend holding it landed onto the ground with a boom.

    "What impressive strength." Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. However, a sword immortal's flying sword was not known for its brute strength. He could only use the most domineering strength available to him, the seventh move of the Dreamlike Sword, in an attempt to push back the ox.

    "You are just this and nothing more!" The ox fiend roared with laughter when he landed. Simultaneously, he charged towards Qin Yun, each step causing the land to tremble. Big as he was, he moved as fast as lightning.

    "That was just a competition of strength. Now, it's time to kill you." A glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.


    With a flash, the Misty Rain Sword swung around the ox fiend's body in an unfathomable manner. It stabbed straight at the back of the ox fiend's head.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The flying sword's stab created sparks. The ox's head was just too hard.

    "Are you scratching an itch for me?" laughed the ox fiend.


    Qin Yun immediately changed his attack, going from the unfathomable Waning Waxing Moons to the domineering Traveling in Solitude.

    Shoo! Shoo! Boom!

    The Misty Rain Sword circled around the ox fiend several times before striking but he ignored it, allowing the flying sword to strike him repeatedly. At best, a white scratch was left on his skin. There was no way for the flying sword to tear through his body. When the final Traveling in Solitude hit, the ox fiend merely stumbled and felt a slight tear in his skin.

    After withstanding several strikes from the flying sword, the ox fiend was already right in front of Qin Yun. He cleaved down with his ax with all his might.

    "Boom!" The ax stirred the clouds and winds as it ripped open the void with its fierce might.

    "Kill!" Patriarch Monkey also attacked with the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array at that moment.

    They coordinated their efforts.

    Qin Yun looked up while holding his wife's hand. The Cyclic Sword Flash enveloped his surroundings. The strike made the barrier warp, but it held. The sword flashes swirled around for a moment before they restored to normal.

    "Back when my Sword Dao reached the Skyimmortal realm, just a Green Leaf Flying Sword could easily withstand the combat forces of two or three Skyimmortals. Now that my Sword Dao has improved and I'm casting it with a Numinous treasure, and with the sheer number of swords, its ability to defend is about eighty percent of my Intrinsic Flying Sword. It's very easy to defend against the two of them." Qin Yun did not feel threatened in any way.

    His two opponents were relying on various array formations just to produce momentary bursts of strength that matched Skyimmortals.

    Qin Yun himself had the strength of a Skyimmortal to begin with. Furthermore, his Sword Dao had improved after he figured out the seventh move of the Dreamlike Sword. In fact, back when he saw the Butterfly Portrait in the Ancient Augury World's Grotto-heaven, he had the urge to create a seventh move. However, he felt that something was lacking. It was only when he reunited with his wife, and the modulation it had on his mind allowed him to create the move in one fell swoop, that his insights were greatly enhanced.

    If he focused on defense, how could his opponents ever crack his barrier?

    "What? It can't be cracked?" The ox fiend felt a little vexed.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    He and Patriarch Monkey continued their relentless assault, but they failed to crack open the Cyclic Sword Flash.

    "The Boor Ancestral Sect has three patriarchs. Patriarch Monkey's and Patriarch Goat's true bodies are in the hall. They are resisting through use of the array formation. However, their real bodies are unable to withstand my flying sword," thought Qin Yun. "As long as I destroy the hall I can vanquish the two fiendish demons. As for the remaining ox fiend...there are many array formations in the Boor Ancestral Sect but how effective can they be if he's using them alone?"

    The more powerful the array formation, the more complex it was to control it.

    "Swoosh." The Misty Rain Sword headed for the hall once again as Qin Yun allowed the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array and the ox fiend to attack him.

    "Sect Master," said Aged Fiend Goat Horn through a voice transmission. "We cannot allow his flying sword to attack freely. I can't last much longer."


    The ox fiend turned his head and saw the Misty Rain Sword flying around the hall.

    "His flying sword is too fast. I can't stop it. Brother Monkey, have the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array trap his flying sword," instructed the ox fiend with a voice transmission. "I'll continue attacking Qin Yun. Although he is putting up an impregnable defense using a Numinous treasure... he is ultimately a mortal sword immortal. There is a limit to his Dharmic powers. It must be extremely draining on him to control a Numinous treasure. If I keep attacking, he must control the Numinous treasure to fend me off. Soon, his Dharmic powers will be drained. Even if he has pills that can replenish his Dharmic powers, how many of those pills can he have?"

