Chapter 452: Apprehend Qin Yun

    Chapter 452: Apprehend Qin Yun

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    "I am your father."

    This sentence resounded in Yiyi's ears as her mind instantly turned blank. In her daze, she even seemed to forget where she was.

    She looked at Qin Yun, who was standing right in front of her.

    "There's no need to doubt me." Qin Yun looked at his daughter as he stopped concealing his aura.

    Their shared bloodline reached deep into the marrow and straight to one's soul.

    That resonance and familial feeling, that attachment that could not be controlled...

    "Bloodline sensation?" Yiyi looked at Qin Yun as instantly, tears streamed down her cheeks.

    At that moment, memories flashed through her mind like lightning. She had been imprisoned in the Fiendcelestial world. Back then, she was only two or three and knew almost nothing. In the Skywolf world, she had no parents or backing. At five or six years of age, she was like a wild reed living on stubbornly. As a mortal, she was placed in the cruel Competition of the Disciples...

    She looked at Qin Yun who was standing right in front of her.

    She had thought about it many times in the past.

    Did her parents abandon her?

    Were her parents killed by the fiendcelestials?

    Or were her parents still arduously searching for her?

    But when she was certain that 'Senior Qin' was the father she had dreamed of meeting, she felt excited and joyous! Over the past half year of interaction, 'Senior Qin' had been a gracious senior that always treated her really well. She had even fantasized how awesome it would be if 'Senior Qin' was her father! Yet she always immediately dismissed the thought as a wild wish, a fantasy.

    But now...

    It had turned into reality!

    "Dad!" Yiyi threw herself into Qin Yun's embrace and hugged him tightly. Qin Yun could also feel his shirt being soaked by his daughter's tears.

    Qin Yun extended his arm and hugged his daughter tightly.

    Qin Yun's acknowledgment of Yiyi as his daughter... left the bunch of in-name disciples watching this agape.

    "This mysterious person is her father?"

    "Wasn't it said that Junior Sister Yiyi is parentless? She was even brought back by Master from a Fiendcelestial world at a very young age. Where did this father come from?"

    "They have already acknowledged each other. It must be true."

    "But this father of hers is a fool. He actually interfered in the Competition of the Disciples."

    "How true it is that blood runs deep. He even dared defy Master's order." These in-name disciples engaged in a flurry of discussion and remained relax. In the Skywolf world, Yellow-robed Supremacy enjoyed the highest status. The rules he set were not something his Combat Generals or Guardians dared defy.

    "Whoever he is, he's doomed for defying Master's orders." Wuli Feng sneered as the other in-name disciples nodded.


    Treasure Elephant Palace.

    In a hall, projections showing the three hundred plus in-name disciples floated in midair.

    A group of cultivators were monitoring them at all times.

    "This dragon girl, Yiyi is dead."

    "Wuli Feng and company number sixteen people. Dragon Girl Yiyi doesn't even have a shred of hope."

    The cultivators were still engaging in their discussions.

    They were already quite accustomed seeing the disciples kill one another. As long as no powerful expert appeared to interfere in the Competition of the Disciples, they had no reason to care about what they saw.


    "It's the newly promoted Guardian, Qin Yun."

    "Why did he dare interfere? He should know the rules."

    The bunch of cultivators were stunned when they saw Qin Yun appear and nullify Wuli Feng's black wind.

    The new Guardian? He dared defy Yellow-robed Supremacy's ban?

    In the hall, there was an elder in charge of monitoring the cultivators. His expression sank as he said clearly, "Newly-promoted Guardian, Qin Yun, has defied Supremacy's ban. He has interfered in the Competition of the Disciples. All Combat Generals and Guardians please take action to rapidly apprehend him. His punishment shall be meted out when Supremacy exits seclusion."

    His voice carried to the ears of every Combat General and Guardian in the Skywolf continent except Qin Yun.


    In a particular cave abode in Treasure Elephant Palace.

    Chufu was leisurely burnishing the divine sword in his hand. He enjoyed burnishing swords even back when he was a mortal. Despite the many years he had lived, he kept up with this habit. While burnishing the sword, he would feel especially ethereal both in heart and mind, as though his heart was one with the sword.

    "Newly-promoted Guardian, Qin Yun, has defied Supremacy's ban. He has interfered in the Competition of the Disciples. All Combat Generals and Guardians please take action to rapidly apprehend him. His punishment shall be meted out when Supremacy exits seclusion."

    An elder's phantom appeared in midair speaking these words.

    Accompanying him was a projection. It showed the sixteen in-name disciples surrounding Yiyi, as well as Qin Yun appearing to stop them.

    Chufu was stunned.

    "Brother Qin Yun, he..." Chufu found it unbelievable.

    Swoosh! Swoosh!

    Two figures descended into the cave abode. They were the Combat Generals, Menggu and Lizhu.

    "Chufu, what's the matter?" Menggu asked anxiously. Although Lizhu was blind, he could still sense everything around him clearly.

    "How would I know? Why is Brother Qin Yun so foolish as to interfere with the Competition of the Disciples?" Chufu hurriedly took out a transmission token and inquired, "Brother Fugao, what happened?"

    "Brother Chufu, we just discovered that Guardian Qin Yun is likely Dragon Girl Yiyi's father. Of course he took action when she was about to be killed," replied the elder. "But no matter the circumstances, defiance of Supremacy's orders requires us to enforce his rules. He shall first be apprehended."

