Chapter 427: Yellow-robed Supremacy

    Chapter 427: Yellow-robed Supremacy

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    By the side of the lake, Patriarch Bai, Human Emperor, Bodhisattva Mahākāśyapa, East Sea Skydragon, and company were startled by Puqu Dragonlord suddenly closing the void rift.

    "Dragonlord appears to be somewhat furious?"

    "When Qin Yun asked for his help, he appeared to be in quite a good mood. Why did he turn angry after discovering Qin Yun's daughter was in the Skywolf world and claim that he can't rescue her?"

    "Yes, Dragonlord is a mighty figure, how is it possible that he can't save her?"

    Everyone was perplexed.

    Yi Xiao was the weakest junior present. She looked at Qin Yun. "Brother Yun?"

    "Xiaoxiao, regardless of anything else, our daughter is still alive and in the Skywolf world," said Qin Yun immediately.

    "Yea." Yi Xiao nodded.

    "Senior Zhang." Qin Yun looked at Ancestral Master Zhang. He noticed that while everyone else looked perplexed, Ancestral Master Zhang strangely appeared to know what was happening.

    "Where is the Skywolf world? Why would Dragonlord not be able to rescue her?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Brother Zhang, explain it to us."

    "With your knowledge, you should know where the Skywolf world is." All of them looked at Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Ancestral Master Zhang frowned slightly before saying, "The Skywolf world is another Small World, but there is an existence that lives there, one that is famous throughout the Three Realms."

    "Famous throughout the Three Realms?" Qin Yun and company were astonished.

    "Brother Zhang," asked Human Emperor. "Mighty figures are unable to enter Small Worlds. Those that can live in Small Worlds are at most ninth firmament Skyimmortals. How can someone of that level be famous throughout the Three Realms?"

    "He is known by the various factions of the Three Realms as Yellow-robed Supremacy," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "He is also the strongest wolf demon of the Three Realms."

    Qin Yun and company listened carefully.

    There were countless demons in existence, and this was the strongest wolf demon in the Three Realms?

    "In the ancient period of the Three Realms, countless demons proliferated across the billions of worlds amid the endless cosmos," said Daoist Divine Firmament. "Back then, the demon population was at its peak, resulting in the formation of the Ancient Heavenly Courts! The Ancient Heavenly Courts mainly had demons as soldiers and generals, and even the Celestial Ruler."

    "Ever since Goddess Nüwa created mankind, demons found their match in mankind's perceptiveness and ability to procreate. It made them more versatile than demons, allowing humans to gradually proliferate," explained Ancestral Master Zhang. "With the passage of time, the demons' standing in the Three Realms began to waver until... the Ancient Heavenly Courts were replaced, resulting in the present-day Heavenly Courts. More than ninety percent of the soldiers and generals of the present Heavenly Courts comprises of humans. Even Jade Emperor was a human that cultivated successfully."

    "Therefore, humans are favored by the providence of the Three Realms," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    Qin Yun and company were shocked.

    The Three Realms actually had such a history? There was even an Ancient Heavenly Courts?

    "Yellow-robed Supremacy was once a great demon during the Ancient Heavenly Courts era," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "As the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure did not discriminate in his teachings, many demons also came under Master's tutelage. One of them was this Yellow-robed Supremacy."

    "He is also a personal disciple of the Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor?" Human Emperor was astounded.

    "He's Brother Zhang's senior brother?" Patriarch Bai was surprised.

    Ancestral Master Zhang said with a sigh, "How can I compare with Senior Brother Yellow-robed? The gap is just too wide."

    "After the collapse of the Ancient Heavenly Courts, Senior Brother Yellow-robed continued cultivating under Master's tutelage," explained Ancestral Master Zhang. "However, the three Daoist factions have had many internal conflicts in history. One of these civil strifes was particularly influential. My Green Touring Palace was the main loser of the incident and many disciples were captured. Senior Brother Yellow-robed was one of them."

    "The new Heavenly Courts were established, and twenty-eight relatively powerful demons were chosen from the captives to be the Twenty-eight Lunar Mansions."

    "As Senior Brother Yellow-robed was extremely strong, he was made the leader of the seven lunar mansions of the White Tiger in the west-Legs Wood Wolf!"

    "For him to be named the leader of the western mansion, you can imagine how powerful Senior Brother Yellow-robed is." Ancestral Master Zhang sighed. "As a Heavenly Courts' Lunar Mansion, over time, he was given command over heavenly soldiers and generals. He fought in wars across the Three Realms so as to enforce the authority of the Heavenly Courts."

    "Later on, it was rumored that due to his wife and son, as well as the Heavenly Courts' Buddhist faction, Senior Brother Yellow-robed eventually went mad and engaged in a massacre. He even rebelled against the Heavenly Courts." Ancestral Master Zhang sighed. "I'm unaware of the details but I heard that his wife and son lost their lives in that conflict."

    "His wife and son died?" Everyone was taken aback.

    "He did not seek out their reincarnated selves and receive them?" pressed Patriarch Bai.


    Ancestral Master Zhang continued, "There were too many things that happened which I'm not aware of. I only know that Senior Brother Yellow-robed now lives alone in the Skywolf world."