    "Even if this battle continued for three days and nights, I will no doubt expend all his pills and Dharmic powers! When the time comes, he's doomed!" The ox fiend sent a voice transmission, having made his decision.

    His idea was not wrong either.

    Even though Qin Yun had condensed a purplish-gold Golden Core, controlling an inferior-grade Numinous treasure was his limit! Furthermore, it was extremely draining.

    "Alright." Patriarch Monkey agreed.

    "This Qin Yun's defensive moves are powerful. Let's compete in Dharmic powers with this mortal. Let's see how much longer he can last." Aged Fiend Goat Horn was filled with anticipation as well.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

    The eight fiendish blades formed from a simple thought. They were not real Dharma treasure weapons to begin with but were condensed from an array formation. Their flying speed was even greater than Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword! Just a simple phasing away allowed them to streak across the sky and rapidly appear in front of the sect's hall.

    They even shrank, easily surrounding the Misty Rain Sword.

    "I want to see how much longer you can hold out for." The ox fiend brandished his ax and cleaved it at Qin Yun.

    He was using his bodily strength, augmented by the array formation's strength. He could last for more than half a month.


    Qin Yun immediately guessed the situation when he saw everything play out in front of him. "You are trying to hold me back and drain me of my Dharmic powers?"

    Qin Yun directed with his mind.


    The Misty Rain Sword's might turned ferocious as it suddenly blasted through the eight fiendish blades and fled quickly.

    Swoosh! The eight blades chased it at a faster speed.

    In response, the Misty Rain Sword cast Waning Waxing Moons. Although the surrounding void had been sealed, the flying sword's trajectory became unpredictable! It could move with more agility than manifestations of an array formation to begin with. Waning Waxing Moons left behind a series of flying sword phantoms in midair, preventing the eight fiendish blades from truly trapping it.

    Of course, the Misty Rain Sword did not stop for it could be easily trapped if it paused for even a moment.

    "I'll kill this single-horned ox fiend first," thought Qin Yun.

    "Stars Like Rain!"

    When the Misty Rain Sword came near, it had a sudden burst of strength.

    Like a burning meteor that streaked across the sky, its speed was the fastest of all Qin Yun's sword moves!

    "Oh?" The ox fiend turned his head to give it a glance before scoffing. "Again with this?"

    He ignored it and turned back to continue his attack on Qin Yun.

    He allowed the meteor to streak across the sky and strike him in his back.


    The meteor-like flying sword stabbed into the ox fiend's back.

    This was the sharpest and fastest attack Qin Yun had! The ox fiend's back was extremely tough and his muscles were like boulders. Purple runic patterns were infused in them and at that moment, the sword in the form of a meteor had plunged straight in. The surrounding muscles tore apart, giving the ox fiend a shock! It alarmed Patriarch Monkey, Aged Fiend Goat Horn, the various fiendcelestials, the Boor Ancestral Sect disciples, and the thin man that was inside the hidden compound.

    And at that moment, Ancestral Master Zhang and company were waiting in anticipation outside the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    "Boom!" Muscles tore apart as blood splattered.

    A bloody hole nearly ten feet wide appeared on the ox fiend's back.

    However, his skin and muscles were just too thick, considering that he was about half a kilometer tall! Qin Yun's flying sword managed to stab twenty feet in but still only reached muscles! The layers of muscles immediately tightened and shifted in a bid to squeeze out the Misty Rain Sword.

    "Whoosh." The flying sword rapidly flew out of the wound.

    The bloody, ten-foot-wide wound rapidly closed as the half-kilometer-tall ox fiend's muscles squirmed.

    Qin Yun was alarmed.

    His most powerful Stars Like Rain, the attack he was confident in, failed to penetrate the ox fiend's muscles?

    "Qin Yun, that Sect Master Boor Ancestral cultivates in the Great Strength Ox Fiendbody. The potency of his physical body is the greatest of all the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons. He had once received three palm strikes from Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa and, although he was heavily injured, he managed to escape. In the Boor Ancestral Sect lair, there is the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array that makes him even stronger. He will be the biggest obstacle when it comes to obliterating the Boor Ancestral Sect. You have to be careful. "Ancestral Master Zhang had already provided him with immense amounts of information regarding the Boor Ancestral Sect before he came.

    Qin Yun was originally very confident. After seeing his wife and creating Stars Like Rain, the enhancement to his Sword Dao boosted his confidence.

    "He is able to withstand my strongest sword move?" Qin Yun's heart tightened at that moment.
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