Chapter 415: Sect Master Boor Ancestrals Weakness

    Chapter 415: Sect Master Boor Ancestral's Weakness

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    The ox fiend's body was more than half a kilometer tall. But although he was only inflicted with a bloody wound a mere ten feet wide on his back, he remained alarmed. "I have fought with Skyimmortals and Bodhisattvas before and escaped unscathed! Now, I'm inside my Boor Ancestral Sect lair and have the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array augmenting me... yet I was still injured by Qin Yun's flying sword? He is in no way weaker than Patriarch Bai or Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa!"

    Patriarch Bai was a Skyimmortal that had lived since ancient times. He even used the amazing superior-grade Numinous treasure, Stellar Heavenly Cycle!

    Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa was the leader of the Buddhist school of thought in the Great Chang world! He had long cultivated a golden body and had many powerful abilities at his disposal.

    It was quite a thing to say that the might of Qin Yun's Stars Like Rain was close to Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa and Patriarch Bai! The only thing he was lacking was Dharmic powers. If his Dharmic powers reached the Skyimmortal realm... perhaps Ancestral Master Zhang would be the only person in the Great Chang world who could match Qin Yun at that point. After all, the sword immortal lineage was known to be capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. Their powerful attacks allowed them to fight someone at a higher realm than them.

    "His back muscles are extremely hard. Perhaps spots like his head, neck, or armpits are relatively weaker." Qin Yun had such a thought.

    The Misty Rain Sword tore out of the bloody hole, and once again transformed into a blinding meteor. It was going for another strike!

    This time!

    The sword flash flew straight for the ox fiend's head.

    "Hmph!" The ox fiend turned his head slightly and closed his eyes. He lowered his head at the perfect moment, making the top of his head that resembled a mountain clash with Qin Yun's flying sword.


    Sparks flew out of the point of impact! The skin that covered the ox fiend's cranium was just too thick. There was no way to tear through it.

    "What?" Qin Yun was somewhat astonished.


    Aged Fiend Goat Horn watched from afar inside the sect's grand hall. He could not help but roar with laughter. "The strongest part of Sect Master's Great Strength Ox Fiendbody is the head! With the array formation's augmentation, it might even match the power of an inferior-grade Numinous treasure. How can it be blasted apart by a puny sword?"

    "Sect Master has the array formations protecting him yet he was injured. Qin Yun is truly formidable," said Patriarch Monkey. "Unfortunately, his opponent is Sect Master."

    And a distance away.

    Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword, unleashing his killer blows again and again.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword was extremely sharp and it contained the charms of the Stars Like Rain. The blade tip made tiny tears in the void as it flew, but when it struck the ox fiend's body, he found that not only was its head not a vital spot, it was actually the ox fiend's strongest spot. As for the front of his chest, back, legs and other spots, only a bloody hole was produced. These were only considered superficial wounds.

    But Sect Master Boor Ancestral's massive body was fully able to withstand his strikes.


    The remnant core disciples in the sect's grand hall heaved a collective sigh of relief when they saw this turn of events. Some even said with a smile, "Sect Master's fiendbody rejuvenates rapidly, perhaps faster than he can be injured."

    "Although Qin Yun is powerful, he can't do a thing to Sect Master! Furthermore, Sect Master is using the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array to attack him. He needs to put so much effort into just fending off the attacks. To be in such an intense skirmish while controlling a Numinous treasure, it drains just too much of his Dharmic powers. He definitely can't last long like this."

    "He's ultimately a mortal! Not only are his Dharmic powers insufficient, just diverting his attention to control a Dharma treasure drains one mentally. It's likely that he will soon be both mentally and physically exhausted."

    The core disciples discussed inside the hall.

    They definitely believed that their sect master would win given time.

    "Now that he is trapped inside our Boor Ancestral Sect, he can forget about escaping."

    "I wonder how he managed to infiltrate our lair in the first place."

    "He probably concealed his identity and aura. However, now that he has exposed himself, our Boor Ancestral Sect array formations have activated and surrounded the area. There is no way for him to escape again."

