Chapter 422: Squashing the Boor Ancestral Sect

    Chapter 422: Squashing the Boor Ancestral Sect

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    When the ox-headed and wolf-headed fiendcelestials flew over to save Skyfiend Jiuhu, the six Cosmic Bangles that formed the Cosmic World transformed into beams of light as they rapidly flew back towards Qin Yun.

    "Oh?" Jiuhu watched the surrounding Cosmic World dissipate in a daze. "That Qin Yun released me?"



    "My Cosmic Bangles will not be able to endure the combined attacks of them and the trapped Other Realm Fiendcelestial if they attack simultaneously from inside and outside," thought Qin Yun. He had experienced the combined attacks of the duo. The Cyclic Sword Flash cast by the Green Leaf Flying Sword had nearly failed to defend against them. It was impossible for the Cosmic World to withstand attacks from them and an additional fiendcelestial.

    Qin Yun shot a glance at the black hole enveloped by the column of light a distance away. Another two fiendcelestials had crawled out of it. He could not help but frown. "The world passageway is becoming more stable. The speed at which the fiendcelestials are entering is getting faster too. I need to make better use of my time!"

    As he summoned the Cosmic Bangles back, he released his Green Leaf Flying Sword.

    The Cosmic Bangles wrapped around Qing Yun's arm before vanishing.

    "I need to crack the array as quickly as possible."

    The Misty Rain Sword, Green Leaf Flying Sword, and the two Lovers Swords, a total of four flying swords, headed in four different directions as they attempted to crack the array relentlessly.

    "That Qin Yun has released another flying sword to crack the array." The Boor Ancestral Sect trio felt their hearts tightened.

    "But at least Skyfiend Jiuhu has been released."

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Large swaths of land were blasted apart, causing the area to collapse.

    Mountain peaks pulverized into dust.

    The four flying swords attacked the arrays intensely.

    "Neither of us are not good at long-range attacks. Monarch Jiuhu, do you have any means of stopping his flying swords? We need to slow down his damage to the array," said the wolf-headed fiendcelestial with a voice transmission.

    "Although my Twin Lunar Fiend Knives are capable of long-distance attacks, their speed is far inferior to his flying swords. There's no way they can be held back." Jiuhu shook his head.

    In terms of agility and speed, Qin Yun's flying swords were just too much!

    "Here they!" Qin Yun looked at the three fiendcelestials charging at him. Another bout of attacks would ensue!


    The Heavy Water Sword floated in front of him before it instantly disassembled into a hundred component swords.

    The hundred swords surrounded him.


    Fueled by Dharmic powers, the hundred sword components conjured a perfected Cyclic Sword Flash! It gave him an all-encompassing defense.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom..." The three fiendcelestials rushed over and began unleashing a barrage of attacks on Qin Yun.

    But their attacks were to no avail.

    "He's using a Numinous treasure to cast a flying sword art. Its might is a lot stronger than before. Even the three of us can't crack it," said the ox-headed fiendcelestial with a voice transmission.

    "The other fiendcelestials are not stronger than us." Jiuhu frowned.

    "Although the rest are just ordinary third Firmament fiendcelestials, they can easily kill Qin Yun if we can set up a Minor Annihilation Dharma Formation." The wolf-headed fiendcelestial looked at the distant column of light. The black hole was becoming bigger and more stable. Fiendcelestials were continuing to come out, clearly much faster than before.

    "There won't be a need for a Minor Annihilation Dharma Formation. Another ten plus fiendcelestial soldiers will probably be sufficient," said the ox-headed fiendcelestial.

    Meanwhile, far away.

    Fiendcelestials were crawling out of the black hole quickly. About three or four came out every second. It was clearly getting a lot easier.

    "The array formation has been fully mended." The two fiendcelestials responsible for mending the array formation revealed looks of joy.

    "Hum!" The black hole turned even more stable.

    Fiendcelestials flew straight in one after another. All of them wore tailor-made armor and moved in an orderly fashion.

    Six fiendcelestials quickly formed a small squadron. The armor they wore had fiendish patterns on the surface as their strength naturally fused as one.

    Swoosh! Swoosh!

