Chapter 416: Fiendcelestial Worlds Empyrean Lord

    Chapter 416: Fiendcelestial World's Empyrean Lord

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    As Qin Yun continued to gain experience from the battle, he released his Misty Rain Sword thrice.

    After Sect Master Boor Ancestral crushed the yellowish wooden token, his speed increased by more than ten times. The Misty Rain Sword managed to stab his back with the gentle strike again just as he arrived in front of the protected grand hall.

    "Pfft!" Sect Master Boor Ancestral spewed large mouthfuls of blood as his body halted in midair. His body collapsed to the ground but his eyes lit up the instant he fell. He used his limbs to push off from the ground as he gritted his teeth to charge straight into the black barrier of light that protected the sect's grand hall.

    "Sect Master."

    "Sect Master."

    Patriarch Monkey and Aged Fiend Goat Horn rushed over to help him.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral had already been reduced to his original height. He looked terrible and his eyes were red. There were traces of blood at the corner of his mouth and he held one hand to his chest, clearly finding it difficult to breathe.

    "Sect Master, are you alright?" asked Aged Fiend Goat Horn immediately.

    "A little better than dead." Sect Master Boor Ancestral found even panting tiring. He chuckled softly. "My heart has been shattered into dozens of pieces."

    "What!?" Patriarch Monkey and Aged Fiend Goat Horn panicked.

    "I will not be able to fight like this," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral. "This Qin Yun... his flying sword is just too odd. His attack is able to reach straight into my body, spreading across my heart. It triggered inside of my heart! Thankfully I have cultivated my Great Strength Ox Fiendbody to the seventh level. If not, it wouldn't only be dozens of pieces. It would have been pulverized to dust. Perhaps my Essence Soul would also have been vanquished on the spot."

    "Sect Master, rest for now." Patriarch Monkey's wizened face was filled with coldness. "Leave the rest to that Skyfiend. Our Boor Ancestral Sect is in this predicament today all because of them! They can forget about standing idly on the sidelines!"

    "Yes, if our Boor Ancestral Sect were to be eradicated, they can forget about staying aloof from the world. At most, we will all die together!" Aged Fiend Goat Horn growled softly.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral nodded slightly.

    As they conversed, they returned to the grand hall.


    And outside the Boor Ancestral Sect, Ancestral Master Zhang and company were watching the entire battle through the water mirror. When Qin Yun's flying sword caused Sect Master Boor Ancestral to stumble and fall, to the point of genuflecting and requiring the ax to support his body, all of them revealed looks of delight.

    "Nice!" Patriarch Bai shouted out in joy.

    "Beautiful," said Human Emperor with a laugh. "Qin Yun's strike might look ordinary and even seems lacking in momentum, but when it stabs that ox fiend's body, he can't handle it even if there aren't any wounds on his surface!"

    "Look, he just spat out blood after the second strike." Skydemon Palatial Lord's eyes lit up as well. Her voice was more melodious than music.

    "He was quick to escape," commented East Sea Skydragon.

    Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa nodded. "Years ago, the ox fiend had used a treasure. It made his speed increase more than ten times. I couldn't even chase up to him if I wanted to. However, a sword immortal's flying sword is very fast to begin with. At Qin Yun's realm, his Intrinsic Flying Sword's speed is above that of the ox fiend's. He just got hit a third time. What a pity. He managed to escape into the grand hall."

    "He was just a little short."

    "That ox fiend fell to the ground in the end. He's at the end of his road."

    All of them spoke with joyful looks on their faces.

    This was because everyone knew that escaping into the sect's grand hall meant nothing. The fiends' situation was still like that of a locust in late autumn. They could not last much longer.


    Behind the sect's grand hall, there was a secret residence.

    Light warped in front of a luxuriously-dressed thin man that sat cross-legged in midair. The light vaguely manifested as three blurry figures. They were none other than Sect Master Boor Ancestral, Patriarch Monkey, and Aged Fiend Goat Horn. They manifested themselves as phantoms through an array formation.

    "Skyfiend Jiuhu, my Boor Ancestral Sect won't last much longer," bellowed Aged Fiend Goat Horn immediately. "We're well past the point in time where you should make a move."

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral and Patriarch Monkey's phantoms were staring intently at the man, gauging his reaction.

    The man had a nasty expression as he said in a deep voice, "Your Boor Ancestral Sect has been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years. Yet you can't even last against a single mortal sword immortal like Qin Yun?"

    "Is this our fault?" Sect Master Boor Ancestral said through gritted teeth. "Brother Monkey has cast the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array, an array with might capable of matching a Skyfiend! That Qin Yun managed to easily defend against it... I was even aided by the Ox Fiend Heaven Trampling Array, making my body extremely powerful. Even a true Skyfiend might not be my match in that environment. Who knew that a mortal sword immortal like him could manage to crack my heart with one strike? His strength is probably a lot more powerful than some real Skyfiends."

