Chapter 434: Daoist Divine Firmaments Decision

    Chapter 434: Daoist Divine Firmament's Decision

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    A flying boat flew through the clouds. Qin Yun and Daoist Zhangqi sat opposite each other on that boat's bow, drinking wine and chatting.

    "Since you are unaware of even this," said Daoist Zhangqi with a smile. "I'll give you a brief explanation. Ever since Yellow-robed Supremacy descended into this world, the Skywolf world became famous. The immortals and demons of the surrounding hundred plus Small Worlds started coming here. After all, Yellow-robed Supremacy is an existence that matches any mighty figure from history. Just the smallest benefit from him would be much better than anything they could receive in their home worlds. The manuals he casually tosses out contain things they could only dream of."

    "So it was that the Skywolf world gathered the immortals and demons of more than a hundred Small Worlds. With Yellow-robed Supremacy nurturing them, there are now thousands of Skyimmortals and Skydemons in the Skywolf world," said Daoist Zhangqi wistfully. "This is something comparable to even a top sect of the Effulgent Great World! In terms of heritage and strength, the Skywolf world is even stronger than the Effulgent Great World's top sects! What large sect has a mighty figure presiding over it and nurturing its members personally?"

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    The Skywolf world was indeed a sacred land for cultivation.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy held an extremely high standing since the Ancient Heavenly Courts era after all. HIs prestige was high among the ancient demons, Daoists, and the Heavenly Courts. Over time, the number of treasures he had amassed was in no way inferior to any Golden Immortal or Buddha's.

    "The Skywolf world has eight continents," said Daoist Zhangqi. "The core Skywolf continent is where Yellow-robed Supremacy cultivates. Rumor has it that when he rebelled against the Heavenly Courts, he had several loyal subordinates that joined him. The present Skywolf continent is almost impregnable! Forget tearing the void, it's even impossible to enter through Major Void Transference."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    It was impossible to enter through Major Void Transference?

    As expected of Yellow-robed Supremacy!

    "I heard that the Heavenly Courts have sent troops to apprehend him several times but they always return in failure." Daoist Zhangqi spoke with pride. "However, Yellow-robed Supremacy treats us weak cultivators with compassion. He disseminates heritage widely throughout the Skywolf world, causing the immortals in the Skywolf world to constantly grow stronger."

    "He disseminates heritage widely?" Qin Yun raised his brows.

    "For example, my Azure Inspiration Gate only has one Skyimmortal. It's considered one of the smaller sects in the Skywolf world," said Daoist Zhangqi with a smile. "But we have manuals that can take us straight to the ninth firmament Skyimmortal realm. My sect master rejoices in this. Just think, in an ordinary Small World, how would it be possible to obtain such a valuable manual? However, such manuals... are very common in the Skywolf world."

    "Perhaps Yellow-robed Supremacy has acquired these ordinary manuals over the eons and he thinks nothing of spreading them around the Skywolf world." Daoist Zhangqi said wistfully. "But the truly top manuals, the ones that reach straight to the Golden Immortal or Sagedemon realms of mighty figures, or the manuals containing great divine powers can only be obtained after meeting Yellow-robed Supremacy."

    "How can one receive manuals that reach straight to the Golden Immortal or Sagedemon realms?" Qin Yun could not help but ask.

    Manuals of that levels were the cornerstone manuals of top sects in the Effulgent Great World.

    Yet, Yellow-robed Supremacy was still willing to hand them out!

    "Yellow-robed Supremacy proclaimed it a long time ago," said Daoist Zhangqi with a smile. "Under him are two positions-Combat Generals and Guardians. One can directly become a Combat General under him once one reaches the fourth firmament Skyimmortal or Skydemon realm. Of course, they will be fostered for greater things."

    Qin Yun could not help but shake his head. "Fourth firmament Skyimmortal?"

    Even Daoist Divine Firmament was still stuck at the third Firmament Skyimmortal realm! Of course, the real reason for that was his desire to create the Dharma Lightning. Daoist Divine Firmament's strength had long matched that of a sixth firmament Skyimmortal.

    But regardless, it was still extremely difficult to reach the fourth firmament Skyimmortal realm. It was rare for even one to be produced from a huge group of Skyimmortals.

    "Combat Generals are not limited in numbers," said Daoist Zhangqi. "One can become a Combat General the moment one breaks through to become a fourth firmament Skyimmortal or Skydemon. I heard that there are a total of twenty-nine Combat Generals under Supremacy. Most of them migrated to the Skywolf continent with their entire clans."

    "What about Guardians?" asked Qin Yun.

    "There are a fixed number of Guardians under Supremacy-a hundred and eight," said Daoist Zhangqi. "An existing Guardian can be replaced by simply defeating or killing them, making the victor the new Guardian."

    "The status of Guardian is obtained by sheer strength," said Daoist Zhangqi wistfully. "However, there are thousands of Skyimmortals and Skydemons. The competition for the privilege of being one of the hundred and eight Guardians is extremely intense. It is very common for Skyimmortals and Skydemons to kill one another in the Skywolf world."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    "Daoist Zhangqi," asked Qin Yun. "Can one enter the Skywolf continent without being a Combat General or Guardian?"

    "That..." Daoist Zhangqi frowned. "According to what I know, the Skywolf continent is where Supremacy's old subordinates live. The people inside can leave easily enough but it is very difficult for outsiders to enter! Perhaps it's because Yellow-robed Supremacy doesn't like to be disturbed. However, one can enter directly after becoming a Combat General or Guardian."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    His daughter was likely to have been taken by Yellow-robed Supremacy. That meant, out of all the eight continents in the Skywolf world, the one she resided in was very likely to be the Skywolf continent.