    "Qin Yun is that dragon girl's father?" Chufu was taken aback.

    "Isn't that Yiyi an orphan? Wasn't she taken back by Brother from a distant Fiendcelestial world?" Menggu was puzzled as well.

    "Perhaps he came from a distant world in search of his daughter before finally coming to the Skywolf world." The handsome blind man, Lizhu, sighed lightly. "He's quite a sentimental person but what a pity."

    "Let's go. Make haste." Chufu urged.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The three of them transformed into streams of light as they flew out of Treasure Elephant Palace.

    The entire Skywolf continent was maintained to be an impregnable piece of land. Even the void around it was completely sealed. There was no way to do Void Transference! Chufu and company had to fly as well. Only Yellow-robed Supremacy was capable of Void Transference in the Skywolf continent.

    "Chufu, that Qin Yun is your subordinate, right? Is this how you manage your men? He actually dared to interfere in the Competition of the Disciples." Several streams of light flew over from a distance. Leading them was a cold-looking man dressed in black armor. He held a trident in his hand and looked ferocious.

    "Wuli Jiushou, do you have what it takes to meddle in our affairs?" scoffed Menggu.

    "The Competition of the Disciples organized by Brother is not to be defied! Since it was one of yours that caused trouble, let's see how you explain this matter to Brother." Wuli Jiushou sneered.

    "Chufu, I urge you cut ties with that Qin Yun! You know Brother's temper," a beautiful woman beside Wuli Jiushou said with a smile.

    "Dear, there's no point in warning them. They will not heed it," said Wuli Jiushou.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Both factions quickly split apart but all of them were heading for a common destination.


    This event shocked many Combat Generals and Guardians.

    "A newly promoted Guardian dared to defy Supremacy's ban? He interfered in the Competition of the Disciples?"

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Combat Generals and Guardians either flew out of Treasure Elephant Palace or from their reclusive spots in the Skywolf continent and into the sky.

    "Brother Tongzhu, many Combat Generals and Guardians are rushing over. Aren't you going to take a look?"

    "It's just a newly promoted Guardian? I've never heard of him before. A bunch of Combat Generals are already rushing there to apprehend him, and he's just a mere Guardian. There's no need for me to join the fray." One of the twenty-nine Combat Generals under Yellow-robed Supremacy, Tongzhu Yan, who was rather influential, could not even be bothered with the matter.


    Yiyi immediately tore away from Qin Yun and said, "Dad, leave quickly! Leave now! Do not meddle in my affairs. I'm an in-name disciple of Supremacy. The Competition of the Disciples... disallows any interference by outsiders."

    "I have already taken action." Qin Yun looked at his daughter.

    Yiyi's face turned pale.

    That's right.

    By saving her, Qin Yun had already taken action.

    "It's too late for regret." Among the distant group of in-name disciples, their leader, the black-robed Wuli Feng, laughed out loudly, "By taking action, you have violated Master's rule. I believe the Combat Generals and Guardians are already rushing here to apprehend you."

    "What do we do?" Yiyi was a little anxious.

    "If you just stay away and promise to no longer interfere in our matters, perhaps Master would be lenient. But if you continue to foolishly interfere with the Competition of the Disciples, knowing Master's temper, there is zero chance for your survival," said Wuli Feng with a scoff.

    "Leave this place quickly. The battles between us disciples are not something you can interfere in." Another in-name disciple shouted with a laugh.

    Qin Yun scanned the numerous in-name disciples with a glance and said, "Yiyi is my daughter. No one is to harm her."

    "What arrogance." Wuli Feng's expression sank as he roared, "You are only at the Essence Soul realm. I'm quite interested in seeing how capable you are."

    With that said, he flipped his hand and produced a spear. He transformed into a black wind that surged at Qin Yun.

    Wuli Feng was quite confident in himself.


    Qin Yun looked more irritated than anything as he flicked his sleeve.


    A terrifying Sword Qi surged at Wuli Feng like a strong gust of wind.

    Wuli Feng only felt the terrifying might press down on him as he tried his best to brandish his spear to stab forward. Yet, with a light explosive sound, he was struck by the Sword Qi wave and sent flying backwards, blood spewing from his mouth.

    The other in-name disciples could not help but have their jaws drop.

    "He managed to defeat Senior Brother Wuli so utterly with just a flick of his sleeve?"

    "This gap is just too great. Is he really at the Essence Soul realm?"

    "Junior Sister Yiyi's father is way too powerful. His strength is absolutely not something the average Skyimmortal or Skydemon can match." The other in-name disciples did not dare step forward after seeing Wuli Feng suffer such a defeat.

    At that moment-

    Qin Yun looked up into the distance.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Streams of light descended one after another.

    Among them were Combat Generals that had a more favorable relationship with Qin Yun such as Chufu, Menggu, Lizhu. There were also some he had never met before. There were a total of nine Combat Generals that had rushed over from Treasure Elephant Palace together.

    Wuli Jiushou and the beautiful woman had seen Wuli Feng's failed charge. Their eyes were filled with rage.

    "Qin Yun, you are just a mere Guardian. How dare you!" Wuli Jiushou held up his trident as he bellowed coldly.
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