Chapter 433: Qin Yun and Daughter

    Chapter 433: Qin Yun and Daughter

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    The resplendent cosmos were filled with countless stars.

    Most planets were barren, unsuitable to sustain any life.


    On a planet covered in desert, a void rift tore open in midair. With a whoosh, a man enveloped in Sword Qi walked out of it, floating above the sand.

    He stood in midair and, although the whistling winds and sand blew at him, they naturally parted before hitting him.

    Qin Yun looked up into the cosmos and saw a massive gray planet that covered nearly half the sky. In the middle of the gray planet was an extremely dominating large tree. As the tree was more than fifty kilometers tall, Qin Yun could see it at a glance with his eyesight. He could also sense powerful energy fluctuations coming from the massive tree.

    "That's Planet Tree Demon? It looks like my bearings are right. According to the information I received, this tree demon is a terrifying existence at the sixth firmament Skydemon realm. Its strength is comparable to Senior Zhang's. I am not its match." Next, Qin Yun carefully observed the other planets.

    "Time to continue to the next planet."

    With another wave of his hand, he tore open a void rift and stepped into it.

    Back when Qin Yun returned from the Ancient Augury World, he could tear open a void passageway that led directly to his homeworld because of the existence of a void mark.

    However, Qin Yun did not have a void mark in the Skywolf world. If he opened up a long-distance passageway purely based on what he sensed, it might end up being too diverged. After all, even the a tiniest difference could lead to a magnified difference of thousands of kilometers. The Great Chang world was very far from the Skywolf world. Without an accurate void mark, even a ninth firmament Skyimmortal would end up being diverted too far off.

    Therefore, the best way was to follow the Effulgent World's dominion star chart given by Daoist Divine Firmament. By tunneling from one world to another world over short distances, it would prevent one from getting lost!

    But there were many dangers in the Other Realm cosmos.

    The vast Three Realms... went from the birth of the Chaos Godfiends, the opening up of the world by Pangu, the Ancient Heavenly Courts... to the present day. Many ancient and powerful existences had been born in those eons.

    The Effulgent Great World was a Great World! Mighty figures often appeared there. The Daoists, Buddhists, and Fiends, and even the Heavenly Courts paid close attention to it. Therefore, many ancient existences would rather reside in the vast sea of stars.


    Qin Yun traveled carefully and quickly, tunneling to many different worlds over short distances. After half a month of this, Qin Yun finally arrived at his destination-the Skywolf world.


    The sky was cloudy and the first few raindrops were falling.

    Outside a village, a void rift appeared as a man in linen clothes walked out of it. He landed on the somewhat muddy ground.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked up and stretched out his left hand, allowing the raindrops to land on his palm.

    "What rich Heaven and Earth spiritual energies."

    Qin Yun carefully sensed the area and was astonished by what he found. "It's more than ten times richer than my homeworld. It's not just that, I can sense the faint repression of this world's Heavenly Dao. It seems much stronger than the Great Chang world's Heavenly Dao?"

    Worlds could be graded by strength despite them being Small Worlds.

    It had little to do with the Heaven and Earth spiritual energies. For instance, back when the Great Chang world first produced Connate Godfiends, its Heaven and Earth spiritual energies were rich. Later on, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energies thinned but the population increased! The Heavenly Dao remained powerful.


    There was a fluctuation coming from far away.

    Qin Yun opened the Eye of Lightning at his glabella, looking in the direction of the commotion. He was slightly stunned. "This Skywolf world is truly filled with experts. I just arrived and I have already discovered four Essence Soul experts. One is a Daoist and the other three are great demons. All of them are at the third Firmament Essence Soul realm. As expected of a Small World ruled by Yellow-robed Supremacy."

    About fifty kilometers away, there was a flying boat. Standing on it was a long-bearded Daoist. There were five children onboard but all of them had pale expressions, clearly horrified.

    The Daoist was looking angrily ahead, for three demons riding on black winds were coming at him. All of them had extremely oppressive great demonic auras.

    "It's the three of you?" The Daoist secretly lamented.

    "Hahaha, Daoist Zhangqi, we have finally caught you."

    "This time, let's see how you escape."

    The three demons wore black armor and sinister smiles.

    The Daoist frowned and bellowed, "Black Worm Trio, my Azure Inspiration Gate is recruiting disciples. Are you planning to spoil the plans of the Azure Inspiration Gate?"

    "So what?"

    "Do you think we are afraid of the Azure Inspiration Gate? We can seek refuge with King Crimson Tiger after killing you! Does your Azure Inspiration Gate dare provoke King Crimson Tiger?"

    "Daoist Zhangqi, you just had to be a busybody, causing the three of us to be short so many children. Today, you shall pay for it."