    Two fiendcelestial squadrons flew out of the column of light one after another as they headed for Qin Yun.

    "They are all third Firmament fiendcelestials. Twelve in one go? Furthermore, they all wear specially tailored Dharma treasures?" Qin Yun was secretly alarmed when he saw what was happening. "What deep pockets! To use third Firmament fiendcelestials as ordinary soldiers... this fiendcelestial world is very powerful."

    "It's way too powerful."

    The Boor Ancestral Sect trio, including the other fiendcelestials and disciples, were shocked agape by the sight as well.

    One third Firmament fiendcelestials after another flew out of the black hole. They flew in order with six forming a squadron. They kept pouring out like this!

    "Sect Master, were we too arrogant in forcing the fiendcelestial Empyrean Lord's hand?" Aged Fiend Goat Horn said a voice transmission. He had turned somewhat cowardly.

    Although they knew that the fiendcelestial world was very powerful, they had never been there before! From the looks of it, it was much more powerful than expected!

    "What else can we do? If we listened to Empyrean Lord and destroyed the array formation, wiping out every single shred of evidence, how could we have escaped from under the noses of Qin Yun and Daoist Divine Firmament?" Sect Master Boor Ancestral replied with a voice transmission.

    "The weak can only struggle to survive," said Patriarch Monkey through a voice transmission.

    "If I had known this would happen sooner, I would have tried to enter the Skydemon Palace. It would be better than this. The fiendish way... is weakening in the Great Chang world." Aged Fiend Goat Horn shook his head.

    Although the trio was obediently controlling the array formation to hinder Qin Yun as much as they could, all they really wanted was to live!

    Once the fiendcelestials had time, they would probably be punished. They were currently still of value, so they were still being humored.

    However, the trio knew very well how fiendcelestials did things. They did not bear any hopes of living long.


    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao turned nervous as well.

    The distant twelve fiendcelestials flew towards them in two squadrons.

    "Don't worry." Qin Yun looked at his wife and gripped her hand. "We still have the Major Transference Dao talisman. There's enough time for us escape."

    "Get in formation, kill him!" Skyfiend Jiuhu gave the order.


    Six fiendcelestials naturally formed a battle formation. The two squadrons immediately attacked in unison. Skyfiend Jiuhu, the ox-headed and wolf-headed fiendcelestials attacked as well.

    "Boom!" The two fiendcelestial squadrons delivered their attacks. All of them were in the form of cold saber flashes that whistled like mountain winds before slicing into the Cyclic Sword Flash! Skyfiend Jiuhu and company were also attacking frenetically. Qin Yun used the Heavy Water Sword's hundred sword pieces to resist them, but it was barely working. The Cyclic Sword Flash began to tremble.

    Qin Yun consumed another Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill to restore his quickly depleting Dharmic powers and mental strength.

    The splitting headache he had from being pushed to his limit felt attenuated by a light clarity. He rapidly turned for the better.

    "He's actually managing to hold on?" Jiuhu was alarmed as he turned to look into the distance. Two more fiendcelestial squadrons were rapidly flying over. He urged them with a voice transmission bellow, "Quick, come here quickly!"

    "Crack! Crack! Crack!"

    Qin Yun was still doing his best to crack the array.

    The four flying swords attacked different spots relentlessly, with the Misty Rain Sword being the fastest at delivering damage.

    "Boom!" The ground cratered as mountains collapsed.

    The villagers that had been living permanently in the region, one that only spanned dozens of kilometers across, were sent flying by the Dao domain. They watched helplessly as the villages they lived in were destroyed. They were alarmed and depressed.

    "Mom, our house is gone! It's gone!" A child cried.

    "Will we die?"

    "Our newly built house..."

    There were villagers crying out in anguish.

    They had been living here for too long and were already accustomed to a world that spanned about five to ten kilometers. They even believed that the world was only that large! Even though there was an insufficient number doctors and herbs, with many villagers dying from illnesses or silently disappearing, they could persist on if they stayed alive. They lived in the tiny region their entire lives with great difficulty, but they still saw it as home.

    In the long span of time measured in terms of ten millennia, generations farmed and proliferated here.

