Chapter 442: Defeating Goldensnake Next!

    Chapter 442: Defeating Goldensnake Next!

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    The battle had been lost too quickly.

    All Goldensnake could see was Qin Yun release a few moves, but one thing was certain. "This Qin Yun will be a tricky opponent!"

    "You did just finish a battle. I will not take advantage of you." Patriarch Goldensnake said with a cold tone from the ground. It left anyone who heard him feeling a chill in their hearts. "In three days, you and I shall fight it out here. How about that?"

    Everyone present turned agitated.

    A battle with the position of Guardian at stake? With a battle of this level, news would spread throughout the Skywolf world and even to the hundred plus Small Worlds in the vicinity.

    "There is no need to wait three days." Qin Yun looked down from high in the sky. His eyes were filled with keen fighting spirit. "I only used a few moves in my previous battle. I did not even expend much of my Dharmic powers. Let's make it quick and battle now to determine the victor."

    "Battle now?" Patriarch Goldensnake frowned slightly as he said coldly, "Aren't you in too much of a hurry?"

    Qin Yun's strength had exceeded his expectations. He needed time to strategize.

    But for Qin Yun...

    It was naturally better if the battle happened earlier! It would expedite his search for his daughter.

    "Haha." Qin Yun laughed. "Our battle is inevitable. Dragging it out another three days is a waste of both our time, or could it be... that you are afraid? Is that why you want three days to prepare?"

    "Afraid?" Patriarch Goldensnake's eyes were filled with ferocity.

    The surrounding Dark Yin Gate Skyimmortals and Skydemons were somewhat incensed when they heard that.

    Patriarch Goldensnake said with a sneer, "Punk, eight people have challenged me for my position as Guardian over the years. Only three survived, while the rest met a decisive death. Since you are in such a hurry to seek death, I'll naturally satisfy you."

    He had held the position of Guardian for a long time, after all. After he became Guardian, he obtained some of the Three Realms' top Dharma spells from Yellow-robed Supremacy, allowing him to grow in strength. Yet Qin Yun was deliberately provoking him? He naturally would not cower in retreat. Furthermore, Qin Yun had only delivered a few strikes in the previous battle. Those moves were probably only the tip of the iceberg. Even if he took three days to strategize, it would not be that helpful.

    "Daoist Goldensnake sure is confident." Qin Yun laughed.


    Patriarch Goldensnake flicked his sleeve and immediately charged into the sky. Soon he was flying in the air and facing Qin Yun from a distance.

    "Are they going to fight just like that?" The Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's rhinoceros demon was somewhat alarmed.

    "Is Daoist Brother Qin Yun really that eager?" Fairy Jun was also somewhat astonished.

    "Daoist Brother Qin Yun should be very confident. For him to so easily defeat Kuiniu, I believe he has a chance of defeating Goldensnake."

    "But Goldensnake is still a Guardian, not someone the likes of Kuiniu can compare to."

    All of them were discussing.

    Similarly, the Dark Yin Gate was in a furor. They were discussing more secretly, feeling extremely nervous about the impending battle! Who would clinch victory between their Grand Elder and Dao Seeking Sword Mansion's Swordmaster Qin Yun? They were very confident with their Grand Elder in the beginning but after Qin Yun's quick disposal of Elder Kuiniu, they began to feel their hearts tighten.


    An array formation enveloped them, protecting the spectators. The stray blasts from the battling duo would be extremely powerful. Just a slight brush or contact would cause even Essence Soul disciples to lose their lives.

    "Hmph!" Patriarch Goldensnake sneered. "For a mortal sword immortal like you to be this powerful, are you a reincarnated Grand Supreme sword immortal?"

    "No." Qin Yun denied.

    "No matter who you are or what background you have," Patriarch Goldensnake's voice reached straight into Qin Yun's ear as he floated in midair. "I, as a Guardian under Supremacy, have cultivated in top Dharmic formulations from all over the Three Realms. I'm not someone to be underestimated. Why don't you sample one of my Dharma spells?"

    Patriarch Goldensnake flicked his sleeve.


    Immediately, a wind whipped up that brought with it countless bits of golden sand. The wind resembled blades that sliced the void, tearing open countless rifts. The golden sand was even sharper and indomitable.

    Nearly instantly, the wind reached Qin Yun.

