Chapter 425: Daughter and Supremacy

    Chapter 425: Daughter and Supremacy

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    The news of the Boor Ancestral Sect's destruction quickly spread through all the major factions in the Great Chang world, including the other eight lineages of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons.

    This was a fiendish demon faction that could be traced to ancient times! Its outright destruction left the other eight lineages shuddering in fear! They feared a crisis was at hand as they tried to investigate how the battle even began in the first place.

    There were remnant Boor Ancestral Sect disciples that spread the news while fiendish demon experts spied from afar. There were also those from the Daoist and Buddhist schools of thought that deliberately spread confusing information.

    "According to the Boor Ancestral Sect disciples, more than a hundred Other Realm Fiendcelestials entered our Great Chang world but were destroyed by Daoist Divine Firmament and company."

    "I heard that Boor Ancestral Sect's destruction had to do with Qin Yun's infiltration of the sect, where he wreaked havoc from within..."

    "I heard that even a Skyfiend came! They were killed or captured, not one escaped."

    There were all sorts of speculations.

    There was all sorts of information being spread, both genuine and fake.

    The remaining eight fiendish demon lineages felt great unease as they contacted the fiendcelestial world that backed them and reported everything.


    On a desolate mountain.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral, Aged Fiend Goat Horn, and Patriarch Monkey were sitting casually on rocks and drinking flasks of alcohol.

    "We fiendish demons have been declining since ancient times," said Aged Fiend Goat Horn. "First it was the rise of Daoist Divine Firmament, next it was the Godfiend's Human Emperor! Now, this sword immortal, Qin Yun, has appeared. And Daoist Divine Firmament is one of the personal disciples of the legendary Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor of the Three Pure Ones. I knew our fiendish demon lineage's days in the Great Chang world were limited and that there would come a day where we were wiped out, but I never expected that the first lineage of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons to be wiped out would be us, the Boor Ancestral Sect."

    "Our Boor Ancestral Sect was ranked in the top three among the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons when it came to strength yet we were the first to be wiped out." Sect Master Boor Ancestral shook his head.

    "Our fortune has run out." Patriarch Monkey shook his head.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral swept his gaze. "Although Daoist Divine Firmament, Qin Yun, and company are powerful and we might have crossed Empyrean Lord, the three of us managed to survive."

    "Haha, we lived! Being able to survive is worth celebrating." Aged Fiend Goat Horn laughed as he took a swig of the alcohol flask and poured it sloppily into his mouth, staining his beard with alcohol.

    "I do not have any plans on reestablishing the Boor Ancestral Sect," scoffed Sect Master Boor Ancestral. "Even if we can barely live by using an array formation, it would be an aggrieved existence. Ever since Daoist Divine Firmament rose to prominence, we have been living such an aggrieved existence for millennia. Years ago, we dominated the world and fiendcelestials even occupied cities. There were even fiendcelestials who controlled kingdoms. That was such a blast."

    "Yes, the past few millennia have been truly oppressive." Aged Fiend Goat Horn nodded.

    "The Daoist and Buddhist schools of thoughts are flourishing even more." Patriarch Monkey shook his head. "Reestablishing the Boor Ancestral Sect would only bring more suffering on ourselves."

    "Whatever. The situation is as such. It is humanly impossible to go against the tide of the situation," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral. "The three of us shall separate after we finish drinking! I plan to leave the Great Chang world and step into the Other Realm cosmos to travel around."

    "I wish to make a trip to the Other Realm cosmos as well. Brother Ox, shall we go together?" suggested Aged Fiend Goat Horn with a smile.

    Sect Master Boor Ancestral's eyes lit up as he nodded. "Alright, we shall go together. Brother Monkey, what about you?"

    Patriarch Monkey's wizened face took on an air of decline as he gently shook his head. "I've lived for too long. The tribulations on me are turning more potent and I do not want to continue this suffering. I want to see how the Great Chang world will continue developing and what sort of end the remaining Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons will meet."

    "Alright, but you have to be careful in the Great Chang world. Don't be discovered by them," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral.

    "Don't worry. I'm best at hiding from the Heavens." Patriarch Monkey nodded.