    "Sigh, I heard from my senior brothers and sisters that Senior Brother Yellow-robed had quite a magnanimous character originally. The rest of twenty-eight lunar mansions were very impressed by him." Ancestral Master Zhang shook his head. "But after that incident, he suffered a huge change in temperament! He cut ties with all his relationships and became capricious. He even turned downright murderous. In the entire Three Realms, only Master is able to make him obey him."

    "As for ordinary fellow disciples like us, he completely ignores us," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "However, I would like to note that although he is bloodthirsty, he has not done anything ruthless to a Green Touring Palace disciple. He still takes into account our shared heritage."

    Everyone present nodded.

    Qin Yun did feel some pity for him. Having experienced separation from his wife, Qin Yun could understand Yellow-robed Supremacy.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy's story involved many things that were much more complicated than Qin Yun's.

    "That senior brother of mine cultivates in a Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation established by ancient demons. He was already a ninth firmament Skydemon during the Ancient Heavenly Courts era. Later, when he trained under my master, Numinous Treasure Dao Ancestor, he cultivated in Green Touring Palace Dharmic formulations. He became even more powerful," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "However, he never took that final step to become a mighty figure. However, he is extremely skilled in battle. He is in no way inferior to mighty figures in a head-on battle. From ancient times until now, be it the war of the Ancient Heavenly Courts, the war of the three factions, or his campaigns after becoming a lunar mansion, he has engaged in countless battles. The number of Golden Immortals and Buddhas he has fought probably numbers in the dozens. In terms of melee combat, he is definitely one of the best in the Three Realms. He was also an extremely famous combat general while he was in the Heavenly Courts."

    "After he rebelled against the Heavenly Courts and turned capricious, he once captured several dragons. Among them were a bunch of them were Skydragons. He skinned them and drained their blood just to study the dragon bloodline." Ancestral Master Zhang shook his head. "Therefore, the dragons show animosity towards Senior Brother Yellow-robed. There have also fought in secret before."

    "Why did he capture the dragons?" Qin Yun and company were baffled.

    Ancestral Master Zhang explained, "Dragons are also considered demons in a sense, but the dragon bloodline is extremely powerful, exceeding the bloodlines of every other demon class! The dragons are even one of the major factions in the Three Realms! The Ancestral Dragon had nine sons, each born to be at the pinnacle Skydragon realm. The dragons pass down their strength more perfectly than any other race, and dragons are well known for their powerful bodies. For example, the nine sons of the Ancestral Dragon have strength so ridiculous that they can match mighty figures. Some innately match nine firmament Skydemons of the Physical Establishing Sage. Their talents are just too perfect."

    "Senior Brother Yellow-robed captured these dragons and carefully studied the mystery behind the dragon bloodline before infusing it into his own Dharmic formulation," explained Ancestral Master Zhang. "Although there were dragons that luckily lived through his experiments, quite a considerable number of dragons died because of them. How can the dragons not hate him?"

    "But... even in the Other Realm cosmos, Senior Brother Yellow-robed is capable of fighting mighty figures. In a Small World, there is nothing for him to fear," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Even after he engaged in open rebellion against the Heavenly Courts, the Heavenly Courts have only turned a blind eye towards him."

    "Furthermore, many of the high-ranking generals in the Heavenly Courts were Senior Brother Yellow-robed's good friends. Even if they are sent to capture him, they only do it for show. Of course, even if they truly engaged him in battle, they probably could not do much to Senior Brother Yellow-robed."

    Qin Yun and company were enlightened.

    An existence that enjoyed a high standing since the Ancient Heavenly Courts era. It was no wonder Puqu Dragonlord did not wish to speak to Qin Yun and company any further about him.

    This was because Yellow-robed Supremacy would ignore Puqu Dragonlord! His relationship with the dragons was terrible.

    "If it was Senior Brother Yellow-robed back when he was a lunar mansion, the situation would be easy." Ancestral Master Zhang shook his head. "But the present capricious Senior Brother Yellow-robed, only Master in the Three Realms can make him obey. His other fellow disciples will not work."

    "Why would my daughter be in the Skywolf world?" Qin Yun frowned.

    "She was originally in the fiendcelestial world but she was moved to the Skywolf world. That Empyrean Lord even claimed to have squashed her to death," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Clearly, Empyrean Lord lied. But why would he lie? It's likely that Senior Brother Yellow-robed took your daughter. That Empyrean Lord probably made those claims to save himself from embarrassment. That's the only explanation that makes sense."

    Yi Xiao turned anxious. "Ancestral Master, why did he take my daughter away? Our daughter has a dragon bloodline. Will he..."

    "Yes, he has been quite ruthless to dragons." Patriarch Bai frowned.

    "This..." Ancestral Master Zhang did not have the confidence to make any claims.

    He had never seen his senior brother. After all, he had only been cultivating for a few millennia.

    "I have to think of a way to save my daughter," said Qin Yun anxiously.

    A capricious lunatic that experimented with dragon bloodlines! It was not unthinkable that he would do something to Qin Yun's daughter!
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