    The three demons had overwhelming killing intent.

    The Daoist had a contorted expression as he bellowed, "You acted without any qualms, wreaking havoc on a whim. My Azure Inspiration Gate protects the humans of that region, we naturally had to take action."

    "Isn't it normal for demons to eat humans?" The trio felt contempt.

    "Fine, all of you are great demons with terrific accomplishments in cultivation. I believe you do not wish to take your anger out on these mortal children. The karmic effect of killing mortals is not trivial," said the Daoist. "Once I get these children to safety, I shall give you a fight to the death."

    "You wish to ensure their wellbeing?"

    "Haha, dream on."

    "You shall die with these babies."

    The three demons suddenly sprung into action.

    They were already prepared.

    "This Daoist Zhangqi is extremely strong. Although he is not our match when we combine forces, he can still escape. He abhors evil and loves to protect humans. By attacking him while these five mortal children are here, he will have to divert his attention to protect them... The chances of him escaping decrease drastically."

    "We have an eighty percent chance of killing him if he diverts his attention to protect the children."

    "It's only five ordinary mortals. The three of us can manage that karma."

    The three demons instantly attacked.

    "Immortal, save me!"

    "Mother! Wah~"

    The children were of a young age, and so were reasonably terrified.

    "Black Worm Trio, you are truly shameless." The Daoist roared angrily as he waved his hand, shooting more than a hundred golden beams of light at the three demons.

    Clang! Clang! Clang!

    The golden light struck the demons, producing sparks.

    The three demons were extremely fierce as they charged forward, surrounding the Daoist. Their bodies were extremely powerful. One of them threw out three black nails that coruscated with a cold luster as they targeted the Daoist.

    "What shamelessness, to use mortal children as a threat." A cold voice resounded.


    A sword beam flashed.

    The sword beam streaked across the demon's body in a ghostly trajectory before it vanished into thin air. When it appeared again, it was beside another demon as it flashed across its body.

    With one more, it had flashed three times! The three demon's bodies were split apart in a flash.

    The three third Firmament Essence Soul realm demons were only aware of the appearance of a sword flash but they had no way to stop it in time.


    "Spare me!"


    Their pleas came to a stop the moment they blurted them out.

    Following that, their auras were decimated as they died on the spot, their bodies plummeting down through the sky.

    The instant the flying sword sliced through their bodies, their Essence Souls were destroyed, causing them to die without a fight.

    "This..." Standing on the flying boat, the Daoist was still shooting his golden lights so could only stare in a daze at what had happened. He immediately said aloud, "I wonder which esteemed person it is. Expert, please show yourself."


    A man in linen clothes flew close to him in a beam of light. With a beckon, he put away the Misty Rain Sword.

    "Oh?" Daoist Zhangqi looked at Qin Yun in astonishment before he reacted with an immediate bow. "Greetings Sword Immortal, I'm Azure Inspiration Gate's Zhangqi! Fellow Daoist, as a mortal sword immortal, you actually have strength that matches a Skyimmortal or Skydemon. I'm truly impressed."

    "Greetings Daoist Zhangqi, I'm Qin Yun." Qin Yun bowed slightly. "I have been cultivating arduously for a long time and only came out to travel when my cultivation bore fruit."

    "Oh?" Daoist Zhangqi was enlightened. "It's no wonder I have never heard of such a powerful mortal sword immortal. So it's because you have been focusing on cultivation. But your cultivation pushed you to the Skyimmortal realm. You are truly a rare genius. I believe you will gain the right to an audience with Yellow-robed Supremacy in the future."

    Qin Yun's heart stirred.

    Gain an audience with Yellow-robed Supremacy?


    Just after Qin Yun arrived in the Skywolf world, on the other side of it was a desolate mountain.

    A young girl sat cross-legged on the mountaintop, allowing the cold winds to blow at her. She looked into the distant sea of clouds in a daze.

    "Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters all have their parents visiting them." The girl's eyes turned slightly red. "But what about my father and mother?"

    "Are my parents alive or dead?"

    The girl was filled with grief.

    The memories of her childhood were too vague. She did not have any memories of her parents.


    The girl looked up upon sensing something. Her expression changed as she darted into a forest.

    And far away in the sky, there were two women dressed in palatial gowns flying. However, they had long yellow-furred tails and their faces had a little fur.

    "That lowly slave really escaped. She has already eluded us for more than a year." One of the women overlooked the area, her eyes flashing with a dim yellow light.

    "The young lord has berated us several times. If we capture her, we will definitely teach her a lesson." The other woman's eyes were filled with bloodlust.

    As they flew, they carefully searched the area.
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