    "Alright, let's separate after finishing the alcohol."

    The Boor Ancestral Sect trio clinked their alcohol flasks before tipping their heads to drink.

    Once upon a time...

    They reigned supreme over this land, astounding all surrounding factions! However, the situation had developed to a point where fiendish demons were at an absolute disadvantage.

    Now, the three of them were left pursuing different goals.

    "We're leaving." Throwing away the alcohol flasks, Sect Master Boor Ancestral and Aged Fiend Goat Horn looked at Patriarch Monkey one last time before they whizzed into the sky, rapidly flying deep into the clouds and towards the Other Realm cosmos after passing through enough layers of clouds.

    Patriarch Monkey watched before he walked off with a stooped back. Soon, he vanished into the woods.


    In the fiendcelestial world.

    The square in front of the towering palace was made of black granite that was smooth and flat. Sixteen sculptures of experts stood on either side, split into two rows.

    Empyrean Lord was standing on one end of the square, looking at the vast lands before him.

    "Where's my daughter?"

    "...I casually squashed her to death."

    Empyrean Lord could not help but recall the conversation that had just happened.

    Qin Yun's inquiry about his daughter had indeed caused memories to surface deep within Empyrean Lord's heart.

    That was something that had happened more than ten years ago.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao's daughter had been in utero for three years. She was able to run the moment she was born.

    That day...

    The captured girl was inside a remote compound with two female attendants who were in charge of taking care of her, as well as guarding her.

    "Oh? A dragon race bloodline?" One day, a Daoist-robed man with yellow hair appeared out of thin air in the compound. He extended his hand with a smile and hugged the toddler.

    Empyrean Lord immediately discovered that an expert had infiltrated his lair as he flew over.

    When he saw the yellow-haired man, Empyrean Lord immediately recognized him and was stricken with fear.

    The Daoist-robed man looked up, his pale yellow eyes filled with coldness.

    Empyrean Lord shuddered in fear as he immediately prostrated himself and said extremely reverentially, "Greetings, Supremacy."

    "Are you afraid I'll kill you?" The man chuckled. "Don't worry, I have already gone against the Heavenly Courts. As long as you remain obedient and do not anger me, I won't kill you."

    "Yes, yes, yes." Empyrean Lord was reeling in panic. He knew very well how murderous the person in front of him could be.

    "Enough, I want this female toddler." The man carried the toddler in one hand and waved the other, making the space before him warp as he vanished from the world.

    Only then did Empyrean Lord heave a sigh of relief and stand up.

    He turned his head and saw the two trembling attendants. They had seen everything.

    For them to see the scene of their mighty Empyrean Lord kneel in fright...

    "Hmph." With a cold snort, the two attendants were silently pulverized.

    They deserved death for seeing such an embarrassing scene!

    Although killing mortals did result in karma, the consequence of one or two ordinary mortals could be withstood at the Essence Soul realm. The tribulations would only be a little more terrifying. As for Skyimmortals and Skyfiends, they were better at resisting karma. For example, Empyrean Lord was a lot more powerful at resisting the effects of karma than Daoist Divine Firmament! He naturally did not care about killing two mortals! He would have to be a lot more careful if he killed mortals with great merit or those that enjoyed the light from providence.

    But if he was even stronger, such as a Golden Immortal, Buddha, or Patriarch Fiend, he could easily withstand the karmic effects even if he killed millions of mortals.


    Empyrean Lord stood there recalling that scene from yesteryear. He could not forget the sense of extreme fear.

    "Brother." The single-horned child flew over and asked with a chuckle, "Let me ask you something."

    "What is it?" Empyrean Lord looked at the child who was a Skyfiend of the Mental Demon lineage. He treated him well since Mental Demon Skyfiends were rare.

    "When Qin Yun asked about his daughter, you had quite an abnormal expression," said the child with a smile. "From what I understand of my elder brother, it's unlikely that daughter was squashed to death."

    "Enough, don't ask further."

    Empyrean Lord flicked his sleeve and left.

    The child was taken aback as he floated there in midair frowning, looking at the departing Empyrean Lord's back. "Such a strong reaction?"
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