    "Wind of the Golden Sand?" Qin Yun had long gathered information on Patriarch Goldensnake. He knew his most powerful attacks, and the strike that he was facing now was called Wind of the Golden Sand.

    With a thought, Qin Yun commanded the Numinous treasure Heavy Water Sword to disassemble into more than a hundred sword components, conjuring the Cyclic Sword Flash.

    It encompassed a region of a thousand feet.

    The wind inundated the Cyclic Sword Flash. And amid the wind, the golden sand unleashed its barrage of attacks. However, the Cyclic Sword Flash held up.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Thirteen black bone needles flew out from the hazy golden sand wind.

    Each black bone needle was an inferior-grade Numinous treasure on its own. Together, they became a powerful superior-grade Numinous treasure set!

    "Using the golden sand wind's might as a cover, this set of black bone needles can form a massive array. It is Patriarch Goldensnake's most famous array, the Black Bone Killing Array!" thought Qin Yun. "According to my intelligence, if one can withstand the array for a short period of time, there is a chance of fighting Patriarch Goldensnake directly. If one cannot withstand it, it's best to admit defeat before death."

    Defeating Patriarch Goldensnake was not something one could do in two or three strikes.

    Therefore, self-preservation was the most important thing! Only after surviving was one qualified to fight their opponent.

    "This Wind of the Golden Sand gets stronger as time goes by. The killing array's might will also increase. I have to end this as soon as possible," thought Qin Yun.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    After the thirteen black bone needles interfaced with the array's might, they appeared to be one entity.

    They manifested as a giant hammer that struck at the Cyclic Sword Flash.

    The Cyclic Sword Flash remained aqueous, with light shimmering on its surface. Although the strike did make it tremble, it managed to dissipate the impact.

    "Oh?" When the distant Patriarch Goldensnake saw this, his expression changed slightly. "For him to withstand my Black Bone Killing Array, this Qin Yun's life-preservation sword array is truly formidable! Wind of the Golden Sand... Spin!"

    He began casting his Dharma spells.

    The wind increased in intensity as it blew. Powered by his Dharmic powers, the Wind of the Golden Sand would constantly increase in strength with time, reaching the limits of what he was capable of.

    Yellow-robed Supremacy had bestowed him with this Dharma spell, one that was more suitable for him than any other.

    The Black Bone Needles could also use the Wind of the Golden Sand's might to form a killing array. The stronger the golden sand wind, the stronger the killing array.

    "How about you take a strike of mine!" Qin Yun waved his hand as a wisp of misty rain flew out of the Cyclic Sword Flash, penetrating the Wind of the Golden Sand in its journey towards Patriarch Goldensnake.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    There was wind everywhere.

    The Wind of the Golden Sand was whistling around Patriarch Goldensnake as well. It affected the Misty Rain Sword's might as well.


    The Misty Rain Sword transformed into a burning meteor.

    Dreamlike Sword's Stars Like Rain!

    The sharpest and fastest strike of the Dreamlike Sword went straight for Patriarch Goldensnake.


    Patriarch Goldensnake stood in midair as he grunted coldly. He extended his hands as a gold and silver bangle flew out from each arm.

    These two bangles floated to the left and right of Patriarch Goldensnake.

    When the meteor-like Misty Rain Sword attacked-

    Sou! Sou!

    The two bangles went forward.

    While flying, they produced a faint resonating hum. Although the Misty Rain Sword dodged them and continued its trajectory towards Patriarch Goldensnake, it felt a formless obstruction, causing its direction and speed to be hindered. The two bangles moved extremely quickly as well. They took the opportunity to enlarge in size as they struck the Misty Rain Sword.


    The collision resulted in the silver bangle being sent flying backward but the gold bangle remained firm. As such, the Misty Rain Sword lost all its momentum.

    "Patriarch Goldensnake's most shocking move is his Black Bone Killing Array. And for him to hold his position as Guardian firmly, his life-preservation means must also be very impressive. He has the gold and silver bangles, a Numinous treasure Dharma robe, and he also cultivates his body on the side." Qin Yun was well aware of this. "Among the hundred and eight Guardians, his strengths are quite balanced and yet also relatively mediocre! Then again, no matter how mediocre he is, that's only relative to the other Guardians. Defeating him... will not be an easy task."

