Chapter 421: Empyrean Lords Two Disciples

    Chapter 421: Empyrean Lord's Two Disciples

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    The three flying swords streaked across the sky like three white beams of light as they launched attacks from different directions.

    The Boor Ancestral Sect spent hundreds of thousands of years setting up array formations, making improvements every generation, making it an impregnable fort to outside forces.

    Even if Daoist Divine Firmament and company had the means to crack the array by force, they could not prevent the collateral loss of lives of the mortals within.

    "It's relatively easier to destroy from the inside but these array formations are stacked over each other, making it like a thick fog. The interior levels can only be destroyed after the exterior levels are destroyed. It will probably take some time to destroy them one layer at a time." Qin Yun felt the pressure. He needed to maintain the Cosmic Bangles' suppression on Jiuhu as well as endure the hindrances of the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array.

    He planned on eliminating the Boor Ancestral Sect trio first. If he could stop the array formations from hindering him would it make it easier to crack the defensive arrays.

    But now, they had fled into the column of light!


    The Misty Rain Sword was the fastest and its might was most terrifying. It transformed into a burning meteor and assaulted a mountain peak not too far away. With a boom, the mountain peak was blasted to bits. A large number of spikes shot out from the flying sword, destroying the exposed array flags and array disks from the blasted mountain. Following that, it attacked forcibly again, uncovering an ancient array chart deep under the mountain.

    After destroying the ancient array chart, one layer of the periphery array formation that protected the entire Boor Ancestral Sect dissipated.

    Thankfully, Qin Yun was causing damage from the inside or it would have been more than ten times higher.

    "Stop him!"

    "How long has this Qin Yun... been cultivating for? Yet, he's already this strong?" The Boor Ancestral Sect trio felt their hearts ache from the loss. This was their sect. Defensive array formations built up over hundreds of thousands of years to protect it were being destroyed.

    Demolishing things were fast but building them back up was very difficult!


    Countless arrows in the sky crashed against one of the Lovers Swords in midair.

    Black chains spread across the land and sky as they flailed to stop the other flying sword.

    The Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array was used to hinder the Misty Rain Sword.

    The Boor Ancestral Sect trio... were doing their best to hinder Qin Yun's destruction of the array while controlling one array formation each.

    "It's useless." Now that Qin Yun's sword moves had reached a brand new level, the might produced by the transcendent-grade Lovers Sword was above the Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array. How could the arrows or black chains be able to hinder them?

    Countless arrows filled the sky, blanketing the world in a dark shadow.

    Black chains shot out from the void as they constantly darted underneath the darkened sky.

    The Eight Gates Fiend Saber Array was even faster.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    However, the Misty Rain Sword and the Lovers Swords pair remained intact.

    As more damage was incurred, the flaws in the originally intact layers of array formations became more obvious. It allowed Qin Yun to find even more flaws to crack the array even faster.

    "Dad, look!"

    "What's happening?"

    A father and daughter duo that had gone up a mountain to pluck herbs looked up in astonishment. A large village had established itself in a col. Thousands of people lived within five kilometers of the village, and stayed in that area permanently. Due to the array formations, they could not go beyond ten kilometers.

    They saw a black chain extend from the horizon when they looked up as it coiled around a stream of light.

    The stream of light was plummeting towards the col they lived in!

    "What's happening?"

    The villagers were alarmed.


    An invisible force descended upon them, causing thousands of villagers to fly into the sky. It was none other than Qin Yun's Dao domain.

    His Dao domain easily scooped up and protected thousands of villagers. The col quaked under the flying sword's strike. A large region was directly pulverized, blasting apart a huge crater that spanned kilometers. It revealed a massive, mystical array chart beneath! This revealed the truth that thousands of people had been living above an array chart for generations. Black chains plummeted from high in the sky in a bid to obstruct the flying sword but it moved with extreme agility. Although it did collide with the chains occasionally, it would just shatter them and move on. Clearly, the might of the flying sword was extremely terrifying as well. Immediately following that, the flying sword struck the array chart, destroying it instantly.

    "Swoosh." After destroying the array chart, the flying sword instantly and deftly departed.

    The black chains continued their pursuit of the flying sword without harming the mortals.

    After all, Sect Master Boor Ancestral and company did not dare engage in the mindless slaughter of thousands of mortals. They had all reached the Essence Soul realm a long time ago.


    Qin Yun controlled his three flying swords to destroy the array formation. Although he encountered resistance, slowing down his destructive speed greatly, it was still a mostly successful endeavor.


    The black hole was still protected by the column of light, had already produced two fiendcelestials who were doing their best to mend the array formation, and now a third fiendcelestial had crawled in! He was an ox-headed fiendcelestial with a huge saber slung across his back. His skin was black like an igneous rock. Following behind him was a fourth fiendcelestial who grabbed the wall membrane of the black hole as he crawled into the Great Chang world with great difficulty. He was a wolf-headed fiendcelestial with snow-white fur. He wore a pair of sharp Dharma treasure gloves.

    The two fiendcelestials looked at the distant Qin Yun and also saw Skyfiend Jiuhu being trapped inside the Cosmic World.

    "To think that Monarch Jiuhu has been trapped," said the ox-headed fiendcelestial with a voice transmission. "Junior Brother, this mortal's strength is indeed terrifying. Do not let your guard down or disappoint Master."

    "Let's go. Time to destroy that sword immortal named Qin Yun," said the wolf-headed fiendcelestial with a voice transmission.

    The duo transformed into two streams of light and instantly flew out of the column of light.

    The column of light did not obstruct them in any way.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun also saw the two distant fiendcelestials rushing at him murderously.

    "They must be somewhat confident to charge me as mere third Firmament fiendcelestials." Qin Yun knitted his brows slightly. "Onward."

