Chapter 444: Chufus Gift

    Chapter 444: Chufu's Gift

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    On the day Qin Yun arrived in the Skywolf continent, in a secret hall of the Divine Firmament Chapter of the Great Chang world.

    Ancestral Master Zhang sat cross-legged, wearing his tall headdress and Daoist robes.

    His second Essence Soul was cultivating in seclusion in the Green Touring Palace's Myriad Dharma Pool while his actual body was similarly in seclusion.


    Ripples appeared in the void in front of Ancestral Master Zhang. A crack appeared that connected to a distant point in space, where an old man with a huge calabash was smiling at him. "Junior Brother Divine Firmament."

    "Senior Brother Guo," greeted Ancestral Master Zhang politely. "Have you found the corpses?"

    "I have gathered all the corpses you asked for." The old man waved his hand as the stopper of the large calabash behind him flew out. Following that, three figures flew out of the calabash. These three figures rapidly tunneled through the void rift and, after a while, arrived in the Great Chang world, falling into the secret hall.

    The three figures were a ferocious-looking Godfiend, a stout ox fiend, and a crocdragon demon.

    Each of them had reached the Skydemon or Skyfiend level and had cultivated their bodies, but of course, all of them were already dead.

    "Thankfully, they are all long dead. If not, you would have had to come to Green Touring Palace to take them for yourself," said the old man with a laugh.

    "Thank you Senior Brother Guo. You have helped me greatly," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Junior Brother Divine Firmament, I heard from fellow disciples that they saw you enter the Myriad Dharma Pool?" asked the old man with narrowed eyes.

    Ancestral Master Zhang was slightly taken aback as he nodded. "Yes."

    "You entered the Myriad Dharma Pool so early?" The old man could not help but be puzzled. "This is unlike you. Your cultivation has always been a slow and steady process. The other disciples thought lowly of you for it but you were never fazed by their opinions."

    Those that could be taken in as disciples of the Heavenly Lord of Numinous Treasure were given a rare opportunity despite Pangu's creation of the world tens of thousands of years ago. But across the Three Realms and the eons, becoming a eighth or ninth firmament Skyimmortal was common even if becoming a Golden Immortal mighty figure was rare.

    Daoist Divine Firmament had been stuck at the third Firmament Skyimmortal realm all this while. He was indeed considered too weak, someone who lined the bottom.

    "I was in no hurry in the past, but now I have to make a breakthrough," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile. "Let me thank you once more, Senior Brother Guo. I have to continue my seclusion."

    "Alright. I won't disturb you any longer," replied the old man with a chuckle. The void ripples closed.

    In the secret hall.

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked at the three newly gathered corpses. "With these three corpses, the Massive Twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Array can finally be set up."

    "I have also created the sixth firmament Skyimmortal realm for the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma."

    "With the Massive Twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Array as a catalyst, I can pull in a sliver of Chaos Divine Lightning aura, perfecting my foundation," thought Ancestral Master Zhang.

    He was truthfully a very proud person.

    In the Great Chang world, he had created the Skyimmortal-level Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma all on his own.

    After he became a disciple of the Dao Ancestor, he read many of the Three Realms' top Dharmic formulations. He was naturally ambitious! He wanted to ensure he had the most stable foundations! He had been seeking corpses at the Skyfiend level over the years but had only done so out of convenience. If he made it his goal to get them, all he would need to do is pay the price of several Numinous treasures to gather them quickly. However, it was rather pointless to gather enough corpses to make a breakthrough if his Dharmic formulation was not ready.

    Now that the ingredients to the array formation was gathered, and the Dharmic formulation perfected, the day he broke through was not far.

    "I'll first refine these three corpses. I'll use Lightning Dharma to refine them into Capital Heaven Godfiends. Once the twelve Capital Heaven Divine Godfiends are ready, I can make my breakthrough," thought Ancestral Master Zhang. "When the time comes, the remaining eight lineages of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons... can be annihilated."

    Only by greatly improving his strength would he be able to destroy the defensive arrays of the Eight Lineage Fiendish Demons while protecting the mortals that lived within.

    The fact that the Empyrean Lord was bent on conquering the Great Chang world made Ancestral Master Zhang feel an ominous dread. Thus, he spared no expense at speeding up his breakthrough. He had even used the most precious opportunity given by the Green Touring Palace, the Myriad Dharma Pool, ahead of time.


    In the Skywolf world, Treasure Elephant Palace on the Skywolf continent was where Yellow-robed Supremacy resided and cultivated.

    The twenty-nine Combat Generals under him also lived there. The hundred and eight Guardians, when they visited, would stay there too.

    "Here, drink!"

    "Since you are Chufu's brother, you are my brother as well!"

    A particular cave abode in Treasure Elephant Palace was Chufu's residence. At the moment there were more than ten Combat Generals and Guardians in the cave. They had great relationships with Chufu which was why they were invited.

    "Bottoms up!" Qin Yun downed every toast he was offered.

    He wanted to save his daughter so he tried his best to befriend these Combat Generals and Guardians. Perhaps they might be of some help.

    "This wine cup doesn't give me the kicks. I'll use this."

    "Alright, I'll join you, Brother Menggu." Qin Yun grabbed a wine jar.

    "Menggu, don't you get Brother Qin Yun drunk. No one drinks like you, jar after jar."

    "Brother Qin Yun gave no protest, so mind your business." Menggu was a huge man with crimson-red hair. He tipped his head and finished the jar of wine before throwing it aside. He laughed out loud as he looked at Qin Yun. "Brother Qin Yun, you sure are a joy to drink with. I'm very happy today so let me dance to add some entertainment for everyone."

    "Dance to a tune?"

    Qin Yun, whose clothes were stained with alcohol, was quite alarmed after having finished a huge jar of wine.