    The man fell silent at that.

    In fact...

    Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword already had the strength to match a Skyfiend back in the Effulgent Great World.

    After he figured out Stars Like Rain, the other six moves of the Dreamlike Sword naturally transformed and became perfected. His overall strength was also enhanced. He was already the match of third Firmament Skyimmortals! Typical Skyfiends were not really Qin Yun's match.


    Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword to strike the sect's grand hall.

    The man looked into the distance. The trio was also watching with building anxiety.

    "We can't last much longer! His attacks can be ferocious and oppressive, or sharp and indomitable, or extremely soft and light. Our array formations can only hold back one kind of attack, not all the attacks he has," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral urgently.

    "How much longer can you last? Is there any hope of binding him and ensuring the existence of the Boor Ancestral Sect?" asked the man.

    "Impossible!" Aged Fiend Goat Horn said quickly. "Just us alone will not be able to ensure the Boor Ancestral Sect's safety. Sect Master is currently severely injured and unable to put up a fight. Even if he tried, it'd be equivalent to sending himself to die! We can only hide in the sect's grand hall... The only thing that can hold back Qin Yun's flying sword is the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array. The other array formations are just too weak. The effects they have on the Intrinsic Flying Sword are just too trivial."

    Patriarch Monkey added, "Facing just the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array alone, the strength that Qin Yun has presented allows him to use two treasures. One of them can defend against the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array while the other slowly cracks the array. He will be able to destroy the ancient array formations of our Boor Ancestral Sect one by one from the inside. The more the array formations are damaged, the easier it is for reinforcements to attack from the outside world... Daoist Divine Firmament and company could easily storm in. All of them are at the level of Skygods, Skyimmortals, and Bodhisattvas! We are only barely able to match a Skygod inside our sect through the augmentation of array formations. They, on the other hand, are real Skygods or Skyimmortals! Furthermore, Daoist Divine Firmament is the Dao Ancestor's personal disciple... His strength is truly formidable. If he storms in, we are doomed! We would definitely perish!"

    "Even if we expend all our treasures, we will at most last five minutes," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral in a deep voice. "That is the most that we can do."

    "Five minutes?" The thin man frowned.

    He then nodded and said, "Alright, I'll report this matter to Empyrean Lord. He will decide on what to do."

    The phantoms of Sect Master Boor Ancestral, Patriarch Monkey, and Aged Fiend Goat Horn exchanged looks. They were all extremely on edge.

    All members of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons had backers! However, most of them were from different fiendcelestial worlds.

    The Boor Ancestral Sect's backer was from a relatively more powerful fiendcelestial world.


    The man took out a cornett. It silently connected to a distant world across space.


    A rift appeared in front of him. It revealed a figure in a distant space. The figure sat on a throne and had two curved horns! Its body was shrouded in a blurry darkness.

    "Empyrean Lord." The man bowed reverently.

    "Greetings, Empyrean Lord." The phantoms of Sect Master Boor Ancestral, Patriarch Monkey, and Aged Fiend Goat Horn also bowed respectfully.

    The blurry figure looked over.

    "Empyrean Lord, there are some unforeseen circumstances that have happened in the Great Chang world," said the man respectfully. "That Qin Yun suddenly infiltrated the Boor Ancestral Sect. He even saved his wife, Yi Xiao! His strength is presently extremely brilliant. Although he remains mortal, his strength is in no way weaker to real Skygods or Skyfiends! The Boor Ancestral Sect can't last much longer against him. If I do not take action, the Boor Ancestral Sect will definitely be destroyed! And once the Boor Ancestral Sect is destroyed, the array formations that we have spent a decade setting up in the Boor Ancestral Sect are bound to be exposed. But if I were to take action, I'll definitely expose my identity as a Skyfiend. I would also incur the suspicion of Daoist Divine Firmament and the rest. If they investigate the matter thoroughly, everything we set up in the Boor Ancestral Sect would still be exposed. Empyrean Lord, please give your orders on what we should do now."

    The man spoke extremely reverentially and after he was done, he waited obediently for orders.

    The Boor Ancestral Sect trio did not dare utter a word.

    After all, for a long period of time... their Boor Ancestral Sect's backer was the existence right in front of them.

    The blurry figure fell silent for a moment before saying, "Destroy everything that has been set up in the Boor Ancestral Sect. Do not leave any traces. You must not let Daoist Divine Firmament and company discover it! As for the four of you, abandon the Boor Ancestral Sect. Use whatever means you have to escape."
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