Chapter 451: I Am Your Father

    Chapter 451: I Am Your Father

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    The sword immortal lineage was quite a famous lineage of Daoism.

    However, the lineage was considered a Minor Dao. After all, there were only two sword immortals who had cultivated to the Golden Immortal level in all the Three Realms! However, both of them had stunning combat strength, forging a name for themselves as being capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword! Therefore, several mighty figures had attempted to infer a sword immortal Dharmic formulation but since they had no past knowledge to work from, all they could infer was a mortal sword immortal Dharmic formulation.

    Mortal sword immortal Dharmic formulations were very common!

    However, condensing an Essence Soul to embark on the path of immortality... was only capable by one who cultivated in the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage!

    It had been as such for a long period of time!

    But from this day forth, that history had changed. A mortal sword immortal of unknown origin had blazed open a new way, one full of obstacles, and created a lineage that stood separate from the Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage! It could similarly condense a Sword Immortal Essence Soul!

    The Grand Supreme sword immortal lineage's Essence Soul was a sword, but the newly created lineage still had an Essence Soul that resembled a person.

    "The human body naturally forms a Heavenly Cycle universe that can embody everything. I knew that this path was hopeful. I finally succeeded." Qin Yun was extremely excited. He had completed was the most difficult step.

    By stepping into the Essence Soul realm, he had eternal life as long as he endured the constant tribulations.

    However, Qin Yun's realm was extremely high and profound. It was difficult for the tribulations to threaten him. As long as he didn't court death, it would not be difficult for him to live in the Essence Soul realm for hundreds of thousands of years. He had plenty of time to slowly create a sword immortal lineage Skyimmortal Dharmic formulation.


    The tiny Essence Soul person stood up. It shook its tiny limbs.

    "This feeling is quite surreal." The tiny person spoke to himself. He was about one inch tall, this Essence Soul that was the fusion of Golden Core Dharmic powers and Qin Yun's soul!

    An Essence Soul represented Dharmic powers and also the soul. It was the fundamental entity that represented Qin Yun's life.

    He could abandon his body but his Essence Soul had to be constantly protected.

    "My foundation has long been extremely robust. I can rapidly raise my Essence Soul to easily reach the third Firmament." Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out a bottle of Spirit Pills from the Two World Picture. He planned on replenishing his Dharmic powers.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    He ate the Spirit Pills.

    The Essence Soul in him began devouring the pure spirit powers in the Spirit Pills like a bottomless hole. The mist-like Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers around the Essence Soul grew thicker as the Essence Soul slowly grew in size.

    Just as Qin Yun was constantly enhancing his Essence Soul, there was a boom that suddenly sounded, causing a hum to resonate through the Heaven and Earth.


    It made Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged on a bed, open his eyes suddenly. He took one step and appeared outside the stone house as he looked far into the distance.

    About five kilometers away, in the Hu Manor, there were three figures standing high in the sky. The three figures were looking down with a relaxed composure. One of them even shouted, "Junior Sister Yiyi, don't waste your strength."

    "Whoosh~" A blurry dragon figure escaped to the east.

    Qin Yun's expression changed when he saw that.

    It was his daughter!

    With Qin Yun's Dao domain, he could instantly envelop the surrounding hundred and fifty kilometers.

    "There are a total of sixteen Yellow-robed Supremacy in-name disciples. They are scattered around the area, it seems they have set up a trap. No matter which direction my daughter flees in, there's no way for her to escape." Qin Yun's expression changed. He recognized the silver-robed youth and the green-dressed woman. "It's the two of them? It seems they haven't given up after failing to catch my daughter the last time."


    Yiyi was truly feeling despair at that moment.

    Her Skydragon Body allowed her to sense the danger and quickly move to leave Hu Manor, but she soon realized that there was a tight encirclement around her.

    "Junior Sister Yiyi." Two figures appeared in the distance.

    Yiyi changed directions again in a bid to flee.

    "Junior Sister Yiyi, you can't escape." Another two demonesses appeared, giggling.

    "Stop trying to escape."

    "We already set up a massive array around this area. There's no way you can escape."

    The senior brothers and sisters that had been laying in ambush around began showing themselves. There were twelve senior brothers powering an array formation that had an radial influence of fifty kilometers.

    Yiyi looked at her surroundings with eyes full of anxiety and despair.