    "Yes, we have to kill him to avenge our junior sisters and junior brothers."

    These fiendish demons were all very confident.


    Many array formations protected the Boor Ancestral Sect, and they had been improved upon for hundreds of thousands of years. And beyond the array formations were Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, Skydemon Palatial Lord, East Sea Skydragon, and Patriarch Bai. All six of them had gathered to destroy the sect and, apart from Human Emperor's avatar, they had all come in their true forms.


    Ancestral Master Zhang watched everything that was happening with his Eye of Lightning. Furthermore, he cast a Water Mirror Spell, projecting everything he saw onto a water mirror.

    The water mirror presented the scene of the battle inside the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    The Misty Rain Sword had cast Stars Like Rain to dodge the obstruction of the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array. It continuously struck different spots of the ox fiend's body.

    "I always knew that the ox fiend's body was powerful and I have also heard of their cornerstone array, the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array, but I have never seen him use it before," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "I never expected that the array formation's powers made this ox fiend's strength multiply so much."

    "The Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array is also influencing Qin Yun's flying sword." Patriarch Bai frowned as well. "Although the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array's might is weaker than the ox fiend with his surge of strength, its irregularity and fast speed, as well as it being good at trapping enemies, present too many hindrances for Qin Yun to crack the array formations."

    Skydemon Palatial Lord watched intently, her eyes filled with a cold glimmer. She felt anxious but there was nothing she could do either.

    "If nothing can be done, we should temporarily retreat. At the very least, Qin Yun has killed almost all the Boor Ancestral Sect's fiendish demon disciples. That still reduces quite a bit of the scourge," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    The ones that truly wreaked havoc in the world were the fiendish demon disciples.

    After all, real fiendcelestials could not engage in mindless slaughter due to the limitations of the Heavenly Dao.

    "Those ordinary fiendish demon disciples are not worth mentioning," said East Sea Skydragon coldly. "In but a few centuries, the Boor Ancestral Sect will have thousands of ordinary fiendish demons gathered once again! They are only the leaves! Sect Master Boor Ancestral, Patriarch Monkey, and the other fiendcelestials are the main branches! The Boor Ancestral Sect can only be considered destroyed if those fiendcelestials are killed."

    "We can't enter, unfortunately," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    The array formations that protected the sect might have been powerful, but with their strength, they could easily blast through them if they put their minds to it! However, the large number of innocent mortals that lived inside the array formations would be pulverized upon their destruction. With so many mortals dying, it would naturally incur the punishment of the Heavenly Dao! The Heavenly Courts might even take note in that case.

    After all, they were just too invincible. If they were not limited, any Skyimmortal could slaughter billions of mortals easily. If that happened, mortals would truly be no different from beasts.

    "We can only count on Qin Yun. If there's nothing we can do, we shall deliberate this matter later. Destroying the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons is just too difficult," said Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa calmly.


    And inside the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    As Qin Yun cast the Cyclic Sword Flash with his Heavy Water Sword to resist the ox fiend's tumultuous strikes, he spent most of his efforts directing the Misty Rain Sword to dodge the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array while striking the ox fiend again and again.

    "After more than twelve consecutive attacks, I have found no weak point?" Qin Yun was surprised to discover this.

    Yi Xiao watched from the side and realized that the situation was becoming increasingly risky.

    "Sect Master Boor Ancestral might not be comparable to the peak third Firmament fiendcelestials chosen from the top sects in the Effulgent Great World but with the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array's augmentation, he is able to match a Skyfiend," thought Qin Yun. "However, he has an inconspicuous weakness compared to a real Skyfiend."

    With a thought from Qin Yun, the Misty Rain Sword did a bend, striking one of the fiendish blades before heading straight for the ox fiend.

    This time, it was extremely gentle like a breezy cloud.

    Like a gentle wind and a thin drizzle.

    It was a very ordinary strike!

    "Oh?" Sect Master Boor Ancestral was slightly puzzled when he saw it coming. "Why is it so weak now?"

