Chapter 446: Daughter

    Chapter 446: Daughter

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    With just one look, Qin Yun memorized the detailed information on the young female dragon.

    Her name was Yiyi, with no surname. She was brought to this world by Yellow-robed Supremacy when she was a toddler and had become one of his in-name disciples.

    She cultivated in the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation, Skydragon Body, which was a Dharmic formulation that Yellow-robed Supremacy created himself. As a dragon, her cultivation in the Skydragon Body naturally progressed rapidly. However, Yellow-robed Supremacy also had many other in-name disciples, many with extremely high talent. Yet among all these in-name disciples, she was rather famous for her talent in the Sword Dao.

    She was extremely fast when it came to learning swordplay. She was innately good at sword arts, and the moment she touched a sword she could naturally enter the state of being one with the sword. She had an innate Sword Dao characteristic about her.

    Under Yellow-robed Supremacy's tutelage, she had grasped sword intent just half a year after starting her practice of the way of the sword.

    Even Yellow-robed Supremacy had praised her for her Sword Dao talent... Her Sword Dao talent also made several fellow disciples take notice of this very young junior sister of theirs.

    "She was brought back as a toddler? A dragon? Has Sword Dao talent? Furthermore, she looks like Xiaoxiao and I. The shape of her face and her mouth greatly resembles Xiaoxiao's. Her eyes look like mine..." Qin Yun was even more convinced that this dragon girl was his own daughter.

    "Brother Qin Yun, what are you looking at?" asked Chufu with a smile.

    "After reading through the information regarding these in-name disciples, it does seem like many of them are descendants of Combat Generals and Guardians," said Qin Yun immediately.

    "That's why I said the situation is rather murky," chuckled Chufu.

    "Yes. Alright, I won't disturb you any further. I'll take my leave," said Qin Yun.

    "Cultivate Starlord Covetous Wolf's sword art properly. Make a breakthrough as soon as possible so that we can spar," said Chufu.


    Qin Yun nodded and left.

    As Chufu watched Qin Yun's departing back, he thought to himself, "This Qin Yun is apparently very concerned with that information."


    Qin Yun left Treasure Elephant Palace that very day. He began traversing the Skywolf continent.

    The Skywolf continent was the most unfathomable continent in the Skywolf world since it was where Yellow-robed Supremacy and many Combat Generals resided. Some of the subordinates that followed Supremacy had their families here populating the land; therefore, it was a land with complexities that ran deep. Although an outsider like Qin Yun had acquainted himself with a group of Combat Generals, he still had to keep a very low profile.

    After all, among the Combat Generals, only Chufu had his interests at heart. The others were mere acquaintances.


    That night, Qin Yun was flying in the clouds as per normal.

    After his breakthrough in the Sword Dao, his soul and body had been enhanced through the nourishment of his Sword Dao. His bloodline senses grew much sharper and could now sense about a hundred to a hundred and fifty kilometers away.

    "I have been traversing the Skywolf continent for five days and five nights, and have covered nearly half of it, but I have yet to find my daughter." Qin Yun flew amid the clouds, thinking to himself. "My speculation should not be wrong. My daughter is very likely to be here in the Skywolf continent."

    Regardless if it was a speculation or the information he gleaned about the in-name disciple, the dragon girl Yiyi, everything pointed to Qin Yun's daughter being in the Skywolf continent.

    It would have been fine if there was only one coincidence, but with so many? He was certain that his speculation was right.


    It was a very weak feeling.

    Somewhere nearby was a place that resonated with the bloodline in him. It was a feeling of attachment and affection.

    This feeling stirred up tumultuous waves in Qin Yun's heart as he immediately turned his head in one direction. His eyes could not help but turn red.



    Amid the moonlit clouds, he shot forth in the form of a beam.

    As he flew closer, the sensation grew stronger.

    "I sense it. It's very clear. She's there." Qin Yun came to an abrupt stop when he was about fifty plus kilometers away from the source of what he sensed.


    A vertical eye opened in his glabella.