    Bam! Bam! Bam!

    In midair, the Misty Rain Sword attacked again and again in unpredictable fashion. As for the gold and silver bangles, they repeatedly moved to block it.

    "I have to use the Cosmic Bangles." Qin Yun waved his hand. Instantly, six black bangles appeared by his left wrist. They flew out of the Cyclic Sword Flash and went straight for the distant Patriarch Goldensnake.

    For Qin Yun, using both of his inferior-grade Numinous treasures-the Heavy Water Sword and Cosmic Bangles-together with his Intrinsic Flying Sword was nearly the limit of what he could bear.

    "Oh?" Patriarch Goldensnake's expression changed slightly when he saw the six bangles flying at him rapidly.

    The gold and silver bangles floated to his side and expanded. Furthermore, they constantly spun around.

    Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

    The Misty Rain Sword and the six Cosmic Bangles attacked simultaneously!

    When they approached, they were hindered by the invisible forcefield. Besides, the enlarged gold and silver bangles each swept towards two opposite ends, simultaneously obstructing the Misty Rain Sword and the six Cosmic Bangles.

    "They won't succeed." Qin Yun's eyes flashed with a glimmer.

    Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

    The six Cosmic Bangles could not dodge, and instead took the initiative to clash with the two bangles. With Qin Yun's present understanding of the Heavenly Cycles, the might the Cosmic Bangles produced had been similarly elevated. As the repeated assaults continued, the two bangles began to falter.

    The Misty Rain Sword took this opportunity to weave around and continue its attack on Patriarch Goldensnake.

    "Scram!" Patriarch Goldensnake's right hand was covered in snake scales as his lower body transformed into a long coiled tail. He held a whip in one hand, flailing it before he lashed it out.

    His skill in whips was sufficiently brilliant. With his sudden lash, he was able to outmaneuver the Misty Rain Sword and smack it.


    The Misty Rain Sword flew around and attacked once again. This time Qin Yun used all his strength, and the flying sword became a lot agiler than the whip, resulting in a successful dodge.

    As for Patriarch Goldensnake, his robe rapidly lengthened into a massive cloth screen.


    The meteor-like flying sword stabbed into Patriarch Goldensnake's robe, making it depress slightly. The remaining shock waves reached straight into Patriarch Goldensnake's body but he twisted himself, dissipating the wave easily.

    "Puah! Puah! Puah!"

    The flying sword repeated its barrage of attacks.

    Although Patriarch Goldensnake was controlling the gold and silver bangles, as well as brandishing his whip, The Cosmic Bangles; hindrance eventually wore him down so that he failed to fend off Qin Yun's flying sword.

    The repeated attacks had failed to bear fruit against Patriarch Goldensnake.


    The flying sword finally stabbed its target, but the Numinous treasure robe raised once again over Patriarch Goldensnake's body.

    This strike was extremely gentle like a breezy cloud, one that resembled a spring wind, a touch from a lover.

    The Dreamlike Sword's First Lightning Encounter.

    The might was converged to the extreme.

    But when this strike stabbed into the Numinous treasure robe, the terrifying might permeated through it and went right into Patriarch Goldensnake's body.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The terrifying forces overwhelmed his body as Patriarch Goldensnake's organs began to rupture. Even some of his flesh and blood began to show signs of damage. He could not help but spew a mouthful of blood, and was surprised to see pieces of his organs as well. His eyes were filled with alarm.

    Although he had cultivated his body on the side, he was still a third Firmament Skydemon. He didn't have a strong body like Elder Kuiniu, who had focused on cultivating his body.

    The First Lightning Encounter had ignored the Numinous treasure Dharma robe, grievously injuring Patriarch Goldensnake.

    "Just another two or three of those and I'm dead." Patriarch Goldensnake knew that.

    "I admit defeat!"

    Although he was unwilling, Patriarch Goldensnake shouted out without hesitation, his voice reverberating through the area.

    He astonished the two factions watching below.

    Qin Yun felt relieved after hearing that as he smiled.

    He had succeeded!

    He had defeated Patriarch Goldensnake to become Guardian! He could now head to the Skywolf continent to seek his daughter.

    "Daughter, wait for me. I'll find you soon." Qin Yun was feeling excited and full of anticipation.
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