    "What do I do?" The dragon girl looked at the distant nameless mountain.

    Senior Qin resided on that nameless mountain.

    "This is the Competition of the Disciples set by Master. Even Combat Generals and Guardians do not dare interfere. If Senior Qin were to take action on my behalf, he might be captured by Treasure Elephant Palace. I cannot burden him like that," thought Yiyi. Senior Qin had dedicated himself to nurturing and helping her. She cherished every person that was nice to her.

    "Besides, Senior Qin had mentioned that he had something important to do today. He's probably not on the mountain."

    Yiyi suddenly felt free.

    She looked around her as numerous senior brothers and sisters closed in on her. Most of them were demons, with a few humans. They were all burning with killing intent.

    "I was imprisoned in the Fiendcelestial world."

    "Here in the Skywolf world, Senior Brother An, who I thought treated me the best, is similarly after my life."

    "I even thought that perhaps it would be easier if I stayed a mortal until my hundred years was up, and just let my soul be pulverized."

    "But I couldn't accept it."

    "I really want to know who my parents are, if they are still alive. Did the fiendcelestials abduct me while they continue looking for me? Or... did they abandon me? I really want to know the truth."

    "However, everything shall end here."

    Yiyi swept her gaze across the senior brothers and sisters surrounding her when it suddenly landed on the silver-robed Senior Brother An.

    "Senior Brother An," shouted Yiyi.

    Senior Brother An looked at Yiyi.

    "You always took care of me when I was young. Was it just a sham?" asked Yiyi.

    The silver-robed youth fell silent.

    "Hahaha, Junior Brother An, did you hear that? Junior Sister Yiyi is asking you a question," said the black-robed Wuli Feng with a laugh.

    "That's right. Junior Brother An. Junior Sister Yiyi wants some closure."

    The silver-robed youth looked at Yiyi and frowned slightly. "Back when you came to the Skywolf world, you were just a child. I pitied you for being a child without any kin so I treated you a little better."

    "Pity? Without kin?" Yiyi muttered softly.

    "Junior Sister Yiyi, although you are parentless, everyone knows the relationship dragons have with Master. Even if your parents are alive... there is no way you will be able to meet them. You could go your whole life searching in vain. Dragons would not dare step into the Skywolf world," said the green-dressed Senior Sister Yu with a laugh.

    "My parents..." Yiyi felt her heart ache.

    She knew she could not escape the calamity before her, but her parents were forever a knot in her heart.

    "Alright," Wuli Feng said. "Junior Sister Yiyi, you have already asked whatever you wished to ask. If there's nothing else, it's time to send you to heaven."

    A silence hung all around them.

    Yiyi took one last look at her surroundings.

    Everything had come to an end.

    No matter how indignant she felt, it was all meaningless.

    "Go ahead." Yiyi's eyes were red as she drew her sword.

    "How pointless." Wuli Feng opened his mouth and blew out a wind!

    A violent black gale swept through the land as it surged towards Yiyi.

    Wuli Feng was ranked third among all the in-name disciples. He was powerful enough to even wrestle with ordinary Skyimmortals, so how could Yiyi be his match?


    Suddenly, the whistling black winds paused in midair before dissipating.

    "Oh?" Wuli Feng's expression changed as all the other in-name disciples were alarmed.

    Far off, a linen-clothed man walked out of the void. His eyes were on Yiyi. He had a warm look but it also seemed to contain an inkling of pain.

    "Who is he?" Wuli Feng and the other in-name disciples were stunned. They could do anything they liked in the Skywolf continent. The Competition of the Disciples was something even Combat Generals and Guardians were barred from interfering with. Yet this mysterious person dared interfere?

    "Senior Qin."

    Yiyi's expression changed drastically when she saw this. She hurriedly said anxiously, "This is a battle between disciples. You can't interfere! You can't!"

    She did not wish to harm him. He was a senior adept in the Sword Dao that treated her very well.

    "Speak no further." Qin Yun's voice sounded in Yiyi's ears. It was very gentle.

    At that moment, Qin Yun's eyes were slightly red as he looked at his daughter.

    "Yiyi," said Qin Yun.

    Yiyi was stunned. "How... how do you know my name..." She had always addressed herself as Dragon Nine.

    "I am your father," said Qin Yun.
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