    The Skywolf continent was very xenophobic and appeared to be very difficult to enter.


    Qin Yun and Daoist Zhangqi chatted for a long while.

    Daoist Zhangqi was also very willing to befriend Qin Yun. After all, it was very possible for such a powerful mortal sword immortal to become one of Supremacy's hundred and eight Guardians if he continued cultivating.

    "Daoist Qin Yun, would you like to visit my Azure Inspiration Gate?" asked Daoist Zhangqi immediately. "I believe my sect master would definitely wish to meet you."

    "No thank you, I still have matters to tend to. Besides, after hearing what you have shared, my horizons as a mortal have been truly widened," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I'm even planning to vie for one of the hundred and eight Guardian spots."

    "Guardian?" Daoist Zhangqi sighed. "There are thousands of Skyimmortals and Skydemons vying for only a hundred and eight Guardian spots. The competition is too intense. Without powerful Dharma treasures or mighty divine powers, it'll be a truly daunting battle."

    Qin Yun smiled. "Okay, let's part ways here."

    Daoist Zhangqi watched as Qin Yun left in the form of a sword beam. He could not help but sigh. "To be so powerful as a mortal, how impressive will he be in the future?"

    The children on the flying boat also watched with envy as the sword beam flew off.


    Qin Yun overlooked the flourishing city that stood a distance away. There were demons and humans coexisting in it.

    "With my strength, I should be able to sense my daughter through my bloodline if she's within fifty kilometers of me." Qin Yun frowned slightly. "Among the eight continents of the Skywolf world, the Skywolf continent is the place with the tightest security. Perhaps it's meant to fend off factions like the Heavenly Courts. I should first head to the other seven continents. Perhaps my daughter is in one of them."

    "If I can't find her after traversing all seven continents, I'll think of a way to enter the Skywolf continent," thought Qin Yun.

    "It's a Small World after all. It should take only a few months to completely traverse the seven continents."

    Qin Yun took one step and appeared in the city below him.

    In the following days...

    Qin Yun began his travels around the seven continents of the Skywolf world.

    It also widened his horizons. The Skywolf world gathered the experts of the surrounding Small Worlds, making for a number that exceeded one hundred. Yellow-robed Supremacy also carefully nurtured them, resulting in numerous experts. Humans and demons either fought intensely or coexisted very well. There were humans and demons that became blood brothers, couples, etc. It was a common occurrence, with many human-demon hybrids populating the world...

    Speaking of which, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao's daughter was a human-dragon hybrid.


    While Qin Yun traversed the Skywolf world, in a mysterious land in the Three Realms.

    It was far beyond normal space-time.

    Even mighty figures would never find this place if they were not permitted.

    There were clouds swirling around it.

    There was a magnificent palace with the three mysterious words written on it-Green Touring Palace. Around the palace was a series of buildings. The small compounds numbered in the tens of thousands.

    In one of the ordinary compounds was Daoist Divine Firmament, decked out in an azure-colored robe! It was actually Daoist Divine Firmament's second Essence Soul.

    "I have no choice." Daoist Divine Firmament looked at the azure-colored calabash on the table in front of him. He muttered, "We were lucky this time. Qin Yun discovered the massive array before it could cause problems. Those that charged in were only fiendcelestial guardians, allowing me to easily settle the problem!"

    "But that Empyrean Lord Kuifu paid such a heavy price to create a large-scale world passageway... He even sent more than a hundred fiendcelestial guardians into it without having absolute confidence. The price he paid matches the worth of several superior-grade Numinous treasures." Daoist Divine Firmament's eyes had purple lightning sparking through them. "To pay such a heavy price to conquer a Small World? Only a fool would believe that was his only goal."

    "He must have some other motive."

    "This motive far exceeds a few superior-grade Numinous treasures," thought Daoist Divine Firmament. "He will not easily give up."

    "He was discovered ahead of time by Qin Yun previously. But will we be able to discover the second ploy ahead of time?"

    "I have no confidence that we will."

    "The Great Chang world can't afford the loss. I have no choice." Daoist Divine Firmament's eyes turned firm. "I can no longer take my time slowly creating the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. I have to raise my strength as quickly as possible."


    Daoist Divine Firmament stood up, grabbed the azure-skinned calabash and placed it by his waist before walking out the compound.

    Soon, he arrived outside a hall.

    At the hall's entrance was a black lion sculpture.

    "Senior, I would like to enter the Myriad Dharma Pool," said Daoist Divine Firmament politely.

    "Myriad Dharma Pool?" The black lion sculpture opened its eyes and looked at him. "Each of Master's personal disciples is only given one chance to enter the Myriad Dharma Pool. Either it's because they are about to break through from a ninth firmament Skyimmortal into a Golden Immortal or they are cultivating in some powerful divine power. Most of them only enter the Myriad Dharma Pool when they reach a critical stage in their cultivation. You are only a third Firmament Skyimmortal... Isn't it a little early for you to enter the Myriad Dharma Pool? Are you certain?"

    "Yes," said Daoist Divine Firmament.


    The sculpture nodded slightly. "I hope you will not regret your choice in the future."

    With that said, the hall behind him began to stir with runes as it connected to another space.

    "You may enter," said the sculpture.

    Daoist Divine Firmament bowed slightly before he walked towards the hall. When his body made contact with the runes, he naturally tunneled through and vanished.
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