    The man named Menggu tore off his shirt and revealed his naked upper body. There were flaming tattoos all over it.

    Menggu waved his hand, and in his left hand a huge shield appeared while his right hand wrapped around a large ax.


    He slammed the back of the ax onto the shield causing a loud resonating hum that filled the entire hall.

    Menggu freely showcased his shield and ax arts. With his strength, he instantly transformed into dozens of afterimages in the hall. Simultaneously, a scorching flame rose into the air. It had an ancient and mystical aura... In midair, it vaguely manifested as a stout figure whose hair was formed from flame wisps. Its eyes were also raging flames, and just one look at them left one stifled.

    "This is?" Qin Yun felt his heart quiver. The aura was very weak but it still felt more terrifying than Puqu Dragonlord's aura.

    "It's Mighty God Zhurong," Chufu explained with a voice transmission. "Brother Menggu is a descendent of Mighty God Zhurong."

    "Mighty God Zhurong?" Qin Yun was somewhat perplexed.

    "There seem to be things you don't know. Before Pangu split the world open, there were Godfiends born in the Chaos, such as the three Dao Ancestors, the Buddhist Ancestor and the Dragon race's Ancestral Dragon, Nüwa, Mighty God Gonggong, Mighty God Zhurong... Many ancient existences were born in the Chaos," said Chufu through a voice transmission. "Although Mighty God Zhurong is separated from Menggu by many generations, he can still call him forth. Among the Combat Generals under Supremacy, Menggu's strength is ranked in the top five."

    Qin Yun nodded and listened.

    "Great!" A handsome blind man cheered. Although he was blind, he could sense the fluctuations in the air. He held up his chopsticks with a laugh as he tapped on the containers beside him.

    "Ding!" "Ding!" "Dang!" "Dong!"

    Accompanied by the tapping, a musical tune sounded.

    An intense war song left Qin Yun felling ardorous and with zeal coursing through his blood.

    "Lizhu was once a musician of the Heavenly Courts." Chufu introduced through a voice transmission. "He followed Supremacy in rebelling against the Heavenly Courts. It's very rare to hear him play music."

    Qin Yun listened.

    Although Menggu's war dance had conjured Mighty God Zhurong's aura, Qin Yun found himself gradually drawn in by the beats of Lizhu the blind Combat General. The sound appeared distant and spread out, seemingly transporting Qin Yun to an ancient battlefield in ancient times. On the battlefield, countless heavenly troops were fighting with fiendish demons.

    Many heavenly troops had risked their lives, falling in the process.

    As Qin Yun listened, his lifeblood boiled as his eyes could not help but turn red.

    "Ha!" Menggu roared loudly as the hall shook.

    The handsome blind man stopped his beating as well.

    Menggu turned around and could not help but say, "Lizhu, every time you beat your Combat Ode, I have the urge to storm the Heavenly Courts. When we fought for the Heavenly Courts to protect every corner of the Three Realms, how many of our brothers died in combat? Yet, the Heavenly Courts treated us heartlessly!"

    "Alright, Menggu. You're drunk," shouted Chufu with a frown.

    Menggu seemed to snap out of his delirium as he looked at Qin Yun and nodded. "Today we celebrate and welcome Brother Qin Yun. Let's not talk about the past. Come, Brother Qin Yun, let's continue drinking."


    Even while he drank, Qin Yun was observing.

    He was surprised to discover that Chufu held quite some status among the Combat Generals. Among the twelve Combat Generals that attended the banquet, the strongest were Menggu and Lizhu. But one could vaguely sense that they treated Chufu as the leader.

    "This Mansion Lord Chufu seems to enjoy a high standing under Yellow-robed Supremacy," thought Qin Yun.

    The banquet finally ended.

    The Combat Generals and Guardians left one by one.

    Chufu walked Qin Yun to his residence.

    "This is where Guardian Goldensnake used to live." That night, Chufu brought Qin Yun to a compound. "Since you defeated him, this is now your residence in Treasure Elephant Palace."

    Qin Yun looked at the compound in front of him.

    In terms of area, it was about ten times smaller than Chufu's cave abode.

    "There's no need to accompany me, Brother Chufu. Have an early rest," said Qin Yun. His relationship with Chufu deepened after spending the day together.

    "Qin Yun." Chufu took out a bamboo slip from and handed it to Qin Yun. "This is a sword art that Starlord Covetous Wolf gave to me. I'll lend it to you. Just return it to me tomorrow. Starlord Covetous Wolf is the head of the seven Big Dipper Starlords. He's adept in sword arts, his sword arts ranking in the top ten of the Three Realms. He is a true Golden Immortal mighty figure. This sword art manual is something I always keep close. After I came to the Skywolf world, I have only lent it to Blackkill once. You must cherish it."

    Qin Yun was astonished.

    A sword art manual that belonged to Starlord Covetous Wolf?

    "This, this..." Qin Yun regarded the bamboo slip like it was a hot potato.

    The Dao was not to be easily instructed.

    Yet, Chufu so easily lent it to him?

    "Why all the fuss about me lending it to you? Brothers can leave their lives in the hands of one another, much less a sword art." Chufu looked at Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun felt Chufu's sincerity and, at that moment, realized why proud Combat Generals like Menggu and Lizhu would consider them their leader.

    "Alright, I won't argue." Qin Yun felt a little excited as he said solemnly, "I'll accept this sword art manual."

    With that said, Qin Yun reached out and took it solemnly.

    "We can have a good spar once your sword arts improve. Hahaha, I've been itching for a good opponent after coming to the Skywolf world. Unfortunately, there has never been a powerful sword arts expert. It sure is lonely." Chufu left after he handed the bamboo slip to Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun held the bamboo slip in hand as he watched Chufu's departing back. After a long while, he returned to his compound.
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