    He sent out the Green Leaf Flying Sword.

    The Green Leaf Flying Sword cast Waning Waxing Moons as it pressed towards the two fiendcelestials in an extremely strange manner.


    The ox-headed fiendcelestial immediately drew the saber from his back as he made a show of his mighty and terrifying saber arts. The wolf-headed fiendcelestial's sharp claws effused cold auras as they manifested as countless illusions.

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    The weapons collided ceaselessly.

    The flying sword moved unpredictably as it attacked from every direction. However, the ox-headed and wolf-headed fiendcelestials managed to defend against every strike.

    The Green Leaf Flying Sword also delivered other moves, but because it was much weaker than the Intrinsic Flying Sword, it ultimately could not do much to the two fiendcelestials.

    "Fiendcelestials capable of fighting others a level higher than themselves?" Qin Yun was secretly alarmed when he saw this scene. "Among the big sects of the Effulgent Great World, third Firmament fiendcelestials that can fight above their level and match Skyfiends are considered elites. Yet I'm encountering two here? This fiendcelestial world appears to be quite strong."

    Following that, the Green Leaf Flying Sword immediately transformed into a stream of light as it returned to him.

    "Hmph. Those two are personal disciples of Empyrean Lord. They are the only two third Firmament fiendcelestials that can match Skyfiends." From the Cosmic World, Skyfiend Jiuhu scoffed secretly as he watched the scene from afar. "Those that can fight above their level all have very high levels of insight. They have long been able to survive the tribulations to become Skyfiends. However, to continue cultivating in powerful divine powers, they choose to stay as third Firmament fiendcelestials! If you were to use your Intrinsic Flying Sword, you might put them at a disadvantage, but to fight them with a mere transcendent-grade flying sword? Injuring Empyrean Lord's two personal disciples with that is nothing but a dream!"

    Qin Yun continued damaging the array formations but kept a mental note of the two fiendcelestials that were rushing at him.

    "Qin Yun, if you were to submit to our master, there might be a chance for you to live."

    "Surrender quickly or forget about living."

    As the two fiendcelestials flew over, they amplified their voices with their Dharmic powers. It made them echo like thunder.

    "What bold words from mere fiendcelestials." Qin Yun sneered.

    "Hmph, you are courting death."

    "Impenetrably thickheaded!"

    The ox-headed and wolf-headed fiendcelestials exchanged looks and did not hesitate to unleash their strongest attacks. Time was of the essence! The earlier they disposed of Qin Yun, the more likely their master's goal would succeed. After all, outside the Boor Ancestral Sect... stood the greatest obstacle to conquering the world: the Dao Ancestor's personal disciple, Daoist Divine Firmament!

    Boom! Boom!

    The ox-headed fiendcelestial brandished his battle saber, his body bathed in flames.

    The wolf-headed fiendcelestial's body exuded an air of snow-white frost.

    Their strengths synergized as ice and fire fused, constantly increasing in might!

    "Kill!" "Kill!" They unleashed their killer blows simultaneously.

    Countless claw shadows formed the outline of a blurred wolf. Wherever it passed through, the void would be completely torn apart. And immediately following it was an ordinary-looking black saber shadow.

    Qin Yun remained extremely vigilant.

    The Green Leaf Flying Sword cast the Cyclic Sword Flash to protect an area thousands of feet around him. The Numinous treasure, Heavy Water Sword, stayed by his side, ready for use at any moment.


    The Cyclic Sword Flash suffered countless blows from the claw shadows before also receiving the strike from the black saber shadow. The entire Cyclic Sword Flash barrier stirred like water waves were emanating outwards. It looked like it would collapse at any moment but it quickly stabilized.

    Qin Yun felt alarmed inwardly. "The Cyclic Sword Flash is the move I'm most confident in. If I had just reached the Skyimmortal realm and hadn't gained these insights into the sixth move of the Dreamlike Sword, First Lightning Encounter, just the Green Leaf Flying Sword would be insufficient to fend off the duo! Thankfully, I did have this breakthrough."

    In terms of bodies, the two fiendcelestials had strength that matched that of a Skyfiend.

    They also had ultimate strikes that could be delivered collectively! It made Qin Yun feel more than a little threatened.

    "We failed to crack it?" The ox-headed and wolf-headed fiendcelestials were astonished. They had just delivered their strongest combined attack.

    "He still has a Numinous treasure-grade divine sword by his side. It doesn't appear possible for the two of us to kill him. Let's wait until more fiendcelestials enter," said the ox-headed fiendcelestial with a voice transmission.

    "Yes. Let's rescue Monarch Jiuhu first." The wolf-headed fiendcelestial was honest about their odds as well.

    They already had a plan.

    They would deliver a strike at full force. It would be good if they succeeded in killing him but they would have to quickly change maneuvers if they failed.

    Now that their side was launching their attack, time was precious.They could not waste it.

    Swoosh! Swoosh!

    They transformed into two streams of light and flew towards Skyfiend Jiuhu.

    "Oh? They are leaving just like that?" Qin Yun was a little stunned. He never expected the two fiendcelestials to be that straightforward.

    "Monarch Jiuhu, to think you are trapped by a mortal sword immortal." The ox-headed fiendcelestial flew over rapidly but his voice arrived behind him.

    "To think a mighty Monarch would fall into such a predicament." The wolf-headed fiendcelestial's voice sounded as well.

    "Hmph, if I were to recover my Skyfiend body, I wouldn't be trapped like this. Capturing that Qin Yun would not even be a problem." Jiuhu was a little angry from the embarrassment. He only had a third Firmament fiendcelestial body at the moment. It was much weaker compared to his Skyfiend body. The strength he could produce was also a lot weaker.
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