    The flying sword was still extremely fast despite it looking ordinary. It instantly stabbed Sect Master Boor Ancestral's back.

    This stab widened Sect Master Boor Ancestral's eyes immediately. A terrifying force that appeared extremely frail transmitted through his body, heading straight for his massive heart.

    "Bam!" His heart twitched violently as many cracks ran along his body's interior.

    It made Sect Master Boor Ancestral feel faint, and he could not help but stumble as his legs went limp. He immediately genuflected and lowered the ax head to the ground to stabilize himself.

    His heart had extremely terrifying vital strength, so he naturally recovered rapidly.

    "This is..." Sect Master Boor Ancestral's eyes were filled with alarmed rage.

    "What happened?"

    Aged Fiend Goat Horn and Patriarch Monkey stood up suddenly inside the sect's hall. Their faces were plastered with panic.

    The other fiendcelestials and core disciples standing beneath them turned nervous!

    Their sect master augmented by the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array was the strongest thing their Boor Ancestral Sect had.

    "It's indeed effective!" Qin Yun was delighted to see the outcome.

    He had just cast the sixth move of the Dreamlike Sword-First Lightning Encounter.

    Every Dreamlike Sword move had a particular inclination! For instance, the Bright Moon Cold Nights mainly froze the void and even anything that moved inside a frozen body. It trapped the enemy in an extreme cold. The Waning Waxing Moons was unpredictable with its unfathomable attacks, and the newest Stars Like Rain formed numerous meteor showers and was the sharpest and most indomitable attack due to its sheer volume.

    As for First Lightning Encounter, it was the most gentle strike. It contained Qin Yun's emotions.

    The extremely soft strike was able to permeate an enemy's body before exploding inside of it. Of course, thanks to the various obstructions that one's Dharmic powers and body posed, the amount of effective power of the final hit was thirty to forty percent of the original strike. Yet, this was already extremely formidable. Ordinary strikes seldom dealt much damage to a powerful fiendbody's internals.

    "This Sect Master Boor Ancestral is a peak third Firmament fiendcelestial after all! His body's surface is augmented by an array formation which results in his increased strength and defense. But his heart remains the heart of a third Firmament fiendcelestial. This is the flaw of using an external force, it prevents him from being a true Skyfiend!" thought Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun cast First Lightning Encounter once again.

    As his Sword Dao realm enhanced, the first six moves of the Dreamlike Sword were being constantly perfected while drawing on his experience. First Lightning Encounter was similarly being perfected.

    The second cast showed an obvious improvement.

    "No good." Sect Master Boor Ancestral tried to defend by brandishing his large ax.

    However, in terms of agility, how could a huge ax compare with a flying sword?

    The flying sword remained ordinary, like an extremely gentle sword, as it stabbed into Sect Master Boor Ancestral's chest.


    The might was twenty percent stronger than before.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral's heart quaked so loudly that it could even be heard from outside. It could be seen with the naked eye that his chest had swelled up before collapsing.

    "Pfft." A mouthful of blood spewed out of Sect Master Boor Ancestral's mouth.


    He clenched his teeth, his eyes red. He crushed a yellowish wooden token, enhancing his speed by more than ten times. His figure turned into a blur as he quickly headed for the sect's grand hall. At the same time, he sent an angry voice transmission, "Skyfiend Jiuhu, my Boor Ancestral Sect can't last much longer! Quickly take action! Quick!"

    In the hidden residence in the Boor Ancestral Sect, the luxuriously-dressed thin man that sat cross-legged heard the voice transmission. He frowned slightly as a hint of anger suffused his long, foxy eyes.

    He responded with a voice transmission, "Sect Master Boor Ancestral, try to hold out by yourself. I cannot be exposed or Empyrean Lord's plans will be ruined! Your Boor Ancestral Sect's sacrifice will be greatly rewarded by Empyrean Lord!"

    "I'm about to die! What use are rewards!?" Sect Master Boor Ancestral roared angrily with a voice transmission.
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