    The divine power Eye of Lightning looked far into the distance!

    Qin Yun saw with one glance the estimated spot where he felt the bloodline sensation. In a large manor in the wild, there were a number of human servants that seemed to be living there with most of them being fox demonesses! And there was only... one dragon.

    "A dragon!" Qin Yun watched.

    In a hidden chamber in the manor, a young girl was half-slumped in a chair with her abdomen revealed. There was a ghastly wound on her abdomen with a green mist lingering over it.

    "Hmph." The girl poured a few drops of medicinal liquid from a black bottle onto her wound creating sizzling sounds, widening the wound! However, the green mist dissipated greatly.

    The bloody wound was rapidly healing at a discernible pace.

    Following that, the girl continued dripping a few more drops of the liquid.

    It happened again and again...

    Every time the wound healed for the better, she would drip a few more drops, thinning the green mist.

    The girl's forehead was covered in sweat but her eyes were as sharp as a blade.

    "I've finally cleansed it completely." Her wound was constantly healing, to the point of it vanishing. The girl tidied her clothes after she saw that there was no more green mist and her skin had returned to a healthy smoothness.

    "That spider was really a pain. I cultivate in the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulations and am adept at sword arts. I have fought above my level against a second firmament Essence Soul demon who had just broken through but still had to escape in defeat." The color in the girl's face turned for the better gradually. The medicinal liquid treated the poison well, but when it seeped into her flesh it was excruciating painful!

    "Sword arts are meant to be used in combat. Simply cultivating arduously won't do. There's a need to engage in battle occasionally."

    "But after this battle, I will have to be more patient in the coming days."

    The girl sat cross-legged on a mat, her eyes closed in silent cultivation.


    About fifty kilometers away, Qin Yun's eyes were already moist while high above the clouds.

    The bloodline sensation!

    He could even see the karma tying them together through his Eye of Lightning!

    All of that made Qin Yun realize that this girl was his daughter, his own flesh and blood!

    The scene of his daughter purging the poison in pain left his heart wincing for her. He felt guilt-ridden.

    "I never expected her to reach the first firmament Essence Soul realm so quickly," thought Qin Yun. "Although her Sword Dao realm is much lower than mine, her bloodline senses should extend to nearly fifty kilometers. Now is not the best time to directly reunite with her.

    "After all, this group of in-name disciples is constantly being watched by the Treasure Elephant Palace in secret."

    "Yellow-robed Supremacy wants them to compete fair and square, and forbids us from interfering. If I were to reunite with my daughter now, Treasure Elephant Palace would immediately learn of the situation. It would only bring up unnecessary ramifications. It would be too troublesome."

    "Now that I've found my daughter, I should first converge my bloodline aura." With a thought, he cast a Dharma spell to converge his aura. He also used his Dao domain to completely cover his body's surface, completely isolating all his aura.

    If one wanted to sense his aura, they'd have to first crack open his Dao domain.


    After converging and isolating his aura, Qin Yun took one step forward and continued advancing.

    Soon, he arrived at the manor.

    The servants and fox demonesses did not sense him as Qin Yun silently arrived in the yard outside his daughter's cultivation hall.

    Qin Yun's Eye of Lightning could clearly see his daughter's karma. Among the countless karma threads, one of the two thickest karma lines led into the void while the other was linked to him.

    This karma line also contained many images.

    The scene of a two-year-old toddler scrunched in a corner crying. "Father, Mother, I'm afraid, really afraid."

    A six-year-old girl was sitting on a tree's crown, silently looking into the distant horizon.

    A twelve-year-old girl with a bloody wound on her face was standing on the peak of a towering mountain. She touched the wound on her face, her eyes filled with pain. "Since you do not treat me as family, you are no longer have an elder sister from this day forth. I will keep this scar with me as a reminder. And you are wrong. It was a fiendcelestial that abducted me. My parents are not to blame."


    Qin Yun was filled with guilt and sympathy. "Daughter, your father is here. From this day forth, your father will definitely protect you. Definitely!"
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