    They did not know what the huge battle meant for them, nor did they know that a new era would be ushered in for them if Qin Yun succeeded.

    "Qin Yun can't last much longer," urged Patriarch Bai in panic.

    "Divine Firmament, it's about time we charge in now, right?" Skydemon Palatial Lord urged as well.

    "Brother Zhang!" East Sea Skydragon was looking at Qin Yun as well.

    Daoist Divine Firmament stoically stared ahead. Countless sparks of purple lightning emanated out. The group of them had long set up a cooperative array formation.

    "Hum." Ancestral Master Zhang's Dao domain began to forcibly seep into the Boor Ancestral Sect's array formation.

    "No, it's still not enough!" Ancestral Master Zhang sent an urgent voice transmission. "Although the Boor Ancestral Sect's array formation has weakened by more than half, we will not be able to protect the villagers from the remnant shockwaves if we forcibly crack it."

    "Let's wait a little longer," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "The more time he spends, the faster the array formation weakens."


    His progress at cracking the array was snail-paced in the beginning but. as Qin Yun continued causing damage to it, the flaws increased and its strength weakened drastically.

    "Boom!" The third fiendcelestial squadron arrived.

    The Cyclic Sword Flash formed by the Heavy Water Sword's hundred sword pieces began producing rippling waves. It could hardly withstand the barrage of attacks.

    "I'm at my limit. I will definitely not be able to hold on if another fiendcelestial squadron arrives." Qin Yun looked at the fourth fiendcelestial squadron who were coming out of the hole a distance away. He was burning with anxiety.

    The three fiendcelestial squadrons meant eighteen third Firmament fiendcelestials. Adding Skyfiend Jiuhu and the other two fiendcelestials, Qin Yun had managed to withstand the attacks of so many fiendcelestials. It was a remarkable achievement in the Great Chang world's history!

    "Ancestral Master Zhang, can you crack it?" Qin Yun sent a voice transmission through his transmission treasure.

    "Haha, Qin Yun, you have already done enough! Leave the rest to us!" The voice came straight from the world itself.

    Dazzling purple lightning tore through the layers of the Boor Ancestral Sect's array formations. After suffering immense damage from Qin Yun, the array formation had greatly weakened. It tore open with barely any resistance.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The might of the array's destruction was extremely terrifying, but every mortal within the array formation was protected.

    "Fall back! Fall Back!" The ox-headed fiendcelestial immediately roared the command through a voice transmission.

    "Quick!" The wolf-headed fiendcelestial sent a voice transmission nervously.

    "Fall back to the array formation's interior before regrouping!" Skyfiend Jiuhu gave the order as well.

    The three of them flew quickly as the three fiendcelestial squadrons followed them to the distant column of light. The fourth fiendcelestial squadron that had just arrived also returned immediately.

    All of them were retreating with everything they had.

    The extremely nervous Qin Yun finally heaved a sigh of relief.

    "We succeeded." Yi Xiao held Qin Yun's hand in extreme excitement. "Brother Yun, we succeeded! The Boor Ancestral Sect of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons has finally been overrun!"


    And inside the column of light.

    The Boor Ancestral Sect trio that was doing their best to hinder the flying swords, as well as the other fiendcelestials and disciples, watched in a daze as the lightning ripped apart the massive array. Daoist Divine Firmament, Skydemon Palatial Lord, Patriarch Bai, East Sea Skydragon, and company stormed into the area, unleashing all the powers available to them.

    "Finished, the Boor Ancestral Sect is finished."

    "Our Boor Ancestral Sect is finished." Many disciples were in a daze.

    Even the Boor Ancestral Sect trio had long guessed that it was unlikely for the Boor Ancestral Sect to survive the calamity. But at the instant, as they were truly overrun, they still felt mixed emotions. Patriarch Monkey's eyes welled up with tears.

    This was their sect after all!

    A sect that had existed since ancient times, listed as one of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons!

    And on this day, it was being squashed flat.

    This day turned the page in the history of the Great Chang world!

    The Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons would become the Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons! The Boor Ancestral Sect would have its name removed!
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